Apocalypse Dream Meaning

Have you been dreaming about disasters? About the world coming to an end? Maybe the dream seemed like a movie. It could be that everyone in the dream was running from an impending danger, or the world is quite literally crumbling down. Well, if this is what you are dreaming about, we should tell you one thing first: don’t panic. These kinds of dreams usually don’t predict the future. Otherwise, the world would have ended thousands of times before, So no, there will not be an actual apocalypse. The meaning of such dreams is actually connected to changes and new beginnings – since every end inevitably leads to a new beginning. 

Keep reading if you want to learn more about how to interpret dreams about the apocalypse. 

What Does it Mean to Dream of an Apocalypse?

Where do apocalypse dreams come from? Usually, they are triggered by events that happen in your waking life. Have you been dealing with something stressful? Something where you felt out of control? Maybe there are so many things going on lately that you just don’t know where to start? Stressful or disturbing events are the most common cause of apocalyptic dreams. 

Are You Currently Experiencing Any Stressful Events?

So what kind of events can lead to dreaming about the apocalypse? Where, if something really sad and surprising happened, like a death of a loved one, an accident or an emergency, this can lead to such dreams. However, apocalyptic dreams can also be caused by subtle changes in your life that are actually quite big (and your dream is probably telling you that). It could be that you are finally stepping into adult life, maybe getting married, maybe you are making changes in your career or starting, moving, or starting a new life path in any way. 

All kinds of changes can make us feel stressed. As humans, we love certainty and control. Sometimes we might feel calm in waking life, but our subconscious is actually panicking – and this can manifest in dreaming about the end of the world. The good news is, this kind of dream can help us work through these emotions. 

How you feel while dreaming about the apocalypse (and the overall mood of the dream) can tell you a lot about these emotions. Were you scared and anxious? Maybe you were running perpetually from impending doom, not being able to save yourself while everything is falling apart? However, in these kinds of dreams we can sometimes feel strangely calm. All of this has a message to tell you about your waking life. 

Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the unknown is one of the most common fears in humans. And one we are often not completely aware of. There might be a big change ahead of us, something we have been working towards our whole lives, but we are still scared of the outcome because we don’t know how it will work out. Stepping into the unknown requires great courage, and this can often show up as dreaming about the apocalypse. 

When we dream about the end of the world, and if this tells us about the changes we are going through, we might feel that these changes are negative, that the dream of apocalypse is warning us about it. However, there is no need to worry! These kinds of dreams simply mean we are going through changes. Sometimes they are changes we are aware of and sometimes we don’t even notice them. For example, your whole value system could be slowly changing as a result of an important revelation. There are myriad examples like these. 

In any case, fear of the unknown is a completely natural reaction to changes. And it is not a bad thing! Fear shows we care, and fears are there to be overcome. Apocalyptic dreams can help us work through our fears. 

Feeling Unprepared

Sometimes, we know what is (most likely), going to happen, but we can still feel unprepared. If you are dreaming about the end of the world, especially if the dream is recurring, you might be feeling unprepared for some big event coming up in your life. 

Are you planning a career change? A big move? Maybe you are getting ready to move in with your SO, or are kids in the cards? It could also be something that is not directly connected to your own actions, but is still inevitable, like a dear friend or a family member moving away. There are many situations in life where we can feel unprepared and not ready to face the challenge. It could even be something that looks silly, but deep inside we are dreading the outcome. 

Apocalyptic dreams caused by feeling unprepared also often happen before we need to do something in public. This is especially true if it is something important, and if you are a bit afraid of public speaking (that’s not bad, many people are!) Are you preparing for a big presentation? Maybe you want to present a new project you need approval on? Situations like these can often cause us to feel uncertain and scared of the outcome. In dreams, these completely normal fears could manifest as the whole world coming to an end, and it could even be your fault! But, if that’s what you are dreaming about, don’t worry! The grim scenes of apocalyptic dreams are no indication of what will happen in real life! They are just a way for our subconscious to help us work through these issues. 

Final Thoughts 

Dreams about the apocalypse can be incredibly interesting. If you’ve had one of those, we would be happy to hear your stories. What happened in your dream? How did you know the world was ending? Were there any interesting signs? In any case, we hope today’s article has helped you decipher your apocalypse dream meaning. 

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