Dreaming of Someone Dying

It isn’t uncommon to dream about death. After all, it is part of our lives and is something that is always at the back of our minds. Most of us are afraid of death and a dream about dying can make us wake up feeling worried and stressed. So, is the dream a premonition? No, that is rarely the case and, in addition, the dream doesn’t always have to be negative. Usually, death dreams mean a change or transformation. Something is going to end and there will be a new beginning. It could be a relationship or a job. 

Sigmund Freud, the famous psychologist, had a slightly different take on death dreams. He said that if we dreamed of the death of someone we know, it could mean that we want to get that person out of our lives.

The writer, Vande Kemp wrote some interesting books about death dreams. She split them up into different types, the first being telepathic. This means that if you dream of a loved one, he or she is already dead. 

The next type of death dream is premonitory, meaning that there is going to be a death in real life, but it doesn’t have to be the person you dreamed about. 

The third type of dream is hypermnestic. If you have this type of dream, you can remember that someone died in the dream, but you don’t know who it was and the dream is vague. You can’t remember the finer details. 

The next type of dream scenario is predictive. In this type of dream, you predict your own death or that of someone close to you. This doesn’t have to mean that it is actually going to happen as it did in the dream.

Archetypal death dreams are the most common. In these dreams, death is a symbol of something else. You will find that many types of dreams are symbolic. 

The last type of death dream is revelation. In this dream, the person dying is trying to tell you something. It could be relevant to your waking life so take heed of what he or she says. 

Who Did You Dream Had Died?

It is common to dream that a member of your family has died, but as we have said, this doesn’t mean that this person, or anyone else for that matter, is going to die. It usually means that something is going to end and that there is going to be a new beginning. This could be anything. Perhaps you are going to move house, maybe even to a foreign country. You might be going to change your career path or start a new relationship. However, the dream could also reflect the feelings you have for that particular person. Perhaps you want him or her out of your life, but are reluctant to say anything for fear of hurting that person. Although you want the person gone, you don’t want to be cruel about it. The desire manifests itself in a dream and perhaps now is the time to take action. You probably don’t want the person to die, but you are finding him or her annoying or even toxic. In this way, a dream about death is similar to the death tarot card. The card also signifies new beginnings and not death itself.

There is another reason why you might dream about a friend or family member dying. You might be worried about this person, either from a physical or emotional point of view. Perhaps you think that they are burning themselves out by working 12-hour days and are physically exhausted from lack of sleep. Maybe you feel as if they have chosen the wrong person to have a relationship with and are being hurt. You want to tell them your concerns, but feel you would be interfering, hence the worrying dreams. 

If the dream feels so real that you wake up and for a moment don’t know if the death really happened or not, you want to revive something in your relationship with the person who dies. You probably feel that the relationship has been dying of late. 

In ancient Egyptian dream books, dreaming about the death of somebody you know can indicate that you will receive some material gain. Strangely enough, in Western culture, dreaming of someone you know dying can represent happiness. Perhaps you have been miserable of late. The dream tells you that this is all going to change.  

Yes, you probably feel as if a dream about someone close to you dying is really a nightmare and perhaps even more so if it is you who dies. However, these dreams give us insight into how we feel about other people and even about ourselves. If you or a close relative feels suicidal in waking life and you dream about death, it can frighten you out of taking any action. To be presented with the finiteness of death could give you the jolt to get rid of these feelings. Of course, it could also have the opposite effect.

Dreaming of Someone Dying From an Egotistical Viewpoint

To be egotistical means being conceited or self-centered. To dream about someone dying can mean that you want something from them. If you dream about your father dying (see also Family Dream Symbolism), for example, it can mean that you want to be in charge. If you dream about your mother dying (see also Mother Dreams And What They Mean), you probably want to be more loving. A dream about a child dying (see also Child Dying Dream Meaning), not particularly your own child which would be a real nightmare, means that you want to be more mature. 

You could also have a dream about someone you know dying if you feel you should have a special relationship with that person in real life, but you haven’t. You may feel that it is your right. 

On the other hand, you might dream about a parent dying because your relationship with him or her has changed. You are growing up, but your parents want to keep you as a child. You are self-centered enough to believe that you can go it alone. Everybody, however, needs a little help in this world.

Dreaming of a Child Dying

The worst dream a parent can have is of their child dying. Children are supposed to outlive their parents, not the other way around. However, to dream about it doesn’t mean that your child is going to die. It suggests that you are worried about them. There are so many dangers out there. You hear of children being abducted on their way to school and while smaller children will accept you driving them to school, teenagers won’t as they think of themselves as grown-up. With the rise in gun (see also What do dreams of guns mean?) violence out there, you are going to worry even more. We can also dream about oursome people contemplatechildren dying as we watch them growing up. We want to keep them as little children, but eventually, they will want independence. A dream of them dying is like losing their innocence which can be very sad. They may start answering back and arguing with you and you want them back as they were.

Ancient dream dictionaries say the dreaming of a child dying is connected to infertility. Losing a child is comparable to not having one.  

Dreaming of Your Boyfriend Dying

This again doesn’t mean that your boyfriend is going to die. Rather it means that he is going to move onto a new phase in his life.  Perhaps he is going to get a new job out of town. The worst scenario is that he is going to leave you, but this is a rare interpretation.

Dreaming About Your Brother or Sister Dying

Dreaming of a sibling dying can stretch back to your childhood. Perhaps your brother or sister was horrible to you for a long time. If so, the dream may represent a desire to get him or her out of your life. Perhaps they’ve never apologized for their behavior and now is the time to cut all ties.

Sigmund Freud believed that it was common for older siblings to bully younger ones. Because of this, the younger ones may dream of the older ones dying. They can dream about this when they are children, but it is more likely to happen when they are grown up. Freud said that they were expressing their inner desires of getting rid of their siblings, although going as far as death would be an extreme dream and you should probably see a psychologist. 

Dreaming About a Funeral

Dreaming about the funeral of someone close to you can mean that you are stressed out about your relationship with them. Perhaps you are trying to hide feelings for this person in waking life and it is building a wall between you. It’s time to sit down and bare your soul.

Your Child Dreaming About Death

Sometimes children also dream about a loved one dying. It is usually easier to interpret than if an adult dreams about someone dying. Sometimes it’s simply a worry your child has about you dying.

Carl Jung, the psychologist, said that children can be aggressive and have tantrums. If they don’t get their own way, they often dream about the death of a loved one. It’s not that they want their parents or siblings to die although they might actually have that fleeting thought in the middle of their tantrum. When they wake up after having such a dream, they will probably be frightened and wish they had been better behaved.

Dreaming About Your Parents Dying

To see either of your parents dying can mean that you are going to experience misfortune. It can be a worrying dream as it is more likely that your parents are going to die before you. If, on the other hand, you dream that your parents are alive and well, it can mean success for someone close to you. 

In psychological terms, a dream about your parents dying can mean that you need to build on your relationship with them. Perhaps you are not as close as you would like to be. You want a change in the relationship and it is up to you to make the first move. 

Dreaming About a Dead Person Dying

These types of dreams are known as visitation dreams. If you are grieving the death of your partner or another close family member or friend, you may easily have a visitation dream. Grieving and dreaming are connected. Some people believe that if we dream of a dead person (see also Dreaming Of Dead People Meaning), they have come to us from the spiritual world. If you don’t believe this, the dream indicates that you are missing that person.

If you see that person dying in your dream, it can mean that you are trying to communicate with them. Perhaps you are trying to tell them that you love them. Maybe you didn’t have a chance to do this when they were alive.

Take Advice From the Dream About Dying

Dreaming about someone who has died can be a wake-up call. Perhaps you haven’t been paying enough attention to the person you dreamed about. Maybe you are afraid that this person is changing and won’t have time for you. Look at your life and see if any changes can be made to bring you closer to the person you dreamed had died.  

We need to take a look at death from a psychological point of view. Usually, death is something that frightens us. Of course, there are people who contemplate suicide, and dreaming of themselves dying can indicate a wish-fulfillment.  

Sleep is actually akin to death. When we fall asleep we are not aware of what is going on around us. We have our dream world, but of course, many people don’t remember their dreams. In a way, sleep is like being awake in death. It is our unconscious mind that works when we are asleep. Perhaps we feel as if we are going through a door to another life. Maybe this is what happens when we die. On the other hand, dreaming of death can terrify us to the position where we wake up in a cold sweat. 

There are many different ways to interpret dreams about death. Psychologists like Carl Jung and Sigmuch Freud will interpret these dreams differently from spiritualists. They thought that all dreams connect to waking life, while spiritualists believe that there is a deeper meaning to dreams about death.

There have been studies into death dreams. They have said that most of these dreams occur in REM sleep when you don’t recall the dreams that well. The studies proved that it was rare for someone to dream about death and remember it all. Mostly, people just remembered the outline of the dream. 

We all know that dreams can be repeated. Most of us will have dreamed about being chased, our teeth falling out, and falling from a great height. In the same way, we might dream about the death of someone more than once. These dreams can take us back to the past or open up a whole new future. They can make us get in touch with people we haven’t seen in a long time. Perhaps our unconscious mind is telling us to reconnect. Dreams can open us up to new experiences, even death dreams. They can make us realize how much we really care for the person we see die in our dreams.

Dreams can also be called mental experiences. They may be disturbing, but they are always telling us something. They express our inner desires and feelings, but they can also hold frightening imagery. If we dream about a death we are always going to wonder if it’s a prediction dream and that we or someone close to us is going to die. 

Dreaming about death is generally not negative. Many people do believe that this dream is a positive sign. It gives us a chance to alter our relationships. Perhaps we haven’t been fair to someone and then dream that they have died. The dream can snap you back into reality. You have done something wrong and it’s now time to make amends. If you dream about yourself dying, then perhaps it’s time to look at your life. Have you been doing things you regret? Have you alienated people close to you by being selfish? Have you hidden your feelings from people you care about? It is always a good idea to write down your dreams of death when you wake up so that you have a better chance of interpreting them later in the day.  


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