Killing Dream Meaning

Dreaming about killing someone in a dream definitely falls into the category of worrisome dreams. These kinds of dreams can really make us feel uneasy. So much so, that we often don’t even want to think about it. However, the truth is, repressing the memory of such a dream is never a good thing to do. Dreaming of killing someone is surely disturbing, and if we don’t make the effort to understand what the dream meant, it will stay in our subconscious, slowly causing more anxiety over time. 

When one dreams of such a thing as murder, it is often a part of a series of troubling dreams. It always signifies that there is some issue or problem in our life we have to deal with. The good news is that finding out what the dream means can help you solve the underlying issue and improve your life, sometimes in immensely meaningful ways. Not only this, but it can often stop scary and uncomfortable dreams from troubling you again. 

Important note! Killing someone in a dream never means you should do something of this kind in real life. Don’t be tempted to interpret it as a prophetic dream – these kinds of dreams are highly symbolic. If you start having thoughts about doing harm to others or even yourself in real life, stop torturing yourself and consult a professional immediately! Problems should never be solved in such a way and there are always better alternatives. 

What Does it Mean to Dream of Killing Someone?

Dreaming about killing someone sends a similar message as all kinds of dreams that involve death and dying. The message might refer to the person involved or to an aspect of yourself, but it always means your subconscious is sending you a message that there are feelings or problems you need to address. Maybe it’s something so overwhelming that you don’t want to even think about so you end up repressing it, or something that has been ignored for far too long. Violence in dreams is almost always an “alarm”, a way of getting your attention. 

Most often, dreams of death and dying indicate that there is some kind of change that needs to happen or is already happening. But what kind of change exactly? Consider these common types of dreams about killing and their meanings: 

Dreaming of Killing Someone You Know

When you dream of killing someone you know, there are two main possibilities regarding what it can mean. It either refers to some aspect of your relationship with this person, or it refers to an aspect of yourself that this person represents. 

The important thing to remember is that killing someone in a dream doesn’t always signify you have negative feelings or attitudes towards this person. Especially if it’s someone close and dear to you, it can be comforting to know that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you hate this person. 

When trying to interpret such a dream, it is always a good idea to consider the feelings that have arisen. After waking up, the dream probably made you feel disturbed and scared. But how did it feel in the dream? Were you scared, angry, or maybe calm or even happy? If it’s the second case, it can be hard to admit to yourself, but always remember it doesn’t necessarily reflect your feelings in real life! 

The next step should be to think about what this person signifies to you. What kind of relationship do you have? What does this person mean to you? If you are unsure, there is a simple exercise you can do. Take a piece of paper, and, without thinking too much, write down the first 5 words that come to mind when you think of this person. This can often give you important clues and reveal aspects of your relationship with this person that you were not aware of. 

Once you have a good idea about this, think about what could it be that the dream is drawing your attention towards? Has your relationship with this person been unhealthy or strained? If yes, it might mean there are problems that need to be addressed. 

Alternatively, it could also have nothing to do with this person. It might actually be about aspects of yourself that this person reminds you of. 

Dreaming About Killing Someone you Don’t Know

When you dream about killing an unfamiliar person, it’s almost always a message about some aspect of your own personality. Look for any clues about this person. Do you remember their face, the look, some kind of behavior clearly? If yes, these might be aspects of yourself or your own behavior that you need to change. 

Dreaming Someone is Trying to Kill Me

Dreaming about someone trying to kill you (or even killing you, although dreaming of actually dying is incredibly rare) is basically the definition of a nightmare. In such dreams, we often feel scared or terrified. This kind of dream can signify all sorts of anxieties. What is it in your life you are scared, anxious, or unsure of? It might not necessarily be the person that appears in the dream, it might be something completely different that this person signifies. 

These kinds of dreams also often appear after fights or disagreements that you had with someone in real life. If you feel defeated or sorrowful about something someone has said or done to you (or the other way around) this might manifest in a dream as someone trying to kill you. 

If Your Dreams Scare You, Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help

Dreams about death (see also zombie dreams) are some of the most troubling nightmares a person can have. Especially if these dreams persist and start getting repetitive, it is a sign that there is a serious issue in your psyche. The good news is that learning how to overcome these dreams can also help us move forward from hard situations in waking life. 

Sometimes, it can be hard to face these kinds of dreams. It can feel downright overwhelming, but when you go to sleep, they come back, leaving you terrified. In such cases, always remember that there is no shame in seeking help. A professional can help you deal with these dreams in an effective way and save yourself from a lot of pain. 

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