Death And Dying Dream Symbolism And Meaning

Dreaming about dying and death is rarely comfortable. Especially if it is people who are dear to us that appear in the death-related dream, we often wake up scared and worried.

But what is the meaning of dreaming about death? We can tell you one thing right now: death in a dream is usually a symbol. In most cases, dreams about death do not mean the person you dreamt about will die. Dreaming about death usually indicates change instead.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about how to analyze dreams that involve death!

How to Interpret Your Dream About Death

You will always be the best interpreter of your own dream as you are the one who can best understand all the clues that are hiding in your subconsciousness (see also Understanding Your Dreams As A Story). However, in order to do so it’s important to learn how to think analytically about your dream. It’s actually not that hard – you just need to ask yourself the right questions. Here are some of those questions:

What kind of experiences did you have in the past relating to death? Fear of death is an integral part of human experience, but for some of use it’s more intense than for others. In fact, some people come to accept mortality and live comfortably with it. In addition to this, many of us have different beliefs concerning what happens after we die. Consider how you personally feel about death in general before interpreting your dream. Also consider any specific experiences you might have had in the past that relate to death.

Who is the person that died in the dream? Besides considering the identity of the person who appears in the dream, it’s a good idea to consider what this person represents to you, personally. It is often said that people we dream of represent parts of our own identity. What kind of relationship do you have with this person? What kind of characteristics do you see in them? Is that something that is important to you, or maybe missing from your life?

Are there any other clues in the dream? Dreaming about death (see also zombie dream meaning) is often unnerving, so logically it is often the only thing we think about afterwards. But, to identify the true meaning of the dream, think about any other clues that might have been there.

What kind of death was it? Was it natural death from old age, death caused by illness, or a gruesome murder? These are important clues for finding the meaning of your dream. A murder might signify feelings of fear or repressed anger. On the other hand, a peaceful death might point to a transition in your life.

How did the dream make you feel? This is something that’s always important to consider. How did you feel inside the dream? What about after waking up? Were you at peace with what happened or fearful, or maybe sad?

Common Dream Symbols for Death

While that often causes a feeling of dread, it is usually a symbol that stands for something else. A symbol can have a general or a personal meaning that is only relevant to you, but these are some common interpretations of death in dreams:

Fear of the Unknown: This probably the most obvious meaning of dreaming death. None of us know what happens after we die and this often makes us feel existential dread. Humans are wired to feel uneasy about uncertainty. This kind of symbolism is especially prominent if you have seen apocalypse in your dream. If you think this might be the key to interpreting your dream, don’t think just about death. What are the other things in your life that you feel uneasy/uncertain about? The dream might be drawing your attention to those

Coming to an End: Death signifies finality, the ending of things – and this might be exactly the meaning of your dream. It could signify anything that is coming to an end – any significant projects, relationships, habits, and problems in your life. On a bright note, it might even signify ending of bad habits!

Loss/Grief: Death is always connected to grief and sorrow. That is why death in dreams can signify any kind of grief in your life. Maybe you are losing control over something and you aren’t happy about it or maybe you are sad about something that happened and you had no control over it.

Change/Transition: Transition or change is one of the most commo – and most optimistic! – interpretations of death in dreams. After all, when a living being dies they transition to some other level of existence. In this sense, death can signify any kind of change that ismeaningful to you, be it positive or negative.

Common Types of Dreams About Death

Death is a fairly broad concept, and there are many kinds of dreams involving death. Some specific ones can signify specific things, though. Here are the most common types of dreams about death:

Death of a Loved One: If you dream of a loved one dying (see also dreaming of someone dying) it could mean there are some changes happening in your relationship. Or maybe you are just afraid of losing them?

Your Own Death: Dreaming about your own death signifies all kinds of changes relating to your personal life. It could also be caused by feelings of anxiety and fear.

Death of a Child: Dreaming of a child dying can be incredibly upsetting, but it is also fairly common. If you are dreaming about your own children, it might simply mean that they are transitioning to a new chapter of their lives (starting puberty, starting life as an adult etc.). It could also signify your anxieties about your own children. The dying child in a dream could also symbolize your own inner child (see also Child Death Dream Meaning).

Death of a Friend: Dreaming of a friend dying probably points to some kind of change or ending in your relationship. It might be a sign that you should pay closer attention to this friendship. Alternatively, the friend might represent some part of you that is changing or needs to change.

Death of an Animal: If you dreamt of an animal dying, think about what this animal represents to you. These are the things that might be going through change. If it’s a scary, powerful animal, it could signify overcoming an important obstacle.

Dreaming About the Deceased: Dreaming about the deceased is quite common. If we are talking about a person that was close to you, this is probably just a part of the grieving process. Probably there are some feelings inside you that are hard to handle. However, some do believe there is a real possibility that the deceased are communicating with you.


Dreaming about death can be stressful, but it can also be a pointer towards things in our life that are going through change, or need to change. Did you ever dream about death? How did it made you feel? How did you interpret your dream?


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