Peacock Dream Meaning

Peacocks are definitely among the most extravagant-looking birds on the Earth. Their beautiful iridescent blue-green colored feathers spread out in a train make them look out of this world. That’s why it’s not surprising that these birds appear as sacred in different cultures and religions.

Peacocks are native to India. As a consequence, some of the oldest legends related to these birds (See also owl dream meaning) come from the Indian subcontinent. Hindu god Krishna carries a peacock feather on his crest, while the god of war, Kartikeya, uses a peacock as his mount. The Buddhist Jataka story narrates that the Buddha was a peacock in his previous life. 

These birds were imported into the Mediterranean during the peak of the Persian Empire, and it wasn’t long before the peacock became an important symbol in their religions. In Yazidism, the central figure is shown as a peacock. Ancient Greek goddess, Hera, owned a chariot pulled by these birds. Even Christianity adopted the symbolism behind peafowl. The “eyes” markings on the peacock’s feather symbolize the all-seeing God, as well as immortality. 

Peacock As A Spirit Animal

In some cultures, a peacock was compared to a phoenix, a legendary mythological bird. In Chinese tradition, the peacock is seen as an earthly manifestation of the heavenly phoenix. Both of these birds (see also mockingbird dreams) can be associated with rebirth and resurrection. As a spirit animal, the peacock reminds you that no matter what you’re going through, you’re able to rise again. They are a colorful symbol of renewal, which can help you transform yourself into someone more spiritual and mindful. After all, the eye-shaped mark on its tale represents opening the third eye Chakra.

The peacock symbolizes pride and confidence, and its presence speaks pompousness. People with peacocks as their spirit animals are bold and love being in the center of attention. Peafowl reminds you that it’s okay to show off “what you’ve got,” especially when you can benefit from it. 

So what does it mean to see this bird in your dream? Usually, peacocks appearing in a dream represent a good sign. It foreshadows good fortune, satisfaction, growth and longevity. As we previously mentioned, they’re a symbol of confidence, but the dream might not always have a positive connotation. Maybe other people around you see your self-assurance as arrogance.

Here Are Some Common Dreams Of A Peacock:

If You See A Peacock Strutting

Male peacocks strut their fabulous long feathers as a way of courting the ladies. They’re walking proudly and showing off, and if you see one in your dream, maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you something. In a way, this peacock represents your behavior, and this dream can be your signal to be more humble in all things.

If You Hear A Peacock Squawking

To hear a peacock in dream can be a sign that you’re knocking yourself out trying to please people around you. You keep on forgetting that not everyone deserves that much of your attention, but what’s more, you shouldn’t focus on others so much that you forget about your own needs and pleasures. 

If You See A Peacock Fanning Its Feathers

This dream can signify you’re about to face a new opportunity in waking life. This could be an exciting project at work that could advance your career, or you’re feeling positive about an upcoming date tonight.

Final Thoughts 

While these are some common interpretations of dreams about peacocks, the message behind your specific dream doesn’t necessarily have to match the one we mentioned. Your personal experience and feelings affect the meaning of a certain symbol. In this case, the way you feel about peacocks will define what your dream meant. For a person with ornithophobia (fear of birds), a dream featuring a peafowl wouldn’t be a pleasant one. What are your associations with this bird? The answer to this question is the first step towards interpreting the dream. 

Remember that dreams usually feature more than one symbol. In order to fully understand the meaning behind a specific dream, you need to add the context of the dream into the equation. The scenery is very important – seeing a peacock in the field doesn’t mean the same thing as seeing one on a dark road. Once you decipher all the elements, you’ll be able to define how that dream is related to your current situation. 

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