Tornado Storm Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Tornado dreams can be very frightening. After all, a tornado is destructive and can destroy everything in its path, be it homes, cars, or even people. Seeing a tornado in a dream can mean that you are overwhelmed and out of control. You may experience fear and strong emotions. In this article, we will be taking a look at tornado storm (See also lightning dream meaning)dream meanings and symbolism. Psychologists agree that people who are unable to control certain situations are the most likely to have dreams about tornadoes. 

Here are Some Common Dream Themes and Meanings for a Tornado

Anxiety and Worry

Dreams about tornadoes can mean that you are anxious, worried, overwhelmed, or disappointed. People who have problems in their waking life are more prone to having dreams about tornadoes. These problems can cover a wide variety of topics including relationships, work, finances, a future event, or health. 

These worries can vary between the sexes. If a man dreams about seeing a powerful tornado it probably means that he has problems with work. If a woman dreams about a tornado, she usually has a problem in a relationship.

If you dream that you are in the midst of a tornado and can’t get out, you are probably fighting against your emotions and you need to decide to change the way your life is going.

Destructive Habits

Tornadoes are destructive so it is not surprising that they can refer to destruction within your own life. Perhaps you are surrounded by people who have a destructive effect on you. Maybe you are self-destructive and the dream is telling you to change the way you are living your life. 

If you see that the tornado is destroying many different objects in its way, this can mean that you need to understand what the consequences of your actions can be. There is still time to change. 

If you dream about more than one tornado, it can mean that you are in a volatile and destructive relationship and perhaps it is time to get out.


Fear is not uncommon in a dream about tornadoes (see also 38 Different Tornado Dreams And Symbolism) as they are terrifying forces of nature. If you feel afraid then you are probably scared of something in your waking life and it needs to be addressed. Look out for other symbols in the dream which might give you a clue as to why you are so afraid. 

If you are shaken by the tornado, it means that you are depressed. You need to work out the cause of the depression and try to be more optimistic. If you are finding this difficult or even impossible, perhaps it is time to seek medical help. 

Lack of Attention Span or Focus

Tornadoes move extremely quickly and if you dream about them, it could mean that your thoughts are moving in the same way. Perhaps it’s time to slow down and try to focus on one thing at a time. It can also mean that you change your mind frequently and it’s about time to become more decisive.

Perhaps you have a dream about your family or friends being caught in a violent tornado. If so, it could mean that it is time you focused on things that concern them and try to help them through any problems they have.

Out of Control

Dreaming of a tornado can indicate that you are out of control of certain situations in your life. You could feel that a problem is overwhelming so you need to sit down and think carefully about how you can solve it. 

If you are caught inside a tornado, it could mean that you are fighting against your feelings. Alternatively, it can mean that someone is controlling you. You haven’t got control over your life and it’s time you regained it back.

Tips for Interpreting Your Dreams About Tornadoes

What emotions did you feel during the dream?

The emotions you felt in the dream when you see the tornado relate to your waking life. If you see the tornado moving away from you, it is positive. You have been through tough times, but everything is now going to change, and you will have a more harmonious life. However, if you feel afraid and the tornado is approaching you, there is something you are scared about. Possibly it is a warning that something is coming that will turn your life upside down. 

If you see yourself trying to escape from a tornado, it reflects the way you are feeling in your waking life. You want to escape from conflict situations and if you manage to get away, the result is positive.

How close were you to the tornado?

How near you are to the tornado is important in interpreting your dream. If you are just watching the tornado from a distance it can mean that you are about to be given a new challenge. If, however, you are in the middle of it, pay attention to your feelings. They could represent how you are feeling in your waking life and they may not be the way you want to be. Perhaps it’s time to change.

What Other Symbols Were in the Dream?

It is important to look at the dream as a whole and to study each aspect of it. Think about who else is in the dream, the setting, and anything else notable. They all contribute to the analysis of the dream. For example, if you dream about building a house after a tornado has destroyed yours, it could mean that you can bounce back from a setback and start your life afresh.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has given you enough information about the meaning and symbolism of tornado storm dreams (see also Tsunamis dream meaning). Tornadoes are usually related to the way you feel or sudden changes in your life. These dreams can sometimes mean that a part of your life is in danger of change and it might not be what you want. The dreams allow you to prevent these changes from happening. Stress in your life is often indicated by tornado dreams giving you a chance to reassess the way you feel. All in all, if you dream about tornadoes, it signals emotional conflict and fear. 


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