Angel Dream Meaning

Dreams of angels are generally good omens. These celestial beings are perceived as virtuous, pure human protectors. Regardless of your religious beliefs, a dream featuring angels will surely leave you with a tranquil mind and soul.

But what exactly does it mean when you dream about angels (see also Angel Number 2222 Meaning)? In this article, we’ll cover general symbolism behind these supernatural beings, as well as specific dream scenarios. To understand the meaning behind your most recent dream, read on. 

In A Dream Of Angels, You Might Have 

  • Seen an angel flying away.
  • Surrounded by angels.
  • Seen a group of angels.
  • Come across a sad angel.
  • Encountered a joyful angel.
  • Seen angels flying above you.
  • Seen an angel dressed in silver.

Positive Changes Are Forthcoming If

Your dream featured religious symbols.

You’re the angel everyone looks up to. 

You’re enjoying the company of other angels.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

Angels are servants of God and mediums between Him and humankind. In a dream, they represent righteousness and virtue. Dreaming about them is generally a good omen. In many cases, they appear in a dream as lucky charms and protectors of evil. Other times, they signify hitting a new height in your spiritual progress. Regardless of your personal beliefs, angels in dreams could indicate that religion could prove to be helpful in your life right now. Think of ways it can change your viewpoint.

In a dream, an angel can represent your guardian. But do guardian angels exist? Are these angels just a manifestation of your subconscious, or are they sent to your dreams by God? The definite answer to this question can’t be found within the pages of the Bible. If we take a look at Hebrews 1:14, it says: “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent to minister for them, who shall receive the inheritance of salvation?” According to this passage, their function is to lead the people to the Kingdom of Heaven. So when you see one in a dream, it probably appeared to lead you towards your destiny. 

In one of the most well-known passages, Matthew 1:20-21, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream. It told him to take Mary for his wife, who’s pregnant with the son of the Holy Spirit. This message will change Joseph’s life forever, as he became the earthly father of Jesus. 

As you know, angels appear in Judaistic and Islamic religious texts. In both cases, they’re represented as messengers, the key link between life on Earth and the other side. 

Our dreams are nothing more than messages from our subconscious. And since angels are known as religious beings, it’s likely our mind uses them to symbolize your spiritual connection to the other side. Maybe you’ve wandered off too far from your path, but you need something to pull you back to where you need to be.

When deciphering dreams of angels, pay close attention to the details. Even what they’re wearing affects the meaning of the dream. Angels are often depicted wearing white, which is a color of purity and peace. Dreaming of angels in white clothes could mean you’re at peace with where you are currently in your waking life. Or, it could indicate that achieving that peace requires you to focus on staying true and diligent. 

In some situations, angels in our dreams wear colorful clothes. That’s a clear sign of joy and high spirit. This dream could mean you’re hopeful and content about something coming up in the near future, whether it’s a new job or a relationship.

But, if an angel in your dream is wearing a black outfit, that’s an alert from your subconscious. Either your physical or mental state is in danger, and you should act rapidly to prevent that. 

When talking to angels in a dream, the dialogue context is important. Angels in this case appear as your advisors. You might be hesitant to follow their advice, but in time, it’ll be clear who was right. 

If you are the angel in the dream, that’s a clear sign to pay more attention to people around you. Someone might need help or guidance, and you’re the one they can rely on. This dream shows what your mission is, so accept that and change their lives.

The number of angels appearing in your dream also matters. A single angel is a representation of your focus and course of action. You know exactly what you want, so you’re going for it while not allowing distractions to get in the way. 

Seeing three angels in a dream is no coincidence. Three is a powerful number that appears throughout different cultures. In Greek mythology, we have the Fates, who appeared as three very old ladies spinning the threads of human destinies. In Christianity, there’s the Holy Trinity, representing the unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Finally, in Celtic folklore, a well-known Celtic spiral, otherwise known as Triskelion, consists of three clockwise spirals, each connected from a central hub. In dreams, three angels carry a powerful message. They represent your mind, body and soul, your entirety and integrity. 

When more than three angels appear in your dream, it’s a sign of good luck and spiritual support. You’re surrounded by protectors, so whatever you do, someone’s watching over you. These guardians are your friends, and having this many friends makes you a very rich person.

In dreams, angels can appear in both male and female forms. Masculine angels are a symbol of guardianship and vigor, while feminine angels represent love, beauty and fertility.  

As you’ve seen, dreams of angels are good omens, even when it seems contrary. For instance, seeing a fallen angel in a dream can symbolize you’re heading off course in your life. But since you’re dreaming about it, that means you’re aware of going astray, and actively trying to correct that. In the end, that period of your life will only be remembered as a good lesson. 

If you see an angel crying in your dream, your subconscious is reminding you of something bad you’ve done. You need to do some self-analysis and see where your actions were bad. Only that way you can change your behavior and relieving yourself from the feeling of regret. 

An angel carrying a sword usually is a wake-up call. Certain people you trust are going behind your back. On another note, this dream could also mean you’re about to become that same kind of person that shouldn’t be trusted. Stop for a second, and think about your past actions. Do you stand by them, or regret doing it in the first place?

If you dream of flying with other angels, that usually means your hard work is about to pay off. Finally, you’ll earn all the recognition for your efforts and achievements. Your credibility grows within your social circle, and people praise you even in your absence. Just remember, when not nurtured, respect can disappear in a blink of an eye. Stay consistent with your actions and stand up for your beliefs. 

The Way You Have Felt During A Dream Of Angels

  • Inspired
  • Joyful
  • Motivated
  • Grateful
  • Respected
  • Relaxed

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