Book Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Most people enjoy reading books, even if it’s just light-reading or non-fiction. Books convey both knowledge and entertainment and give us an escape from daily life. So, what does it mean if we dream about books? It is more complicated than it sounds as there are so many different book interpretations. We have to look at the type of book we are dreaming about, the setting, and the way we are feeling.

It’s not uncommon to dream about books and they often appear as the central theme of the dream. However, they can take second place, but they still have significance when interpreting the dream. 

We often dream about books when we want to retreat from reality as well as when we want to gain knowledge.

What Do Books Symbolize? What Does it Mean to Dream About Books?

It is important to think about the context of our dreams about books when we are trying to interpret them. If we see ourselves on a beach (see also beach dream meaning and interpretation) lying in the sun reading a book it will have a completely different meaning to seeing ourselves poring over textbooks studying for an exam.

Here Are Some of the Common Associations We Have with Books and What it Might Mean in Your Dreams

Wisdom and Knowledge: Reading is a great way to gain knowledge. Even reading fiction can open our minds to new things. If we dream about reading books, it can mean that we are open to learning and that we want to be well-rounded individuals.

Truth and Judgement: Books can tell us the truth. After all, many religions have been formed around books. Think of the Bible in Christian religions and the Quran in the Muslim faith both of which are thought of as being at the center of the religions. 

If we consider judgment, all we have to do is think of judges in court who are often depicted as sitting with a gavel on top of legal books.

Record Keeping: Dreaming of books can have a link with the Akashic records which is a compendium of everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen. You can dream of books because you feel that you too need to make a record of what is going on in your life. Doing this can help you to understand what is happening to you and maybe solve any problems that you have.

Studying for a Test: It is common to think of school when we dream about books. After all, we read a lot of books then and had to study for exams. If we are revising for a test, it isn’t uncommon to dream about books. However, we can also dream about books if we feel tested. Perhaps you feel that your boss or partner is testing you and it is causing you a lot of stress. Maybe you are just feeling pressurized by events going on in your everyday life. 

Communication & Expression: Books are a means of communication and the authors are expressing their thoughts and knowledge to you. If you dream of books, perhaps you want to communicate with other people, or perhaps someone is trying to send you a message.

Common Types of Books That Appear in our Dreams

While it is helpful looking at the general meanings of books in dreams, it is also useful to consider the type of books that appear in your dreams. 

Here are Some of the Types of Books you Might Dream About and What They May Symbolize

Comic Book: Dreaming of comic books usually has a positive meaning. Comic books are lighthearted so can signify that you are going to have fun. If you have problems, they will be dealt with amicably. Perhaps you need to have more fun and someone to laugh with.

Telephone Book: If you dream that you are looking through a telephone book, it could mean that you need to get in touch with someone. It could also signify that you are not communicating successfully with somebody and this needs to be rectified. 

Fiction Book: Fiction books are written to entertain us and to dream of one could mean that we need to socialize and be entertained. Maybe your life is mundane and boring, and you need to escape from reality. Perhaps you have problems in your waking life that you don’t know how to solve, and you want to hide away from them. 

Books in a library: If you find yourself in a library in your dream, it could mean that you are searching for knowledge.

Scrapbook: Many of us start keeping scrapbooks when we are children as memories to look back on. To dream of a scrapbook symbolizes that you want to reminisce. It could also mean that the past was better than the present. 

Yearbook: If you are looking through your high school or college yearbook, you may be stuck in the past.

Hardcover Books: If you see hardcover books in your dreams, it means that you want to be a stronger person and that you want to learn more.

Paperback Books: Although they are less durable than hardcover books, they also indicate a need for knowledge. This may, however, be difficult to achieve.

Journal/Diary: If you dream about the diary you keep, you are trying to keep secrets from someone.

Cookbook: To dream of a cookery book could mean that you need to find a solution to a problem you have. It also symbolizes creativity.

eBook: To dream of an eBook means that you need to find out something quickly.

Children’s Books: Dreaming of these could mean that you are remembering your childhood or that you want to have some fun.

What Do Books Mean to You? Questions to Ask for Interpreting Your Dream

It is a good idea to ask yourself some questions to help you discover the true meaning of your dream about books.

What is the book about? What the book is about can provide insight into the full meaning of the dream. To dream about crime could mean that you are anxious about something. If you dream of a math book it suggests that you are calculating something.

What have you had a desire to learn lately? If there has been something you have wanted to gain knowledge about, you may dream about a specific type of book. 

What feelings did you experience in the dream? You need to think about your emotions in the dream. Were you sad or happy/ How does this relate to your waking life?


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