True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Hair

How you wear your hair is a form of self-expression, no matter your gender.

It can be a subliminal choice that you don’t realize you are making, or one that you consciously make every day.

How you are perceived by others directly relates to your own sense of self-confidence, and the amount of power you perceive you have. 

The way you choose to style your hair says something about who you are, and what you believe in.

Dreams about hair directly relate to your choices, your strength of will, determination, pride, and your perception of yourself, all of which influence everything you do.

Common Dreams About Hair And What They Mean

It’s worth looking at the most common dreams involving hair, which will give you an idea of what your own dream of hair means.

Each scenario can mean something radically different, so it’s worth looking at a few to see if any match the dream you had.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Your Hair Falling Out?

Dreaming of your hair falling out points to current worries which are holding you back somewhere in life.

Stressors or anxieties are causing you to concentrate on your inner monologue, rather than what is going on around you, or signs of what is coming in the future.

Alternatively, dreaming of your hair falling out points to nagging concerns about your health, or your fear of getting older. 

It may point to hobbies which you know you should find joy in, but you feel nothing but bored or restless when you try and sink some time into them. This indicates that you need a break.

Or, dreaming of your hair falling out can imply a problem in a romantic relationship, potentially a relationship-ending argument.

Seeing Someone Else’s Hair Fall Out In A Dream

If you see someone else’s hair fall out in your dream, this reveals the need to reconcile yourself. There is something you’re struggling with.

In particular, it refers to how you should repair an ailing relationship before it completely breaks down and becomes unsalvageable.

Forgive them if they have moved against you, or ask for forgiveness if you were in the wrong. 

This dream is telling you that it’s not worth the stress or the bother to keep thinking about it.

Pulling Your Hair In A Dream

If you dream of pulling your hair, this may simply be a reflection of anxiety, and act as an outlet for stress.

It may also point to your flawed perception of just how much stress you can handle, whether you think you can handle less than you are capable of, or the opposite.

It can also reflect waking life, if you have had problems with hair pulling or Trichotillomania in the past.

A dream of pulling your hair can reveal that you’ll soon be under a lot of pressure in your professional or working life soon, which will cause you a lot of stress. 

The action of pulling your hair in a dream can represent your attempt to handle the emotional turmoil that comes with this stressful event, but only time will tell exactly how capable you will be.

Someone Pulling Your Hair In A Dream

Someone pulling your hair in your dream is your subconscious drawing your attention to defensive behavior.

Perhaps someone has crossed a line with you recently, and instead of trying to understand why, you have reacted defensively.

You might be feeling guilty for reacting badly towards someone who was only trying to help.

Your subconscious is telling you that you need to look after yourself better, and stop taking things too personally. 

Clumps Of Hair Coming Away In Your Hands In A Dream

If you dream of large clumps of your hair coming away in your hands, this can be a frightening experience.

Luckily, the symbolism behind this dream isn’t as negative as it might seem.

While you might guess that it relates to your physical health, it refers to your lack of confidence in your own ability, as well as your potential. 

In this aspect of your life, your perception of yourself is distorted, and it will only serve to cause you stress and misery, unless you choose to do something about it. 

Dreaming Of Having A Bald Patch

Dreaming of having a bald spot is a negative sign. It suggests problems lurking in your future which you will have no say in.

Usually, these point to financial issues, but this dream may mean problems in any area of your life.

Cutting Your Hair In A Dream

Dreaming of cutting your hair is a positive omen for the present, as well as the future.

It means that you’re finally moving on from something that was troubling you, whether this is heartbreak, or some other issue.

It’s a reassuring sign that no matter what you face, you’ll come out the other side, as a wiser and more experienced person.

If you dream of someone cutting your hair, this is a warning. It can suggest that you have placed your trust in the wrong person, and they plan to take advantage of your generous nature.

Seeing Your Hair Grow In A Dream

Your hair growing in a dream points to growing confidence, or someone’s growing love for you will protect you well in the near future.

Having Long Hair In Your Dream

Dreaming of having long hair can indicate that you need to consider each option carefully before you make a decision, otherwise you risk taking a path that’s not meant for you.

Religious Interpretations Of Hair Dreams

The Biblical Interpretation

Dreaming of hair has spiritual connotations, and represents your individual resilience in tricky times. 

Long hair in dreams also represents knowledge, and more importantly, how to use it.

Think of Samson and Delilah, for example. The source of Samson’s great strength was his long hair.

Delilah, unable to defeat him in any other way, outwitted him, and gave him to his enemies, using his confidence as a weapon against him.

Hair Dreams And Hinduism

In Hinduism, if you have a dream of your hair falling out, this indicates a blow to your reputation or pride within your community. It may result in a loss of confidence, too.

The Most Common Hair Dream Interpretations

Fear Of Losing Power, Or Authority

Dreaming of hair can represent your sense of inner power, authority, and confidence. To see it cut from your head in your dream represents how you will lose some or all of these traits to an extent in the near future.

Health Concerns

Dreaming of hair loss represents worries you have about your health. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ill, but if you think you are, and don’t seek medical advice, this will weigh on you a lot more than it needs to.

The Relationship Between Beauty And Confidence

Hair dreams are a mirror of your own self-confidence, which not only stems from your own experiences with others, but also your appearance, and how other people treat you accordingly.

You may dream of hair when you are particularly focused on how people treat you, or how you feel about yourself.

Perhaps you’re wondering how you can best use your appearance to your advantage.

Final Thoughts

Depending on the nature of your hair dream, it may be a positive or negative sign for the future. It also brings your attention to the relationship between your appearance and your confidence, and how this fuels your perception of your capabilities to an extent.


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