Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With C – Part 2



A cat as a dream symbol ties into your own sense of power and independence, as well as your creative spirit. 

If you don’t like cats, and you see one in your dream, it indicates that someone you trust is lying to you, or their intentions aren’t what they appear. 

If you are a cat lover, and a cat appears in your dream, this is a sign of good luck, or of someone who will help you in the near future.

If the cat acts hostile towards you, this can suggest you harbor feelings of resentment towards yourself in some aspect of your life. Nothing is going the way you want it to.

You know you’re doing yourself a disservice, or you’re ignoring your needs.

If the cat in your dream scares you, there may be someone in your waking life who wants to do you harm.

Dreaming of saving a cat indicates that you’re taking back your power. You’ve been struggling to assert yourself lately, but you’re back on track now.

If you dream of a cat missing legs or a body, it indicates that you cannot act on your desires right now. There’s something else you need to focus on. 

Two identical cats appearing in your dream suggests that there’s an imbalance between fulfilling your own needs and helping others. You’re doing too much of one, and not enough of the other.

If you dream of a house filled with cats, you’re feeling confused about your life’s direction, or you’re unable to see what needs your attention right now.

A cat with two heads in your dream suggests that you’re at a crossroads in life, and you don’t know what the right path is. 

* See Animal Dream Symbols

Cat Eyes

Dreaming of having cat eyes instead of your own suggests that a difficult problem is on the horizon, if you haven’t met it yet. Fortunately, you’ll be able to confront it.

It can also indicate that you can find the positive in any troubling situation, or you’re being cunning or underhanded in order to get what you want.

If you dream of a cat having glowing, blue eyes, this suggests that your current perspective isn’t serving you. There’s a better one that you could do with adopting. 

If you dream of cat eyes along the road, you’re thinking about your life’s direction, and you wish that there were some guidelines you could follow, or something that would give you a signal to say you’re on the right path.


Dreaming of a catacomb mirrors fear, specifically something in your unconscious mind. You have some inner reflection to do, in order to figure out what this is, and how you can confront it.


A catapult appearing in your dream is encouraging. It suggests that your will to succeed will carry you through a tough time, and you don’t let yourself be constrained by fear of failure.

Nothing will stop you from achieving your goals.


Dreaming of suffering from cataracts suggests that you’re not viewing a situation clearly. There’s something you are unable, or unwilling to see, but it would help you if you do.

Try to think of what might be obscuring your ‘vision’ or your ability to see things objectively. You need to work past it in order to gain a new equilibrium. 


Dreaming of a catastrophe suggests you feel you’ve lost a strong sense of security, which has been keeping you going up until now. 

Or, you fear what the future holds, and all you see right now is potential problems.


Dreaming of catching something reflects how you need to adopt something into your life or alter your mindset. For a greater insight, try to remember what it was you caught. 

If you caught a ball in your dream, it can suggest that you need to work on a previously overlooked area of your life, or that you want to feel more whole than you do now. 

It can also be a nod to your childhood.

If you caught a fish in this dream, it suggests that you need to be more in tune with your spirituality. You may need to work on being more grounded.

Dreaming of playing catch with someone indicates a worry-free time in your life, either in your childhood or one that you’ll enjoy soon. 

It also represents the close relationship with the person you’re playing catch with. 

If it was a stranger, this represents your relationship with yourself. Try to remember how you felt for a greater insight.

If you feel stressed, you are at war with yourself, and need to do some work to get back to where you should be. 


Dreaming of being a baseball catcher is a sign you need to be prepared for whatever life has in store for you. 

You may have to deal with a few unexpected problems soon, and how well you handle them will be important in the near future. 

Dreaming of being a baseball catcher can also indicate that you should ask someone out on a date. You’ve been deliberating whether they are out of your league, but you will always wonder if you don’t ask.


A caterpillar appearing in your dream suggests that you have a way to go before you’ll achieve what you want to in terms of your personal development. 

You’re on the right path, but it will take longer than you originally thought. 


Dreaming of a catfish signifies that your current impression or opinion of someone is wrong, and you’ll soon find out why. 

Maybe you’re underestimating them, or you’re only going off what you’ve seen.


Dreaming of catsup or eating it points to childhood, or a time of joy and simple pleasures. Or, it can indicate that you’re lagging behind in some way, and you need to “catch up”.


Dreaming of cattle (see also Cow Dream Meaning) signifies that you need to be careful in a relationship or a new situation. Now’s not the time for impulsive behavior.

A herd of cattle appearing in your dream can suggest either the contentment of being in a group, or a lack of identity by yourself. 

You’re going along with the popular opinion, and you may be compromising on your individuality.

Cattle stampeding in your dream suggests that something that should be in your control has gotten away from you. 

Perhaps a part of your life is spiraling, and you need to find a way to take back control. 


Dreaming of a catwalk indicates that you’ve found a new level of self-confidence, and it will help you in a lot of future situations. 

Or, someone will shortly recognize all the hard work you’ve been putting in, and you’ll be rewarded.

A catwalk dream can suggest that you rely too much on appearances to judge others, when that’s not everything important. Using this as the sole way to form your opinions of people won’t lead to anything good.

Or, you use this kind of judgment to get your own way. You need to find a different way of doing things.


Dreaming of being caught indicates a fear of being judged for your behavior or actions. You may be overly worried about what others think of you.  

Or, you feel guilty about something, and deep down, you don’t feel you’ve atoned for it.

For a greater insight, try to remember what you were doing, and how it might link to waking life, and how you felt when you were caught in this dream. 

Who caught you in the dream can also offer a better look at the meaning behind the dream.


Seeing a caul in your dream suggests that your perspective is too limited. 

Something is clouding your judgment, or you’re not planning far enough ahead. 

If you feel positive during this dream, it’s a sign that you’ll experience some good luck in the future, or you’ll handle an unexpected problem without any trouble.


Dreaming of a cauldron indicates that you are going through a spiritual journey of some sort, the end of which will mark a fresh chapter in your life. 

A cauldron can also embody fertility, or even vitality.

Try to remember what was in the cauldron for a greater insight into what your subconscious was trying to tell you. 

How full, empty, boiling, or cold the cauldron was will also inform the meaning. If the cauldron was empty, you need to take some time for yourself in order to recharge.

If the cauldron was full and at a rolling boil, this symbolizes the great place you’re in right now. Everything’s going well, and you feel optimistic about the future.


Dreaming of cauliflower or eating a cauliflower represents low spirits, the push for perfection, or fulfillment on a spiritual level, depending on how you felt during this dream.

If you feel positive, a cauliflower suggests that any troubling situation you’re currently facing will be solved soon, and you’ll enjoy a period of peace. 

Or, dreaming of a cauliflower embodies your brain and how well you handle unexpected situations.


Dreaming of being in a cave suggests you want to hide from your problems. It can symbolize a refuge, a state of protection, or wanting a temporary escape from life’s worries. 

It can suggest you need a break, however short or long you can manage. It will still make all the difference.

If you dream of walking through a dark cave, this represents how you are exploring your unconscious mind within this dream. 

You will wake up with a new perspective or a new solution to a long-standing problem.

Cave Painting

Dreaming of a cave painting indicates that you don’t want to fully open yourself up to someone, or you don’t want to be completely honest right now. 

You want to keep some parts of yourself hidden for fear of being judged, or your ideas simply aren’t ready to be shared yet.


Dreaming of caviar indicates that you have expensive tastes, or you want the high life, or your mind is focused on making more money and how you might spend it. 


Dreaming of having cavities implies that you feel worthless, or you have a lower sense of self-confidence than you should have. 

A situation in waking life has knocked your sense of ability, or your perception of the world around you. You believe that this situation is a bad thing, and there aren’t any upsides, but you’ll be proven wrong.


Dreaming of a CD implies that you want to enjoy yourself, free from your current worries which are hampering your sense of peace. 

You can’t concentrate on the now, because you’re caught up in the worry. 

Try to remember the particular CD you saw, as this will help you discover the inner meaning behind your dream.

If you gave away the CD in your dream, you want to tell the recipient something, and the genre and content of the CD will point towards exactly what you want to say.

A CD can also refer to an endless circle, a vicious cycle, or something from your past repeating itself in the present.

CD Player

Dreaming of a CD player points to the image of yourself that you want others to judge you on. It can also indicate creativity, self-expression, and a love of music. 


Dreaming of a cedar tree implies that you have more strength than you know. It can also embody a long life, full of wisdom, or it can be outlining the importance of always moving forward. 

This dream may be your subconscious trying to remind you that you’re capable of anything you want to be, as long as you believe it. 


Dreaming of a ceiling points to your perspective on life. It might be your subconscious telling you that you haven’t set your sights far enough, or that your current perspective is limited.

If the ceiling is extremely far away in this dream, you’ve set your expectations for when you’ll achieve your dreams a little too high right now. You’ll have to wait longer than you anticipated.

Dreaming of water damage on a ceiling indicates that you’ve been ignoring your emotions instead of processing them in a healthy way. You need to find a new outlet.

A situation in waking life has caused you to avoid how you’re feeling. 

If the ceiling in your dream is vaulted, your outlook on life has been hampered or limited by something. You’re not seeing the full picture.


Dreaming of a celebration reflects a waking life situation worthy of celebration. You’ve achieved something great. 

This may be a self-congratulation dream, as you know how hard you’ve worked and what it took to achieve it. This may be in conjunction with other people recognizing your hard work, or it may be in place of it.

A celebration within a dream also indicates release from emotional turmoil, and feeling energized and free. 

You may also have a celebration dream if you’re expecting a big life change soon, or a complete shift in your priorities.


Dreaming of being a celebrity can indicate that you’re being too impatient. 

While your goals are high, your expectations of when you might reach them are higher, and this may lead to disappointment. You’re not in the right place to achieve exactly what you want, just yet.

Dreaming of your partner or friend becoming a celebrity reflects how you fear this relationship between you will change. You’re worried about this relationship changing beyond all recognition.

Dreaming of a celebrity represents how you feel about them, or qualities you admire and want to adopt yourself. 

Try to think about what this particular celebrity is known for, or what you like about them, for a more informed meaning.

Dreaming of being close to a certain celebrity embodies a “perfect” version of a friendship you have with someone in waking life. 

You wish that this friend had more qualities that you associate with this celebrity. Consider what this celebrity means to you, and how you want your friendships to be.

Or, you feel your life is lacking in meaningful relationships, or in the way you see yourself. You want to live better than this, but you’re not sure how to shape your life into what you want.

If you dream of dating a celebrity, this could indicate your feelings for the idea of being in a relationship with them, or how you’re idealizing the idea of a relationship, and how it would make life better.

If you dream of kissing or having sex with a celebrity, this symbolizes your desire for success. Consider the celebrity and their qualities for more insight into where you want to be successful.


Dreaming of celery indicates you feel you need to be purified in some way. You may just be itching for a shower, or there’s something you need to be honest with someone about. 


Dreaming of being celibate can represent a fear of being vulnerable or intimate with someone. You’re afraid of getting hurt.

Cell Phone

Dreaming of a cell phone suggests that you’re open to new ideas right now, and it’s the right time to start something new. 

That new project you’re thinking of, or that relationship you were deliberating, now is the time to start.

A cell phone in your dream also indicates that you’re having communication problems in a relationship. This could be in your professional life or in your family life, but it needs fixing.

If you dream of losing a cell phone, this indicates a disconnection between you and how you feel, or a loss in your personal identity where you’ve forgotten an important aspect of yourself.

Dreaming of finding a cell phone – regardless of whether it was yours in the dream – indicates that any problems involving communication mishaps will be resolved. 

Dreaming of a cell phone snapping open and shut indicates that you are ready to be honest about something you’ve kept hidden, either to be honest with yourself, or someone dear to you. 

Dreaming of a cracked cell phone screen suggests that the outlet for your emotions you’ve been taking lately isn’t healthy, or it’s not working in the way you’d hoped.

A cell phone exploding in your hand in your dream indicates that your efforts to explain something to someone will be futile, or your attempt to connect won’t result in anything.

If you dream of your parents getting you a cell phone, this suggests a development in your relationship, where communication will be much easier. You’ll be on the same page. 

Dreaming of being given a cell phone reflects the vital part communication plays in your life, and you cannot measure its value. 

Cell Phone Tower

A cell phone tower appearing in your dream points to your relationships, and how well you relate to others.

If you dream of a cell phone tower on top of your house, this indicates a problem in your family life, specifically to do with a miscommunication. You need to resolve it.


Dreaming of being in a cellar symbolizes your unconscious mind, where your deepest fears and hopes are stored. This dream is a representation of you wanting to explore that part of your mind.

Dreaming of descending into a cellar indicates that you’re confronting an inner issue you’ve had for a long time. You’re ready to move forward.


Dreaming of hearing a cello points to success in your creative life. You’re in a good place right now, and other people are starting to notice.

Celtic Knot

A Celtic Knot appearing in your dream points to prosperity, long life, continued good luck, and also refers to values which stay relevant to you as time goes on.

Cement Truck

Dreaming of a cement truck represents tangible ideas or plans which you’ve had for a while as abstract desires, and they’re finally taking form.

Dreaming of mixing cement indicates that you feel more whole. You’ve gone through some personal growth lately, and you’re starting to see the benefits.


Dreaming of being in a cemetery indicates a behavior, habit, or coping mechanism has reached the end of its usefulness. You’re shedding what’s no longer serving you. 

If you felt afraid in the cemetery, this indicates your anxiety of death, how you’re holding onto a grief you’ve not dealt with, or you’re in an emotional slump.

Dreaming of cleaning a cemetery reflects how you are coming to terms with something in your past. 

It can indicate that you’ve made peace with something, or it’s a nod to your roots, and a reminder not to forget how things were.


Dreaming of being censored indicates that something in your waking life is leading you to feel trapped, oppressed, or stifled. 

This may be a relationship, or a tricky problem that’s taking up all your time.

Dreaming of something being censored is a warning dream. While you feel you’ve made progress in a decision, you are missing something important which could influence your decision.


A centaur appearing in your dream suggests you need to find a new balance in your life between your mental and physical selves. 

It represents the link between your animal instincts and your knowledge, and how well they balance out. 

Centaurs in your dream also point to empathy, humanity, and a new perspective. It can suggest that you need to look at things from a different point of view, one which will become clear. 


Dreaming of being at the center of something reflects how much you’re currently focusing on yourself, and not what’s happening around you. This may be good or bad. 

This dream can also suggest that you’re caught up in something you don’t want any part of, if you felt dread during this dream.

If you felt off-center in the dream, or you were visually apart from the center of something, this is your dream telling you to regain a balance.


Dreaming of a centipede indicates that your worries are getting in the way of moving forward. You’re thinking too much about what could go wrong, and it’s holding you back.


Dreaming of seeing or making ceramics indicates that you need to be more proactive. You might have been a bystander for too long. 

Or, this dream is a message that you need to use your creativity more often. You might have been putting off starting a project because the timing wasn’t right, but there may be no other time to start.


Dreaming of eating cereal points to a new chapter in your life, or something that will shape your future for a significant amount of time. 

Cereal in your dream can suggest that you need to look at the simplest parts of your life that may need some attention. You may need to go back to the basics.

Dreaming of cereal could just mean that you’re hungry! Your subconscious will often throw in any passing thoughts or sensations into your dream.


Dreaming of being part of a ceremony implies that in order to gain the success you want, you’ll need to give up something else. 

Or, you’ll need to apply yourself more than you thought in order to achieve your goals. That might involve putting other important things on hold in the meantime.

Dreams of ceremonies are common when you’re going through a turning point in your life, one which requires you to step up to the challenge. 

This dream is telling you that now’s the time to make the changes you need to go through on the inside, in order to achieve what you want.


Dreaming of a certificate reflects how you’re searching for validation or approval. 

This could be in a situation you’ve handled, or a reassurance that a decision you’ve made was the right one.


Dreaming of a cesspool indicates that you’re holding onto negativity or situations that have hurt you in the past. It’s time to clear your head and process your emotions.


Dreaming of chains implies that you long for a new freedom or sense of adventure or spontaneity. 

If you saw yourself being chained in this dream, you feel you’re being forced into doing something, or you don’t feel as though your choices are your own.

If you were tidying the chains or organizing them, this mirrors your desire to get things done.


A chainsaw appearing in your dream can suggest that a dramatic situation is about to ambush you, and you’ll only get past it through your strong will and perseverance. 

Or, a chainsaw can imply that you cut straight through into the center of a problem. 

You’re able to find the root of it without any difficulty, or you see straight past people’s attempts to deceive you. 


Dreaming of a chair indicates that you need to step back from a situation in waking life. 

You either need to take some time to relax, or you need to consider your options before making a decision.

If you’ve already made a decision, this dream may be telling you that you haven’t considered it carefully enough.

Alternatively, a chair in your dream can suggest that you feel as though your perspective isn’t being taken seriously enough.

Dreaming of someone pulling up a chair for you implies that you need to accept other people’s help or advice. It doesn’t mean you are weak.

Consider the person who was offering you the seat for more insight. If it was a stranger, this is your dream’s way of drawing your attention to your own ability. 

While you might look elsewhere or to someone else to fix a problem, you’ll be the solution to something.

If you dream of falling backwards in a chair, or watching someone else fall from a chair, this suggests that you’ve been passive for far too long. You need to go after what you want.

If you dream of a folding chair, you’re in the midst of a situation which keeps changing on you, but you’re very capable of adapting to meet its challenges.


Dreaming of taking a chairlift up the side of a ski slope points to pushing past your anxiety in order to achieve what you want. 

You’re in the best place to overcome any inner problems right now, and anything you’ve repressed.

Dreaming of riding a chairlift and watching others pass by suggests that you’ve fallen into the trap of being a bystander in your own life. 

You’re letting situations and other people make your decisions for you, instead of actively making your own choices.

Dreaming of a chairlift being submerged underwater indicates a disconnection between you and your emotions. 


Dreaming about a chakra indicates something is interrupting your spiritual energy. 

Try to remember which of the seven chakras you were dreaming of to help narrow it down.

You can recognize the chakras by their different colors.

The crown chakra is violet, and refers to your knowledge and wisdom.

The third eye, or brow chakra, is indigo. It represents empathy, intuition, and psychic ability.  Its appearance in your dream can indicate there’s something larger at work.

The throat chakra is blue, and represents how you communicate your ideas and beliefs, and your voice.

The heart chakra is green. It refers to a pure love which you hold for everyone and everything around you.

The solar plexus chakra is yellow. This chakra embodies your relationships with others. How you felt during this dream will tell you if you’re connected with others, or if you’re conflicted.

The hara chakra is orange. It refers to love and intimacy.

The root chakra is red. It relates to how well you feel grounded, the relationship between your material, mental, and physical desires. 

Dreaming of the root chakra points to feeling numb, directionless, or being uprooted.


Dreaming of a chalice implies a longing for a spiritual connection or journey. You want something that feels more meaningful than your present life does right now.

You want a renewed sense of purpose or belonging.


Dreaming of a single piece of chalk embodies intellect, and being at school. If you feel stressed during this dream, your capability is being tested in waking life, or your wisdom.

Dreaming of something written in chalk suggests that something which you’re striving for in waking life could easily slip away. While you feel you have the upper hand right now, this could be temporary. 

If you can, try to remember the message that was in the chalk for further insight.


Dreaming of a chalkboard represents school and the problems you had during this period. This dream may be reminding you that no matter what you face now, you’ve faced worse before.

This dream has something to teach you. Or, waking life feels as though it’s testing you at every turn, prompting memories of school. 

For further insight, try to remember what was written on the chalkboard. If it was blank or smudged, you may need to gain more information before making a decision.


A chameleon appearing in your dream points to how well you can deal with unexpected situations. You are more than capable. 

If you felt frustrated when you saw the chameleon, this points to how you feel ignored or simply unnoticed in waking life. You feel as though you’re part of the background. 


Champagne appearing in a dream points to the finer things in life, wealth, success, or overindulgence, or a celebration of sorts. It can also refer to sexual desire.


Dreaming of chamomile implies that you need to practice patience. In waking life, you are reacting too quickly, rashly, or angrily about something. 

It can indicate that you need to react calmly to something in the near future, where your first instinct would be to be angry.


Dreaming of a chandelier points to the desire for greatness, or coming success. You feel the future holds great things. 

A crystal chandelier in your dream points to coming wealth, possibly monetary wealth, or an uptick in how you feel things are going. 


Dreaming of being given the wrong change can indicate two things. Being shortchanged in your dream points to a low sense of self-worth. You feel you don’t deserve what you have.

If you were given more change in your dream than you were owed, you have a problem with feeling entitled. Your opinion of yourself or your ability is distorted.


Dreaming of chanting with others suggests that you’re in tune with your spirituality. You have a great sense of purpose, of your place in the world, and you feel in step with other people.

If you hear disembodied chanting within your dream, this points to present or future problems, discord, and drama.


Chaps appearing in your dream points to a passive-aggressive nature. You are reacting  to everything as though it is a problem.


Dreaming of playing a character suggests that you’re not being true to yourself. 

You’re pretending to be something you’re not, and this may be because you’re avoiding responsibility for something, or because you feel you’re not enough as you are. 

This dream can point to a situation in which you’re not being your authentic self. 


Dreaming of playing charades suggests that you’re struggling with something that you cannot express, or you don’t know how to explain it. 

For more detail, try to remember the feeling of what you were trying to express.


Dreaming of eating charcoal suggests that you’re experiencing an awakening of sorts, maybe a sensual one. 

You feel more connected to others than you have in a long while, and you feel comfortable in your own skin, giving you a new confidence. 


Dreaming of riding in a chariot suggests that you’re not asserting control of your life. You’re letting your desires for instant gratification get the best of you.

If you dream of you or someone else falling from a chariot, this points to failure in the near future.


Dreaming of giving or receiving charity is a direct link to your empathy for other people, and your compassionate nature. 


Dreaming of dancing the Charleston points to fantastic success in the near future, which will shape the path you’re on.

Charlie Chaplin

Dreaming of Charlie Chaplin suggests that you long for more spontaneity in your life. You want a renewed sense of adventure, or a new purpose. A direction that will take you forward.

Charm Bracelet

Dreaming of a charm bracelet symbolizes protection from the negative things in life. You feel cushioned from harm, or you want to feel protected. 

Try to remember the appearance of the charm, or the colors of the bracelet, for further insight into the meaning behind this dream.


Dreaming of a chart reflects how you approach life, and how far away you are from your goals.

If the chart is mostly blank, this suggests that you have a long, unexpected journey ahead of you.


Dreaming of being chased indicates that you have a habit of avoiding a problem that you think you cannot fix. You have a skewed sense of your own ability.

If you dream of being chased by an animal, this symbolizes pent-up anger which you are pretending doesn’t exist, and it’s likely to explode. 

Your subconscious is giving your anger an outlet as a temporary relief. Or, you’re worried about the effects fear has on your ability to think clearly.

Dreaming of chasing something symbolizes your attempts to push through a challenging problem. Or, you are feeling aggressive or even hostile towards someone.

Dreaming of being chased and enjoying the feeling indicates that a relationship is about to bloom. 

Chastity Belt

Dreaming of a chastity belt can indicate that you’re being too cautious or protective over someone or yourself. It can also point towards your feelings toward sex.

Chat Room

Dreaming of a chat room embodies your desire to connect with people on a mental or emotional level. You want the physical connection to matter less.

Dreaming of a chat room can be an indication that you are spending too much time on a screen, and you need to reconnect with the world around you.


Dreaming of being a chauffeur reflects waking life, where you are helping someone move toward their goals, and away from anything that will tempt them away from achieving them.

Dreaming of being chauffeured indicates that you strive for luxury, or it can embody a high level of self-confidence. 

If you feel nervous during this dream, you are not self-reliant enough, and you let other people control your life’s direction. 


Dreaming of being cheap reflects how you feel you’re not enough. You’re facing your own emotions about your perceived capabilities, whether they are true or not.

Dreaming of getting something for cheap indicates that you’re either feeling undervalued, overlooked, or you’re downplaying the value of someone’s possessions.

Try to remember the item, and what it might signify.


 * See Relationship Dream Symbols for dreams of cheating in terms of relationships.

Dreaming of cheating at a game or a sport indicates that you have been lying to yourself. You don’t feel you can face how insecure or incapable you feel you are. 


Seeing a check in your dreams suggests that you feel as though you owe someone, or more than one person, and you’re not sure how you can repay them.

A blank check appearing in your dream points to your potential which you have yet to realize, or a talent you haven’t discovered.

Dreaming of a check mark suggests that your persistence is paying off, and you’ll soon see the rewards. 


A checkerboard appearing in your dream represents the many different sides to you. 

A checkerboard can also embody the tug of war between doing what you want and what you must, or temptation potentially getting in the way of responsibility.

A dream involving a checkerboard can also refer to a “checkered” past, where you did something that you still regret. 


Dreaming of checkers can indicate that you need to have a clear plan in place in order to move ahead, and outmaneuver a rival. 


Dreaming of being at a checkout suggests now that a situation is behind you, you can move forward. You feel complete. 

If you felt nervous during this dream, it indicates that you don’t want to be in something for the long haul. You want to quit something that’s causing you stress, or you feel it doesn’t match with who you are.


Dreaming of your cheeks points to resolve, relationship commitment, intimacy, and a desire to be close to someone. It can also embody your resilience and good nature.

Rosy cheeks appearing in your dream embodies vitality, a thirst for life and every twist and turn it can take. 

If the cheeks were pale or sunken, this refers to exhaustion, hunger, stress, or health problems.

Dreaming of painting cheeks embodies your sense of courage, or assertiveness, and how passive you are. Remember what you felt when you saw them for more insight. 

Dreaming of a kiss on the cheek implies affection, respect, camaraderie, or admiration.

Cheeks appearing in a dream can also be slang for buttocks


Dreaming of hearing a cheer suggests that you’re on the right path. 

You’re making the right decisions that will propel you forward, and this leads to a greater sense of self belief and confidence in your ability.

If you’ve been feeling down lately, this dream is telling you that this feeling will pass, and you’ll be back to your normal self soon. 


Dreaming of Cheerios suggests that there’s something vital lacking from your life. You don’t feel whole. Or, dreams of Cheerios can be a pun on a goodbye, or an end to something.


Dreaming of a cheerleader signifies self-discipline, healthy rivalry, and conquering your goals. This dream may be a message to help lift others up and keep them motivated.

Dreaming of being a cheerleader represents your self-worth and opinion of yourself. It can also suggest that you need to approach a situation in waking life with more positivity.


Dreaming of cheese points to more wealth or profit. Or, it can refer to something cliché, or that you need to work on being more positive.

Cheese Curl

Dreaming of cheese curls suggests that people are starting to catch on to your recently negative attitude or indulgence.

Or, you just want some cheese curls.


Dreaming of cheesecake signifies that you’re enjoying the hell out of life right now. Things are going well, and you’re able to enjoy the rewards of your hard work.


Dreaming of a cheetah indicates that you’ve been too passive lately, and you’ve let things pass you by. It’s time to be more proactive.


Dreaming of being a chef signifies that you have enough wisdom and ability to decide where you want to go in life, and you’ve got the tools to get there. 

You’re extremely capable, and the lessons you’ve learned will help drive you forward.

Seeing a chef in your dream indicates that life has some changes in store for you in the near future. You may start a new journey. 


Dreaming of chemicals implies that you’re on a journey of discovery, and you’ll find yourself changing to some degree.

Dreaming of mixing chemicals embodies your creativity, your clever ability, and how well you can alter your circumstances or come up with new solutions.


Dreaming of being a chemist represents your ability to adapt your behavior to any given situation in order to get the best out of it.

Dreaming about chemistry points to influence. Either someone is influencing you into doing something, or you’re persuading someone to see things differently.


Dreaming of cherries signifies prosperity, truth, and a sweet nature.

Or, dreaming of cherries can indicate that you need to stop worrying so much, and take things as they come.

A cherry tree appearing in your dream symbolizes spring, good luck, and traditionally feminine values.

Cherry Blossom Tree

Dreaming of a cherry blossom tree signifies mortality, reminding you to seize the day while you have the daylight. 

It can also embody love, compassion, beauty, power, and the balance you can strike between these.


A cherub appearing in your dream can indicate that you’ve been too manipulating in your behavior. You cannot and should not try to control everything.

Or, a cherub can symbolize innocence, mischief, or it can serve as a reminder to take life as it comes.

Cheshire Cat

A Cheshire cat appearing in your dream points to dishonesty, mischief, or someone not taking you seriously, or only judging you by your faults. 

The Cheshire cat can symbolize someone in waking life, who you don’t feel you can completely trust. There’s something about them which is off. 


Dreaming of playing chess suggests that while you’ve made a decision in waking life, you might not have all the facts to have made the right one. 

Both colors on the chessboard refer to the positives and negatives a situation or decision holds. The board itself can indicate that you’ve met a rival you cannot best, at least in the way you’re used to.

If you dream that your king is threatened, or you’re in check, this indicates that someone in waking life has gotten the better of you.

Dreaming of chess pieces coming to life can suggest you’ve lost control of a situation you had a good handle on. 

It’s slipped from your grasp. You’re too focused on something else, which has become all-consuming. You need to take a look around you.


Dreaming of your own chest can imply that you’re either feeling vulnerable or staggered by something out of your control. 

Or, it can suggest that you feel completely confident and in control, depending on how you felt during this dream.

Maybe there’s something you have to ‘get off your chest’ and be honest about.

If you dream of beating your fists on your chest, this signifies either a present or future achievement that will change everything for you.

If you suffer from chest pains in waking life, it’s common to experience them in your dreams, or to feel as though there’s something sitting on your chest.

Dreaming of a wooden chest can represent memories which you’re currently holding onto tightly. It can also suggest that you’re ignoring your own needs and desires in order to help someone else.

Chestnut Tree

A chestnut tree appearing in your dream symbolizes longevity and resilience.


A chevron appearing in your dream represents protection of some form.


Dreaming of chewing something reflects how you are figuring out the best way to deal with a situation or problem that needs your input.


Dreaming of Chicago can indicate that your current attitude is in line with the ‘mainstream’ or popular opinion of those around you.

Dreaming of the windy city may suggest that your life is about to change course onto a completely different path. You’re enjoying a renewed sense of energy, purpose, or adventure.


Dreaming of a baby chick represents innocence and curiosity.


Dreaming of a chickadee suggests that there’s something entirely unique that’s come into your life, but you’ve not realized it for what it is. 

Chicken Suit

Dreaming of wearing a chicken suit is your subconscious mind calling you out on your behavior. You’re not being brave enough, or thinking big enough.


Chickens appearing in your dream indicate that you’re suffering from a lack of motivation or bravery to try something which has no guarantees. You may find yourself wondering forever if you don’t.

Chickens also symbolize gossip, which has become the focus of attention in your life or someone that you hold dear. Concentrate on what those around you are saying, or what you’re saying.

A rubber chicken appearing in your dream can suggest that you’ve forgotten how to be silly. You need to be able to drop your problems and have some fun.

Dreaming of eating chicken can suggest you’re being a chicken in your waking life. You’re not living your best life.

If you dream of eating fried chicken, this dream is drawing your attention to an unhealthy habit which you need to let go of. 

Dreaming of eating raw chicken indicates that you’re having trouble moving towards your goals, and you feel as though everything has changed with no warning, leaving you reeling.


Dreaming of a police chief implies that you’ve been avoiding some responsibility, which is yours to own up to. You need to take ownership of it.

Or, a police chief in your dream symbolizes someone in your waking life which holds a lot of authority or power. How you acted toward the police chief mirrors your behavior with this person in waking life.


Dreaming of chiffon points to your vulnerable side, the part of you which is more in tune with your emotions and instincts. 


Dreaming of a chihuahua symbolizes someone in your waking life who has been unexpectedly loud recently, or they’ve had a sudden outburst of rage. 

It can embody someone who has little in the way of self-confidence.

Or, the chihuahua in your dream can point to a situation which you’ve found daunting at first, but it will soon reveal itself to be an easy fix.


Dreaming of being small again implies that you’re under pressure in waking life right now, and you wish you could go back to an earlier time when you didn’t have the responsibilities you hold now.

Dreaming of losing a child signifies that a long-term project you’ve been working on won’t turn out the way you hoped it would. It can also reflect a loss of motivation or hope.

Dreaming of saving a child reflects how you’re trying to preserve part of you from being eroded by everyday life. You’re wishing for a simpler time.

If you dream of your children being separated from you, you’re experiencing unexpected problems in your personal growth or family life.

Dreaming of a child tripping over is symbolic of a lost naivety. 


Dreaming of your childhood can be a sign that you want to return to a time filled with nostalgia, joy, and without responsibility. 

Or, this dream can indicate that certain traits of your personality as a child haven’t made it to adulthood. 

Alternatively, you’re still carrying some anxiety from your childhood around with you, and you need to resolve it.


Children appearing in your dream embody a facet of your personality, one which is childlike in nature.

This dream may be a reflection of how you want to return to your childhood, or to a simpler time when everything seemed better. 

You might have returned to your childhood hopes and unfinished goals in search of new meaning, as the ones you have in waking life are no longer relevant, or they’re not giving you a sense of purpose like they did before. 

Alternatively, the dream might be drawing your attention to how a carefree attitude would serve you now. Maybe you’ve become too caught up in problems, rather than being in the moment.

If you dream of fighting children, you’re trying to quieten your inner child. You’re not happy about where life is going, but you’re unsure of how to fix it.

The children could symbolize someone in waking life who is immature, or impulsive. 

Dreaming of children fighting each other indicates that you’re fighting against your moral code. Something has you conflicted.

Dreaming of forgetting your child, or children, indicates that your responsibilities are taking a heavy toll on you, and your perspective is becoming distorted as a result. You’re focusing on all the wrong things, and you need to get back on track.

If your children are adults in waking life, and you dream of them as children, this can suggest that you still see them as much smaller than they are now. They still seem the same.

Or, you get a lot out of caring for them, and you’re not sure what your purpose is without it. 

Dreaming of having more children than you do in waking life points to rediscovering talents you have, but for whatever reason you haven’t used them, and now is the time to do so.

Dreaming of watching children play indicates that you have a skill you’ve yet to use, or you’ve never had a chance to use it, and now is the time to put it to the test.

Saving a child in your dream reflects trying to save a facet of your personality from being lost in waking life. Maybe things are changing, and you’re outgrowing a part of you.

Dreaming of a child being abused suggests a discord between you and your childhood. You feel you cannot return to a simpler time, or who you used to be.


Dreaming of chili represents raw, unbridled emotion or an intense drive.


Dreaming of getting chills embodies an underlying anxiety you haven’t confronted, or one you are unaware of in waking life. 

Or, your subconscious is including your physical senses – maybe the duvet has fallen (or been stolen!).

Dreaming of having chills can also be a sign that you need to cool off. Your anger has been getting the better of you, and it’s clouding your judgment.


Dreaming of a chimera symbolizes a fog of worry and confusion. You need to work through your emotions, figure out the cause, and how you can regain your perception.


Hearing chimes in your dream points to peace. Your subconscious is giving you a break from everyday life. 

Or, something within the dream needs your attention, as whatever it represents could help you in waking life. This might be a realization, or something you’ve forgotten.


Dreaming of a chimney embodies the heart of your home, or what powers you. This may be warmth, family, or long-held tradition or values. 

If the chimney is clean, this is a good sign of where you are now. You’re not held back by fear or uncertainty. 

Dreaming of sweeping a chimney indicates that you need to be honest. All your frustrations are causing a lot of tension, and you need to find a way of letting it go.

A chimney can also represent a phallus. If the chimney isn’t smoking, you have a lot of pent-up sexual tension. Dreaming of the chimney falling down indicates your fear of being impotent.


Dreaming of a chimpanzee implies that you’ve been thinking too much. Overthinking will not solve your problems – you’ve been through the scenarios too many times for it to be helpful, now.


Dreaming of your chin references your persistence and your ability to adapt to situations which change quickly and challenge you. 

The chin embodies strength, resourcefulness and resolve. This dream could be telling you that you need to keep hopeful about something.


A chinchilla appearing in your dream can be symbolic of contentment, peace, and satisfaction. It points to your family life, which is in a good place right now.

If you felt stressed when you saw the chinchilla, you feel caged. You are someone who gets their energy from being around others, and you’re not getting the attention you crave. 

Or, you’re in a repetitive situation which you cannot get out of, and it’s starting to take its toll.


A chipmunk appearing in your dream implies that you are focusing too much on the past, and it’s stopping you from enjoying the present.


A chiropractor in your dream indicates you are either looking for validation and support, or it’s a sign that you need to do so. There’s no shame in it. 


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