Common Dreams: Flying

“I’m Flying!”

Unless you’re afraid of flying, dreaming about it can be exhilarating. You feel as if you’ve always known how to do it. While flying, you’re enjoying the view from above, a light breeze in your hair, without a worry in your mind. 

A lucid dream happens when you’re aware that you’re dreaming. Dreams of flying are such type of dream. Since you can’t fly in real life, your brain realizes that the only reason you’re flying is that you’re dreaming. In some cases, you’re able to control characters, the environment, or the dream scenario. You can even decide to wake yourself up from a lucid dream.

But what does your dream of flying actually mean? In this article, we’ll cover different situations you might encounter during flying dreams and what those situations mean. 

Flying Represents Control

If you‘re dreaming about flying effortlessly, like a bird, that’s a sign of being in control over things in your waking life. Just as you’re in charge of the direction and speed of your flight in a dream, you’re able to handle situations you’re currently facing. This can be related to both your personal life and career. 

Flying Represents A New Perspective

It took a man a long time to find out that Earth is round. It took even longer for the masses to believe in that theory. But if people could fly, they would have been able to see that for themselves a long time ago.

Flying lets you rise above and gain a different perspective. From a distance, you’re able to see all the pieces and how they form the big picture. That is not always so apparent when you’re standing on the ground.

Flying dreams can be a reminder to step back and change your viewpoint. Maybe you’re wasting your time focusing on tiny details when you should concentrate on the essence. In most cases, a piece of the puzzle doesn’t speak volumes by itself. 

Flying Represents Freedom

We often use the expression “free as a bird” to refer to someone that’s carefree, without any troubles. Watching birds fly really makes us think that they have no worries in the world, and are enjoying their freedom of movement. 

When you dream about flying, that could mean you can be as happy and untroubled as a bird (See also bird dream meaning) in the sky. Just as you’re free to choose your own flying direction in a dream, you can make your own choices in waking life. You can be who you want to be and do what you want to do. Every man is the architect of his own fortune, and that’s something we often tend to forget. A dream of flying is a reminder that, while others may help or harm your chances in life, we pull our own strings.

Flying Represents Spiritual Connection

Sometimes, flying dreams can symbolize spiritual connection. Different directions have different meanings. For example, flying upwards symbolizes your spiritual growth, while flying low to the ground can mean you’re trying to understand your subconscious. 

Sometimes, you might dream about flying backward. This can signify your longing to relive joyful events of your past. Furthermore, it can mean you’re looking back at your past trying to learn from it. 

Flying Represents Escape

Flying dreams can represent an escape from certain things in life. If you see yourself spreading your wings and flying away, this can symbolize a successful escape or avoidance of troubling situations.

This dream can mean you’re emotionally and mentally ready to put certain things behind and rise above them. For instance, maybe you’ve learned to not care so much about what other people think of you. You understand that there’s always going to be someone that doesn’t like you, no matter what you do. The time has come to stop wasting energy on trying to please everyone around you. 

On another hand, dreams of flying can signify you’re physically leaving something behind. For instance, this can mean that you’re leaving the place where you no longer feel like you belong. Or, you could be leaving people by breaking ties with them. 

In both cases, you’re dealing with a toxic environment by separating yourself from things that make you feel bad. This doesn’t mean you’re running away from problems. Instead, you’re doing the mature thing of rising above them.

Flying Represents An Inflated Sense Of Self

Tony Stark can’t fly. He is a man just like the rest of us. However, once he puts his suit on, he becomes the superhero Iron Man, and he can do things we can only dream about doing, including flying. To see yourself flying in a dream can mean you feel like a superhero, powerful and even omnipotent. 

While self-esteem is healthy and keeps you realistic, overconfidence isn’t a desirable trait. Vanity can cause other people to not like you, as they feel like you’re looking down on them. 

What’s more, it makes you feel like you’re in control of everything, and can cause you to make serious mistakes. Let’s just say that overconfidence is the reason why so many people died when the Titanic sank. Since its engineers were so assured they made an unsinkable ship, they didn’t bother including a sufficient number of lifeboats to save the lives of everyone on the ship. In fact, they only had enough lifeboats for half the passengers. When the disaster happened, these engineers surely didn’t feel as confident, did they?

The dream of flying can be seen as a reminder from your subconscious that your big-headedness is not doing you any good. 


There’s no single meaning behind a certain dream. As you’ve seen in this article, flying dreams can mean several things. In order to interpret it, you need to take different elements into consideration. Things like direction, height and velocity of your flight are important. Flying high and barely off the ground mean entirely different things. 

In most cases, a dream of flying is a symbol of something good. But, if you’re afraid of flying, this dream probably won’t be a pleasant experience. In such a case, this dream can mean you’re fearing change in waking life. This is probably due to not feeling like you’re in control of things. If you’re flying fast and trying to avoid trees (see also Trees In Dreams), hills or other flying objects, all of these obstacles are a symbol of all the things that are standing in the way of your own happiness. You can close your eyes (see also Dreaming Of Eyes) and pray that you don’t hit something standing in your way. Or, you can fly high and overcome those obstructions. 


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