Dreams that Come True – What Does This Mean?

Have you ever had dreams that come true?

Don’t be alarmed – some people get it, too.

What’s the reason behind dreams that come true and what does this mean?

If you are perplexed about these occurrences in your life…

Or perhaps you are hoping to dream of better things and make them happen…

Then, you will surely learn the answer to these curious questions and wonderings in your mind.

Let us explore the mystery behind dreams that come true and what it means when this happens. By doing so, you can understand the source of such dreams and how to address this.

The Mystery of Dreams Explained

You had a dream. Then a few days after, you realized it just came true.

What gives?

Coincidental? Mumbo-jumbo stuff?

Perhaps you may consider such an event as nothing but coincidences. But there are simply circumstances in your life that were exactly as they happened in the dream.

This is what people refer to as “déjà rêvé”, which is a concept of feeling and seeing something you have dreamed of. It is a bit different from déjà vu, as it is more about recognizing an event or sensation you have experienced in the past.

Dr. Amidi, a Certified Hypnotist and Particle Physicist, explains the reason why some dreams come true.

He said that everything occurring in our waking moments are mere images of our lives. Moreover, when you dream, you may even realize the fact that you are dreaming. This is what we call a lucid dream.

It is when you are able to take full control of your dream, as there is the realization that these components in your dream are a part of you. They represent your fears, hopes, and aspirations. This is why you can alter the occurences in your dream the way you prefer.

What Happens When Your Dreams Come True

Time is everywhere you go.

But at the same time, you cannot exactly point a finger firmly on it and fully explain its essence.

This is why there are people who wonder if their dreams are within them… That it is rooted in their psyche instead of being in their external world.

The question of being able to foresee the future with one’s dreams also comes in.

Are dreams really that powerful and predictive? Is there any truth in the claims that there is divine intervention in your dreams?

Religious books have told stories where people have been guided to act accordingly based on their dreams. They also talk about prophetic dreams, although these are not quite very common for the average person.

Researchers discovered that when you sleep, your brain’s activity increases.

For instance, some people dream of certain people or events that they were not even thinking off in their waking moments. If one dreams of passing an exam, the dreamer may hold on to the belief that it may just happen.

Thus, you may work extra hard to turn that dream into reality. The motivation is now stronger because of the uplifting message in the dream. Naturally, when you take action, there will be results.

But what about dreams that actually happen without such post-dream action or intervention? How do these happen?

This brings us to the explanation that dreams are a synthesis or a collection of subconscious and conscious memories of a person. In other words, they are a part of you, and your dreams just made you realize they are embedded in you.

Anatomy and Function of a Dream

The REM sleep depends on various areas of the brain and their function.

Your dreams usually occur during this stage of sleep. This is why your brain puts together these concrete signs and symbols, which it has gathered during your waking moments.

These events you have experienced during the day enter your thoughts as you sleep. Thus, if you suffer from anxiety, your dreams often turn out to be frightening. These dreams are also the most vivid and very clean during REM sleep. They may appear in color or in some cases, in black and white.

Hushing the Conscious Mind and Letting the Subconscious Take the Lead

Did you ever wonder what may happen if your subconscious takes the front seat while the conscious mind backs away?

This is a common situation when you are dreaming or meditating. At this point, your logical mind quiets down. As a result, you may begin to see into the future instead of having a near-sighted view of just the “now.”

When you are awake, your sense of logic rules. It is impossible to see beyond what meets the eye. But with the conscious mind hushed, you can have a glimpse of the future… Things that you can choose to turn into reality or not. It all depends on the choices you make.

This is why the only explanation behind dreams coming true is simple:

Your mind has accessed a whole new realm… Something that lies in your subconscious mind.

As you relax better, the higher the power of the subconscious mind. You no longer rely on your conscious mind to take a lead. You have ceased putting life events in time order. There is now a deeper perception of the past, present, and future.

This is why when you dream and it comes true, it only means you have channeled your subconscious.

Your dreams direct you towards what you truly feel and know about one thing. These serve as a guide that takes you toward areas in your life that require growth, expression, and integration.

With the help of dreams, you are able to fine-tune the direction you need to take for the fulfillment of your goals.

It takes a certain degree of reflection to determine which dreams to believe and which ones to ignore. Only you can tell as the power to understand your dreams and why they happen are all within you – your inner intelligence.


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