What Does It Mean To Dream About Getting Raped – A Walk Through Its Deeper Meaning

You wake up in the middle of the night from a disturbing dream.

It was a sadistic dream that made you feel like losing control over things.

What does it mean to dream about getting raped? Is it the literal meaning or does it mean something else?

If you need some kind of resolution from such a dream, this post can help you. We explore the meaning behind such violent dreams and the message it is sending out. Then, you don’t have to be perplexed about it.

What Dreams About Rape Mean

There are many ways to interpret this dream.

Essentially, this dream is different depending on who the dreamer is.

For a man to dream of rape, it is usually linked with sexual urges in a sadistic manner. This is a reflection of one’s feelings in his waking life.

However, if a woman dreams of rape, it mirrors the need for power and control.

But there is a general interpretation of this dream.

Basically, your psyche is dealing with issues relating to control, power, and aggression. Each time you experience these instances in your waking moments, you want to have these resolved.

Rape symbolizes having poor control or direction in your life.

And again, the meaning varies depending on how the act of rape unfolded in your dream. Let us look at these scenarios:

1. In the case of a rape dream where it is done with someone of the same gender, it means you are losing control of your own sexuality. If you are a male dreaming of raping a male, you are not in full control of your masculinity.

2. Marital rape – when your partner rapes you in the dream – means that you do not have full control of things in your relationship.

3. If it is a forcible rape done to you, it means you lack direction or power in controlling aspects of your life.

Repetitive Dreams of Being Raped

There are also instances when you may dream of being raped over and over.

It is undeniably a disturbing dream, and it means something quite serious.

If this is the kind of dream you have, it means you feel somewhat violated in your waking moments. Perhaps you feel as though you are a victim of situations.

You are feeling rather vulnerable, as though things are out of control. Thus, you have this desire to move on and just leave things.

The situations you are in right now may be quite difficult for you to manage.

But this is not the end of the world: You can surface through these all by simply correcting the things you do.

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Other Meanings of Rape-Related Dreams

Let us explore further these different rape scenarios in your dream.

1. The rapist’s identity is concealed.

In the dream, you see the aggressor wearing a mask. What does this symbolize?

It merely shows that you feel as though you are losing control in many aspects of your waking moment. You may be dealing with a problem and feel taken advantage of.

The dream calls you to do your best to regain control of situations. Otherwise, things can turn to the worst and become a major problem you need to deal with someday.

2. You are gaining pleasure from the rape.

While this may seem odd, this is another twist in this type of dream.

If in your dream, you are liking what is being done with you, then you may be lacking the need for affection.

This impacts your emotional state of health. Perhaps, you are going through sadness or a longing to be loved and appreciated. This is why you are actually enjoying the dream.

3. Dream about a gang rape.

Now, what about a gang rape? What is the meaning behind this dream?

A gang rape means that there is someone in your life who is the more dominant individual.

It could be a person who uses his or her strong character to rule over you.

But it could also mean that you possess a weaker will. You may also be longing to become more aggressive at times.

Witnessing or Experiencing Rape in the Dream

Generally, committing rape or getting raped in your dream mirrors your concern about your sexual relationship.

It can even be associated with pride or ego. For instance, you want to demand more from yourself. Thus, it is a need for power and aggression.

However, if you rape someone in your dream, then it shows how you want more control. The mind is merely acting out and showing what it really wants in your waking moment.

As a result, you may be compelled to give in to its desire.

Your Dream and Its Deeper Meaning Revealed

It is true that your dream is a reflection of your thoughts and intentions.

When it comes to a rape dream, it shows your attitude towards someone of the opposite sex. You may feel some form of resentment towards your partner. Moreover, you may go through some challenges with your self-esteem.

On the other hand, if you are the aggressor, you are showing dominance and power in the dream. These are traits that you carry out in your real-life moments. You may be more assertive, willful, and confident.

But if you save someone being raped in the dream, it means you are protective of others.

You want to take charge and swallow your fears, so you can save people. This is a positive sign that you are developing and becoming more mature.


Dreaming about getting raped is indeed a disturbing experience.

But if you take a closer look at its meaning, you will realize the lesson it is imparting on you.

A deeper analysis of the dream will actually lead you to a resolution of things you struggle with in your waking life. Then, you can use this dream as a tool to turn yourself into a better version of yourself.


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