Dreams About the Devil

Have you ever had a dream about the devil? Perhaps if you have, you have woken up scared, worried, and unsettled. However, is there any need to be frightened? Yes and no. Seeing a devil in your dreams can be negative, but it doesn’t mean that you are going to hell.

In 1923, Sigmund Freud, the dream psychologist, did a study on a man called Frank who believed he was possessed by the devil. Frank kept dreaming about the devil which reinforced his belief that he was possessed. Freud didn’t believe that Frank was possessed by the devil, but was having these dreams because of the way he felt in his waking life. He thought that Frank was anxious and feared waking life. Thinking that he would dream about the devil every time he went to bed stressed him out. Freud thought that Frank dreaming about the devil was related to his anxieties and emotions and not to being possessed by the devil.

The Three Types of Dreams About the Devil

  1. You could dream about the devil if something terrible has happened in your life or simply because you feel stressed out with life. 
  2. Another reason for dreaming about the devil is that someone doesn’t like you and he or she is sending you negative energy. 
  3. The rarest type of devil dream is that the devil visits you in your dream. Of course, a lot of people don’t believe that the devil exists so they would reject this interpretation.

Dreaming is a mirror of our subconscious mind. If your dreams aren’t positive, it may mean that you have problems. You have to ask yourself if there are negative people in your life that are bringing you down. Are people testing you mentally? Are you unhappy? Any of these reasons could bring on dreams about the devil (see also Dream Symbols Beginning With D Part 2). These dreams would then stress you out even more. You could wake up in a cold sweat after dreaming about the devil

Although devil dreams are generally negative, they can teach us important lessons and increase our spirituality. We can be made aware that doing bad things to others can easily come back to bite us.

However, if you keep dreaming about the devil, you might actually be visited by a demon (see also Demon Dream Meaning) if you believe in these beings. These nightmares are usually vivid and are not as unforgettable as other dreams we have. 

Here, we are going to take a look at devil dream attacks. You might find some signs that may appear in the dream about the devil and we are listing them here.

  1. The devil follows you and you hear footsteps
  2. The devil flies around you, hovering.
  3. A fly follows you.
  4. You are being watched in the dream.
  5. You see strange birds flying around.

The devil, however evil he is, is a spiritual being and he knows what is going to happen in your waking life so he can frighten you with unpleasant thoughts. Usually, a dream about the devil is dark and can make you fear evil. You need to tell the devil to leave you so that you will be shielded from him. Say a prayer similar to one of the following:

‘I command you to leave me. You are an evil demon and I don’t want you in my life.’

‘Jesus Christ, defend me and protect me.’

Another good way to protect yourself against the devil is to sleep with the Bible under your pillow. This will ward off evil. 

In recent years there have been more challenges to religious beliefs. However, for those people who are religious, the devil is to be feared. He represents evil and is a powerful symbol. If you don’t believe in the devil, dreaming about him can mean that you are angry and are having difficulty showing your true self.  He can also be a symbol of resentment. Perhaps we are jealous of someone getting that promotion you feel you deserve. Maybe you hate the person your partner has left you for. The devil often signifies a problem in a relationship. This could be personal or job-orientated, or even a friend.

The Biblical Meaning of the Devil

In the Bible, the devil is usually called Satan and he represents the sins of man. He also symbolizes our fear of death. What will happen when we die? Will we have done enough good to go to heaven or will we be condemned to a life of fire and brimstone? Jesus is our sign of hope and he is the complete opposite of the devil. In the Bible, the devil was an angel (see Angel Dreaming Meaning) who had fallen from grace by tempting man. However, he can represent both negativity and positivity. If you believe in God you may dream about the devil because you are afraid of the sins you have committed on earth. The dream may persuade you to act in a more positive and Christian manner.

In the Muslim religion, the devil was cast out of paradise as he refused to acknowledge the creation of Allah. 

In Buddhism, Mara is the devil. He is the lord of desire and he tried to tempt the Buddha to leave his journey towards enlightenment.

Dream Psychology and the Devil

Most people will think about the devil as being evil and negative. This is true, but it doesn’t follow that something bad is going to happen in your life. Instead, the dream of a devil could be sending you a warning that will stop negative energies. 

Carl Jung, another famous dream psychologist, believed that you create the devil in a dream because you are scared of being punished. It is up to you to change this. Don’t commit acts that deserve punishment. Perhaps you need to forgive yourself for what you have done and move on with a kinder mindset. If you do, there is a good chance that the dreams about devils will stop.

How is the Devil Represented in a Dream? What is the Symbolism of the Devil in a Dream?

Nobody knows if there really is a hell. We won’t know what there is after death until we die. However, the devil is a symbol of hell and if we dream about him we could be in a living hell in our waking life. 

To atheists, the devil is a fictional character so they probably wouldn’t be bothered if they dreamed about the devil. They think of him as a symbol for your needs in your waking life.

However, if you believe in hell as Christians do, to dream about the devil is symbolic of evil, negativity, and cruelty.     

Pressure and the Devil

Dreaming about the devil can mean that you are feeling pressured. It could be at work or by your partner. Perhaps you are getting shouted at because you work so late. Maybe you feel guilty that you want to do something and nobody else does and you feel you can’t do it on your own. Perhaps this is consuming your whole existence and then you have a nightmare about the devil. This doesn’t mean that you’ve done anything wrong. It is a sign to take a deep breath and calm down.

Inner Strength and the Devil

Dreaming about the devil can sometimes suggest that you are powerful. You don’t always have to be evil to dream about the devil. He is a powerful force and so are you, but you are using your strength for good.

Danger and the Devil

The devil can also tell you that you need to be aware of the danger lurking in your waking life. In particular, he warns you that the danger is going to come from friends whom you trusted and also co-workers.

If you dream that the devil is peeping around a corner and trying not to be seen, it can mean that you are being watched and the person who is doing this is going to do you harm. This is most likely in a work situation.  However, the dream is a warning. You can get away from this situation if you keep your eyes and ears open. 

The Psychological Meanings of the Most Common Dreams About the Devil

A dream of a black devil: The black devil is usually thought of as a symbol of evil and it is associated with cults that worship the devil. He is usually found in the underworld, in what can be described as hell.

In Aramaic religions, the black devil is connected to your secret thoughts and can sometimes reflect the bad side of you. Perhaps it is time to turn your back on the black devil. 

In old folklore, it is said that if you dream about the black devil you could be inclined to use your power to commit negative deeds. The dream is telling you to stop using your power for evil, but use it for good.

If you see lots of black devils it can mean that you are feeling down. It can also mean that you are sorry for things you have done.

A dream of a red devil: If you dream about a red devil, it can mean that you are scared or that you have obstacles in front of you that you are finding hard to overcome. However, the dream is telling you that you can overcome any fears or obstacles you have. You just have to think positive thoughts.

A dream of talking to the devil: This is not a positive sign. It signifies that you have been deceptive and even treacherous. However, it is not all negative. You could be trying to overcome this. Alternatively, this dream warns you to be aware that there is a potential danger. Maybe you should be more careful when driving.

A dream about hell: The Bible is very precise in its meaning about hell. Those who have sinned while in their earthly bodies will be damned to hell where they will be punished. Hell is often depicted as a place with fire and you may well dream of this. 

You could be in a dangerous situation in life and this could cause you to dream about hell. You could feel as if you are in hell on earth. Your mental health could be suffering. 

If you see flames that are usually used to depict hell, this is better news. They symbolize that you are going to be purified. Don’t give up hope.

However, to dream about hell could mean that someone you know in your waking life is going to do something to you. It is most likely that they are going to go behind your back and get you into trouble.

A dream about the devil attacking you: If you dream that the devil attacks you, you feel guilty about something. Perhaps you have reported a co-worker to your boss for not working hard enough. Now you feel guilty as the person has been fired. Maybe you have had an illicit affair. It could even be something as simple as drinking too much alcohol. The dream is telling you that you must change and make good all the bad things you have done.

A dream about the devil hurting you: If you have this dream, it means that somebody in your waking life is making your life difficult. If you know who it is, it is time to stand up to them. 

Alternatively, this dream can mean that you are battling with yourself. You are not sure what road to take in your life. There are too many options and you can’t make up your mind to the extent that you feel that you are battling against yourself. 

A dream about the devil winning a battle with you: You may have been doing bad or improper things in your life. If you have, you might have a dream about the devil winning in a battle with you. The devil wants you to do evil things, but it is up to you to challenge him. Perhaps you want to do bad things, but what good does that do you? You will end up alienating your friends and family. There is also karma which says do to others as you want them to do to you. If you are evil to other people, this will come back to you.

A dream about you defeating the devil: This dream can have two alternate meanings. The first is that you are tempted to do something good in your waking life. You have defeated the evil of the devil. The second meaning is that you are forgiving yourself for any mistakes you have made in your life. 

A dream in which you are the devil: This dream doesn’t mean that you are as bad as the devil. It means that you feel guilty about doing something in your waking life. Perhaps you have cheated on your partner. 

If you dream that someone you know is the devil it is positive. It means that you are aware of your negative traits and you are willing to change. It can also mean that you know that you have power over certain people and perhaps you now feel that you should be less domineering. 

A dream about being possessed by the devil: This can be a disturbing dream, but don’t get too scared. It is just a dream about the stress in your life that is consuming you. Your mental state might be fragile, you could be dealing with emotional problems, and you might feel as if you have lost control of everything. You are not really possessed by the devil.

A dream about the devil watching you: If you dream that the devil is watching you, it can mean that someone you trust is trying to manipulate you. It is time you figure out who this is and stand up for yourself. Otherwise, you could be hurt. You don’t need people like this in your life.

A dream about seeing the devil in your bedroom: If you have a dream where you see the devil in your bedroom, it can be quite frightening. However, it can just mean that you are letting someone get too close to you. Perhaps they aren’t worthy of your trust. Occasionally, this dream can predict danger so be careful in your waking life. A good idea is to meditate after having this dream as this can help you to get rid of bad energies.

Being with the devil in a place you don’t know: This dream is ambiguous. It means that you need to explore the dark side of your personality and decide if you really are that person or if your dark side is minimal and can be got rid of.

Dreaming of the devil with dark clothes and long teeth: This dream indicates that you are going to have problems in your waking life. If the devil hurts you, it indicates that you aren’t ready for change, but changes are coming up so you have to steel yourself to face up to them. 

A dream about marrying the devil: This isn’t a pleasant dream to have unless you are pure evil. If you are just a normal person, this dream means that you are having problems communicating with a loved one. 

If you dream that you are in a foreign country with the devil, it means that you are going to have some illness in your life.

Dreams about the devil are normally negative, but there can be some positive aspects as in most dreams. It is up to you to consider if the good outweighs the bad. A dream about the devil can expose the dark side of your personality, but is this stronger than your good side?  Here are some more interpretations of devil dreams which will hopefully enable you to come to a conclusion about your true personality.

  • Dreaming of a disguised devil: This means that there are people in your life who are hiding things from you. It could be nothing important, but it might be so you need to try and find out who is not being honest.
  • Dreaming of an angry devil: To see an angry devil means that there is danger approaching. Be on your guard and try to anticipate problems before they arise. However, if you see a smiling devil, you will have some good luck.
  • Dreaming of a devil in blue: This is not a good dream. You are going to experience some hard times ahead. Alternatively, because the color blue means mystery, it could be telling you that you are mysterious which is no bad thing.
  • Dreaming of marrying the devil: This can have positive and negative meanings. Maybe you are experiencing tough times with your romantic partner, or perhaps you have found your soulmate.
  • Dreaming about running away from the devil: This can mean that you know how to survive. You can predict danger from far away.
  • Dreaming about hanging out with the devil: If you see yourself becoming friends with the devil, it can mean that there is someone in your life who is naive, just like you are trusting the devil who is the root of all evil.
  • Dreaming that a devil helped you: This means that you should take advice from someone you consider evil. This might not make sense, but even the bad amongst us have good ideas.
  • Dreaming about making a sacrifice to the devil: You are doing something that is going to bring you success, but you are probably not doing it honestly. If you are literally serving the devil it means that you won’t be able to resist temptation.
  • Dreaming of a devil in your house: If you have this dream, it is warning you to beware of friends who seem kind on the outside but are evil on the inside.
  • Dreaming of an ugly devil: There are possible dangers ahead. Take better precautions. Again you might have false friends.
  • Dreaming of a devil with a smiling face: For a change, this is a positive omen. Luck is going to come your way.
  • Dreaming of an angry devil: There are probably going to be problems ahead either in your job or in a personal relationship.
  • Dreaming of the devil with other people: A future relationship will have problems. This is more likely to be in a work situation.

To summarize, the devil is a significant presence, especially in the dream world. Many people are scared of the devil and so to dream of him can be a frightening experience. Those who do believe in the devil may dream about him because they have done something wrong in waking life. Perhaps they have cheated on a partner or maybe they have stolen something. The list of evil acts could go on and on. 

A dream of the devil always has a strong message. Sometimes it could be that you have done something wrong or maybe you plan to carry out an evil act. The devil also warns of danger ahead so you need to be on your toes. However, the chances of the devil actually appearing in our dreams are slim. Usually, he is a symbol from our unconscious mind.

Action to be Taken from the Dream

The devil is representative of all your fears. If you dream about him, it is time to face up to your fears. If you do, you probably won’t dream about the devil again. You will also have to decide what tempts you the most and try to find a way to overcome these temptations. The devil is trying to tempt you all the time and it is up to you to fight against him. 

What You Could Have Seen in Your Dream

  • The devil who is ugly and is in a dark place. The dark place could be your current mindset.
  • The devil in your bedroom. This dream could easily wake you up in a cold sweat, worrying that the devil is in your bedroom.
  • The devil is in a corner looking at you. Perhaps you can escape.
  • You are being chased by the devil. If you get away it is promising.
  • The devil is dressed in black and has long teeth. This is the most common appearance the devil takes.

Positives from a Dream About the Devil

  • The devil is helping you.
  • The devil is friendly
  • You fought with the devil and won

Feelings You May Have Experienced During a Dream About the Devil

Fear of dying, desperation, anger, fear, loneliness, anxiety


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