Hands Dream Meaning and Interpretation

You probably use your hands for a thousand different reasons in everyday life, so it’s no wonder that hands appear in dreams. 

We only tend to appreciate how much we need them when they don’t work quite as well as they should, if you sprain your fingers or break a bone in your hand.

What does it mean when hands appear in dreams? Well, hands are very symbolic of our capabilities, but this is only one interpretation. Here’s what you need to know.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Hands?

If we look at someone’s body language, hands are one of the most expressive parts of the body after the eyes and face, and we instinctively know what someone else might be feeling.

Similarly, in dreams, hands reflect your emotions, where that’s a mirror of what you’re feeling in waking life, or emotions that lie in your unconscious mind.

It won’t be a surprise that clenched fists in a dream symbolize frustration or anger, for example.  

Dreaming of Leading Someone By the Hand

If you dream of leading someone by the hand, this denotes a future situation which you’ll have to take charge of. 

This might be a project in your work life which you’ll have most of the control over, where you are under pressure to make sure the project succeeds.

Perhaps it will come into your personal life, where a target you’ve set yourself will be much harder than you thought, or where you’ll need to help someone through a difficult time. 

Consider who you were leading in the dream. If this person was a stranger, something will test your motivation or drive in life. 

You’ll have to work harder to push through problems. Smaller tasks may seem like mountains, but you’ll get there.

Dreaming of leading someone you know in waking life reveals that someone will come to you for help shortly, and while you may have a lot to deal with already, it’s important that you find time for them.

Hands are Injured in Your Dream

Dreaming of hands that are injured in some way refers to difficulties in relationships within your personal life. You might have to endure a lot of conflict.

Dreaming of breaking a bone in your hand implies that your sense of spirituality, or purpose will take a blow. You may have to search for new meaning in your life.

If an animal bites your hand in your dream, it can be a sign that you’ll ignore your instincts in the near future, and this will be a mistake.

Dreaming of someone biting you on the hand implies that you don’t trust someone, or you should be careful who you place your faith in, as it may be misguided.

Dreaming of Bloody or Dirty Hands

Bloody hands appearing in your dream, regardless of whether they belong to you or not, imply unresolved regret, or guilt. 

You haven’t come to terms with a decision you’ve made, or an outcome that was literally out of your hands.

This dream is urging you to do something about it. 

Dreaming of dirty hands denotes a mistake you’ve made recently in waking life. If you feel relieved when you have this dream, it indicates that there is still time to fix it. 

Washing Your Hands in a Dream

If you dream of washing your hands, this implies that you’re letting go of a source of stress in waking life. This could be that a situation is finally over, and you can move on with your life. 

Or, you’re ready to let go of habits, relationships, or ways of thinking that no longer serve you.

Alternatively, dreaming of washing your hands points to problems in your professional life. Your finances may take a hit, or your reputation is at risk of suffering. It may be time to change your approach completely. 

Dreaming of Cutting Off a Hand

If you dream your own hand has been severed from your body, this denotes a change in your financial situation. 

This could mean that you’ll enjoy an unexpected windfall, or you might have to fork out for something you really wish you didn’t have to pay for.

Alternatively, it can indicate that a close relationship that you have will suffer in the near future. Maybe someone isn’t who you thought, or you’ll realize that a situation is irreconcilable. 

Or, your subconscious is telling you that you’re out of touch with a situation in waking life. Perhaps your performance at work is suffering, you’re isolating yourself without realizing, or you’re not seeing a situation or relationship for what it is. 


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