Peacock Dream Meaning

Peacocks are definitely among the most extravagant-looking birds on the Earth. Their beautiful iridescent blue-green colored feathers spread out in a train make them look out of this world. That’s why it’s not surprising that these birds appear as sacred in different cultures and religions. Peacocks are native to India. As a consequence, some of the oldest legends related to … Read More

Planets And Space Dream Meaning

Dreaming of space and celestial objects can be interpreted in many ways. Different planets have their own dream meanings and the context of the dream is critical when trying to understand the message behind it. In this article, we’ll share what it means to dream about planets and space.  What Does It Mean To Dream About Planets? Generally, planets in … Read More

Pig Dream Meaning Interpretation

Pigs are one of the most widely spread mammals around the world. They’re also commonly represented in popular culture, and they have strong symbolism behind them. Dreaming about these animals can have different meanings. Here, we’ll cover some of the most common interpretations of these dreams. The Wisdom of Pigs as Spirit Animals It might seem weird to think of … Read More

Pregnancy Dream Interpretation And Meaning

Do you dream of being pregnant? Whether you desperately want a baby or do not plan on having one, you may sometimes find yourself dreaming that you’re expecting. Also, despite your feelings toward reproduction, pregnancy dreams are not necessarily directly associated with fertility and getting pregnant.  Instead, your pregnancy dreams may symbolize your feelings toward your goals in life or … Read More


What Does it Mean to Dream About Someone? (People in Dreams)

Every person dreams around two to five times a night, although we usually don’t remember what we were dreaming. The dreams we do remember usually feature human beings. That’s no surprise considering we meet and communicate with other people on a daily basis. Sometimes, the people we’ve never met “star” in our dreams, but more often than not, we dream … Read More

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