What Does A Dream Of Being In Jail Mean?

Dreaming of being incarcerated or being thrown in jail is a horrible dream to have. The prevalent theme behind this dream – and I doubt this will be a shock – is that you feel trapped. You might be in a situation that’s left you feeling vulnerable – or you can’t currently do everything you want to. Dreaming about being in jail suggests that your freedom is impaired, maybe your choices are being overruled by an emotion or a situation that’s not fully under your control, or not in your control at all. 

You may feel restricted or trapped physically in your waking life, or you may have been over-thinking which has led to you placing barriers in your life, ones which could restrict your choices. In spiritual terms, feeling locked up will always translate to your dreams, which can turn into nightmares of being unable to escape, feeling like you’ve lost all control to make your own decisions. If you dream of having a fight in a jail, this suggests there will be some difficulties in the future. 

The Meaning Behind Your In-Jail Dream

Dreaming of a jail suggests you have confined yourself in real life. There are some complications that are constricting you, or impairing your freedom. If you dream of a friend in jail, this person may offer help when you don’t need it. Seeing yourself being sent to jail in a dream could suggest that a future relationship will make you happy to start with, but may end up constricting your life, which begs the question – is it worth it to stay? Any dream involving jail time or a situation where your choices are not your own suggests a loss of control, and even a fear of punishment.

An alternative interpretation of this dream is that you have a very strong sense of right and wrong, and the need to do what you feel is right is one of the driving factors in your life. 

Dreaming of being in jail suggests your feelings may be inhibiting your choices, or how you live your life. Your subconscious is sending you a message – you’re full of potential, and at the moment, you haven’t made use of it. You may be taking fewer opportunities than are available, but where’s the fun in that? One of life’s pleasures is not knowing how things will turn out, and often, those chances you take can lead to better things, if you appreciate what you have. In spiritual terms, a dream of being a prisoner is a direct reflection of fear which is holding you back, and your refusal to allow change.

In some cultures, dreaming of being in jail points to an upheaval in your work life. If, in your dream, someone is in jail, and you’re outside, it suggests that your hard work will pay off soon, and any difficulty you’re currently experiencing will be worth it. In others, a dream where you’re in jail is a bad omen. It suggests that broken promises will exist in your future, conflicts with people you love, or problems at work. You may find yourself unable to trust someone shortly.

A dream where you’re in jail isn’t a good one, unless you are released or broken out of jail during it! Being released in your dream is a testament to your patient character, and how you won’t give up when things are difficult. If you are broken out of jail in your dream, this suggests you have all the potential to break free of the cause of you feeling trapped. On a sub-level, you’ve recognized this, and you want to break free. This dream can also suggest you’ll shortly be visited by relatives who are better off (either financially, emotionally, or they’ve simply been luckier), and the difference might cause a rift. Dreaming of being in jail but not escaping in some way is a bad dream, you may feel trapped in every decision you make.

On a more positive note, this dream can suggest happiness in your domestic life, and success in your professional life. 

Dreaming of someone else being in jail suggests unresolved problems and emotions. If you were in an open jail cell in your dream, this suggests change will happen very soon, and you should prepare for it. A locked cell suggests a decision you’ve been mulling over needs some more thought. If violence broke out during your dream, this is also an indication of change. If you dream of being sent to jail, this suggests you should be truthful, as getting caught lying will have repercussions. If you dream of other people being sent to prison, this dream is warning you to be careful of others – specifically you may catch an illness from them, so keep your distance! Dreaming of being killed in jail suggests money problems will find you in your waking life, so act accordingly. 

Feelings You May Have Experienced During Your Dream Of Being In Jail

Insecure. Trapped. Angry. Claustrophobic. Anxious. Tired. Oppressed. Secure. Surprised. Defeated. Hopeless. Helpless. Overwhelmed.

In Your Dream You May Have

  • Been imprisoned
  • Seen a friend imprisoned
  • Met a stranger while in jail
  • Seen many people incarcerated

Positive Changes Are Coming If

  • You realize what’s trapping you
  • You take steps to enrich your life
  • You resolve to think more realistically
  • You take control of your life

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