Characters as Parts of Ourselves in Dreams

Quite often we will dream about our friends and family and yes, the dreams can be about them and our relationship with them. Perhaps we want to get in touch with someone we haven’t seen for a long time or we are worried about their health. However, at times these people are symbolic and represent parts of ourselves. They can be symbols for our feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions, or even spirituality. Once we realize that this is a possibility, it is much easier to interpret our dreams.

What Part of Me Does this Person Represent in the Dream?

In this article, we will take a look at how other people in our dreams can represent us. First, you will need to know what aspects of yourself can be represented in your dreams.

The 4 Aspects of Self in Dreams

There are four parts of ourselves that we can see in our dreams. These are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We have to look at the dream as a whole and see what other symbols stand out. Only then can we fully interpret our dreams

Physical Self in Dreams

We all have a physical connection with the world. It can be what drives us every day as we try to achieve the best we can with our bodies, be it at work where we put in extra hours to get that promotion, even if we are tired, or in a physical activity like a marathon. The physical side of ourselves is concerned with our health, as well as our feelings of security. We all need to have our physical needs met. We can\t go on for long without food and for even less time if we don’t have water. 

If you are wondering if the dream relates to your physical self, it is a good idea to consider if the person you are dreaming about has a link with health and welfare. If so, then it is likely that the dream is related to your physical side. Have you been neglecting your physical needs? Perhaps you have been working too hard, with little time for play. Maybe you have become a couch potato and spend most evenings in front of the TV with fast food. Perhaps you have been drinking too much alcohol to the detriment of your health. 

Examples of the Physical Self: Health professional, sportsman, security guard, personal trainer.

Mental Self in Dreams

Your mental self can encompass a variety of things. It can relate to your ability to succeed as a student where you have to absorb a great deal of knowledge. It also covers logic and reasoning. People who like this are generally scientific rather than artistic. Artistic people rely on their imagination, while scientific people look at facts. Perhaps the dream is telling you that you are too concerned with facts and figures rather than emotions and your inner self. It is time to consider your feelings more. Maybe you have been spending too much time at work and not enough with your family. Why not spend an evening at the theater or ballet?

Examples of the Mental Self: Students, teachers, business professionals, scientists, and researchers.

Emotional Self in Dreams

People experience emotions in different ways. Some are cold and have little in the way of deep feelings, while many are governed by their emotions. We can have strong feelings for our partners and family. We can also feel deeply about our life course. If we work in the arts, we are most likely to be emotional about our careers. Emotions give us the opportunity to make connections with other people. If you dream about any of your family members, it can mean that you are concerned about how you feel about them. Perhaps there have been arguments and you want to resolve the problems. Perhaps you are simply in love and seeing your partner in a dream can reinforce this.

We may also have emotional dreams about our pets. Perhaps you have lost a pet and the dream reinforces your sadness.

We could also have emotional dreams about our friends. Perhaps we have had words with someone and regret it, but aren’t sure how to broach the subject with the other person.

Examples of People in Dreams Who Symbolize Emotions: Partners, husbands and wives, other family members, and friends.

Spiritual Self in Dreams

Not all of us are spiritual, but of course, many are. Spiritualism relates to your belief in a supreme being and to your soul. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, you can still feel a deep  connection with a higher being. Perhaps you go to church or perhaps you pray at home. It doesn’t matter which as if you believe in a god, he or she will hear you anywhere. If you are aware of your spiritual self you can develop peace and serenity which will make you calmer in everyday situations. 

Examples of the Spiritual Self: Priests and other clergy, angels, a god.

Common Dream Roles as Part of Yourself

Hopefully, you will now understand how the people in your dreams represent different parts of yourself. This can be broken down into more specific roles they play.

Here are Some Common Parts of Yourself That Can Manifest as Characters in your Dreams

Your Inner Child: We all look back at our youth and think how much simpler life was then. If we dream about children we know perhaps it relates to the fact that we want to go back to that innocent time.

Your Romantic Self: If you dream about your romantic partner, perhaps you are thinking that you haven’t put enough energy into the relationship. On the other hand, the dream could reinforce your love for him or her.

Yourself as a Friend: If you dream about a friend, it could mean that it is about time you made contact with that person. Alternatively, you might be feeling guilty as you don’t feel that you have been a good friend to this person.

Yourself as a Family Member: If you dream about a family member, perhaps you are feeling love towards your family. Maybe you think that you should have the characteristics of that person. 

Your Creative Self: If you dream about an actor, artist, or painter, perhaps you too want to express your artistic self. 

Your Spiritual Self: If you dream about a spiritual figure like Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammed, it could mean that you want to develop your spiritual side. 

Your Physical Self: If you dream of someone you know who is a health professional, maybe you want to follow a healthier regime. Perhaps you want to take up sports or go to the gym. Maybe you want to eat healthier. 

If you consider all of these examples, you should be able to work out what it is that you need in your life and to get to the bottom of what you are feeling. 

Characters as Ourselves Dream Interpretation Example

It is a good idea if we actually take a dream example and interpret it to see how other people could represent ourselves and as a result make it possible to interpret the dream. Dreams are, however, personal, and what a dream means to one person could easily mean something else to another. 

Title of Dream: “ Too Good For Him”

Characters: The dreamer, a former co-worker, a friend from college.

Dream Plot: In waking life, the dreamer has no romantic interest in the co-worker. However, in the dream, they are dating. When they break up, the co-worker goes out with a friend of the dreamer’s from college, but it doesn’t work out. She tells the dreamer that the dreamer was too good for the co-worker, meaning that his expectations are too high now.

Character Association: The co-worker is good at his job and is professional. The friend is emotionally unsound.

Dream Interpretation with Characters as Aspects of Self

The co-worker represents the professional side of the dreamer. Perhaps she is working too hard at work and not being appreciated. Maybe she wants to go further in her career,

The friend represents the emotional side of the dreamer. 

Dream Interpretation: The dream means that the dreamer has been devoting all her energies to her career. She is working too many hours, with little benefit or acknowledgment from the boss. She is ignoring her emotional needs and perhaps her home life is suffering. 

The two other people are from the dreamer’s past and this means that she was continually repeating mistakes she had made in the past. She habitually worked too hard and was heading towards burnout. The fact that the relationship didn’t work out between the friend and the co-worker suggests that the dreamer is herself responsible for any stress in her current relationships.

Resolution: The dream means that the dreamer needs to find a balance in her life. She needs to slow down at work and pay more attention to her loved ones. Maybe the dreamer needs to take a well-deserved vacation and spend quality time with her family. The dream doesn’t have anything to do with either the co-worker or friend, rather they are symbols of self.

At first, it can be difficult to think of other characters as parts of yourself, but especially if you have little connection with these people, you will soon come to understand that they represent something that you are going through. Of course, it is still possible that other characters in your dreams really do represent themselves and what they mean to you. To understand which case it is, you have to look at the dream as a whole and look at sny other symbols.


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