Holding Hands Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Holding hands is one of those gestures that can say a lot of different things without words, and this is also true of dreams.

While the details of your dream inform the message of your dream, the act of holding hands in a dream refers to affection, your relationships, and how they bring satisfaction and contentment into your life, or how they are leaving you wanting something more.

Let’s take a look.

Why Am I Dreaming Of Holding Hands With Someone?

A dream where you hold hands with someone refers to the connections you have with other people, as an encouragement to think about how other people have a profound effect on your life, outlook, and emotions.

You may dream of holding hands when you want help or reassurance in waking life, but you don’t want to ask for it, or you don’t want to be seen as weak. Maybe you want to find a solution for this yourself, but it may not be possible. 

It’s also worth looking at which hand you are holding in your dream. Holding someone’s left hand can represent your grace in dealing with difficult problems, and holding someone’s right hand denotes the qualities that other people love you for. 

Dreams of hands also refer to the decisions you make in life, how you feel about them, and how they can influence the course of your life.

Some dreams of holding hands have romantic implications, such as holding hands with your partner or someone you want to be with, while others can refer to how satisfied you are in life, denoting any anxiety or doubt. 

The meaning also depends on whose hand you are holding in your dream.

Dreaming Of Holding Hands With Someone You Love

A dream where you hold hands with someone you love represents your love for them, and theirs for you. It also means that you’re about to enjoy a period of peace where you can be present and enjoy what comes.

On a deeper level, you may dream of this person when you want a more profound connection with them. Maybe you’ve become distant lately.

Dreaming Of Holding Hands With Your Partner

Holding the hand of your partner in a dream refers to your profound connection, your love for them, as well as the influence they have in your life. 

Or, this dream can be a way of taking stock of your emotions. Consider how you feel in this dream. 

Maybe you are reflecting on how you feel content and happy in your relationship, or how, outside this relationship, you struggle to make meaningful connections, or things are getting you down.

You might be worried about losing your partner, or your relationship breaking down beyond repair. 

A Dream Where You Hold Hands With A Relative

Holding the hand of a member of your family suggests that you are feeling ignored, or there’s a lack of affection in your waking life. 

Or, it can suggest that you need to take some time to spend with your family. Maybe you’ve been feeling cut off from them lately. 

Consider which family member features in your dream, your relationship with them, and how this might affect the message of your dream.

Dreaming Of Holding Your Child’s Hand

A dream where you hold your child’s hand refers to the everlasting connection between you and your child and the great love you have for them, and them for you. It also signifies responsibility, vulnerability, generosity, your caring nature, and anxiety, too.

If you dream of holding the hand of your childhood self, this represents how you need to carve some time out for yourself and return to what you want in life. 

While there’s a balance between getting your needs right and looking after others, this dream implies that you haven’t been selfish enough lately.

Holding Hands With Someone You Know In A Dream

Dreaming of holding hands with someone you know but don’t know well refers to what you want from life, and how you might be comparing your life to that of others. 

Even if you hold hands romantically in your dream, this does not necessarily mean that you want to be in a romantic relationship with this person. 

A dream like this calls on you to consider what you want out of your relationships, as well as what this person means to you. 

This person may embody a certain trait such as honesty, compassion, or assertiveness that you need to adopt going forward, and this may be the reason why you dream of holding this person’s hand.

Holding A Friend’s Hand In Your Dream

Holding the hand of your friend in a dream reflects how grateful you are to know this person, and how you value the strength of your connection. 

A dream like this is likely to happen when your friend has just helped you through a difficult situation, or you’re enjoying the deeper connection you’ve been sharing lately.

Holding Hands With Your Ex In A Dream

If you dream of holding hands with your ex, this can suggest that you are on their mind. Or, it can mean that you miss the connection you had with them, or you long for that period in your life when things seemed easier than they do now.

Dreaming Of Holding Hands With A Stranger

A dream where you hold hands with a stranger can suggest that you’re looking for a new relationship in life, or, you long for a new adventure. 

Maybe things have gotten too slow, or it feels like you’re repeating the same day over and over, and you’re looking to change things up.

Seeing A Crowd Holding Hands In Your Dream

A crowd holding hands in your dream suggests that you are detached from other people. You want connection, affection, and meaning in your life, and you don’t feel you have any of these right now.

This dream reflects how you feel like an outsider, but there is some good news. As your subconscious is giving you what you want in a dream, it also suggests that what you want is ahead of you.

You just need to be open-minded in order to see it. Be patient, and let your intuition guide you.

A Man Holding Your Hand In A Dream

Dreaming of a man holding your hand suggests that you are trying your best to avoid something inescapable, and your attempts will only cause you stress.

A dream like this encourages you to explore how you might be more assertive in life, and how you can face problematic situations head-on without fear. 

A Woman Holding Your Hand In A Dream

A dream where you hold a woman’s hand refers to the ability to trust yourself in life, and also place your faith in the universe’s plan for you.

It can also reflect the strength of the bonds you have with the people you love, and how this adds a lot of wealth to your life, whether that’s mentally, spiritually, or in a different way entirely.

If you feel nervous while holding a woman’s hand, this suggests that you are scared of losing what you love the most. 

Consider why you are so afraid. Is it because you are grateful for it, or have you picked up on signs that it might be about to leave your life?

Recurring Dreams Of Holding Hands

If you have recurring dreams of holding someone’s hand, this suggests that you are looking for comfort and reassurance on a subconscious level. 

Something has knocked your confidence or your faith in people or yourself, and while you are lonely, you don’t want to approach anyone.

This dream is a way of your subconscious giving you what you want without fear of being judged, but it’s also an encouragement to seek it out in waking life.

If you repeatedly dream of holding hands with someone you like, this can reflect unrequited love, or wanting a relationship with this person but not wanting to ask in case you are rejected. 

Recurring dreams of holding hands with someone you don’t know is a call to know yourself better and learn to love yourself on a better level. 

Remember that you don’t need to be in a relationship to be content. If that is what you are searching for, there is nothing wrong with that, but keep in mind that your happiness is not up to your partner. It is up to you.

The Meaning Of Shaking Hands In A Dream

Shaking hands in a dream can imply that you’re not willing to show people your true self, but this dream calls on you to be brave enough, to be honest with yourself and others.

Trust others to see the person you are, and let them accept the truth of it. There is no point pretending to be someone you’re not, as this will only exhaust you in the long run

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Your Holding Hands Dream

Spiritually speaking, a dream of holding hands refers to the connections you have in life, but it’s also a reminder that everything is connected. 

We may treat different parts of ourselves or aspects of our lives as separate entities, but they are intertwined. 

This sort of dream is common when you’re missing something in life. Maybe you’re neglecting something important to you, such as a need or a want that is integral to your life, and why that is. Perhaps you’re too busy, or you don’t feel you deserve to be happy.

Consider what you might be overlooking in life, especially if you’re going through a difficult time right now. Maybe there’s something that could help you explore a solution that you’re not thinking of.

Final Thoughts

A dream of holding hands refers to your relationships, the connections you forge in life, the things you hold dear to you, as well as love, affection, or even loneliness and despair.

Or, a dream of holding hands can be a call to look at things differently. Consider the bigger picture of your life, how your decisions affect others, and if there’s something larger at work that you need to take into account.


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