I Keep Having Dreams About The End Of The World – What Does it Mean?

Do you wake up from a scary dream about the end of the world?

You must be all shaken up and disturbed about it…

If you keep having dreams about the end of the world, it is definitely a reason to be scared. After all, who would want to witness it first-hand, right?

So if you are one of the few people who experience this in their sleeping moment, keep reading. We will clear up the confusion and mystery behind this dream. So, you will be able to act accordingly and learn about the message this dream is imparting on you.

Apocalyptic Dream and Its Meaning

“I keep having dreams about the end of the world – help!” – see also end of the world dream meaning.

Those who have this dream is surely going to be frightened. It is definitely one scary nightmare… But what does it really mean, anyway?

An apocalyptic dream is mysterious indeed. Yet, there is no need to panic.

In fact, these dreams are not at all a prediction of what is to come.

Instead, it could mean some changes are coming – and you just need to be prepared to face it.

Stress, Difficulties, and Challenges Linked with End of the World Dreams

It is worth noting that dreams about the end of the world are a reflection of something.

Basically, it depicts what you are experiencing in your waking moments.

Perhaps, you may be going through a traumatic situation. A problem in your real-life condition that is weighing you down and creating so much stress to you.

These may include entering a new phase in life, getting married, starting a new career or business, going through a separation or divorce, and so on.

In addition, it may be caused by an event that transforms your life completely.

This is why in your dream, you are seeing the world as though it is coming to its end.

Your emotions are at their peak in your dream, and this is why such an apocalyptic dream arises. You may feel so tense right now. The anxiety, fear, loneliness, and stress are simply overwhelming you at the moment.

And yes, these all present themselves in your dream.

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Apocalyptic Dreams and Fear of the Unknown

Another reason behind such a scary dream is the unknown.

Everybody has that fear and anxiety about the unknown, which is beyond their control.

Humans naturally want to be able to stay in control of things…

They want to be able to know ahead of time what will happen in their lives. This way, they will not be burdened by unexpected, difficult situations.

Unfortunately, this is simply not how life works. No matter what, there will always be things in life that you will not know.

You just have to deal with the fact of life that there are things you cannot and will not know completely.

But if you linger more on your fear, you may end up dreaming the world is reaching its end. After all, your emotions are so strong and paint frightening pictures in your subconscious. These are then translated into images that you witness in your dreams.

Never Being Able to Prepare Fully

Along with the mystery of the unknown, people want to be prepared for everything.

They want to make sure they – and their loved ones – will always be okay in any situation.

But at the same time, there are fears revolving around this aspiration.

You may be feeling as though you will never be able to prepare completely for difficult situations ahead. It could be a natural disaster, a pandemic, or whatever may trigger uncertainties in your life.

As a result, you dream that the universe is ending. It could show in your dream in many ways but the bottom line is common: That the world is ending.

In the dream, you may be trying to reach your loved ones, witnessing buildings crumbling into pieces, seeing explosions, or trapped and unable to move a single muscle…

A Way Out of An Apocalyptic Dream

Okay, so you see all of these scary things in your dream?

Is there a positive side to it, at least?

In fact, there is. There is a beacon of light amidst the fear-driven dream of the apocalypse.

For instance, if you dream that you were able to live out the apocalypse or rescue your loved ones…

Then that is a positive message to hold on to.

It means that there is indeed a way out of the stress and difficulties you are going through. And indeed, this is the truth: No problem remains unsolved.

You will always find hope despite the challenges you face.

This is why you need to be more persevering and have faith in the fact that no matter what, you will be okay.

Your loved one and everyone close to you will be in a good state.

A Change Is Never a Bad Thing

As we have mentioned, this type of dream is linked with change – a transition that is happening in your life.

There are so many uncertainties linked with this shift, yet you need to trust that everything unfolds as it should.

This is why you need to keep that in mind in your waking moment. That no matter what happens, you will turn out alright.

This is the reality of it all, and you need to internalize this fact to have some resolution in your subconscious.


It is true that dreams of the apocalypse can result in so much fear and anxiety.

But a healthy way to look at it is by realizing that change is not at all a bad thing.

Change symbolizes growth and development. It shows movement, fluidity, and progress.

By accepting this truth, you will no longer fear such dreams. Moreover, you will feel more at peace with changes happening in your life.


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