Zombies Dream Meaning

Are the zombies haunting your dreams? This type of dream is usually scary, but the meaning of zombies in dreams is not necessarily negative. The symbolism of zombies in dreams is definitely an interesting topic! If you know how to interpret the message of your dream, it might be a great step on a bath of self-improvement. 

But not necessarily. It is fairly common for our dreams to reflect things we see in everyday life. If you have been watching a lot of horror movies, or maybe playing a zombie survival game, you shouldn’t be surprised if you dream about zombies. If this is the case, you probably shouldn’t bother trying to find a deeper meaning of your dream. Most likely, your brain is just processing the information. 

However, if you feel there is significance to your dream about zombies, or your dream was especially terrifying, the guide below should help you get to the bottom of things. 

Dreaming About Zombies Meaning 


In many ways, zombies are quite the opposite of human society and community. When you think about zombies, how do they usually behave? More often than not, zombies are detached from human society. They don’t have friends, they don’t have lovers, they don’t have children, they do not know about kindness or manners for that matter. They do not go to work or take care of their families. In short, everything that is expected from a good member of society is absent in zombies. 

When zombies appear in your dreams, they could symbolize this kind of sentiment. Think about recent events in your life and your relationships with others. Is there an area where you feel detached? Maybe you feel left behind by people in some aspect; maybe you feel you’ve been rejected by some community you wish to be a part of. All of these things can be hurtful and hard to get over, so it’s important to find the source of the issue. 

Finally, a feeling of detachment can also be a consequence of a skewed image of reality. People who suffer from depression, burnout, or social anxiety tend to get such feelings more often than others. If this is the case with you, the real message of the dream could be that it’s time to seek help. If you crave human connection, don’t be afraid to reach out! 


What is a zombie? An undead being. But what does it mean? Although the representations of zombies in popular culture depict them in various ways, the word zombie originally comes from Haitian folklore and the tradition of Voodoo magic. In this tradition, a zombie is always a body which is already dead (see also dead body dream meaning). After death, the zombie gets reanimated, and, in a sense, gets a new life (although maybe not the most pleasant one). 

All of this can be unpleasant to think about and you might be feeling uncomfortable after your dream involving zombies, it could be that there is no reason to feel bad about the dream. Sometimes, dreams with zombies can signify changes, new birth, and growth. 

This could sound a little strange, but it is how these dreams work sometimes. Dreams about zombies are similar to the dreams about the apocalypse. In fact, these two images often coincide. End of the world, and well as end of life, often signify a new beginning. 

Think about your life. Did things recently come to a halt and you feel like there is no way out in some aspect of your life? If yes, this dream could signify that positive changes are ahead. Your luck could turn around when you least expect it and new opportunities could present themselves. On the other hand, the dream could also be pointing to a transformation that is already happening. 


When you are too tired or burnt out, life can feel just like you are a zombie. Going through the motions, doing everything you need to do, but feeling dead inside and yearning for a break. Most of us have had this feeling at least once in life. Dreaming about zombies could simply mean you are reaching your limits, that you are too tired and stressed. 

You could also be dreaming about a zombie invasion you are trying to fight. That might mean that in real life, your responsibilities and problems feel as hard as fighting off a zombie invasion. If you think this might be the right interpretation of your dream, try to create more time for yourself in your everyday life. Do some self-care and find time to rest! 

More Zombie Dream Meanings 

What we mentioned above are the 3 most common concepts broadly associated with dreams with zombies. However, a zombie in a dream could mean a number of other things. These are some additional interpretations of zombie dreams: 

  • Not thinking independently. Zombies rarely think for themselves. In movies they are usually a mindless mass obsessed with hunger, and in Voodoo tales a zombie is simply a body controlled by someone else. Dreams with zombies could mean that you are blindly following someone else’s wishes or requirements, not thinking through the implications and consequences. 
  • Fear of the unknown. When we are anxious about the future, this can manifest in all sorts of horrific dreams, including zombies. Don’t worry, though, being scared of uncertainty is a very human trait. Your nerves might be causing some strange dreams, but this is not a negative sign.
  • Achieving goals. Zombies could be scary and kind of gross, but they usually do fulfil their purpose, no matter how disgusting it is. This is why dreaming about zombies could mean you are doing well at achieving your goals 

Common Zombie Dream Examples & Interpretation

You Are a Zombie 

An important thing to determine in order to find the meaning of your dream is to find out who is inhabiting the role of the zombie. It could be you, someone unknown, or someone you know… But dreams where you dream about yourself as a zombie are among the most common. 

If it is you who is the zombie in the dream, then the dream is definitely telling you something about yourself and your life. The meaning could be both positive and negative, though. On one hand, zombies can represent a new birth, and such dreams mean positive changes are ahead. On the other hand, you could be feeling literally like a zombie – tired and stressed. 

Finally, dreaming that you are a zombie could be a manifestation of various fears and anxieties. Fear of death, fear of change, fear of the undead… these can all manifest in dreams as zombies. 

Being Chased By a Zombie 

If you are dreaming about being chased, the truth is you are probably trying to “run away”, to hide from something in waking life.  This is even more true when it comes to dreaming about being chased by zombies, or all kinds of similar horror-monsters. 

Is there something in your life you are trying to avoid, but maybe sometimes it seems impossible? Common problems that manifest in dreams could be trying to avoid conflict or a certain conversation with someone in your life. 

The thing you are running away from might not actually be a thing. It could be an emotion, an idea, or a realization. Sometimes, when we don’t have the space to process feelings or past events, the unresolved issues can come back to haunt us through our subconscious. 

Being Attacked or Surrounded by Zombies 

Similar to the dream described above, dreaming about being attacked by zombies is often a sign of anxieties. The difference is, in the previous dream, one is chased by zombies, while in this type of dream there is no running. The zombies (or other monsters (see monster dream meaning and interpretation)) are already there, and there is nowhere to run. Either you are surrounded or already attacked. 

While being chased by zombies means you are running away (see also running away dream meaning) from something, in the dream where you are surrounded, there is no running away. It might mean that you are feeling trapped in your life – literally or figuratively. You might be feeling stuck in some area of your life or you might be anxious about something. 

Killing a Zombie

Dreaming about killing a zombie is one of the best zombie-dreams you could have. In all seriousness, dreaming about killing a zombie has very positive connotations. Being able to face the monster and fend for yourself says you are able to do the same in waking life. It’s highly unlikely you will encounter any zombies, but you will be able to tackle whatever comes your way. 

Knowing Someone Else Who Turns Into a Zombie 

When you dream that someone you know has turned into a zombie, there are two possible ways to understand the dream. Either it reflects your feelings about this person, or it’s actually telling you something about yourself. In the first case, the dream might mean that this person is going through changes – or maybe it’s just your relationship with this person? Feeling like you don’t know this person anymore might sound familiar. 

On the other hand, when you dream about someone you know this often reflects the aspects of yourself that you see in this person. What does this person represent to you? It might be these traits or qualities within yourself that are going through change. 

Tips For Interpreting Your Dream About Zombies 

To interpret any dream, it’s important to consider the whole picture. First of all, remember all the details you can from your dream. What objects appeared? What was happening? Any symbols, significant colors? 

Once you have that figured out, the next step is to consider how you personally feel about all these things. For example, how do you feel about zombies? Are you scared of them, or maybe you like watching zombie movies? This can help you find the right direction in interpreting your dream. 

Finally, look inwards. What could this dream be telling you? If there is anything confusing or unusual going on in your life, think about that. Consider any unresolved conflicts or repressed emotions. 

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