Hand Dream Meaning

Hands are used for so many things, writing, using the computer, connecting with friends and loved ones, gardening, and the list just goes on. We probably take hands for granted, but it would be very difficult if we didn’t have them.  Because they are a focal symbol in our waking lives, don’t be surpised if they feature in many of our dreams. In this article, we will look at numerous meanings of dreams about hands.

If your hands are tied up in a dream: This, not surprisingly, is a negative dream. To see your hands tied up, can mean that you feel helpless in a situation in your waking life. Perhaps somebody you know is sick and there’s nothing you can do about it apart from visiting him or her in hospital. Maybe you are stuck in a rut at work with no way of getting out of it. Perhaps you have continually been looked over for promotion.

If you dream of washing your hands: If you see yourself washing your hands, it could indicate that you are feeling guilty and want to get rid of these feelings. If you hurt somebody in your waking life, maybe it is time to make amends. Another interpretation of this dream is that you need to get rid of a negative influence in your life. Perhaps someone wants you to do something illegal. It is time to stand up to this person and preserve your integrity.

If you dream of holding someone’s hand: If you dream of holding someone’s hand, it can mean that you want to get closer to this person. You can dream of a specific person or you could dream of someone you don’t know. If you dream of your partner, a parent. or a sibling, it indicates that you want a stronger relationship with them, However, if you dream about a stranger, this can mean that you want to reconnect with some part of yourself. Maybe you want to be a stronger person or a more loving one. Perhaps you used to go to dancing classes and feel like you would like to do this again.

Clean and dirty hands: If you dream that you have clean hands it can mean that you have a problem that has been troubling you, but you will now be able to solve it. If you notice that your hands are dirty, it can mean that someone close to you is in danger. Perhaps you should discuss this with your nearest and dearest to see if anybody has a serious problem and feels afraid. It is always helpful to have someone support you through difficult times.

Baby hands: If you dream of a baby, with the focus on the hands, you are going to do well financially. An alternative meaning is that you have a baby and need to put away money for the child’s future. 

Elderly hands: If you see the hands of an old person in your dream, it can mean that you need to make clever decisions in order to progress. This could be in either your work or romantic life. If you have financial problems, you will be able to rid yourself of them if you take action.

Other Hand Symbols: There are many other interpretations of hands in dreams and we’ll take a look at some of them here. To see that your hands are long means that you are going to be powerful and maybe even famous. If they are short, you will have to struggle to have wealth and power. 

If you see that your  hands are golden you will come into unexpected wealth. However, it is also a warning telling you that  all that glitters isn’t gold. Be wise with your fortune. Just remember King Midas and the golden touch. It brought him nothing but pain and heartache.

Dreaming of hands can indicate that you are a creative person. You have a passion for something and it is time that you started working towards making this happen.

If you see clasped hands, you have a friend who is likely to be with you in the long term. Folded hands can indicate a hectic life. It is time for you to relax and heal yourself mentally.

If you see yourself praying or your palms are turned towards the sky, you will receive an unexpected blessing. Your spiritual side will be awakened because of this. 

Someone working with their hands means that you deserve a break. You have been working hard and it is time for a holiday.

If you see yourself making all sorts of hand signals, it can indicate that you are going to break up with a loved one. It could be a warning and there may still be time to rectify the situation.

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