People In Dreams

Most dreams you’ll have in your lifetime, whether you remember them or not, will feature people. After all, isn’t that what we’re most familiar with?  There is evidence to suggest that you cannot dream about someone you’ve never seen before, that the brain is incapable of inventing faces within your dreams.   This is an interesting thought. You may wonder where … Read More

Peacock Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Peacocks are one of those birds which are instantly recognizable, even in dreams.  While the most famous type of peacock, the blue peacock, is native to India and Sri Lanka, and the green peacock comes from Myanmar and Java, their appearance has inspired countless works of art, myths, folklore, and religion all over the world.  In many cultures, the peacock … Read More

Planet And Space Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Since humans have been on earth, we’ve looked at the sky and the stars, and later the planets, wondering what they could tell us.  For the longest time, we’ve wondered what these planets could tell us, what secrets they may unlock, and how we might come to understand the universe and our own existence better.  This is also true of … Read More

Plane Crash Dream Meaning

Dreams about plane crashes are very common, and also very scary. In waking life, planes are a fast and safe way of transportation. Within hours, you can get from one continent to another. Yet, plane crashes are, although highly unlikely, usually fatal. For that reason, some people are scared of flying. But what does it mean to dream about planes … Read More

Dreams Of Puppies

Dreaming about puppies is widely considered to be a good sign. While they are absolutely gorgeous, and there’s something about them that makes you react instinctively to love them and play with them, they’re also really hard work. You are in for a lot of positivity in the future, but it will take a lot of effort to get there … Read More

Places Dream Symbols

The places our dreams take us can have a meaning all of their own. It’s important to pay attention to how you felt, surrounded by this place, and what state it was in. If it’s a place you’ve never been to in waking life, it could have a very specific meaning, linking to how you felt when you were there … Read More

Dreams Of Penis

Penis Dream Meaning And Interpretation Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings Penis Sigmund Freud, a well-known dream psychologist thought that all the dreams we have are connected with our own inner needs that are concealed from view in our waking lives. The meaning of a dream about seeing male genitalia in a dream symbolizes strength, power, accomplishment, ambition, intimacy, and above all … Read More


The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Parent Dying Uncover The Hidden Meaning Of Your Dreams Parents Dying On the contrary, a dream about a dead parent symbolizes your happiness. A dream about a parent dying may mean that there are tough times in your future. There’s nothing more horrific than seeing your parents died in a dream. This kind … Read More

Poop Dream Meaning

What Does Dreaming About Poop Mean Poop / Feces When you dream about poop, it is indicative of a situation wherein you are overcome with stress. Did you have a dream of poop and curious about its meaning in your waking life? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. Yes, it is common for these filthy and smelly things to … Read More

Pregnancy Test Dreams

What does it mean to take a pregnancy test in your dream? Pregnancy Test When you dream about taking a pregnancy test and you are happy with the outcome, this is a representation of your good fortune. Did you experience a dream of a positive pregnancy test? In terms of spirituality, this is an excellent dream to experience. When you … Read More

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