Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With C



Dreaming of the letter ‘C’ can suggest you need to notice something specific which you so far have been blind to. 

It can also point to a fear of being average instead of striving for perfection, or it can refer to someone whose name begins with that letter.


Dreaming of hailing a cab indicates that in order to move forward in waking life, you need an outside opinion or assistance. Otherwise, attempting to do it by yourself will only result in exhaustion.

Dreaming of being in a cab suggests that someone is taking advantage of your good nature, or you’ve given your control or own power to someone else. You need to take back control.


Dreaming of a cabana indicates that you long for a holiday, either in a very literal sense, or you need a break from life’s worries. 

Something has been impactful enough that it is bleeding into your dream, and it’s taking a toll on you, maybe more so than you realized.


Dreaming of a cabaret suggests you need to be more in tune with your sensual side, and become more comfortable in your own skin. 

You long to be more confident. So why not try to be?


Dreaming of cabbage indicates that you are in danger of being caught up in minor problems, or pettiness. Normally, you thrive on the challenges life presents you with. Something in waking life has stirred up feelings of bitterness or jealousy.

This dream can also point to hasty decisions or ill-conceived ideas. You may need to rethink things, or go back on a decision you’ve already made.


Dreaming of being in a wood cabin implies that your success will only be down to you. 

It also suggests that while you are independent, you have not fallen into the trap of becoming arrogant. The simplest things in life are what pleases you the most. 

Dreaming of being in a ship cabin implies that you are distancing yourself from your emotions, which are currently turbulent. 

Consider the state of the cabin in your dream, and how ‘rocky’ it felt. The worse the conditions, the more you are disconnected from yourself. 

If you were staggering around or objects were hitting you in a storm, this indicates that you are overwhelmed.


Dreaming of a cabinet can symbolize the womb, or suggest that you are hiding a secret. Try to remember what the cabinet contained for further insight. 

Dreaming of someone rearranging your cabinets mirrors how someone is invading your privacy or overstepping their boundaries. 

You feel violated. While you might have already confronted them, they don’t seem to realize the scope of their error.


Dreaming of a cable represents your resilience and stamina. If the cable is fraying, you need a break, before you break. 

It can suggest that a project you’re struggling with won’t be completed this time. You either need outside help, a different perspective, or it’s simply not the right time to finish it.

Dreaming of cable television points to how well you connect with others, and how open you are to other people. 

An unstable connection symbolizes difficulty in forming meaningful connections with others. You may not have found ‘your people’ yet.  

Cable Car

Dreaming of a cable car symbolizes the compromises you may need to make in order to retain a sense of tranquility or belonging. You may need to cave to someone else’s wishes.

Or, the cable car represents your journey through life, and how you are on the right path. 

If the cable car feels unsteady or wobbles within your dream, you’re experiencing some uncertainty about your path, or how it might lead you to where you want to be.


Dreaming of a caboose can suggest you are either last in line, or you feel as though you are someone’s last thought when it comes to priority. 

Or, you know that winning first place or coming last isn’t always important.


Hearing cackling in your dream suggests that you’ll suffer from illness or loss in your future, or that someone is conspiring against you.

It can also represent someone in your life who has a distinctive laugh.


Dreaming of a cactus points to feeling vulnerable, suffocated, or someone is prying into your personal affairs or business. 

If the cactus is covered in spines, you are feeling very defensive and your behavior could come across as abrasive.

Alternatively, this cactus mirrors how you are in a tough situation where you won’t emerge unscathed. Perhaps you need to adapt to change rather than fight it.


Dreaming of dissecting a cadaver suggests you are ready to accept yourself, or show someone the hidden aspects of your personality.

Dreaming of a cadaver points to part of yourself that you have outgrown, a past version of you. 

Or, this cadaver can represent how you give everything you’ve got in a relationship or situation that requires your attention.


A Cadillac appearing in your dream indicates that your aspirations will get you ahead in life. You won’t be put off by obstacles or judgment.


Dreaming of a caduceus suggests that you’ve been ignoring your health lately. Devote time to taking care of your body and your mind.

Cesarean Section

Dreaming of having a C-section points to how you need assistance to get a project started, or how it will be a non-starter without someone else helping you or offering their advice. 

If you try on your own, you’ll fail to see something vital. 

Or, if you are pregnant, you are anxious about the idea of having a C-section, and this is just your subconscious giving your fear an outlet. 


Dreaming of being in a cafe points to your social life, and the condition of your surroundings indicate what shape it is in. 

A messy or derelict cafe is a sign that it may be time to catch up with friends that you have lost touch with. 

A spotless cafe indicates that you have a good balance within your social life.


Dreaming of being in a cafeteria suggests that there are a lot of insecurities which are ‘eating’ away at your resolve. You may be able to push through by ignoring them, or you might need to confront them head on. 


Dreaming of being in a cage reflects a feeling of entrapment. You cannot do what you want, or you’ve lost your sense of objectivity or control over your own life. 

This may be a feeling that’s clouding your whole life, or a relationship or a situation that’s affecting you badly. It is time to let go of things that are making you feel unworthy or powerless.

Dreaming of putting a wild animal into a cage suggests that you are setting aside your fears for the future, and you will push through any obstacles or anyone who wishes you harm.

This dream can also reflect how well you are able to contain your impulses and negative emotions.

Dreaming of a bird in a cage suggests that you feel you cannot express yourself. There is a lot of frustration for you in waking life right now, or there is no room for growth or new experiences. You are going through the motions, nothing more.

Cage Fighting

Dreaming of cage fighting suggests that part of you is ‘fighting’ to break free or be noticed. You feel trapped in a relationship, where the other person won’t see your point of view. 

Or, you’ve been ignoring something that you want for too long. It’s time to take notice of how you feel. Life is too short for anything else.

Watching a cage fight represents wildly conflicting feelings or beliefs. You are torn. There may not be a right answer.


Dreaming of cake implies that you need to dish out some responsibility or allocate some of your workload to others. Doing everything yourself is not necessary, and it could be harmful to your health. 

Cakes can also embody a sense of fairness or selfishness, where you feel everyone should be getting a share of something. You may feel that you’re not getting the rewards from the amount of effort you are putting in.

The cake represents the rewards after all your hard work, which you can now enjoy. It can also point to a situation you were worried about being easier than you thought.

Dreaming of a partially eaten cake represents opportunities that you’ve missed or never seen. You feel like you’re missing something important, and you’re not sure what to change. Something feels hollow.

Dreaming of buying a cake indicates that you are growing more comfortable with the recognition you’re receiving for your achievements. You refuse to downplay them any longer.


Dreaming of eating calamari implies that you feel beaten by circumstances or by someone else, but this dream also represents a chance of clawing back your own sense of power. 

There’s a possibility that you could still win, whatever that might mean to you.


Dreaming of a calculator suggests you need to be more logical. 

Consider all the possible outcomes before committing to something. You may need to make a detailed plan in order for things to work out. It will also help if you lose your way in some form.

A calculator can symbolize someone who is cunning or mischievous. They may even have their uses to you in the future.


Dreaming of a calendar can suggest a worry of forgetting an important date or event, or how quickly time is passing. You may feel a loss of control or a wistfulness for the past.


Dreaming of a calf indicates that you are not yet experienced or mature enough for something that you want. 

While you want it now, you have some exploration and some spiritual growth to do first.


Dreaming of California is a nod to its name of the Golden State, which points to your wish for instant wealth and financial stability. You could be looking for fame or validation.

Or, this can simply reflect where you live, if you live in California.


A caliper appearing in your dream suggests you are worried that other people’s expectations of you are impossible. 

Or, you need to be extremely careful when it comes to a decision you’ve been considering.

Calla Lily

A calla lily in your dream represents longevity, renewal, and a fresh start. It can also symbolize someone who is elegant or pure of heart. It can also point to future commitment. 

Calling Card

Dreaming of a calling card implies that someone needs your help. It may be something as simple as talking to them. 

Consider the design of the calling card. If it has the name of someone you know, you are tied to them more than you think, or waking life has reminded you of them in some way.

This dream can also indicate that you need to reconnect with someone who you have lost touch with. 


Dreaming of calluses points to determination and hard work. You’ve been trying your best to push through a hard situation. If it doesn’t work out, at least you know what you are capable of.


Dreaming of being calm points to your life where you feel satisfied and content. You want for nothing, or if you do, there will be a period in life soon where everything will feel perfect.

Dreaming of someone trying to calm you indicates that acting emotionally in an inappropriate way will set you back. 

You feel the need to lash out at someone, but you know it won’t be worth it in the long run.


Dreaming of calomel points to a future conflict or present rivalry.

Taking calomel in your dream suggests that up until now, you’ve allowed other people to take you for granted, and it’s time to stop pretending otherwise.


Dreaming of your calves refers to your ability to rapidly move from situation to situation. 

If you find yourself admiring your own calves in this dream, this points to being too self-centered or being too entrenched in a needy or unhealthy relationship.


A camel appearing in your dream indicates that you need to hold back from taking on more responsibilities or problems. You have enough on your shoulders as it is. 

Or, you have a habit of holding too tightly onto your feelings or negative situations, instead of letting them go in a healthy way.

The camel can also signify your stamina in a tough situation. You are capable of more than you think.

Dreaming of petting or grooming a camel indicates that you’ll soon unburden yourself of emotional baggage or responsibilities that don’t need to be yours.


Dreaming of a cameo points to part of your personality which you rarely show, and you’re trying to learn how to express it. 

Or, it can suggest a ‘cameo’ appearance you’ll make at a social event, which will be mostly painless.


Dreaming of a camera indicates a longing for the past. You may be focusing too much on it instead of the present. Or, the camera points to needing to focus on something within waking life. You may need a different perspective.

A broken camera in your dream suggests a stubborn refusal to see the picture as a whole.

Being unable to find your camera within your dream indicates that your priorities are wrong, or you are too easily distracted. It can also symbolize forgotten or repressed memories.

Dreaming of being on a hidden camera mirrors how you feel watched, or judged.


Dreaming of being in camouflage suggests that you are projecting an edited version of yourself to the world. You need to learn to live as you are, and you’d be much happier for it.

Or, there is a situation in waking life which is bringing up old issues. You want to fade into the background and pretend that it doesn’t exist.


Dreaming of living in a camper suggests that you haven’t made enough progress within waking life regarding your goals. 

You are either overthinking something, or you don’t know how to handle a situation. 

Alternatively, you want to be more self-sufficient and reliant upon yourself rather than other people.


Dreaming of a campfire symbolizes companionship and a connection with others. You need to learn to be more open with people. 


Dreaming of camping points to needing a break. You’ve gone too long without one. Or, you want to get back to nature and live a simpler life.

Camping can also refer to your support network or a friendship group, and you want a more concrete sense of belonging while remaining independent.


Dreaming of being on campus points to needing a mental challenge, or a journey which will expand your experience and wisdom.


Dreaming of a can indicates that you need to keep something that’s in your past at the forefront of your mind for now. The memory will serve you well. Or, you need to preserve something.

Alternatively, this dream refers to how you shouldn’t just assume that you cannot do something. At least, not until you’ve tried.

Canned food appearing in your dream symbolizes emotions which you are not allowing yourself to express. This will only get worse.

Can Opener

Dreaming of a can opener represents how you are opening up to new possibilities and perspectives. These in turn will open up new opportunities, and possibly new relationships, which will fill your life with meaning.

It can also be your subconscious reassuring you that you can do anything.


Dreaming of Canada can refer to your connection with the country, or if you have never been, it represents your feelings and ideas about the country before you’ve had a chance to visit.


A canal appearing in your dream points to a ‘fixed’ way of thinking, or an unorthodox approach to something. 

If you felt stressed during this dream, it suggests you are restricting yourself from expressing yourself. You’re living life in a much more rigid manner than you need to. Why are you stopping yourself?


A canary in your dream represents joy and balance. It can also point to a new relationship in your present or future, which will provide you with an abundance of happiness.


Dreaming of cancelling an appointment reveals your denial about something. You desperately don’t want something to be true. 

It can also point to an official meeting that you are dreading, and you’d prefer not to go.

Dreaming of a flight being cancelled mirrors how you feel trapped or powerless. 

Something is holding you back, and in order to move forward, you need to figure out what it is and untangle yourself.


Dreaming of having cancer points to grief, a refusal to forgive yourself, or hopelessness for the future. 

Your life isn’t how you pictured or want it to be, but you’re not sure how to shape it into something you want. You feel life will never look how you want it to.

A cancer dream also represents something or someone in waking life which is harming your sense of wellbeing or stability. It may be time to let go of them for your own sake.

Dreaming of being treated for cancer points to change, which will bring a lot of positivity into your life. Your life may not be the same after this change, but it will be better.

Dreaming of someone you know having cancer indicates that you need to change your attitude. 

You are being far too negative, and it’s affecting how you see the world. You need to actively try to be more positive.

Dreaming of someone being a Cancer sign suggests that you have more influence than you know, or an inability to let go of things. You are easy to provoke, and family is very important to you.


A burning candle appearing in your dream suggests that hope, good luck, and positivity will trickle into your life in small increments. You may also be seeking wisdom or a form of enlightenment.

Lit candles symbolize a heightened awareness, a realization of truth, or your intellect.

An unlit candle in your dream suggests disappointment in your future. Your potential is going to waste. Failing to light a candle in your dream points to giving up hope, or grief.

A candle blowing out within your dream indicates that you’re letting go of something that used to define you, but it doesn’t serve you now. 

Watching a candle burn itself out represents anxieties concerning death, aging, or sexual impotence.

A red candle within your dream suggests that a romantic relationship could blossom, if you gave it a chance. Or, you feel no connection where the other person clearly does.

Candle Wax

Dreaming of candle wax suggests that your life is full of obstacles or things that require your complete attention. 

You are stretched too thinly, and you wish you had more time. There’s always a way of finding more. 


Dreaming of candy symbolizes happiness and the small things that can make a big difference to your day. 

You’d be surprised at how searching for the tiny things that bring you happiness can make such a big difference.

This dream can also point to indulgence and sensuality. You may be focusing on all the wrong things, or you’re consuming too much of a good thing.

Candy Apple

A candy apple appearing in your dream indicates that you need to exercise some control in your habits before they get out of hand.


Dreaming of using a cane suggests that you need to turn to your support system. 

You may not feel that you need help now, but you will be glad that you did. The cane itself can represent someone who you completely trust. 

It can also symbolize the rational and trustworthy part of yourself that you force yourself to listen to sometimes.

Dreaming of being caned suggests that someone is forcing you to go along with them, or you feel that something is the wrong path. 

It can also suggest you feel guilty about something and therefore expect or feel the need to be punished. It’s time to break free of this cycle. You’ve learned since then.

Dreaming of caning someone reflects pent-up rage or hostility. If it was someone you know, you may harbor a lot of anger towards them. 

If it was a stranger, this anger is directed toward yourself. 

Canned Food

Dreaming of canned food suggests that you are not allowing yourself to express your emotions. You feel you can’t. It’s not the right time to be honest. Things may surprise you.


Dreaming of cannibalism indicates an unhealthy obsession or a destructive behavior or desire. 

In some places, it is believed that cannibals consume people’s energy when they take their lives. In which case, this dream represents something in your life that is draining you of all your vitality or motivation.

Dreaming of being a victim of cannibalism mirrors how you feel ‘eaten alive’ by something in waking life, most likely a relationship or a situation which has rocked you to the core.


A cannon appearing in your dream indicates that there is something you need to do immediately. 

You may know exactly what it is – maybe you’ve been putting it off – or you need to move to find out.


Dreaming of a cannonball indicates that negative emotion is weighing you down and preventing you from achieving your goals.

A cannonball flying at you indicates a period of emotional turmoil, where it feels as though the world is against you, or a misfortune was cooked up especially for you. 


A canoe appearing in your dream symbolizes tranquility within simplicity, independence, and serenity. 

It can also refer to how balanced your emotions are, and how your own determination is moving you forward. You are moving toward your goals under your own power and motivation.


A canopy in your dream represents protection or a promotion in your future.


A cantaloupe appearing in your dream indicates that while you put on a persona of being a tough guy, you feel much more vulnerable than that. You don’t want to show your true side to too many people.


Dreaming of a canteen indicates that you want an easy fix to fulfill your emotional desires or needs.


A canvas within your dream represents your potential, especially if it is empty. Try to remember if it had anything on it, as your subconscious will fill the most surprising objects with meaning.


A canyon in your dream symbolizes your hidden emotions and your subconscious mind as a whole. It can point to things you don’t recognize now, but things will become clearer.


Dreaming of a cap can indicate that you need to find a way of treating others better. You are getting worked up over nothing. It can also point to a period of ease in the future.

Cap and Gown

Dreaming of wearing a cap and gown suggests you are ready for a new chapter within your life. You have gained a higher sense of perspective, personal identity, or wisdom.

Seeing someone else in a cap and gown embodies your own success in life.


Dreaming of wearing a cape indicates that you are withdrawing from other people to stop yourself from being hurt. Or, you’re trying to hide something.


Dreaming of a Capricorn indicates that you fear you will never meet other people’s expectations of you, or your own. If you felt good during this dream, it signifies your ambition and vision for the future.


Dreaming of being on a capsized boat embodies your reluctance to face awkward feelings or circumstances. You’d rather avoid them altogether.


Dreaming of being a captain represents how you are taking control of your life and your emotions, and you’re not letting anything overpower you.

Seeing a captain in your dream embodies a potent influence over others that you possess, one which you may be unaware of.


Dreaming of being held captive reflects feelings of powerlessness stemming from waking life. You feel trapped in an aspect of your life, perhaps in work, a relationship, or how far away you are from your goals.

Dreams of being captive can also indicate that denial has you cornered. Your refusal to see the truth is limiting your ability to see the great possibilities that life has to offer.


* See Car Dream Symbols

Car Alarm

Dreaming of a car alarm indicates that you are not on the path you are meant to be. This dream is telling you to adjust your choices and direction to get back on track.

Car Battery

A car battery appearing in your dream represents your resilience. 

In particular, if the battery is flat, you are overworked, and while you’ve been pushing yourself in order to get things done, you now need to flow down. You’re at the end of your rope, so to speak. 

Car Carrier

A car carrier appearing in your dream indicates that you are letting other people decide your life’s direction instead of taking the reins yourself. You have little idea of the direction you want to go in, so you’re letting other people decide.

Car Dealership

Dreaming of being in a car dealership indicates that you are at a crossroads which will impact a large chunk of your life. You are trying to determine what you want out of life.

Car Seat

Dreaming of an infant child seat suggests that you are responsible for someone else’s path in life. They look up to you, and you’ll feel you’re to blame if something bad happens. 

Or, this car seat refers to the first stages of an important path in life. You feel the importance of it even now.

Car Show

Dreaming of being at a car show suggests that you are pulled in like a magnet to a lifestyle of luxury and money, which looks great from the outside, but doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with who you are.

Dreaming of exhibiting a car at a car show indicates that you’re seeking validation and approval for your achievements. 


Dreaming of caramel suggests that a tricky situation you’re currently in the middle of will have the perfect outcome. If that doesn’t ring true, this dream could mean the opposite.


Dreaming of a caravan indicates that you should ask for help if you need it. You won’t achieve your high goals without at least some input from other people. 


A carburetor featuring within your dream represents the balance between your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.


Dreaming of a carcass indicates that you are experiencing a lot of uncertainty. You feel as though you are being torn in two different directions in an emotional situation.


Dreaming of a cardboard box suggests that you haven’t taken any steps to safeguard yourself from harm or misfortune, and this could be a warning dream.


Dreaming of a cardinal represents being first at something, or points to future reconciliation and joy.


Dreaming of playing cards represents how well you plan throughout your life. Remember the suit that you were playing. The suit of diamonds represents finances and material possessions, clubs represents hard work and effort, hearts refers to romance, and spades indicate misfortune. 

Shuffling cards in your dream suggests you are experiencing uncertainty. A decision that seemed clear before has become murky.

If you dream of the king of hearts, this represents a male figure in your life who is very caring and compassionate. It can also represent your kind nature.


Dreaming of loading a cargo bay or carrying cargo indicates your struggle to carry on with something. You are at your limit.

If you dream of unloading cargo, you are finally ready to let go of a tough situation or part of your life. It’s time you released all the negativity you’ve been holding onto.


Dreaming of being carjacked indicates that life has got in the way of your dreams, and you feel lost.


A carnation appearing in your dreams represents joy, energy, and happiness. It can also symbolize life as a single person. The color of the carnation can help inform the meaning.


Dreaming of a carnelian points to desire, passion, or what your heart wants the most. It can also indicate that you need to heal in a spiritual sense.


Being at a carnival in your dream indicates that someone is deceiving you, or you’re lying to yourself. 

Particularly disturbing displays point to a lack of security in your home life, and what you think will be good news will turn out to be the opposite.

Dreaming of being on a carnival ride can suggest you’ve been caving into your impulses too much. You’re not making progress.

Dreaming of running away with the carnival suggests that you’re a creative person who gets a lot out of the unconventional, or you’ll soon be involved in more creative circles.


Dreaming of going caroling represents joy, festivity, and a deep connection with others. It can also represent someone named Carol.


A carp appearing in your dream indicates that you need to stop listening to your pride, as it’s getting in the way of the relationships in your life. 

Or, if you felt good or relieved when you saw the carp, this indicates future success, courage when you need it, or your patience will pay off. 


Dreaming of a carpenter indicates that you alone will overcome your problems or unseen issues in the near future. Or, you need to gain a new sense of perspective, as your current one has gotten too narrow.


Dreaming of a carpet suggests that you’re trying to guard against a harsh reality. Carpets also represent comfort and luxury. 

The condition of the carpet in your dream can also mirror the foundation you’ve built for yourself in waking life. Are you hiding something from yourself?

Dreaming of installing a carpet or unrolling one symbolizes how you are trying to shape your life into what you want. It can also point to a new project or goal on the horizon.

A magic carpet appearing in your dream points to a desire for escapism. You want a breather away from your obligations.


An antique carriage appearing in your dream can indicate either your love or the past, or an outdated view of the world. It can also represent status and wealth.

Carrom Board

A Carrom board in your dream indicates that you’re trying to shield someone you love from what you know would be an upsetting problem for them. 

It can also suggest that you need to look at your progress in terms of your goals.


A carrot appearing within your dream signifies wealth, fertility, and a great incentive for the future.

Eating a carrot in your dream indicates that you are now seeing something clearer than you were before. You’ve gained a different perspective on things.


Dreaming of being carried can point to a future romance, or wanting a better connection with someone. 

If you felt awkward during this dream, the act of being carried mirrors waking life, where you feel as though someone is shouldering the worst of your problems. 


Watching your life as a cartoon in your dream suggests that you’ve resolved not to take life seriously. You want to drop any stress, as you feel life is too short. 

If you felt stressed during this dream, your subconscious is telling you that you need to lighten up and not take everything so seriously.

If you dream of watching cartoons, this could either be symbolic of your childhood, or how you’re not taking life seriously.


Dreaming of doing cartwheels points to the incredible balance you’ve achieved in life. You manage to do most things that you wish, along with fulfilling your obligations.  

If you struggle to do cartwheels within this dream, it suggests that you don’t feel confident enough to push forward in an area of your life. 

Or, there is a great imbalance within your life. You are either working too hard, or you’re spending too much time on frivolous things.


In your dream, if you are carving a piece of wood, this represents both creative and spiritual energy. You are drawing energy or motivation from your subconscious to use in waking life. Try to remember what you were carving, as this will add to the meaning.

Dreaming of carving meat indicates that you are attempting to dissect your emotions from a distance. You may be embarrassed about them. 

Or, a situation or someone in waking life is violating an integral part of your morality. 


A carwash in your dream can indicate that you need to tend to your self-worth, or how you perceive yourself. It may be time for something new.

Cash Register

A cash register within your dream symbolizes money worries, or a sign that you’ll come into some money in the future. It depends on how you felt when you saw the register.


Dreaming of being a cashier suggests that you are taking stock of your life and how far you’ve come, and what you’ve achieved so far. Or, it suggests that you’ve washed your hands of a situation. You’ve ‘checked out’. 


Dreaming of cashmere points to comfort, protection, or luxury. Either you want the finer things that life could offer, or you are searching for comfort from someone you love.


A casino in your dream refers to the part of you that takes risks. If you’re normally cautious, this dream can be a sign that you need to take a chance once in a while. 

If not, it can indicate that you need to think rationally instead of hoping that fate will turn out in your favor.


Dreaming of a casket represents the womb, or your fear of death. An empty casket in your dream suggests that a relationship that you’re having problems with will end soon, and there’s no way around it.

Or, the casket can embody parts of your personality or thoughts that you’ve outgrown. A white coffin refers to a new maturity and a loss of innocence.

Dreaming of a body in a casket indicates that you’re currently suffering from hopelessness. You feel as though you have no power in your waking life right now. 

Something is crumbling around you, and you don’t know how to fix it. It may be time to let go of it entirely instead of trying.


Dreaming of making a casserole points to the future, where you’ll enjoy a new chapter opening within your life, and perhaps some new ideas will help you reach your goals.

Cassette Tape

A cassette tape appearing in your dream is a sign of validation. Your current thoughts and feelings are correct.

If you felt stressed when you saw the tape, this indicates that you are going in circles. Do something spontaneous, it may help you break free.


A cassowary embodies the shyer part of your personality. You avoid conflict where you can, as you prefer the peace.


Dreaming of wearing a cast suggests that your progress is being hindered by something. Or, you need to practice some control in an area of your life. Somewhere, an aspect of your life has been slipping from your grasp. 

Try to remember what part of the body was in a cast. It can also point to a time of somewhat forced healing. Someone will push you to take some time for yourself.

Being part of a cast within your dream points to wanting a more concrete feeling of belonging in your life.


Dreaming of playing or hearing castanets indicates that you’re being plagued by small irritations ganging up on you all at once. 

While these may be minor on their own, it’s getting to be a bigger problem. You may need some outside help. 


A castle appearing in your dream represents rewards on an almost unimaginable level, and recognition for your achievements (see also Castle Dream Interpretation). You will reach a place in life which will give you a lot of wealth and power.

Or, a castle can suggest you want a fortress away from everyday life. Specifically, dreaming of living in a castle indicates that you feel the need to close yourself off from others, away from any chance of being hurt. Something has made you go into defense mode.

A castle door in your dream can be a good or a bad sign, depending on which side of the door you were on. 

Standing outside a castle door suggests that you’ve missed an opportunity which was perfect for you. 

Standing inside a castle and looking back at the door suggests that while you managed to seize the perfect chance, this success has made you disconnect from other people, and it may even have affected your perception of how you need others.


Dreaming of castration can point to a loss of creativity, vitality, or power. Something has hindered your handle on these traits. 

Or, dreaming of castration points to a very significant fear of losing your virility or feeling incompetent. 


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