Heart Attack Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Dreams are very powerful experiences that can have a massive effect on your day, and your subconscious may throw you into a very stressful dream because of the slightest obstacle in waking life.

Heart attack dreams are never pleasant, but your subconscious settles on this dream symbol for a reason. The subconscious aspect of yourself has something to tell you, and you’ll be nearly as happy about it as much as having this dream in the first place.

Heart attack dreams constitute warnings, or reflections of any negativity you’re carrying around with you. Let’s take a look.

Why Am I Dreaming Of A Heart Attack?

A dream of a heart attack can be very stressful. In order to understand what it means, it’s useful to look at what a heart symbolizes in dreams in general.

In dreams, hearts signify protection, love, joy, and any positive emotions that cut right to the core of you. So for the heart to behave ‘wrongly’ where it suffers an attack or some damage, refers to an attack on any one of these emotions.

Maybe you’ve suffered some rejection recently, either romantically or by someone you’re very close to. It could be that they’re being unkind to you when all you want is a bit of support. Maybe they’ve not included you in a decision or event that should involve you, or you’re questioning your relationship as a whole.

A heart attack may happen in your dream when something that has provided you with a lot of certainty or confidence has gone out of your life. 

This has left you reeling, and you’re not sure what to do without it. This dream is telling you to be patient, as it will take a while to find your feet again.

It may be something that you’ve taken for granted, thinking that it would always work (similar to your heart in your dream) or be in your life, and now that it is gone, you’re questioning what else you might lose.

After a dream like this, it’s worth looking at where you can regain some security, sense of belonging or love back into your life. 

A damaged heart in your dream refers to emotional turmoil and hurt feelings, along with a sense of restlessness, listlessness, and a loss of direction. Dreams of this nature are a way of taking stock of your spiritual and emotional well being.

If you dream of someone you love having a heart attack this can reflect your worry that something bad might happen to them, or it can be a call to pay attention to your relationship with them. Maybe they need you.

If you dream of dying from a heart attack, or someone else dies from one in your dream, this can be a horrible experience, but it is a call to listen to your emotions and protect yourself where you need to.

A dream of any other heart disease implies that you’re about to run into a few obstacles in waking life, and to dream of being diagnosed with a heart problem implies that you’re about to have a few problems in love.

In some cases, a dream of heart problems implies that you have a tough time ahead of you, but you will push through it if you put your mind to it, and stay determined. 

If you see yourself collapse in the middle of a heart attack, this can be your subconscious urging you to get any medical worries checked out, for your peace of mind if nothing else.

The meaning of your dream also depends on who has the heart attack. Dreaming of having a heart attack yourself implies that you are holding a lot of conflict within. 

You’re troubled by the past, your feelings, and you feel you cannot call upon your inner strength to help you out in a difficult situation in waking life. 

But a dream that points out your problems can also offer you the solution, if you look hard enough. 

A dream where a close friend has a heart attack suggests that there are a cluster of problems in your future. They won’t be difficult to solve, but the number of them coming at you at once will be overwhelming at first.

A dream where a relative suffers a heart attack suggests that potential danger or a difficult situation is slowly receding from your life.

If you dream of visiting someone after they have had a heart attack, this implies that one of your greatest hopes has the potential to become true soon, as long as you enjoy visiting them.

If you dream of being horrified when you see how ill they are, this suggests that you’re about to feel a lot of frustration soon, or even loss.

What Does It Mean To Have A Vivid Dream Of A Heart Attack?

A nightmare where a heart attack dream seems real is one of the worst on this list. These dreams are so powerful that it can take you a few minutes to realize that your beating heart is only racing because of your dream, not because there’s anything wrong with it.

It might help to know that a very vivid dream of a heart attack reflects any pressure or stress that you’re under. It just so happens that your subconscious chooses a different source for all the stress you’re feeling. 

This dream has some spiritual associations, too. Maybe something in waking life doesn’t feel right, but you can’t figure out exactly what feels wrong. A dream like this urges you to trust your instincts, and lean on your support network if you need them.

What Do Heart Problems Mean In Dreams?

Generally speaking, any dream involving heart problems refers to a fear of the unknown, of being scared you won’t be able to cope with what might come. 

It may also reflect a fear of health problems, especially if something has been niggling at you lately, and you have found reason after reason not to visit your doctor. Is it time to book a check-up just to put your mind at ease?

Dreaming Of Going Through Heart Surgery

A dream where you go through heart surgery suggests that you’re about to confront a difficulty that you’ve been worrying about for a while. It denotes your proactive attitude, and how this will serve you well in the future.

A Dream Where You Hold A Heart In Your Hands

Holding a heart in your hands in your dreams signals that someone wants your company, support, and love. 

A dream of this kind is a very positive sign, despite the grim or even bloody experience!

It may also suggest that you have a lot of positive social events ahead of you, where your connections with others will mean more to you than they ever have before.

The Meaning Behind A Dream Where Your Partner Has A Heart Attack

A nightmare where your partner or spouse has a heart attack reflects loss, frustration, or despair in waking life. 

It may not be one specific event that’s caused you this pain, as it can be a build-up of negativity and small events that haven’t gone your way. 

A dream like this may also be caused by someone who has brought your mood down and drained your energy. 

This dream calls on you to find a healthy way to bring yourself back to your normal self, and make sure that everything you put your time into either furthers your progress in life, helps someone else, or makes you happy.

As heart attacks are not something we can control – only prevent to a certain extent – a heart attack in your dream refers to something you have no say in causing you some issues.

Dreaming That Your Mother Has A Heart Attack

A nightmare where your mother has a heart attack implies that you’re not happy with where you are in life. 

You may feel a lack of support or meaningful relationships with others, or you want to focus on caring for others and sorting out their problems instead of yours right now.

Your Father Has A Heart Attack In Your Dream

A nightmare where your father has a heart attack implies that you are filled with regret, or you still feel guilty about something that someone has already forgiven you for.

This dream is a call to move past your mistakes, learn from them, and concentrate on what you want from the future.

Dreaming Of Someone Who Is Dead Having A Heart Attack

This is an interesting one. A dream where someone has a heart attack when they are dead in waking life means that something in your waking hours is coming to its natural conclusion.

Or, it may refer to the lasting connection between you both, and the discord their death has caused you. You may feel empty or unsure what to do without them. 

Positive Changes Are Coming, If:

  • The heart attack isn’t fatal
  • The damage from a heart attack is reversible
  • You save someone who has a heart attack
  • Someone comes to your aid when you have a heart attack
  • You don’t feel scared when you see someone having a heart attack

Final Thoughts

A dream of a heart attack can be stressful to say the least, and in most cases, it is a reflection of the pressure you’re currently under rather than a prediction of actual illness. 

This dream may be your subconscious trying to get your attention, to recognize how burned out you feel, and to take some time out to recharge before it gets even harder to revitalize yourself. 

It may also be a call to acknowledge any lingering negativity in your life, and do something about it. Maybe you’re lonely, frustrated, or you’re carrying around a lot of anxiety, and it’s time to find a way to deal with this. 

A dream of this type can often offer you the solution to the problem it’s showing you, too. That might be confronting a problem you’ve been ignoring for a while, reaching out to someone for their support, or forging new relationships that will give your life more meaning.


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