Lightning Dream Meaning

Have you ever had a dream about lightning and wondered what it meant? If so, this article will help you to interpret your dream.

Lightning is a natural force of nature. It happens when a natural electrical discharge connects with high voltage. It can be between two clouds or between the ground and a cloud. It is usually sudden and quick and is accompanied by a flash and usually thunder. Some countries and regions, such as Venezuela, Singapore, and Florida receive more lightning strikes than others.  

What it Means to Dream About Lightning

We will first look at some common themes associated with lightning.

Destruction, Renewal, Rapid Changes

Lightning can be destructive. It can cut a tree in half, blow up your internet connection, and even kill people. However, to see lightning in a dream surprisingly isn’t always negative. Let’s compare lightning in a dream to the Tower card in a tarot deck. On this card, there is a building that has been struck by lightning and there are people falling off it. However, the card doesn’t mean that something in your life is going to be destroyed and you will be left bereft. Instead, it means that something will end so that you can experience something better. Perhaps you are going to be made redundant only to find a better job. Lightning in a dream can have the same meaning as the tarot card. 

If you see an object being struck by lightning such as a house or a car, it can symbolize that there is something in your life that is not needed anymore. You need to look at things from a new perspective. Perhaps you have been brought up as a Christian, but feel drawn to a different religion. Maybe it is now time that you explored this religion to see if it is what you are looking for.

If you see a lightning strike in your dream, it can be that something surprising has happened in your life. Perhaps you have found a long lost relative. The dream is telling you to consider what you feel about this. Do you want to get to know this person? Perhaps you have been swept off your feet by someone. You need to take a step back and think exactly how you feel about this. It isn’t always a good idea to rush into things.

Energy, Inspiration, Awareness

When used correctly, lightning can yield positive results. As an example, look at the Navajo Indians who use lightning as part of their healing rituals. Benjamin Franklin experimented with lightning to see if there was a connection between lightning and electricity.

Lightning has also been used as a powerful force in fiction. Just remember Doctor Frankenstein who used lightning to bring his monster to life.

If in your dream, you see that you are struck by lightning, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that this is actually going to happen, nor does it prophesize that something bad will happen to you. Instead, it symbolizes that you are going to be struck with inspiration. Perhaps you haven’t been able to solve a problem at work or in college, but now the solution will come to you. Maybe you have been thinking of ways to start your own business, but don’t know where to start.  Perhaps you have been thinking of a way to resurrect a friendship that has gone sour. This dream will tell you just to be yourself and apologize if you have to. 

A flash of lightning can be telling you to look at things more deeply and clearly so that you are completely aware of what is going on. Look at what the lightning illuminates. If it is your house, for example, it could mean that you need to pay more attention to what is going on in your home life. It is useful to look up different symbols in a dream dictionary to see what they mean.

Pressure, Tension, Explosive Emotions

Lightning in dreams can also refer to your inner emotions and feelings. If the lightning is particularly powerful, with one bolt after the other, it could mean that your emotions are explosive. Perhaps you have been having problems in a relationship, but have tried to keep the peace. However, the dream is telling you to get them out in the open and sort things out with the other person. Things have reached a head and it is time to do something about it. 

Lightning happens very quickly, but it can come back again and again, building in strength and power. If you dream about a lightning storm, it could mean that there are tensions within you that are building up. Perhaps your boss continually ignores your ideas and, up to now, you have kept your feelings in. If you don’t say something now, the tension could keep growing and you might explode and say things that you shouldn’t. 

Common Examples of Lightning Dreams & Their Interpretations

Having taken a look at some of the common themes lightning might represent, we’ll examine some dream scenarios.

You are Struck by Lightning

It is not negative to dream that you are struck by lightning. Rather it is a sign of growth, either spiritually, mentally, or physically. Perhaps you have wanted to turn over a new leaf and want to be kinder to other people. Maybe you want to lose weight, stop drinking so much, or stop smoking. Perhaps you have been thinking of moving from the city to the countryside. This dream is telling you that the time is right to make these changes.

Lightning Strikes Something Near You

If you see a tree or an electricity pole hit by lightning, it could mean that you are keeping your emotions secret. You don’t want to share your innermost thoughts with anyone. You could be trying to get over the death of a loved one, be angry with your partner, or feel resentment towards someone at work who is not treating you well. If you don’t let out these emotions gently, you could explode with frustration and say things you will regret later. 

To see a tree struck by lightning can have another meaning. Perhaps something has come to an end. This could be either negative or positive. However, a tree struck by lightning can mean that there is something missing from your life. Perhaps all you seem to do is go to work and you want to have some sort of life outside the office. The dream can also represent disappointment. 

Something is Illuminated by Lightning

Sometimes, when there is a flash of lightning, an object or person is lit up. If this happens in your dream, you need to turn your attention towards what is lit up. If it is a person you know, you will need to think about the relationship you have with that person. Is there tension between you two? If so, maybe it’s now time to sort out the problems between you. Perhaps the person is somebody you are attracted (see dreaming about your crush) to. Maybe it’s time to make your feelings known, however daunting that may be. If you see an object, it is a good idea to look up that object in a dream dictionary.

To Understand More About What Your Dreams Mean Ask Yourself These Questions

  • What are your feelings about lightning? Are you afraid of the damage it can do or do you find it exciting?
  • Have you been affected by lightning at any time in your life? Perhaps you have been unfortunate enough to be struck by it. 
  • Were there any other important symbols in the dream? It is worth looking up their meanings in a dream dictionary.
  • Are you feeling unsure about your beliefs? Do you need to sit down and reconsider them?
  • Are you neglecting something?
  • Are you experiencing a major change in your life, such as marriage, a new baby, or a new job?
  • Have you been hit by inspiration in the same way a bolt of lightning hits an object?

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