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Today we deal with a very spicy topic! It’s sex dreams. Although not everyone will admit this, anyone has probably had a sexy dream or two in their lifetime. And sometimes these dreams can seem awkward and confusing, and definitely in contrast with our real-life sexual desires. 

So what’s that all about? Sex dreams can often be about ourselves, not other people. The two (or more?) partners in a love act can represent the aspects of yourself or your own life that need to come together. But sometimes, sex dreams are really about sex. 

Below is a list of sex dream symbols you can use to interpret almost anysex dream. 


To dream about abstaining from sex has a similar meaning as abstinence from anything (think alcochol, sugar, or any sort of guilty pleasure). You might have been overly confident and thinking all these pleasures are at your disposal. The message of the dream is to slow down and reflect. 


When you dream about cheating on your beloved, there are a couple of meanings it could point to. The most common way to interpret such dreams is in terms of superset sexual urges and desires. There might be some energy inside yourself that you’d like to express but you’re not finding an appropriate outlet. If you have been thinking about cheating, thought, or have been tempted lately, then it’s entirely possible that this becomes reflected in your dream too. 

Another meaning ascribed to dreams about cheating is that you might feel you have betrayed yourself or your principles. 

On the other hand, when you dream you have been cheated on, this usually points to feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. You might be feeling a lack of attention or that your efforts are not appreciated. 


Dreaming about AIDS can be scary. The meaning of such dreams is similar to dreaming about any scary illness. It can mean you are feeling attacked by an invisible enemy, one you can’t see or clearly identify – and you can’t defend yourself. 

When you dream that your partner is suffering from AIDS it could mean there is a negative aspect to the relationship that you might have not noticed. 

Anal Sex 

The meaning of anal sex is deeply connected with the concept of submission. To interpret such a dream, it’s important to think about who was on the “receiving end”, so to say. In any case, it points to a conflict of wants and desires. 


Are you bisexual? If you are, you might want to interpret this dream just like any other dream. However, dreams about bisexuality could reflect feelings of uncertainty and confusion. It might reflect confusion about sexual desires and perhaps a need for something new, but it could actually point to confusion in other areas in your life too. 


As you might imagine, bondage in dreams is connected to themes of domination, submission, and control. In a strictly sexual sense, these dreams could show that you are longing to experiment more in bed. 

On the other hand, bondage dreams could have a metaphorical meaning too. Is there any area of your life where you are feeling constrained and not able to express yourself freely? A bondage dream could be sending you a message that your situation in life is due to a lack of initiative on your part – and that you bonds are imaginary. 


One of the themes connected with breast symbolism is fertility. It is the mothers breast that brings the offspring to life. This is why dreaming about breasts can point to themes like motherhood and nurturing. Breast can also symbolize our birthplace. 

While these meanings are generally positive, breasts in dreams could also be interpreted in terms of the darker side of the fertility symptom. For example, breasts could represent dependency. 

If the breasts in the dream are yours, seeing them naked could indicate embarrassment or a fear of facing the public.  


A brothel is a place where one can get access to things forbidden. Resorting to a brothel also points to craving. When you dream about visiting a brothel, it could mean you are feeling dissatisfied in a relationship. This doesn’t necessarily have to refer to sexual deprivation. 


To dream about castration could mean you are unable to express your energies in any aspect of life. Perhaps you have been waiting for a breakthrough in your creative endeavours, but it’s not coming along. 


Dreams about celibacy are similar to dreams about abstinence, but not exactly the same. Celibacy in dreams could mean you are feeling out of balance with your sexual side or your physical body in general.

Chastity Belt 

In history, a chastity belt could serve two purposes: to prevent a woman from fulfilling her sexual desires or to protect a woman from unwanted advances. Today, we should also think about these meanings when interpreting the dreams with chastity belts. When one thinks about it, the two sides are often connected. 


The interpretation most directly connected in condom is that we often dream about them when we feel anxious about pregnancies and STIs. On the other hand, since they are made to protect condoms in dreams could also be linked with protection (feeling protected and safe in a relationship, for example). 


Dreaming about any kind of contraceptive could have a similar meaning as dreaming about condoms (see above). Additionally, if you are the one using the contraceptive in the dream it could mean that there is some aspect of yourself you are trying to control and keep hidden. 


The dream that you (or someone you know) are cross-dressing could indicate tht you are ready to explore a new role in some aspect of your life. Alternatively, it could also mean you need to get in touch with your feminine side if you are a guy (or the opposite if you are a woman).


To dream about yourself in the role of dominatrix could mean that you feel that everything in your life is under control – or perhaps you are being a bit too controlling? These dreams can sometimes also be connected with heightened energies on a spiritual level. 


Ejaculation represents release of powerful energies. No matter if you’re a woman or a man, dreams about ejaculation usually point to some sort of culmination. Something that was contained needs to come out – either sexually or emotionally. 


Erection is a powerful symbol of male energy, potential, and activity. This symbol can signify good tidings in areas of your life such as work or conflicts. If you are a man, dreaming of an erection could also point to some very personal issues. It could be connected with importance of sexual potential, but also to the fear of failing in any area of your life. 


The most mundane cause of dreams that involve erotic could be reading or watching something from the genre. Things we think about in day-to-day life often reappear in dreams. 

On the other hand, developing your own erotica story in dreams could mean you are exploring new terrain in a sexual or emotional sense. 


Various fetishes can have different personal meanings in dreams. To interpret them right, consider how you feel about this specific dream. However, fetishes in general point to infantility and lack of maturity. 


Foreplay points to expectation of what is to come. You may feel you are very close to something that you have been working towards (in any aspect of your life), but you still can’t see the result of your efforts. Foreplay could also point to restlessness and feelings of impatience. 


In ancient Indian symbolism, a hermaphrodite is a symbol of non-duality, of uniting the opposites. As such, hermaphrodite has a very positive meaning of balance and enlightenment. However, it could also signify indecisiveness and ambiguity. 


Herpes carries the symbolism connected to infectious disease in general. It points to fear and worries, perhaps feeling powerless against something that seems imminent. Quite expectedly, it could also points to anxieties in the area of sex, or more specifically regarding sexually transmitted disease. 


The right way to interpret this dream can depend, in some situations, on whether you are a homosexual in waking life or not. However, in any case, it could represent inner peace and coming to terms with some aspect of yourself (perhaps your feminine side if you are a man). When we dream about love towards the same gender, it often represents the capacity to love oneself. 

On the other hand, dreaming about different sexual orientations could point to insecurity and the need to explore your own sexuallity (perhaps repressed). 

One common trope is for women (See also women dreams) to dream that the guy they like is gay. In this case, the deram points to your own insecurity and fear that the man in question might not like you. 

Fun fact: homosexuality in dreams is most common among fathers. 


Importance in dreams is connected to themes that have to do with power struggles. The most obvious way to interpret such dreams (especially for men) is in terms of performance anxiety in the sexual sense. Also, if you have been facing some problems in relation to your reproductive health, this could be the cause of such dreams. 

However, it is also possible to interpret impotence in dreams more broadly. You could be afraid you don’t have the power to face some challenges that await you. 


Not many people have real-life experience with incest, but if this is the case, deffinitely try and speek to a professional psychologist or counselor. 

For most people, incest dreams are more metaphorical. Dreaming about incest could be about aspects of your personality coming together. It might have to do with coming to terms with your origins and roots and fully accepting them. In addition to this, incest dreams can sometimes appear in transitional periods of life. For example, you might be feeling like a child but facing adult responsibilities. Finally, incest dreams could imply a strong desire to reconcile with an estranged family member. 

In any case, don’t worry – usually these dreams do not mean that you are attracted to a family member. Rather, it is a message about yourself and your own personality and desires. 


Dreams about infidelity are usually about insecurity and a lack of confidence. If you are dreaming about your partner being unfaithful, it’s a strong indicator that you feel that either you are not good enough or that your partner has been neglecting you (and these two are indeed often connected).

On the other hand, if you are the one who is unfaithful, it could indicate that you are not feeling happy with the status quo. Perhaps you have been neglecting your own needs to make your partner happy.  See also adultery in this list. 


A kiss in a dream usually has an overwhelmingly positive symbolism. A kiss signifies affection, openness, love and harmony. However, the interpretation, of course, depends on who participated in the kiss as well as other specific details of the dream. Here are some common meanings of kisses in dreams: 

If you are the one who is kissing somebody, to dream about kissing a person’s hand is a sign of respect. 

When you dream about kissing the partner of a person you know (but not yours) indicates you are craving for more love in your life. 

Dreaming about kissing a close friend is also quite common. This usually doesn’t signify romantic interest in this person, but rather a craving for more closeness in a friendly manner. 

When we dream about kissing an enemy, it could be a bad sign. It could point to betrayal and/or letting yourself down by flirting with the devil (see also devil dream symbols), so to say. It’s generally a sign of weakness. 

When you see others kissing in your dream could suggest you are getting too involved in something that is none of your business. 

Another common dream trope is when you dream you are about to kiss someone, but the actual kiss never happens. This suggests you are feeling uncertain about the person in question and their feelings towards your. 


Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in life. There are many kinds of love, however, and these can be quite different. Love can be a life-giving force but it can also be destructive. This is why to interpret dreams of love you need to look deep inside. What does love man for you? What kind of love did appear in your dream? How did you feel about that? 

Usually, the dreams of love carry very positive connotations. You are probably feeling content, happy, and ready to share your love with the world. On the other hand, it is also possibly that you could be feeling neglected and craving more love in day-to-day life. In these alienated times, it could also just point to a desire towards more human connection. 

A surprisingly common trope is to dream that a friend or an acquaintance is in love with you. These kinds of dreams often actually signify your feelings towards this person. You might have started liking your friend in a romantic way, but haven’t yet realized it so your subconscious is sending you a message. Or you might be aware of your feelings but thinking it’s not appropriate to express them. 

Dreams about making love, especially in public, are about freedom of expression. If you are the one who is making love in the dream, they might be pointing towards a need to express yourself more freely, without the fear of being judged by society. 


Dreams about masochism (or the opposite, sadism) are dreams about power struggles. You might be feeling like someone, or something else has taken control over your own life. Masochism in dreams also connects to the topic of sacrifice. Have you been over-extending yourself and sacrificing your own well-being for somebody else? 

On a slightly different note, dreams about masochism can also point to a desire to experience more and feel the experiences deeply. 


Masturbation has to do with paying attention to yourself and taking care of your own needs. It also has to do with exploring your own body. Dreams about mastrubation could be interpreted in this direction. The dream could be telling you to focus more on self-care. There might be some repressed emotions that you need to deal with. 

When you see someone else masturbating in your dream, it could point to feelings of envy and jealousy. You could feel like this person is getting too much attention. 


To be naked in your dreams is one of the most common nightmares. Children and young adults have these dreams especially often, but they can happen to anyone. 

Being naked in a dream signifies vulnerability. If you are dreaming you are naked in a public place it signifies you are afraid of being judged by people in your surroundings. 

Sometimes, dreams about being naked indicated you feel you have something to hide and are afraid of your secret being exposed. Keep in mind this doesn’t necessarily mean there is an actual secret. Imposter syndrome, for example, often also manifests as being naked in your dreams. 

When you dream about other people being naked, the dream will point towards your real feelings about this person. Were you comfortable about their nudity or were you disgusted? The answer will tell you what you really think about this person. 

Oral Sex 

To dream about giving oral pleasure to someone signifies generosity. You are feeling good and you want to share joy with others. If you are a woman, however, dreaming about giving oral pleasure could also be a sign of submissiveness. 

Oral sex, due to the oral part, could also point to themes of talking and communication. It might be pointing to a need to communicate more with your partner. 


An orgasm is a culmination of an act of love. As you might expect, it’s considered a really good sign in a dream. It signifies completion and success. Maybe a chapter of your life is coming to an end? 

On the other hand, if you dream about talking about orgasms, for example, but not achieving one, it could mean that you are missing closure regarding some issue in your life. You could be feeling frustrated and unfulfilled – not necessarily in a sexual way, but in any aspect of your life. 


The meaning of orgies in dreams can depend quite a bit on context and your overall feelings towards the dream. Orgies in dreams often mean that your energies are scattered in too many different directions. On the other hand, if it was a pleasant dream it could indicate a desire to explore new areas of your sexuality. Finally, an orgy can also signify overindulgence and the need to take control of your own life. 


A penis, is, obviously, a symbol of masculinity. This, however, doesn’t mean it necessarily represents a man. It can be a symbol of fertility too, of potential, of creative energy. Especially if the penis in the dream (see also penis dream meaning) is erect, it is considered a sign of abundance and potential. On the other side of the same coin (See also what does it mean to dream of coins?), an erect penis could symbolize too much power in your own hands, potentially more than you can handle. 

If the penis in the dream is not erect, it probably points to frustrations and doubts about male fertility, or about not performing well in any area of your life, especially if you are a man. 

A scary, but surprisingly common dream is a dream about the male organ falling off. This indicates some sort of life crisis. You might be feeling like you are losing a part of yourself. 

If you dreamt that you saw a penis of a person you are related to, this indicates there is some sort of awkward situation going on. 


When you dream about perverts, in any situation, it points to problems with forming relationships. You might be scared to let anybody too close because you are afraid of getting hurt. 


Pregnancy is another beautiful and positive symbol. When we dream about being pregnant, or seeing a pregnant woman, this does not necessarily have anything to do with being actually pregnant (although sometimes these dreams can point to actual pregnancy too – we sometimes know subconsciously way more than we think we do). 

So what do pregnancy dreams mean if not pregnancy? First of all, the developing child could represent an aspect of yourself. In some areas of your life, you are growing and developing. You have sown the seed, but the development is still in its infancy. With patience and care it has a potential to grow. 

Dreams about pregnancy also often occur when a woman is actually pregnant. Especially during the second trimester, these dreams can become especially vivid. They often point to the fact that the woman is probably thinking about the future, and how she will fit into the role of a new mother. 

When you dream that the baby in the belly was doing, this is a reflection of some disappointment in your life. You might have put a lot of yourself into some project, but it has failed, and the disappointment is difficult to deal with. 

Pregnancy Test 

Pregnancy tests (see also pregnancy test dreams) are often not symbolic. They are about real pregnancy tests. These dreams often occur when a person, or a couple, is thinking about having a baby (yes, men sometimes have these dreams too). When one is hoping for a baby, the pregnancy test becomes a very important object, with the potential to bring immense happiness. It is no wonder then that the test can appear in dreams. 

Alternatively, a pregnancy test could point to the desire to control, or know the future. You might be starting some new venture, facing a new situation, and wish you could know in advance whether it was a good choice or not. 


To dream you are a prostitute could mean you feel you have ‘sold out’ yourself in a sense. It could indicate something you have had to sacrifice in order to survive. You might have broken some of your moral principles for personal, probably financial gain. 

The sign of the prostitute is usually connected with financial transactions, but it isn’t always the case. Sometimes, we might disregard the money aspect and instead view a prostitute as someone who is free to express all their sexual urges. In that sense, dreaming about prostitutes could point to longing for more sexual expression. It could also mean we are feeling ambiguous towards moral structures we have inherited from our families. It could be a desire to experiment in life and find out what really works for us. 

Pubic Hair 

Pubic hair is a very intimate object, something that most of us don’t show to many people. To see the pubic hair in a dream could indicate a desire to express your sexual feelings towards someone. 


If you rape dreams are a consequence of whitnessing or being subject to rape in the past, we are truly sorry. Professional help is best for dealing with trauma. 

In most cases, though, rape in dreams doesnt have anything to do wih real-life events. Although many dare not admit it, rape is a common sexual fantasy among women (and somewhat less common among men). This is why rape in dreams could point to a subconscious desire to be a victim, to be conquered and violated, to be overpowered. If this is not you, however, there might be other interpretations. Dreaming about rape could also mean you are feeling overpowered in some context in your life. 

Dreaming about rape happening while you are watching indicates confusion and fears about love and sex. 


Dreams of sadism often point to repressed feelings. These issues might even stem from early childhood. Often repressed anger manifests as a desire to harm others. 


Sex can have many meanings in a dream depending on the context. Intercouse generally points to coming together of two forces. 

If you are dreaming about having sex with somenoe, note that this doesn’t necessarily need to have a sexual meaning at all. Sometimes, it can be about an internal struggle you are having with yourself, or even a sign of personal development. This is especially likely if you are dreaming about someone who you’d normally never think of having sex with. Think of the meanings you associate with this person. They might be representing a part of yourself. And whatever it is, the sex dream could mean that you are ready to acept this. 

On the other hand, of course, sex dreams are sometimes connected with sex. It could be your subconscious sending you messages about your inner desires. 

The key to interpreting dreams where you have sex with someone is the person who is on the other side: 

If you are in a committed relationship and dream about having sex with someone who is not your partner it usually menas you are not feeling satisfied with some aspect of your relationship. Think about where your needs are not being met. Sometimes, we are so busy worrying about others that we forget about our own needs and the importance of expressing them. 

It is also quite common to dream about making love to your ex or someone else you know. This usually indicates reluctance and second thoughts about some relationship you are in. 

If your lover in the dream is someone who you have never seen before in waking life, the dream can represent explorations of new areas in life on your own. You could also be feeling uncertain about the future. The stranger in the dream could also be your space to be free and experiment. 

When you dream about sleeping with a close friend, the first thing to consider is whether you are maybe really attracted to this friend? If you don’t see them in that way, then the drama is a sign of craving more closeness with this person . Alternatively, there is some quality you see in this person that you want for yourself. 

Celebrities (see celebrity dream symbols) are also common guests in sex dreams. Dreaming about having sex with a celebrity means you want to be in the center of attention. You want to be successful and for others to notice you. 

Seeing others having sex in your dream, butn ot participating, usually points to things you want to experience for yourself. 

Dreaming about your significant other having sex with someone is a sign of insecurity. You might be feeling that you are not having an active role in your relationship, or that you are not contributing enough. Or it might be just a sexual fantasy. 

When you dream that you are just about to have sex, but it doesn’t happen in the deram, this points to your hopes and unfulfilled desires. There might be something you are waiting for but it also seems to be out of your reach. 

If in this dream, you are looking for an appropriate place to have sex, but can seem to find it, it could be a reflection of your own search for intimacy and someone to share your emotions with. If you do find the place you are looking for after a long search, there might be a powerful message in the dream. Think about what this place represents to you. It might be what you were looking for all along. 

Sex Tape 

Dreaming about a sex tape can have multiple menaings. The most important question is – was it you that was on the tape? If yes, that might mean you are feeling comfortable with your sexuality and have no problems expressing yourself. 

The second question to consider is – who was watching the tape? If the tape was viewed by someone you didn’t want to see it (i.e. tape was leaked, stolen) it could indicate some trouble in the area of sex and emotions. You might be feeling exposed or misunderstood. 

Sex Toy

Seeing or using a sex toy in dream might indicate you are not feeling fulfilled in some area of your life (it doesn’t necessarily have to be related to sex). You feel like you have to do everything yourself. 

On the other hand, the meaning of the toy might be more connected to the word ‘toy’. It could mean you are playing around and not taking your relationship seriously. 


Sexuality in dreams usually has positive connotations. To dream about expressing your own sexuality is a positive sign in the area of spirituality, and fertility. Sexuality is also connected to the realm of death, but not in a bad way. It’s more about accepting our own mortality. 


As you might guess, sperm is a sign of fertility. It is the sign of opportunities and potential, of new life ready to emerge. 


The meaning of tanssexual dreams will depend on whether you was the transsexual or you have seen someone else who is a transsexual in the dream. If it was you, the dream might indicate some questions and explorations of gender issues. If you’ve been thinking about transsexual surgery or outing yourself a s a trans person, then this could very well be the cause of your dreams. 

To see a transsexual in the dream (not yourself) indicates some sort of disbalance within (possiblly between the masculine and the feminine aspect of yourself). You might be trying to run away from your own darker side. 


Just like other symbols connected to the male reproductive organ, testicles indicate potential, masculine energy, new life and a drive to go forward. If you are a man, dreaming about testicales could point to anxieties about fertility or sexual performance. 


Dreaming about a threesome doesn’t necessarily have to mean that is what you want in waking life – although it could be. That’s completely up to you. However, it could indicate there is something you are missing and where you need more fulfillment in life. Who were the people involved in the threesome? Think about what they represent to you. 


Undressing yourself in a dream should be understood metaphorically. You are peeling off layers and showing your true self. 

When you see someone else undressing in a dream, it could mean that this person is being vulnerable and showing you their true colors. You need to value and appreciate this. 

When you are undressing someone else it means you are trying to discover their true self, to find out what is underneath the face they show to the world. 


The vagina is a symbol of female energies and everything that is connected to femininity and warmf. Therefore, it’s a sign of abundance. If you are a woman, the dream might be referring to your relationship to yourself. 

To see someone else’s female parts often relates to sexual needs and desires. It could also signify the coming to life of something new. 


Dreams about vasectomies are especially significant for men. More directly, it could point to doubts about sexality and sexual funcion. However, the vasectomy could also by symbolic and actually point to some other aspect of your life where you feel unable to perform. 

Venereal Disease 

Dreaming about venereal disease points to fear and anxiety about something. You might feel you are unable to defend yourself against something, and the negative influence could be coming from someone close to your. 


Virginity is connected to purity and innocence. When we see a virgin in our dreams, we should have these ideals in mind. A virgin can be a symbol of honesty too. 

If you dream that you are a virgin, but you are not, this indicates that you are dwelling in the past. It could also point to regret, a desire to turn back time, a desire for more innocent times (the message does not necessarily have to be connected to sex, but any aspect of your life, especilly emotions). 


Vulva is a symbol of creativity. It is usually a good sign in dreams, it means creative energies are freely flowing. 

Wife Swapping 

Dreams about wife swapping are quite peculiar. If it was your wife, you should think about who she was swapped with, and what does this person represent to you. It might be some aspect you see in this person that you’d like to have more of in your life. 


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