Wedding Dream Meaning

Wedding dreams can mean many different things. Yes, if you are getting married, you might dream about your wedding, either about any problems that may arise or simply that you are going to have a happy day. However, people who aren’t getting married can also have dreams about weddings.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Wedding?

Getting married is a union between two people which should last through their lifetime. You may dream about being the bride or groom or you could just be a guest. However, this doesn’t mean that you are getting married. Weddings are symbolic and can help you to work out problems you have in your waking life that have nothing to do with getting married. 

Dreams about weddings can bring our anxieties to the surface, reflect on life changes, or express our wishes for the future. 

Commitment and Promise

Wedding dreams don’t have to predict that you are going to get married. They can refer to a promise or commitment you have made. You could be thinking of whether it was a good idea to make this promise or you could be wondering how you are going to go through with the commitment. On the other hand, you might be thinking of a promise that has been made to you. 

Commitments can have nothing to do with marriage. They could refer to a job offer or to caring for a family member. On the other hand, it could be more abstract like telling yourself you need to go on a diet. Perhaps you don’t feel you have the willpower, but a dream in which you marry someone could mean that you will be able to commit to losing weight. 

Unity and Coming Together

Marriage is a union of two people and you can dream about getting married if you are in a relationship with someone and want to take the next step towards marriage. However, if you haven’t got a significant other, you could be thinking of combining responsibilities in the workplace. Alternatively, you could be thinking of developing a relationship with someone you feel you have a bond with. It doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic relationship. 

Some Common Wedding Dream Examples

You dream you are getting married to a co-worker or a boss

If you dream about someone you work with it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have hidden desires about that person, though of course, it could do. Alternatively, it could mean that you afraid of losing your job or that you want to commit to a different job. Simply you might just dream of marrying a work colleague if you have been working closely on a project together. 

Dreaming of Marrying an Ex

If you dream about marrying an ex, it surprisingly doesn’t mean that you wish you had. Instead, it usually means that you have accepted the end of the relationship and can move on.

On the other hand, it can mean that you have unresolved issues with your ex that need to be resolved before you can move on.

Dreaming of Marrying a Family Member

It can be very weird if you dream about getting married to your sister or uncle. However, it doesn’t mean that you want to marry that person. Instead, it means that you want to marry someone that has some of their qualities, or alternatively, you might want someone that doesn’t have any of their negative qualities. 

Other Meanings When you are the Person Getting Married

If you dream that you are getting married to someone you don’t know, it could mean that you want to get married and settle down even though there is nobody on the horizon. 

If you do dream about your forthcoming marriage, it could mean that you need to resolve some issues before starting your new life. On the other hand, you could be stressed that everything won’t come together on the big day. You could dream of some aspect of the wedding that you are worried about, for example, the catering or the flowers. 

Being late for your wedding is a common dream. Perhaps you are worried that the wedding car won’t turn up on time or maybe you are just stressed that nothing will be ready on time.

Dreaming Something is Wrong with the Wedding Dress

If you dream that something is wrong with your wedding dress, you could be unsure if it’s the right dress or that it could get ripped or have something spilled on it. On the other hand, the meaning can go deeper. It can mean that there is something you are unhappy with about yourself. Perhaps it’s time to sort it out before getting married. 

Attending a Wedding as a Guest

If you dream about being a guest at a wedding, it can mean that you feel like a spectator in some areas of your life. You’re not happy about this and the dream can be telling you to be more forceful. 

You could dream of a friend getting married who you think is always in the spotlight while you are on the sidelines. Perhaps it’s time to challenge this friend. 

When you are an observer in a dream it can mean that you need to become an active participant in some aspect of your waking life. It is time to commit.

Questions to Help You Interpret Your Dream About a Wedding

Don’t just concentrate on getting married or watching someone else getting married in your dream. It’s a good idea to pay attention to everything else that is going on in the dream.

Where is the Wedding Taking Place?

Where the wedding is taking place can have a big effect on the interpretation of your dream. For example, if you dream that you are getting married in a cathedral, it can have two meanings. If you dream of the outside of the cathedral, it means that you want to reach your goals. However, if you dream of the inside, it can mean that you won’t reach your goals. However, there could be some rewards on your journey. 

Who is at the Wedding?

If you see someone in your dream who you haven’t seen for a while, perhaps it’s time to reconnect. On the other hand, maybe the personalities of the people you see in the dream are ones you want to emulate. 

What Colors are Present in the Dream?

Colors all have different meanings. For example, if you see white, it can mean love and acceptance. If you see green, it has harmony with nature while black can be a negative color. It is a good idea to look up the meanings of colors to get a full interpretation of your wedding dream. 

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