True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Hair

How you wear your hair is a form of self-expression, no matter your gender. It can be a subliminal choice that you don’t realize you are making, or one that you consciously make every day. How you are perceived by others directly relates to your own sense of self-confidence, and the amount of power you perceive you have.  The way … Read More

Hands Dream Meaning and Interpretation

You probably use your hands for a thousand different reasons in everyday life, so it’s no wonder that hands appear in dreams.  We only tend to appreciate how much we need them when they don’t work quite as well as they should, if you sprain your fingers or break a bone in your hand. What does it mean when hands … Read More

Dreaming About Cutting Hair

If you have a dream about cutting hair it is usually connected to change and power. If you remember that Samson lost all of his strength when Delilah cut off his hair. To dream about having your haircut is a message that you need to be stronger.  Hair is featured heavily in our waking life. Think of the term’bad hair … Read More

What Does A House Fire Mean In Your Dream?

This is a dream that occurs for lots of people, and there are various meanings tied to having a house fire dream. The first thing to look at is whether you knew the house or not, and if you had lived there in waking life. A house in a dream connects to you – naturally it’s filled with your subconscious … Read More

What Does A Haunted House Mean In Your Dream?

Dreaming of a haunted house suggests left-over feelings you haven’t confronted, perhaps stemming from your childhood, your family, people whom you loved who have died, or repressed feelings and memories. It can also suggest you feel a bit lost in your life’s direction right now. If you only dream of the outside of a haunted house, this suggests there may … Read More

New House Dream Meaning

What does it mean to dream of a new house? Uncover The Hidden Meanings Of Your Dreams  New House Did you know that to dream of a house is a great sign? If you experience, then that’s good news for you. I this article, we will provide you with every detail you need to know regarding this type of dream. … Read More

The Meaning Of Hotel Dream

What does a Hotel mean in your dream? Uncover The Hidden Meanings Of Your Dreams Hotel The place where we feel the safest and most comfortable is our homes. Usually, simply being home is something we truly enjoy in our waking lives. Hence, to dream of a hotel can imply that you in a transitional process from one path in … Read More

4 Hidden Meanings Behind Dream Of Husband Dying Revealed

Do you sometimes dream of husband dying? It can be a very scary and disturbing experience to have this kind of dream. This is why it helps to understand what is really going on. After all, this is a sad dream about someone you really love. But let us study what this dream exactly means and why there is no … Read More

Dreaming Of A House You Used To Live In – True Meaning Revealed

Do you find yourself dreaming of a house you used to live in? Maybe not just once but a few times in the past? Having this kind of dream can be a puzzling experience. Perhaps the dream involves a positive emotion with it or just a surge of negative feelings. Whatever it may be, it helps to have a better … Read More

What Do Dreams About Dying And Going To Heaven Mean

Have you had dreams about dying and going to heaven? What sort of feeling do you get when you dream of such? We get it completely – this type of dream may be concerning, yet at the same time make you feel happy. There is something quite optimistic about being able to go to heaven. However, a dream that involves … Read More

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