Hair Color Dream Meaning And Interpretation

One of the ways you can dramatically alter your appearance and confidence is to change the color and style of your hair. 

It can vastly change how other people see you, and it’s interesting to see a shift in people’s behavior towards you, and their general opinion of you.

A dream where your hair color changes is an odd one. Not many people dream of it, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have something to tell you. 

A dream of this type may point to a shift in your identity, self-image, or priorities, or changes in other areas of your life. 

A dream where you change your hair color can also refer to your inner power, or how you compare your life to someone else’s. 

Let’s take a look.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Hair?

To look at what a change of hair color means in dreams, it makes sense to take a look at what your hair means in dreams.

Most of the time, a dream that references hair points to your resilience, the power that resides deep within you, and your identity as a whole. 

Some hair dreams refer to your attitudes, health, ego, and vitality. If you dream that your hair is shorter, this refers to some uncertainty or bewilderment in waking life, or how you’re unable to come to a decision.

Having longer hair in your dreams than in waking life can imply that you want to be more knowledgeable, powerful, or assertive. 

Dreaming of long hair that is an entirely different color reflects how you are debating several possible choices in life, trying to fit this decision into a certain vision you have of the future.

If you dream of going to a salon and getting your hair completely done, this reflects a change of priorities in waking life, or how you’re using change to make you feel more in control in some aspect of your life.

Dreaming of someone you know getting their hair transformed reflects an unanswered question or curiosity you have about them. Is it time to ask? 

Wearing a wig in your dream implies that you’re going through an essential transformation in waking life, where something tough will make you more resilient. 

Dreaming of changing someone’s hair for them reflects how you need to change your life. You’re unhappy with the way things are.

 Maybe you need to change your approach in general, or you’re starting to get more organized, building a new level of confidence and knowledge.

Changing Your Hair Color In A Dream

Changing your hair color in a dream suggests that you want to change your identity somehow. Maybe you want to be stronger, and more confident, or you want to change how others treat you. 

It could be that they never see past the assumptions they make about you based on your appearance, and you want to make it so that they see a better representation of the true you. 

You might dream of changing your hair color yourself, going to a salon to have it colored, or seeing yourself with a completely different color already.

In modern dream interpretation, changing your hair color is a good sign, pointing to self-improvement, focusing on what you want, or insecurity you are working on.

In older dream interpretation, dreaming of your hair implies that things are about to get rocky, but this meaning depends on the context of the dream.

It’s also important to consider what color your hair is in the dream, as this affects the interpretation.

Dreaming of having brown hair is a call to ground yourself and focus on your spiritual journey through life while going blonde implies that you want to take some time to hone your skills and experience.

If you dream of matching your hair color to someone you admire (or even hate!) this can imply that you’re not focusing on yourself nearly enough, and you have some work to do. 

You might be making your choices out of a place of fear, rather than strength or desire.

Dreaming of changing your hair to an unnatural color, such as green, purple, or silver, suggests that you’re approaching something too hard and too fast. 

You could be rushing into a situation that needs more consideration, or your approach is alienating you from others.

Being a redhead in your dream implies that you are about to encounter something that will light a fire in you, whether that’s a person, a new reason for being, or a new life goal.

If you think that no one sees the real you, or you are tired of other people’s assumptions, you may see your hair as black in a dream.

Hair-related dreams can also reflect your current thoughts or something you’ve been mulling over for a while. It could be that you’re being very critical of yourself, or you’re not applying enough thought to your decisions. 

A dream of changing your hair’s appearance may also refer to how you’re trying to improve yourself, or improve other people’s opinions of you, to try and bring both of these aspects into harmony.

If you dream of changing your hair color by wearing a wig, this represents your thoughts and actions that are entirely influenced by someone who has a great impact on your life. You are compelled to change things, but you may not stick with these alterations.

The Detailed Interpretation Of Your Hair Dreams

If you dream of washing your hair before dyeing it, this can imply that you’re getting second-hand embarrassment thanks to someone else’s rash decisions, and you have no idea what to do besides distance yourself from this person.

A dream where you’re unable to wash out the hair dye, or a temporary spray dye becomes permanent, denotes your frustration in waking life. You feel trapped in a situation that you can’t seem to get out of.

Running your hands through freshly dyed hair and feeling it break off completely refers to a potential disaster that will come your way soon.

There are some other dream scenarios worth mentioning here, too.

A dream where someone pulls your freshly-dyed hair out – either deliberately or by accident – reveals money problems coming your way.

Someone cutting a single strand of your hair can mean that someone you love is tempted to betray you, or you are being too generous with the truth. It denotes problems in your relationships.

Dreaming of growing facial hair when you are clean-shaven or cannot grow facial hair in waking life implies that you need to repay any kindnesses you have been shown lately, and you will soon find they will come back to you again.

Dreaming of having a hairy chest or tongue refers to a new perspective in waking life, one that you would never expect, but will still serve you well.

The Meaning Of Dyeing Your Hair In A Dream

If you dream of dyeing and styling your hair back to its original state, this suggests that you want to return to a simpler time, or to a version of yourself that believed more than you do now.

If you dream of dyeing your hair black, you may want more mystery or magic in your life, or, you are tired of the way things are going in waking life, and you want a change.

A dream where you dye your hair brown implies that you want things to be more stable in life, but you’re not sure how to improve things to do this. 

Dreaming of dyeing your hair red suggests that you’re looking for a new reason or driving passion in life. 

Dyeing your hair blonde in a dream suggests that you want to let go of whatever is on your mind, and live in the moment.

Dreaming Of Having Highlights In Your Hair

Having highlights in your hair in a dream implies that you’re questioning something that you thought was a constant in your life, but it is changing. 

This dream suggests that something is playing on your mind, or you need to be more decisive or more committed to something in your waking life. 

Dreaming Of Having Black Hair

A dream where you see someone with black hair denotes the unknown in waking life, or an unclear element about someone that you’re struggling with.

Having black hair yourself in a dream suggests you feel detached from waking life, or you are trying to distance yourself from your feelings. 

Having Red Hair In Your Dream

A dream of red hair can suggest that you’re getting caught up or tangled in something that drives you, motivation or goal, and while this could be a good thing, it’s starting to take over other areas of your life.

Or, a dream of red hair can come as a warning. Someone is not being honest about themselves or their intentions.

Ginger hair in your dream implies that you are trying to show off or get noticed, but perhaps not in the right way. You might land yourself in a precarious situation soon.

Dyeing Your Hair An Unnatural Color In Your Dream

A dream that is even rarer than dyeing your hair a natural color is when you dream of dyeing it an unnatural shade. But what does it mean?

If you dream of dyeing your hair a bright, blood-red, this suggests that you have a great deal of energy right now, and you should ensure that you channel it into something productive or creative, keeping that fire going.

Dyeing your hair pink in a dream reflects any positive changes you’re currently making in life, as well as understanding more of what you are capable of, and what you want from the future. 

If you dream of dyeing your hair a lilac shade, this implies that you are emotionally detached from a situation that you should be emotionally involved in. Perhaps you’re too close to the situation, or you don’t want to feel anything right now.

Dark purple hair in your dream represents how you feel powerless, or what you want never seems to happen, no matter what you do. 

Dyeing your hair dark blue implies that you are acting cold towards others or even yourself, and this may land you in trouble soon. 

Light blue hair signals a change for the better, where you are thinking more positively, and you know what you want from the future.

Dyeing your hair milk white denotes a period of healing, tranquility, rebirth, and renewal. Any good intentions you have now will be a guiding force in the near future. 

Dyeing your hair an inky black suggests that you want an element of mystery in your life. You want more than this. 

If you dye your hair a luscious, liquid gold, this can refer to how you are guided by the ambition to make money, or that you will enjoy a period where you’ll have more money than you’ll know what to do with.

Dreaming Of A Hair Color Disaster And What It Means

If your dream of what should have been an amazing transformation turns into an absolute disaster, this can be a warning sign.

Dreaming of your hair turning green when trying to dye it blonde can imply that you are having a lot of negative thoughts lately, coming from a place of envy or a cycle of overthinking. 

Pale green hair is a better sign, suggesting that you are trying your best to recover or renew your energy.

A dream where you have your hair dyed and part of it or even all of it breaks off can reflect how you feel tired or rundown, and you don’t feel you’re making any visible progress in any goals or tasks you’re trying to work through. 

Alternatively, dreaming of hair damage caused by hair dye can mirror a fear of getting older. You’re afraid of losing your health, your looks, or your relationships.

Seeing Your Hair In A Completely Different Style In Your Dream

If you dream of having incredibly long hair, this represents a new-found knowledge, purpose, or goal that will change your life for the better.

Dreaming of cutting all your hair off refers to how you want to be free of something. You want things to be simpler than they are. 

A dream where you see your hair in a bun when it is cropped short in waking life refers to an increase in someone’s respect for you, or finding a more sophisticated way of approaching problems.

Braiding freshly-dyed hair in a dream implies that you are sinking time into something that will pay off in the future. 

If you dream of shaving all your hair off because you want to, this refers to how you are clearing your life of negativity, taking steps to feel protected, and it also points to renewal and healing.

A dream where you have to shave your hair because it’s not salvageable after dyeing it implies that you have had as much stress as you can take right now. 

You’re still expecting something bad to happen, and you’re dreading this latest problem on your pile of things to address with everything you have.

The Length Or Thickness Of Your Hair Changes In A Dream

If the thickness of your hair changes in the dream, or the length becomes something wildly different from what you have in waking life, this suggests that an event in waking life is about to take you by surprise.

This could be good or bad, but it will be something that you will be unable to predict. 

A dream of very tangled, long, and neglected hair suggests that you’re ignoring something important in waking life, such as your health, or time for yourself. 

If you want to move anywhere fast in life, and even think clearly, you need to have clear boundaries and take time for yourself when you need it. 

Or, maybe a relationship is showing signs of collapsing, but you’re pretending that the fissure between you is nothing to worry about when it might derail your connection completely.

Alternatively, matted or knotty hair in your dream suggests that you are terrified of making the wrong decision in a particular situation, but this fear won’t help you keep a clear head.

If you dream of having curly hair when you have completely straight hair in waking life, this denotes how someone will recognize your talents soon.

Having curly hair in waking life but seeing yourself with poker-straight hair in a dream can suggest misfortune, or how your reputation will suffer soon.

Dreaming of having much shorter hair, or less hair overall, refers to how your problems are shrinking, and soon you won’t have to worry about them.

Seeing People With Strange Hair In Your Dream

Dreaming of a woman with black hair that seems to absorb all light from a room implies that something is completely taking over your life, and while this may be a positive thing, you need to regain some sort of balance in your waking hours.

Dreaming of a man with a strange hair color suggests that you are worrying too much about what others think of you. 

If you know this man in waking life, and he has silver or white hair in your dream, but not in reality, you’ve come to a vital realization. It may also signal fresh insight, a revelation, or not knowing where you stand with this man.

If you dream of a woman with a strange hair color, this signals an upcoming change in a relationship dynamic with someone you love. 

In particular, a woman with green hair implies that one of your relationships will be affected by envy, and it may struggle to recover. Or, you may be comparing yourself to the partners of your ex, and wondering if you measure up.

Final Thoughts

A dream of dyeing your hair or seeing different hair colors points to changes in waking life, either something tangible, such as your circumstances, or something that will still shape your future, such as your perspective or priorities. 

A dream of hair color may also come as a warning. Maybe you’ve made the wrong decision somewhere, someone is about to betray you, or you are being too free with the truth. 

To help find the meaning behind your dream, recall your emotions when you notice your new hair color, as this dictates whether this change is a positive sign or not. 

Consider also keeping a dream journal, as you’d be surprised at how much meaning the tiniest details can have in a dream. 

Keeping a record helps you remember them for later, especially if your dream’s meaning isn’t clear at first, as it will often become clearer with time.


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