Month: November 2020

Yellow Color Meaning

We often see colors in our dreams and each color means something different. If we see objects in the color yellow, it can be a sign of happiness and good luck. As we perceive the sun as being yellow, even though it is technically white, it can mean that God has got our backs. It is often thought to be … Read More

Tree Dream Meaning & Symbolism

Dreams about trees are generally positive, although there are, of course, exceptions to the rule. Trees represent personal growth, our dreams, and our desires. Seeing a tree in your dream can mean that you want new experiences and new people in your life.  In this article, we will give you some interpretations of your tree dreams and we hope that … Read More

Snow Dream Meaning

The farther north you live, the more you dream of snow – at least usually that’s how it is. In some parts of the world, snow is the background of our daily life during the whole winter, so it’s no wonder people living in such areas dream more often about snow. If this is the case, there is also a … Read More

Shoes Dream Meaning

Are you wondering what it means to dream of shoes? All of us wear different kinds of shoes each day. The shoes you choose will depend on your outfit, activities, and sometimes even your mood. Hence, it is one of the most common symbols of dreams.  In this article, we will take a closer look at what dreaming of shoes … Read More

Planets And Space Dream Meaning

Dreaming of space and celestial objects can be interpreted in many ways. Different planets have their own dream meanings and the context of the dream is critical when trying to understand the message behind it. In this article, we’ll share what it means to dream about planets and space.  What Does It Mean To Dream About Planets? Generally, planets in … Read More

Pig Dream Meaning Interpretation

Pigs are one of the most widely spread mammals around the world. They’re also commonly represented in popular culture, and they have strong symbolism behind them. Dreaming about these animals can have different meanings. Here, we’ll cover some of the most common interpretations of these dreams. The Wisdom of Pigs as Spirit Animals It might seem weird to think of … Read More

Moon Dream Meaning

Humans have studied the night sky since ancient times. The moon has always been the subject of awe and admiration, and it affected our lives in many ways. But how does the dream about the moon affect us? In this article, we’ll elaborate on different moon dream meaning possibilities.  In a dream, the moon can symbolize a mysterious part of … Read More

Money Dream Meaning

Money is important for everybody. Without it we can’t pay our bills, go out to enjoy ourselves, or buy a car. Because it is so prominent in our lives, it isn’t surprising that we dream about it. What Does it Mean to Dream About Money? Dreaming about money doesn’t only mean we are thinking about it literally although of course, … Read More

Driving Dream Meaning

Dreaming of driving a car is not uncommon, even for nondrivers. In fact, you don’t need to know one thing about driving, and yet you could dream about yourself speeding through a red light or doing PIT maneuvers. These dreams have different meanings and, in this article, we’ll help you interpret your dream.  What Does It Mean To Dream Of … Read More

Ex Dream Meaning

Probably everyone has dreamt about their ex at least once. These kinds of dreams often arouse uncomfortable questions. Does it mean we are still in love with the ex? Is it a prophetic dream saying the ex is coming back to haunt us? Today’s article is about deciphering the true dream meaning of an ex boyfriend.  What Does it Mean … Read More