Places Dream Symbols

The places our dreams take us can have a meaning all of their own. It’s important to pay attention to how you felt, surrounded by this place, and what state it was in. If it’s a place you’ve never been to in waking life, it could have a very specific meaning, linking to how you felt when you were there in the dream. Places can often represent a situation, an idea, a part of your past, or a person who has made an impact on your life.


Dreaming of an abbey indicates you’re about to start a spiritual journey. It also suggests contentment, where anxiety cannot touch your present state. This dream indicates that you have a strong support network, which is always ready to help you.

If your dream took place in a ruined abbey, this is not a good sign. It suggests that you may be in the middle of a crisis. You feel hopeless, or ignored. You won’t be able to concentrate or make the best decisions available to you right now.


Dreaming of being at an airport suggests you long for freedom. You may currently have high hopes or ambitions, and this dream setting is a reflection of that. It may also suggest you’ll soon be ‘departing’ from something, you’ll move away from a long-held opinion or a relationship that no longer works for you. It suggests that you’re starting a new journey, whether that’s a new job, a relationship, or a better outlook which will serve you well in the future.

Dreaming of an empty airport suggests that any travel plans you have will change significantly soon.


Dreaming of a confined space that’s open to the air like an alley suggests you feel you have limited choices at the moment. You may need to be more open-minded, or rethink a choice you discarded. It may also suggest that you’ve lost sight of your goals due to your responsibilities, or other commitments.  It can also suggest that you just have to wait for something that’s “right up your alley”.

Dreaming of walking through an alley suggests that you feel all your hard work has been for nothing, so far. You may feel that you’ve missed out on something important, but sometimes these things only become clear with hindsight. A dream of an alley could also suggest that other people’s opinions of you will take a hit. 

Amusement Park

Dreaming of being in an amusement park suggests there’s a work-play imbalance in your life. You’re spending too much time thinking about work, and not enough time enjoying the moment you’re currently in, and the opportunities it may offer. It may also suggest that you need to listen to your ‘inner child’. This dream can also suggest your focus is being affected by the little things. 

Dreaming of an empty, or derelict amusement park, suggests you need more adventure out of life. Time to explore.


Dreaming of being in an apartment suggests a change to your current situation or finances. If you dream of a very fancy, large apartment, this suggests your income will soon increase, or an improvement will positively impact your family life. 

Dreaming of a derelict apartment suggests a possible loss of a relationship, or general misfortune heading your way.


Dreaming of being in an asylum suggests you’ve been suffering alone for far longer than you should. You’re recognizing your need for help, and it’s time to reach for it in your waking life.


Dreaming of being on the beach suggests the future will be kind to you, and you will experience no or little stress that will affect you. 

If you dream of working on the beach, this suggests you’ll shortly undertake a project in your professional life which will eat up nearly all of your time in the near future.


Dreaming of a sound, beautiful building in your dream reflects your desire for the finer things in life, but warns that you shouldn’t ignore the foundations of your life – namely the people in it. 

Dreaming of a ruined building suggests that you’ll encounter problems in your professional life, or in your love life, which may end in loss, and your self-image or self-confidence will also suffer. 


Dreaming of a cafeteria reflects there’s quite a few problems which are ‘eating’ at you. Also, you may just be hungry.


Dreaming of being at a carnival suggests you’ve developed some opinions which will lead you astray, or a decision will cause you problems. If you see attractions that are designed to cause distress, or performers which creep you out, this indicates your domestic life will suffer, and what looked to be a nice time will dissolve into suffering. 

Dreaming of being on a carnival ride suggests that you feel you’re on a path you can’t step off of. You may feel that your life is a series of circles that end up at the same place.  

Dreaming of running away with the carnival suggests you feel you can’t currently deal with your problems, or you feel they’re unsolvable, and you just want a break from them. It can also suggest you’ll shortly have connections in the entertainment industry, or you’ll be involved in a creative project.


Dreaming of a casino is your subconscious bringing the more impulsive side of you to your attention. If, in life, you tend to be more reserved, this dream suggests you need to go out on a limb, as the chance you take could pay off. If you’re more outgoing, and you take chances regularly, this dream is suggesting you need to leave less to fate, and start making the future you want.


Dreaming of a castle (see also What Castles Mean In Dreams) suggests the future holds recognition, praise, and reward. You greatly desire wealth and power, and you’ll try your best to get there. Be careful when you’re on the way to attaining these goals, as they’re the kind that are rarely satisfying – you’ll only want more as you reach your original goal. 

This dream can also suggest you need a break from life’s problems, you feel overwhelmed or tired enough that you want to hide from them.

Dreaming of living in a castle mirrors your need for protection, or a longing for better security. In itself, it’s not a bad thing to want, but this dream suggests you’ll isolate yourself from others in order to get it.


Dreaming of a cemetery mirrors grief, or a well of sadness you feel you can’t confront.


Dreaming of the outside of a church suggests a wealth of spirituality in your life, or a strong sense of holding things sacred. You hold many things dear to you, and don’t take what you’ve been given for granted. 

Dreaming of the inside of a church suggests you’ll shortly encounter some minor problems, but they’ll help you in the long run. You may turn to a path you thought wasn’t possible.


Dreaming of a city represents your social life, or the wealth in support of those people who surround you.

Dreaming of a deserted city or being far away from the inhabitants suggests you feel isolated, or rejected by those whose opinions you value the most.

Dreaming of a ruined city suggests you’ve been ignoring the people in your life to try and improve some other aspect, and they now need your attention, otherwise you risk the relationships breaking down.


Dreaming of being in a classroom suggests you could learn something really important from the problems currently in your life, and neglecting this lesson could cost you in the future.

This dream can also suggest you’re currently learning something new about your character, or your resolve, or how to move forward.

Dreaming of searching for a classroom suggests you need to expand your horizons, and engage your brain more.


Dreaming of standing at the edge of a cliff indicates you’ve gained some new perspective recently, and you’re looking at everything differently. You’ve reached a good place after a long trial of turmoil and stress, and you don’t want to go back. It may also suggest you’re turning over a decision, but you don’t have any idea of how it may turn out. 

Dreaming of someone or yourself falling off a cliff (see also Falling Dream Interpretation) suggests that you’re going through a rough patch right now, and you fear what the future might hold for you. You may feel that you can’t deal with whatever will come, or that you cannot meet people’s expectations. Perhaps you feel they don’t see you clearly, but this can also work the other way. Perhaps what you think of yourself is wrong, or the way you think other people see you are inaccurate. 

Dreaming of climbing to the top of a cliff mirrors your ambition for success, and your dream of reaching the summit of a goal. It’s a testament to your drive, which will take you places, some of which you won’t expect. 

Concentration Camp

Dreaming of a concentration camp suggests you’re worried about acceptance. You may be worried about how other people perceive you and how this might change, or you are having trouble accepting other people and the differences that set them apart. This dream is telling you that you need to learn to accept and appreciate the differences in yourself, and those around you. If you’ve lived through a period in your life where your decisions were not your own, or you were incarcerated, a situation in waking life is affecting you in a similar way.


Dreaming of being in a corner suggests you may feel there’s no way ahead in waking life. You may feel a lack of control, or you feel trapped, unable to make your own decisions. 


Dreaming of walking through a long corridor suggests you long to escape a behavioral cycle or a situation which seems to keep repeating itself. You need to break through this in order to move forward with your life.


Dreaming of being in court being charged with something mirrors feelings of guilt or fear. Dreaming of being part of a jury at court suggests you feel you have to make a decision which will affect someone else’s life, and you’re not keen to make it. Alternatively, a situation in waking life is causing a lot of grief, and you feel you’re being judged on how you handle it.


Dreaming of standing at a crossroads suggests you are faced with several choices and don’t know which to act on. Weigh up your choices carefully, but it’s important to make this decision, don’t turn away from it.


Dreaming of walking through a desert suggests you’ll unfortunately experience loss, or a run of bad luck, and your relationships will suffer as a result. Dreams of deserts can also suggest you’re feeling isolated or alienated from other people, and the landscape itself may be a metaphor for how you feel left behind. 


Dreaming of being on the docks suggests you’re about to undertake a journey, which will either be a hard, horrible road, or it will end badly. 


Dreaming of a dungeon is – strangely – a testament to your strength, and how you’ll push through the difficulties that arise, by using your wisdom and faith in yourself.


Dreaming of traveling (see also travelling dream meaning and interpretation) to Europe symbolizes a long path which will eventually lead to an improvement in your financial situation. 


Dreaming of living on a farm suggests any misgivings you’ve had about your situation or a chance you’ve taken will shortly be disproved. In particular, if you see healthy crops or animals living on this farm (see also article about pigs in dreams), it suggests you’re in for a period of growth, and your life will soon be enriched by something.

Dreaming of buying a farm points to success, and monetary prosperity.


Dreaming of being at a festival symbolizes happiness, freedom, or celebration stemming from your waking life. It can also suggest you need to enjoy yourself more, or break away from life’s daily stresses.


The state of the field in your dream determines the meaning. If the field was a sea of green, this suggests freedom, love of nature, or great abundance coming to your life shortly.

Freshly plowed or cut fields suggests you’re in a period of growth, and now’s the time to go after what you want.

Seeing barren, dead, or neglected fields suggest you’re suffering from the lack of something, or your outlook is overly negative.

Fish Market

Dreaming of visiting a fish market suggests happiness is on its way. If the fish market is dirty, if you feel it smelled, or you saw rotting fish instead of fresh catches, this suggests that this happiness will also bring turmoil, and sadness in its wake. Perhaps it’s not happy at all. 


Dreaming of being in a forest indicates the need to rely on your instincts. You may be in a transitional period where you’ll need their guidance. It can also suggest you’re entertaining the idea of swapping your life as it is for a much simpler one, where you’ll feel some problems lift from your shoulders.

Dreaming of being lost in a forest symbolizes an inner journey. Perhaps you were trying to connect with your unconscious self in your dream, to better understand every part of yourself. 


Dreaming of a vegetable garden is similar to the farm dream, as long as it was well-cared for, this is a good dream to have. It points to your caring and nurturing nature, and increased prosperity in the future as a direct result of your strength and determination. 

A flower garden in your dream speaks of a new love, comfort, or sense of peace in the future.

If you see a garden which is overrun by weeds and decay, this dream is suggesting you need to take care of yourself more in terms of your spirit. Find what feeds it, and feed it well.


Dreaming of a gutter suggests some sort of degradation, or that you’ll cause upset and turmoil to others as a result of your actions.

If you found something of value in the gutter in your dream, this suggests there is a dispute in ownership over something in your life.


Dreaming of being in a gym or a gymnasium suggests that you already have the tools to succeed. You already know what you need to, but for some reason, you haven’t applied the knowledge practically so far.


Dreaming of a harbor suggests a chaotic situation or rocky relationship will soon plague your present, and you’ve already recognized the signs. This dream is your subconscious’s way of giving you a brief reprieve, before the chaos descends.


Dreaming of heaven directly mirrors your goals of finding happiness. Your waking life is filled with worry or difficulty, and like the harbor dream, your mind is giving you a break from it. It’s a way of your brain restoring your resolve, your good outlook, refreshing you for the time ahead.


Dreaming of hell indicates feelings of helplessness or hopelessness you’re feeling in waking life. You’ve given up your power to decide, and let others control your life. You are carrying a huge weight on your shoulders, of fear or guilt, or you feel you need to be punished for a past mistake. Haven’t you suffered enough?


Dreaming of being in a hospital is your subconscious not-so-gentle way of telling you to take a hint. You need to heal. You need to switch up your routine and lifestyle, and provide your body with something it’s lacking – exercise, nutrition, or fresh air. It can also suggest you’re afraid of losing control of your body, or you’re worried about illness.


Dreaming of a hotel points to a new outlook, where you need to stop holding onto old routines or habits that should be left in the past. In order to fully benefit from what the future can offer you, you need to let go of what’s not serving you right now. You feel that you need to escape from your life, but it’s easier if you adapt to change instead of trying to fight it off. It also suggests you’ll soon question everything you think you are, in a situation that will try you to the core.


Dreaming of being on an island (see island dream symbols) indicates you need a vacation. Perhaps you’ve recently been on one and long to go back. You might not want to travel, but you feel the need for ease, the comfort that your dream offered, and you seek a way to incorporate that into your life as it is now. 

Dreaming of being stranded or left for dead on an island suggests you need a break from your routine and the stress life likes to pile on. You might be unable to see how you’ll overcome a situation, and you’re trying to hide from it instead. Alternatively, you feel isolated, cut off from other people, or you don’t know where your life is going.


Dreaming of being in jail suggests you feel trapped somewhere in your life right now.

Dreaming of your partner being in jail suggests they’re not being truthful with you and are about to break your trust, or you’ve recently caught them in a lie. 

Seeing other people in jail in your dream suggests you feel wary about trusting others. Someone’s proven that you were wrong to trust them in the past, and you don’t want to make the same mistake. Dreaming of children being in jail suggests you’re worried about someone, or you’ve disconnected yourself from your ‘past you’, which may resurface sooner than you think.

If you dream of you or someone else is released from prison, this suggests you need to make a big change in your life.

* See Prison.


Dreaming of being in a jungle suggests that you’ve been watering down your personality or parts of yourself in order to please others or seek their approval. Alternatively, you are in the middle of an unpredictable situation, and you’ve buried yourself until you can get past it. 

If your dream has you lost in a jungle with no way out, your outlook or negative feelings are holding you back. Perhaps you’ve discovered a part of yourself that you don’t like, but try to remember that it’s your actions that define you, and you’re in control of those, no one else.


Dreaming of being in a laboratory, whether in a clinical setting or more of a mad-scientist lab, suggests that you’re exploring your inner self, your hidden feelings and the beliefs you hold. Are you trying to redefine who you are? You may be in the process of trying to change yourself for the better, and you’re starting to let go of anything you don’t need anymore.


Dreaming of a lighthouse suggests that you’re in the middle of a horrible situation, and you’re trying to seek help. It may suggest you need to lean on the people in your life in order to get through it. 


Dreaming of being at the mall suggests you’ve been trying too hard to win someone over, and being too caught up in what you think they think of you. The mall also traditionally represents materialism or consumerism, and the need to keep on top of trends, though they always travel in circles.


Dreaming of looking at a mansion from a distance suggests that you’ll soon enjoy the benefits of having friends in high places.

Dreaming of living in or being in a mansion suggests prosperous times ahead.


Dreaming of being in a market mirrors the many opportunities you have in your professional life, the wealth of worth you offer, or your frugal nature.

Dreaming of an empty market suggests you’re in a state of listlessness, or you feel your professional life isn’t going anywhere.


Dreaming of being at a marsh suggests you feel you cannot make progress. You are feeling insecure, or unsure what the future holds for you or someone you love. This dream appears when a situation has left you feeling helpless, or one you otherwise have no say in.


Seeing a mausoleum in your dream isn’t a good sign. It usually suggests the future has some trouble in store for you, or an illness which will take hold of you or someone you love.

Dreaming of being in a mausoleum suggests incoming health problems, or illness. Alternatively, this dream can manifest when you want to feel connected to the past.


Meadows appearing in your dreams are good signs of things to come. Your dream indicates that the future will be bright and full of promise.


Dreaming of being in a mine suggests you’re getting to the core of a huge issue, or a life-long problem. You’re finally making headway with it. This dream could also be indicating that something which was in your unconscious mind is rising to the surface.


Dreaming of mountains suggests your future has quite a few obstacles in mind. If you dream you’re at the top, or that you climb to the top, you’ll reach your goals with minimal setbacks, if you haven’t already. This dream suggests that you know most of your potential, and that’s a nice place to be in. Mountains are also symbols of spiritual truth, and consciousness.

Dreaming of climbing up a mountain is a direct reflection of your determination and the lofty ambitions you desire.

Dreaming of falling from a mountain suggests that you’re too focused on the goal itself – you are impatient to succeed, or you’re not ready to. You’re at the top of a decision that was never yours. Alternatively, falling off a mountain in your dream suggests you give up too early when you’re faced with hardship.

Movie Theater

Dreaming of being in a movie theater is a distraction dream. This dream is taking your attention away from emotions that may currently be plaguing you, or actions which you regret. Even if this dream plays them back to you, they’re still at a distance, and this is your subconscious trying to protect you.


Dreaming of a museum can be you reflecting on your past and your history. Perhaps something in the present has reminded you of a past situation, and serves to familiarize yourself with a new solution to the one in your present. It can also suggest that you have an unconventional outlook or approach to life, one which will carry you forward and others will take notice of.  

Dreaming of walking through a museum and looking through the displays suggests you’re currently doing some introspection, and reconsidering what you hold dear. You are searching for the determination you know you had in the past, but you can’t seem to gather it in the present.


Dreaming of searching for an oasis (see also Search Dream Meaning) suggests a problem is plaguing your waking life, and it’s made it into your dreams. An insecurity, fear, or overwhelming thought is clouding your judgment.

Dreaming of being in an oasis suggests you need a break. It also indicates success in your professional life and relationships.


An observatory appearing in your dream is a direct reflection of your biggest goals.


Dreaming of attending an opera suggests your friends are currently thinking of you, in a good way. Some may visit soon.


Dreaming of walking through an orchard which is full of blossom or fruit speaks of a contentment in your domestic life, faithfulness, loyalty, or longevity. 

Dreaming of an orchard which has been torn to pieces by a storm suggests your responsibilities will soon force you to do something you really won’t want to do.


Dreaming of a palace suggests the future holds a lot of prosperity in store for you. 

Dreaming of being the owner of said palace suggests that success is right in front of you, if you know where to look.


Dreaming of being at a park serves as a respite from reality and all of waking life’s troubles. It suggests you need time to readjust to a new situation, or the end of something significant, and you’ll need to take a break to adapt. 

Dreaming of being lost in a park suggests you’re struggling with a present situation. You’re experiencing issues in your professional life, or someone is holding you back. You feel isolated from others.

Parking Lot

Dreaming of being in a parking lot suggests you are in a transitional period and haven’t yet reached a destination. You need to take a break from your daily routine in order to carry on with new energy, which will help you see the right path.

Dreaming of being unable to find a space in a parking lot can reflect a large indecision. You don’t know where life is taking you, or you’re unsure of what to pursue, or you still haven’t found where you belong. These things take time. It can also suggest you struggle with time itself, and drop certain priorities in order to fit others in.


Dreaming of being at a party suggests you need to broaden your social circle. Perhaps new opportunities will come with it. If you don’t enjoy yourself at this party, or if the party is awful or a fight breaks out, you’re out of practice when it comes to spending time with people in a non-professional capacity. You feel unsure of how you should act, which means you need more practice.

Post Office

Dreaming of being at a post office suggests you need to reach out to others. This dream usually conveys an important message, but only you’ll know what it means.


* See Jail.


Dreaming that you’re trapped in a quagmire suggests you’re too stuck in your ways or routine.

Dreaming of others being trapped in a quagmire suggests other people’s failures will soon affect you. 

* See also Swamp.


Dreaming of a full reservoir mirrors your unresolved or innermost feelings. Dreaming of an empty reservoir indicates you’ve used up all your energy on other people, and there’s none left to attend to you. 


Dreaming of being at a restaurant may indicate you feel overwhelmed in your waking life, and there’s too many things that need your attention. It can also suggest you’re seeking support away from the people you’d usually go to. 


Dreaming of being back in school suggests you feel inadequate, reduced to a time when you knew less about the world and had less experience. If you are still going to school, this interpretation is less likely, as school is more part of your life and is bound to feature in dreams occasionally.

Dreams set in a school can also draw your attention to what you should learn from your current situation, perhaps you’ve not noticed a lesson.

Dreaming of looking for a school suggests you need to widen your horizons, and apply yourself to learning more.

Dreaming of your childhood school being reduced to rubble may suggest you have an unresolved issue from your childhood, or, this dream suggests you need to stop living in the past, as you can’t affect it now.


Dreaming of walking on a sidewalk suggests you’re on your way to where you need to be. 


Dreaming of a store indicates there’s too much happening in your life right nor, or you’re searching for a new chapter.


Dreaming of being in the subway suggests you’re exploring the hidden parts of yourself, or you’re making a decision without considering the consequences. 


Swamps in dreams can often represent repressed feelings. Dreaming of making your way through a swamp suggests you’ll soon be in a difficult situation.


Dreams of theaters speak of the wealth companionship offers. Alternatively, you may be overreacting to a situation and making it worse.

If you were part of the audience, this suggests you’re concentrating on immediate goals rather than the long term.

Dreaming of a theater on fire indicates that future projects will be risky.


Dreaming of going through a tunnel points to future failure.

A tunnel collapsing in your dream also indicates failure, as well as bitter enemies.

Dreaming of a train coming toward you through a tunnel suggests a career change.


Dreaming of living underground suggests you feel a great need for security, where it might isolate you from other people. This may stem from trying to run away from problems.

Dreaming of being on an underground train (see also Train Dream Meaning) suggests you feel anxious.


Dreaming of a valley symbolizes abundance, fertility, or your need to feel protected. Walking through or entering a valley suggests you’re at the end of something, and you’re not near the point where you’ll gain a new perspective yet. 


Dreaming of a vineyard represents the wealth of knowledge you’ve gained from your life experiences.

Wine Cellar

A wine cellar in your dream is where your subconscious stores all of your past experiences. 


* See Forest.


Dreaming of a workshop indicates you have a wealth of knowledge that you can draw on at any time. You may be trying to put these experiences to good use.


Dreaming of being at a zoo suggests you feel trapped.

Zoos in dreams can also suggest confusion, or chaos, present in your life. 


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