What Do Dreams Of Guns Mean?

Guns can signify a myriad of things when they appear in our dreams. They represent control and supremacy over others through force, violent behavior, and the worst things people are capable of. A gun appearing in your dream points to repressed or outward rage, violence, or possibly danger.

According to Sigmund Freud, guns in your dream are connected to sexual aggression. Dreaming of killing someone with a gun indicates a desire to cut out a part of your life, as other people in dreams are usually projections of yourself. Guns can also represent your hidden instincts. Dreaming of someone shooting you with a gun suggests you currently feel vulnerable, or you’ll feel attacked in the near future. Something will cause you to act defensively, or you’ll struggle with an aggressive impulse. If, in your dream, the gun shoots how it should, this suggests an increase in power or confidence. If it misfires, you’ll feel weaker in the future, and less confident as a result.

 If you dream of attacking someone with a gun, your subconscious is warning you to be more aware of your effect on other people. If you dream of being shot, you may go through some emotional turmoil in the near future. If you have a nightmare where other people surround you with guns, there will be a dangerous situation in waking life, and you’ll need to tread carefully. 

In Your Dream, You May Have

  • Carried a gun
  • Shot someone
  • Been shot
  • Been chased with someone with a gun
  • Saw someone you love being shot
  • Wrestled a gun from someone

What’s the Meaning Behind Your Gun Dream?

A gun appearing in your dream is a direct manifestation of a worry from your waking life. This may stem from pride, or wanting to be superior. Alternatively, you need to feel protected, and this is what your subconscious came up with. Dreaming of guns can be a sign of a coming danger. Carrying a gun in your dream reflects how you are confident enough to push past life’s problems. If you dream of loading a gun, you need to learn to get your anger under control, but this dream also suggests you’re very capable when it comes to defending yourself. While your anger can be a problem, it can also be what helps you when you really need it. Try to strike the balance between a righteous anger and one which causes you more issues than it’s worth.

Dreaming of a gun misfiring or not firing at all mirrors frustration or a helplessness in your waking life. Your approach so far isn’t working, and therein lies the answer – you need to adapt. You fear a loss of control or someone else is in a position of power, as you cannot influence what they might do, and you’re not sure if you can defend yourself in the way you need to. In some situations, control is overrated. Some of the best opportunities come about by way of serendipity. This dream can also suggest a fear of sexual weakness or being unable to perform. 

Dreaming of shooting someone with a gun is an outlet for destructive feelings and repressed anger when it comes to a relationship. If you were watching this dream as a bystander, this speaks of your ability to control your emotions, and if you slip – this will cause harm to someone. Perhaps someone will make a mistake which you thought was easy to avoid, and you’ll lose your temper. Or, you’re not being honest in this relationship, or they’re not being honest with you, and this could lead to a lot of issues the relationship may not come back from.

If you dream of someone else shooting you, this is mirroring a conflict in your waking life, which isn’t resolved. If you dream of people surrounding you with guns, you are afraid of someone taking what’s dear to you. Dreaming of committing suicide with a gun suggests your outlook for the future is very negative, and it will only hold you back. 

What does a Gang Shooting in a Dream Mean?

A gang shooting in a dream isn’t as negative as it sounds. While a situation may be complicated, the people in your dream represent the power that other people have to help you, and you may need to call on them. If you dream of a “drive-by” shooting, this dream is drawing your attention to how you’ll protect those around you if you need to. You may not have to protect anyone at all, but it doesn’t hurt to know that you can.

What does it Mean to Dream of Being Unable to Shoot a Gun?

Being unable to shoot a gun in your dream can suggest a change in confidence or something which will affect your sense of security. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing – it could mean an increase in both after a troubling situation. If you dream of panicking and then being unable to fire the gun, this reflects your lack of confidence or experience in something, which will hold you back.

What does it Mean to Dream of Being Threatened with a Gun?

Did you recognize this person? Dreaming of someone pulling a gun on you or threatening you with a firearm suggests that this person will cause you some trouble, or they’ll come to you for help. An older dream interpretation of being threatened with a gun can indicate a woman will give you some advice in the future.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Toy Gun or a Replica?

A toy gun in your dream indicates that something will threaten you in the future, but you’ll quickly deal with it. Replica guns in your dream can suggest that the threat will look much bigger than what it will turn out to be. If you dream of robbing someone at the point of a replica gun, a decision you’ve made will backfire.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Stranger Firing a Gun?

Dreaming of a stranger shooting a gun can suggest you need to be on your guard, as someone will deceive you. You may suspect someone in your life is being dishonest now, or they will be tempted to lie in the future. A stranger pointing a gun at you can also suggest you’re lacking something important in your life. If you died in this dream, you’ll experience a period of rebirth, where you’ll be a better version of yourself. 

What’s the Spiritual Meaning Behind My Gun Dream?

Dreaming of a gun locked safely away or one which is disassembled suggests you’re waiting too late to act. You have the power and the tools to change or make a difference, but you won’t get there. In spiritual terms, loading a gun indicates that someone will have a negative impact on your life. Guns signify a change which will be for the better, after a time of trouble or uncertainty.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Child with a Gun?

A child holding a gun in your dream can be a worrying picture, or your worst nightmare. It suggests you’re suffering from a choice which you feel you can’t make. It may also suggest a disconnect from your past self, or your “inner child”. If the gun was lying around in your dream, this suggests that the future will test your ability to adapt.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Gun Pointed at Me?

Dreams of a gun being pointed at you is a sign of anxiety, but also the courage you gain from confrontation. It’s important to remember how you felt during this dream. If you weren’t scared, you’ll easily overcome future obstacles. If you were anxious, this mirrors an uneasiness regarding change, and what it might mean in the future. You may feel overwhelmed or trapped, and this dream reflects an uneasy situation in waking life. 

This dream can also mirror how you’ve started something, but you don’t want to finish it, or you’re being pressured into something which goes against your morals. Time to stand up for yourself.

What does Dreaming of a Gun not Firing Mean?

A gun in your dream represents anger, power, and the self-destruction these emotions can lead to. A gun not firing in this case can suggest you’ll overpower the negativity in your life or someone else’s, and you’ll move away from an outlook you’ve had for a long time. 

This dream can also mirror a last-minute issue which you couldn’t predict. How you react to it is crucial, and you may need to change your approach to someone or something. Are you putting all of your energy into something which won’t give anything back? If the gun didn’t fire because you forgot to load it in this dream, this suggests you’ll make a mistake in the future because you won’t check something important. It can’t hurt to double-check. This dream can also suggest you’re tired or stressed, and it’s affecting your sense of security or wellbeing. You might need to change your approach or consider whether your effort is actually changing anything.

What’s the meaning behind a Dream of a Shootout?

Dreaming of a shootout or a battle with guns isn’t an unusual dream, though it can be unsettling. It’s a direct manifestation of your problems in waking life, as well as your unconscious fears. Spiritually, you feel someone has made you vulnerable to something, or you feel like the victim. If the fight broke out without warning, or you weren’t expecting it, someone you know will betray you unexpectedly, or their mistake will cause you a lot of trouble. 

If you return fire in this dream, you feel protective over someone, or you feel the need to defend someone you love, and you have to protect what you’ve worked hard for. Could you be looking into things too much? Do you have any unresolved issues which are making you angry? 

What do Dreams of Guns and Killing Mean?

Dreaming of guns and the associated violence has negative connotations, just as they do in life. They represent the power people have, which can be used for good or evil, and you can’t stop them from doing something bad. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something, and the more violent the dream, the louder the message. You may be trying to change your life, but you’re going about it the wrong way.  

What does Shooting Mean in a Dream?

If the shooter was a stranger, this suggests you’ve been rejecting part of yourself, or you don’t fully understand something about yourself or why you do the things you do. You need to do some introspection, and explore the parts of yourself that you don’t know well. You may have an unresolved conflict or issue somewhere, and it can only be a good thing to resolve it. Knowing who you are fully can only help you to make future decisions which will benefit you in the best possible way, and you won’t continue to reject yourself. If you knew who the shooter was, you’re ready to confront this person in your waking life, and cut off the negativity that’s affecting you. Dreaming of shooting can indicate you know exactly where you want to be, and how to get there, and the limits of your potential are falling away.

What does Sigmund Freud Suggest about a Gun Dream?

If you haven’t already guessed by now, Sigmund Freud’s theories about why our dreams happen are always to do with sex and the unconscious, repressed desires we may carry. He theorized that guns in particular embody a fear of impotence, or a build up of sexual tension.

What does a Dream of Someone You Know Pulling a Gun on You Signify?

Dreaming of someone pulling a gun on you suggests an argument or a problem with this person in waking life. Because they pulled the gun on you, they will create this problem. You will feel like the victim, and they’ll have the power in this situation. They may be deaf to your opinion or advice, and could even shout you down in front of other people. The gun itself indicates your sense of courage will be put to the test, and if you felt powerless in this dream, you’ll find it hard to overcome when it manifests itself in waking life. It could be a sign you need some more motivation to help you on your way. It might be time to do what makes you feel content, and this will fuel you for the times ahead.


Your gun dream might have stemmed from a difficult situation or something which seems to have no answer, and you might feel powerless as a result. This could be a future problem rather than one that you’re struggling with right now. Alternatively, you’re concerned about other people’s motives and what they might be tempted to do, and whether they’ll listen to their conscience or not. How you reacted to the gun in your dream is similar to how you’ll react to the problem when it appears. If you reacted negatively, the good news is that you still have time to change your approach. You know something is coming, and you can prepare yourself accordingly. Afterward, you’ll be stronger than you were. 

If you reacted positively, or you managed to take the power away from this person by taking the gun or otherwise disabling them, you’re ready for what might come, and you have a strong sense of self-preservation and right and wrong. 

Feelings You May Have Experienced During Your Gun Dream

Worry. Anxiousness. A sense of power, confidence, and the satisfaction of other people doing what you tell them to do.


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