Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With C – Part 3



Dreaming of a chisel implies that you’ll need to use a little force to find the root of a problem in a situation within waking life.


Dreaming of chives suggests that your relationships are well-balanced. These relationships add a lot to your life.


Dreaming of having chlamydia can be a warning sign. If you know you haven’t been safe enough lately, you need to change this.

Chlamydia in your dream can also reflect negativity about sex as a whole.


Chocolate points to indulgence, love, and good news. 

If you felt mildly sick during this dream, this is your dream telling you to lay off something that you’ve been enjoying too much lately. 

Eating chocolate in your dream implies that you’re becoming more comfortable with your sensual side.

Dreaming of melting chocolate suggests that there’s impending change coming your way, and you’d do well to adapt, fast. It can also mirror any letdowns you’ve been experiencing lately.

Chocolate milk

Dreaming of chocolate milk points to satisfaction bleeding through from waking life. Things are going well. 


Dreaming of being part of a choir indicates that your spirituality is in a good place, and you feel well, having achieved a good balance in waking life.

It also demonstrates your talent where working with others is easy. You know how to get people motivated and back on track.

If you dream of singing out of key compared to the rest of the choir, you are experiencing some difficulties trying to fit into a group.


Dreaming of a choker reflects how you’re having problems with finding your voice in waking life. 

Something’s troubling you, and you either don’t know how to put it into words, or you are afraid of being judged.


Dreaming of choking is a more common dream than you might imagine. 

If you were choking on an object, you feel you cannot be honest in a situation in waking life, or you’ll find it tricky to accept something soon, whether that’s unsolicited advice, or someone’s passing remark.

If you dream of choking on food, this indicates that you’re ignoring your emotions, or you’re carrying a lot of guilt wherever you go.

Dreaming of choking on smoke suggests that you’ve turned your attention away from a situation that needs your input. You don’t want to know.

Dreaming of someone choking you indicates that you’d rather push your emotions down than express your happiness, sadness, or rage. You’re “choked up”. 

Alternatively, something is stopping you from fully expressing who you are, or what you want to do.

Dreaming of choking someone reflects built-up anger which you refuse to let go of. The action of choking someone can also indicate that you are desperately trying to keep something hidden.


Dreaming of chopping something is your subconscious telling you to break issues down into smaller chunks to prevent being overwhelmed. Start with the smallest, easiest piece, and work your way up.

Try to remember what you were chopping for added significance. 

Alternatively, dreaming of chopping can be symbolic of gearing up to do something, having the ‘chops’ to go after what you want, or choosing a more difficult path.

Chopping Board

Dreaming of a chopping board suggests that you’ve been playing something too safe lately. You need to go out on a limb in order to get what you want.

If you felt nervous when you saw the chopping board, this reflects how your sense of security is being questioned in waking life. You feel as though your job is at risk, or your behavior is being examined.


Dreaming of chopsticks suggests that you’re trying to find a different angle on a situation in order to make it benefit you. 

If you’re using chopsticks in a way other than intended, this implies that you’re in a tough situation, and you’re trying to use any means necessary to turn the tide.


Dreaming of being a choreographer suggests that you feel free to be who you are, unhindered by responsibility or judgment. You’re in a great place, and everything is balanced.

Chow Chow

A chow chow signifies your loyal nature, which isn’t easily dissuaded. This can quickly turn into an overbearing or even slightly aggressive nature.


Dreaming of Christ symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and personal growth. A dream like this could have more in-depth, personal symbolism for you, depending on what you believe.


Dreaming of a christening signifies a new chapter in your life, and a journey which will make you a better person than when you started.


Dreaming of Christianity can refer to someone called Christian in your life, or it can reference your own experiences in religion, and your beliefs. 

This dream points to a spiritual journey.


A dream involving Christmas represents tranquility, the joy of the holiday season, celebrating time with those you care about, kindness, and charity.

This dream signifies a new start, one which will be filled with meaning and purpose. 

For more insight into your Christmas dream, consider what this holiday represents to you.

Christmas Card

Dreaming of Christmas cards indicates that you should consider reaching out to people who you’ve lost touch with. It is time to reconnect with them. 

Dreaming of Christmas cards also points to the need to stop holding so tightly onto the past. Forgive anyone that you’re still angry with, and move on.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights point to your perspective, which is never rigid. You are able to change viewpoints as you need to, and as you acquire new information. 

Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree signifies the connection you have with your family and the holiday season. 

Consider how healthy the tree in your dream was. If it is thriving, you have a great connection with those you love, and it points to a future spiritual journey which will shape a chapter of your life.

If the tree looked unhealthy, if all the needles were on the floor, this reflects any problems you’re currently facing in your family life, and the stress and distraction this is causing you.

An unhealthy Christmas tree can suggest you have a difficult time ahead of you, which will take some effort to adjust to. 

If your dream focused on the Christmas decorations on the tree, consider what these symbolize, and any personal connection they have to you.


Dreaming of chrome indicates that any ideas you’ve been working on are now fully developed, and now is the time to show them off. 

It also suggests that you’ll enjoy an uptick in your energy and sense of wellbeing.


Dreaming of chrysanthemums symbolizes long life, wealth, prosperity, and gratitude. You’re either experiencing these qualities now in waking life, or you will soon. 

If you feel nervous seeing chrysanthemums in your dream, this suggests that you are keeping a secret for someone, and you shouldn’t divulge what you know.


Dreaming of the outside of a church represents what you consider holy or sacred, as well as the beginnings of a spiritual journey or fulfillment.

Dreaming of the inside of a church reflects how you’re looking for support or guidance, and you feel some validation would help right now. You want a sign or someone to help encourage you along your journey.

You may be looking to change direction in your career or the way you see yourself and where you fit into the world, or you’ve made a mistake and had a huge setback. You’ve recognized that you could do with some support to get you back in the game.

If you dream of a church being bombed, this suggests that you’re ignoring a facet of yourself, or you are ignoring your spiritual side and neglecting your needs. 

You are holding onto anger, and focusing on how you feel instead of what you need to do. 


Dreaming of churning something points to being distracted at every turn in waking life. While you try to organize yourself and to get things done, it’s not working right now.

This dream suggests that you need to turn your attention to something else, and apply your energy to something that will pay off in the future.


Dreaming of churros indicates that you need to take some time away from the problems of daily life, even if that’s just for a minute. Remind yourself that life is for living.


Dreaming of smoking a cigar signifies that you’re in a great place, where your emotions and to-do list are easy to control, and you feel relaxed most of the time. You’re enjoying the hell out of life right now.

The action of smoking a cigar in your dream can also represent someone in your waking life who enjoys cigars.

In terms of Freud symbolism, a cigar symbolic of the phallus, as well as masculinity and instincts. 

If you see many dried or finished cigars, this could either be a reflection of the state of your sex life or your state of mind. You need a break. 


Dreaming of smoking or giving someone a cigarette suggests that you need some time to yourself. It can also embody something which you are using as a crutch to get through the day, something you’ve come to rely on.

If you’re a non-smoker in waking life, and you dream of smoking, this dream can indicate that you are harming your health in some way, and you need to figure out exactly what the cause is. 


Dreaming of cilantro symbolizes a long life, or even immortality.


Dreaming of a waist trainer implies that you’re trying too hard to fit in somewhere. You’re adapting your behavior to help fit into a group, when you should be your most authentic self.


Dreaming of Cinderella points to a happy ending to a drawn-out and grueling time, where things will sort themselves out, or you’ll soon find a solution.

Dreaming of being Cinderella reflects feelings of being ignored, overwhelmed, overworked, or neglected. While you are working tirelessly, you don’t feel that you’re seeing anything good coming out of it.


Dreaming of cinnamon points to a renewed energy, the satisfaction of a new beginning, or needing to add some spontaneity into your life.

Cinnamon Bun

Dreaming of a cinnamon bun represents a desire for the ‘sweet’ things in life, and enjoying life to the full. It can also symbolize a state of feeling whole, and a sense of accomplishment.


A circle embodies immortality, things coming to a ‘full circle’, to strive for perfection or feeling as though you are complete, and nothing is missing from your life.

If you feel any negative emotions when you see a circle in your dream, it suggests that you’re caught up in a vicious cycle of bad habits or disorganized thinking. You feel trapped, or every day feels the same.

Dreaming of circles within circles implies that you are protected from the worst that life is capable of, or you’re playing things too safe, and you need to learn how to be vulnerable again.

If you feel nervous seeing circles within circles in your dream, this signifies that you’re struggling to break free of something in waking life. 

This might be a bad habit, or an ongoing situation that seems to have no answer, but you will find a way to free yourself from it. 

Dreaming of a misshapen or broken circle points to a lot of problems in the future, which you’ll have to solve before you can achieve your goals. 

You may not be in a place where your dreams are reachable right now. 

You need to do some self-improvement in order to get there, as you don’t currently have the knowledge or experience you need to succeed, but having the drive is half the battle. 

If you dream of a circle with a cross, this represents the earth. It can also be your subconscious pointing you in the right direction.

Circuit Board

Dreaming of a circuit board indicates that there are several stages that you’ll need to go through in order to get what you want. 

It may not be as simple as you first imagined, but break it down into chunks, and you’ll get there.

Or, a circuit board in your dream represents something which is the ‘glue’ keeping everything working, or something which is holding you and your family together, stopping them from drifting apart.

Circuit Breaker

Dreaming of a circuit breaker indicates that you are suffering from burnout. You need a break, and you need one now. 

You’re not working at your best, and your decision-making abilities aren’t at their best right now. 

You need to recognize when you need to stop and regroup, in order to be more efficient. Stopping a burnout before it happens saves all sorts of trouble in the future.


Dreaming of being circumcised points to distancing yourself from your emotions in order to push through to get something done. This is only a short-term fix, and it can do more harm than good.

Or, a dream involving circumcision indicates that you’re trying to get rid of something which is part of you. The attempt will only serve to hurt you.


Dreaming of being at the circus indicates that you want more interesting things to happen in your life. 

If you feel nervous or uncomfortable during a circus dream, this suggests that you give people the wrong impression, which doesn’t match up with who you are. 

You are easily persuaded into things that go against your instincts. Think about what you saw in this circus dream for a greater insight into its meaning.

Dreaming of an abandoned or empty circus mirrors how you feel cut off from others. You feel isolated, and it’s starting to affect your behavior.

Dreaming of a circus act going wrong mirrors a loss of control in waking life. Things aren’t going the way you want them to. 


Dreaming of receiving a citation is a warning dream. If you continue approaching life in the way you have done, you could get into trouble. Try to change your first reaction to things.


Dreaming about your citizenship points to your sense of community, belonging, and how your self-esteem ties into this. 

If you dream of your citizenship being revoked, a feeling of rejection from waking life has bled into your dream.


A citrine gemstone symbolizes the power you hold, and your inner strength. 

If you lose the citrine in your dream, this suggests that you need to cultivate more motivation and apply yourself in order to get what you want.


A city in your dream represents your sense of identity in a community, and being surrounded by people. 

Dreaming of a large city indicates that while you know a lot of people, there’s a lack of closeness in your life. You long for a meaningful connection, and you are lonely.

A deserted city in your dream reflects how you feel towards others, you feel left behind, or overlooked.

Dreaming of a ruined city indicates that you’re not putting enough effort into maintaining your relationships, and they are starting to suffer.

Dreaming of a city which is underground or underwater symbolizes your subconscious mind. In order to understand people better, you must gain a greater understanding of yourself to develop your empathy.

Dreaming of a city in the sky indicates that you’ve set your hopes too high. Other people won’t act the way you hope they will.

City Hall

Dreaming of City Hall symbolizes feelings of inadequacy. You feel as though your worries are going unheard, or you don’t have the power to make people listen. 

You may also feel as though you’re being controlled by a person or situation larger than you, and it’s making you feel insignificant.

Civil Rights Movement

Dreaming of a civil rights movement can point to an inflated sense of grandeur, superiority or ego getting in the way of a clear perspective. 

Or, you feel mistreated in waking life, and this dream is calling you to change the situation in order to claw back a sense of control.


A claddagh stands for loyalty, love, and friendship, all of which binds your life together. 

If you dream of wearing a claddagh ring (see also Ring Dream Interpretation), or you give one to someone, this symbolizes how highly you value each of these traits, and how you prize them in your life. 


Dreaming of being clairvoyant implies that you feel at peace with waking life right now. Nothing is clouding your perspective on things, and you feel in control.


Dreaming of a clan points to your willful character, which can be a blessing or a curse.

If you dream of a closed clam, you have withdrawn from other people, and you won’t let them get close to you to help. 


Dreaming of clamping something is your subconscious telling you to keep going, and to ignore temptation. Others around you aren’t as disciplined.


Dreaming of clapping your hands suggests that you feel overlooked, or someone’s not paying you as much attention as they used to. 

If you were reluctant to clap in this dream, it indicates that you’re having difficulty being honest about your emotions.

Dreaming of hearing clapping implies that something in this dream is important, and you’d do well to notice it.


Dreaming of a clapperboard reflects your desire for luxury and to be in the public eye.

The clapperboard can also represent the great many chances that life can offer.


A clarinet indicates that your tone of voice isn’t matching up with your intentions, and you’re in danger of being misunderstood or misinterpreted.


Dreaming of being in class can be a call for you to develop more class. 

Dreaming of forgetting to attend a class points to your fear of failure or forgetting your responsibilities. You doubt your own capability and ability to adapt to changing situations.

Classic Car

Dreaming of a classic car represents your life-long goals and hopes. It also represents how you started, and the long way you’ve come.


Dreaming of past classmates suggests that you could do with applying a lesson that you learned in your past into a relationship which you have now. 

It would help you understand its dynamic better, or give you the right perspective in order to solve a communication problem. 


Dreaming of being in a classroom suggests that waking life has a lesson to teach you. Learning it would help you in the future.

A classroom can represent discovering more about yourself, what you’re capable of, and your limitations.

Dreaming of searching for a classroom implies that gaining more knowledge would actively help you along your path in the near future.

Dreaming of an outdoor classroom is your subconscious telling you that you need to learn to adapt better. Don’t try to fight change, and be honest with the people around you.


Dreaming of having claustrophobia points to holding onto feelings of guilt. You are afraid of your mistakes.

Claw Machine

Dreaming of a claw machine reflects something in waking life that you desperately want. It’s just about in your reach, but it keeps slipping away from you.


Dreaming of claws suggests feelings of hostility or insecurity. You feel vulnerable, and you want to defend yourself or someone you love. A sense of security has been affected.

A dream of claws is also a warning sign. You should guard your words, and act carefully to avoid confrontation.


Dreaming of working with clay or seeing clay symbolizes the ability to mold yourself into who you want to be, or what you want to be capable of. 

Or, this dream can point to the need to actively plan out the things you need to reach in order to achieve your goals. You should plan for the future in order to shape it into what you want.

Dreaming of a clay pot represents healing, devotion, or innocence.

Clean Shaven

If you dream of someone who normally has facial hair, and he is clean-shaven in your dream, this indicates that he’s ready to be honest with you.


Dreaming of being at the cleaners is a warning. It suggests that someone is taking advantage of you somewhere, and you might not notice until it’s too late. 

Or, this dream is a sign that you need to solve something without involving your emotions, no matter how difficult that may be.


Dreaming of cleaning represents how you are getting rid of the negative forces or energy in your life, in order to push past current problems and live life better.

You’re moving toward a new chapter in your life, and you’re already preparing for it, whether you know it or not.

If you dream of cleaning your house, it indicates that you need to shed any habits that aren’t serving you, and you need to organize your headspace into something clearer.

Or, this dream can be your subconscious encouraging you to ‘come clean’ about something which you haven’t been honest about, not entirely.

Dreaming of cleaning a specific object is symbolic of part of yourself which isn’t working as well as it should. 

If you dream of cleaning the oven or the fridge, this indicates that you feel trapped or unable to move on in an aspect of your life, or you’re getting to the heart of a situation which has been ongoing.

Dreaming of cleaning out a desk signifies how you’re moving forward. You’re casting off anything that’s been making you drag your feet, and you’re enjoying the renewed freedom and choice ahead of you.


Dreaming of a clearance can suggest that you’re not doing yourself justice. You are much more capable than you believe. It can point to feeling ignored or underestimated.

Or, a clearance is your subconscious telling you that something is no longer right for you, either a habit, hobby, or mentality you’ve outgrown.


Dreaming of a cleaver indicates that you want to cut ties somewhere in your life, either in terms of a relationship, a commitment, or a career.

A cleaver can also symbolize anxiety, fury, or hostility, either emotion that you’re harboring yourself, or you’re picking up on someone else’s emotions. 

A cleaver can be your subconscious telling you to tackle a problem step by step. Treat it as several smaller issues in order to overcome it.


Dreaming of a clef represents balance, harmony, and teamwork.

A treble clef in your dream embodies freedom and happiness, while a bass clef suggests a melancholy attitude or an overly-serious nature.


Seeing Cleopatra in your dream is a warning. On your current path, you risk being tempted by a force you cannot control.

Dreaming of being Cleopatra indicates that you’re recognizing your own power, knowledge, and ability to influence others.


A client indicates that you are in a position of influence or power, and you need to be careful how you exert it. 

Consider the context of the dream, and what services you were offering.

Dreaming of being a client implies that you’re searching for approval or recognition that you’re on the right path. 


Dreaming of standing at a cliff edge signifies that you’ve recently gained a fresh perspective or whole new level of understanding. 

You’re at a turning point, and to lose control now could be catastrophic. 

Or, this dream symbolizes how you’re at a crossroads in waking life, and whatever you decide will change your life.

Dreaming of falling off a cliff or watching someone else fall symbolizes your fear of the unknown. 

You’re scared of what the future has in store for you, and you’re worried you won’t be able to handle it properly, and you won’t get another chance.

Dreaming of climbing to the top of a cliff represents your motivation, and how far you want to go in life. You want to be the best.


Dreaming of climbing up something indicates a struggle to overcome something, or a reflection of what you’ve just overcome. 

This dream can point out that your goals are nearly within your grasp, if you can carry on. 

The act of climbing up within a dream is also symbolic of becoming more popular.

Dreaming of climbing down something indicates that you need to do some self-exploration. 

Something lying in your subconscious is holding you back, or you’re unsure of the source of the uncertainty or hesitation you’re feeling.

Climbing down within a dream can indicate that you feel emotionally drained, and you need to take some time to recharge.


Dreaming of being at a clinic suggests that a facet of your life needs your attention. You need to improve on your physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being.

For a closer look at the meaning behind your dream, remember what you went into the clinic for.


Dreaming of a clipboard or using one points to feeling watched. You feel as though every behavior and choice you make is being examined.

If you dream of other people taking notes on what you say, this indicates that your experience is a valuable resource for others.


Dreaming of wearing a cloak suggests you feel the need to be protected. Something has threatened your sense of security, and you feel vulnerable, or you want to hide from your problems.

Dreaming of a worn cloak which is full of holes indicates that there is a rift forming between you and someone you hold dear.


A clock suggests that a situation in waking life is time-sensitive, and you would benefit from dealing with it now. 

A clock can also indicate a generalized anxiety, which is coloring everything and affecting your behavior. You need to increase your productivity or your pace to get things done.

If you hear a clock chiming in your dream, you’re feeling the pressure to get things sorted on time, and you don’t have a lot left in terms of this one situation.

Clocks in dreams can also link to the human heartbeat, and this can indicate your emotional state, especially an anxious one. 

If the clock has stopped completely, this points to death, either in a literal sense or the end of something important. Remember the time that the clock stopped at for more information.

Dreaming of clock hands racing around the face indicates that you feel overwhelmed by a large project or troubling problem, and you don’t have long to resolve it.

Dreaming of clock hands moving backwards reflects how you feel life is going. You feel as though you’re going nowhere, or you’re regressing back to a time when you felt powerless or out of control.

If you dream of winding or repairing a clock, this is your subconscious telling you that you need to work on your resolve. Things will be more demanding than you expect, and they will take longer to solve.

Clock Tower

A clock tower is a reassuring sign that your hard work won’t go unnoticed.


Dreaming of a clogged drain reflects waking life, where there is something hampering your progress or personal growth.


Wearing clogs in your dream points to your solid foundation in life and sense of security.

Or, you’re feeling overburdened, or your negative emotions are weighing you down, preventing you from moving forward as fast as you are capable of. 

Dreaming of clog dancing reflects your joy at everything life has to offer, and the satisfaction of how it’s going right now.


Dreaming of having a clone indicates that you are either frustrated or at peace with who you are right now, depending on how you feel when you see the clone.

Or, you feel overworked, and you feel like there needs to be two of you in order to get everything sorted.

Dreaming of seeing many clones of yourself can indicate that you’re feeling a lack of creativity, and everything feels drab or overdone. You need to expand your horizons, and develop your sense of individuality.


Dreaming of a closed door is symbolic of something which is out of your reach, or an aspect of your life that seems distant right now.

Dreaming of a store being closed indicates that you’re only looking at things from a limited point of view. 

You’re incapable of seeing other people’s viewpoints, or you haven’t considered that they might differ from yours in a specific situation.

This dream usually manifests itself when you feel frustrated, inferior, or powerless in waking life, or something is missing.


A closet refers to part of yourself that you keep hidden from others. 

It can also point to a moment in the near future where you’ll be honest about yourself, without being worried about being judged for it.

If you dream of hiding in a closet, you feel the need to protect yourself from being hurt by others. You don’t want to be judged on who you really are.


Cloth points to the pieces that make up the whole of your existence.

The color of the cloth points to how you feel things are progressing, as well as the state of the fabric itself.


Dreaming of hanging clothing along a clothesline indicates that you’re discovering the hidden facets of your personality, or you’re ready to show them to others.

This dream can also visually demonstrate any emotional issues you have. If you were hanging only white clothes, this can reference your all-consuming desire to be good or to be free of something.

If you felt nervous about hanging your washing in this dream, it reflects how you’ve been deliberating on being honest about something, and the nerves are telling you to hold back. Now may not be the right time.


Dreaming of your clothes represents the ‘you’ that other people see and judge you accordingly. It also references how you behave in front of others.

If you are wearing clothing you would not wear in waking life, this can indicate that you’re showing an edited version of yourself for others to judge. You aren’t being completely honest.

This can point to a part of your life or ‘deception’ which doesn’t suit you, or it can represent the part of you behind the deception, the facet of yourself that you never show to the world.

If you dream of your clothes becoming dirty and ruined, and you try to fix them, this reflects your efforts to shape your character or instincts into things that will serve you better. You’re trying to be a better version of yourself.

Dreaming of wearing new clothes indicates that you’ve found a new way to express your personality, and adopting a new persona. 

If you dream of still wearing the price tags on new clothes (see also Buying Clothes Dream Meaning), this points to trying too hard. People always recognize when you’re trying too hard.

Dreaming of constantly changing clothes indicates a desire for meaningful change, and the need to define yourself by something new.

Dreaming of clothes which are too small points to feeling trapped or constrained in waking life. Something is holding you back from progressing.

Dreaming of clothes which hang off your frame reveals feelings of inadequacy or an anxiety about not being enough as you are. You try to hide who you are.

If you dream of wearing clothes which are wildly inappropriate for a situation, this outlines your fears of not being up to a task in waking life.

Dreaming of your clothing being damaged suggests that the way you are processing things is flawed, or your perspective is limited. You need to look at things differently.

A dream of buying new clothes is common when a situation in waking life challenges your capabilities. You’re worried about not measuring up to the task, but this is a sign that you should succeed.

Dreaming of someone giving you clothes points to trying to be the person someone wants you to be, rather than who you are. 

If you dream of your closet filled with only white clothes, this reflects the negativity you’ve been feeling lately. You need to process your emotions and get on top of things in order to progress.

Dreaming of wearing only black represents how you want to fit with a crowd. It can also represent the subconscious part of you, and your shadow persona. If you only wear black in waking life, this is just a reflection of your habits.

Dreaming of wearing your clothes inside-out represents how you want to stand out from the majority. You like to make a statement, and you get a lot out of people’s reactions.

If in the dream, you turn your clothes inside out, this reflects how you feel the need to protect yourself from something. You feel vulnerable, and you don’t want to risk getting hurt.

Dreaming that everyone is wearing the same clothes apart from you signifies that you feel excluded from others in waking life.

Despite your efforts, you can’t seem to slot into a particular group, or you’ve been singled out for your differences.

Or, this dream can mirror how you’re a source of a conflict, causing arguments deliberately, or you go against the majority for the satisfaction of doing so.

Dreaming of taking clothes out of a river, lake, or other natural body of water suggests that you’ve let go of a past version of yourself, or you’ve forgiven yourself for something.

* See also Clothing Dream Symbols

Clothing Store

Dreaming of being in a clothing store suggests that you want to reinvent yourself, and you want a completely new image for others to judge you on. 

Or, dreaming of being in a clothing store reflects your worries about measuring up to people’s expectations or a new position at work.


A clothespin in your dream suggests that you’re wanting to edit the image people see of you. You want greater control over your public persona.

Dreaming of closing your nostrils with a clothespin reflects a situation in waking life, where you’re closing yourself off from something that is trying to distract you.


Dreaming of soft, white clouds points to tranquility, empathy, and a sense of spiritual balance or satisfaction. Something which has been bothering you for a while is about to be resolved.

Storm clouds or large rain clouds reflect feelings of negativity, usually sadness or fury. 

They can also manifest as confusion, being unable to think logically in a troubling situation,  not being able to see a situation clearly. Your vision is ‘clouded’.


A clover with three leaves represents the future, the present, and the past.

A four-leaf clover symbolizes prosperity, and joy. Each leaf stands for a different concept: love, prosperity, wellbeing, and fame. 

The clover can also symbolize the end of a long-standing issue, and the relief that comes with it.

If you dream of a field of only white clovers, this indicates that chances which are perfect for you are just out of reach right now.


Dreaming of cloves is a good sign. This dream points to a deep connection with someone, protection, and in terms of your domestic life, it will be as perfect as you’ve ever dreamed.


A clown symbolizes humor, your inner child, and the ridiculous side of life. It can be a reminder not to take life too seriously.

Remember the painted expression on the clown’s face, as this can mirror your own emotions, maybe those which you haven’t acknowledged yet. 

Try to recall what the clown was doing, as this will further inform the meaning of the dream.

If the clown was acting inappropriately, or rashly, this is a representation of you, without your inhibitions. It can also be a manifestation of rash, thoughtless, or abrasive actions.

If you have a fear of clowns, this can simply be a representation of your fear, and your subconscious’s way of finding out how you would react to one face to face.

Alternatively, seeing a clown in your dream when you have a fear of them represents someone in your life who has bad intentions, or someone who wants to see you fail. 

This person isn’t the person you think they are, or they’re not showing you a true version of themselves.


Dreaming of a wooden club points to pent-up hostility, or giving power to someone else, depending on if you used the club, or it was used against you.

The club’s appearance in your dream can reveal unresolved rage, which is ready to create an outburst. 

You are spoiling for an argument as an outlet, or stress is taking its toll, causing you to have a much shorter fuse than usual.

Dreaming of being in a nightclub points to your social life and where you fit in with others. If the nightclub is dirty or empty, you may be neglecting your relationships, or you could do with socializing more.

Dreaming of the club suit in a deck of cards points to work.


Dreaming of clubbing indicates that you need to relax and do something fun. Drop your worries for a little while and do something you enjoy. It also points to how well you feel you belong in a group.


Dreaming of finding a clue indicates that you’ll soon discover something vital, or you’ll get some news in the near future. 

It can also suggest that you need to pay more attention to what’s going on around you, or that you’re slowly coming to a realization that will change things. 


Dreaming of being clumsy or someone else is clumsy reflects a waking life situation or connection with someone, where things are clunky. 

Things aren’t easy, and not everything can be all the time. Don’t beat yourself up for the things you cannot change.


Dreaming of clutter implies that you need to do some ‘housekeeping’ within your life. 

You have been putting off something that you know you shouldn’t, or you would benefit from organizing your life better. 

A dream filled with clutter also suggests that you should stop spending your time looking at the past.


Dreaming of being a coach or seeing one is a sign that you need to exercise some control in an aspect of your life, to stop yourself from losing control over it.


Dreaming of coal represents the wealth of potential you possess, but haven’t taken advantage of yet. 

If you feel nervous or guilty when you see coal in your dream, you know you haven’t been behaving yourself lately, and this is either your subconscious calling you out, or a sign that you’ll soon be discovered.

Dreaming of walking or watching someone walk on hot coals is a reassuring sign. It speaks of your resilience and ability. 

As long as you commit yourself to something, you can overcome any obstacle put in your path. 


Dreaming of the coast points to a spiritual journey. The scenery of the coast itself represents your emotional state (the ocean), and your logical mind (the beach), and the balance between the two.

Or, the dream is pointing to how you’re ‘coasting’ right now. You’re not growing because you’re not challenging yourself. 

Alternatively, a dream of an empty coast refers to trouble or stress finally dissolving. The ‘coast is clear’, and you can now concentrate on the future.


Dreaming of a coat represents your guard, your defense mechanisms or the desire to protect yourself. 

If you dream of pulling a coat tightly around you, and you aren’t cold, this points to distancing yourself from other people in order to feel less vulnerable.

The color, type of coat, and its condition will also determine the meaning behind its appearance in your dream.

If you dream of a worn coat which is full of holes, you don’t feel at your best, or you don’t feel that your best is good enough, or you feel powerless in a situation in waking life.

Dreaming of a fur coat represents good fortune, and the desire for luxury. It can also point to an all-consuming desire to be liked. You thrive on attention.

Coat Of Arms

Dreaming of a coat of arms is a nod to your family, your roots, and how this has shaped your identity.


Dreaming of a cobra signifies an uptick in your creativity, and a new creative project on the horizon. Or, something in your life has become all-consuming.


Cobwebs indicate that you have talents which are going to waste.  You don’t realize the scope of your full potential. 

Alternatively, cobwebs in your dream suggest that you’re ignoring something that you can’t afford to do. It will make your life much more difficult in the long run.


Dreaming of using cocaine suggests that you’re bored with the way things are. You feel as though you don’t have any emotions, and every day is the same.

This dream can manifest as an outlet, in that you’re looking for a way to escape responsibilities which are weighing on you.

Or, you lack motivation to change things, but you still want things to be different.

This dream can be challenging you to see things differently, or to be more proactive in inviting exciting and new challenges into your life. 


Dreaming of a cock represents arrogance, vanity, an inflated sense of confidence, nerve, or masculinity. 

This dream implies that you or someone you know is playing to a crowd, or showing off about something, with hardly a glance at how it’s making others feel. 

A rooster crowing in your dream points to showing off, or buying into your own press.

Dreaming of cocks fighting reflects an attack on your pride or something which is closely tied to your identity.

This dream can also symbolize the penis, or sexual desire.


A cockatiel suggests that others see you as an open book. You’re not afraid to show your emotions.

A white cockatoo denotes a period of tranquility.

Cocker Spaniel

A cocker spaniel reflects your observant and playful character. The spaniel can also suggest that you long for a meaningful connection with someone.


A cockerel can be a warning, if you feel dread, or inexplicably nervous when you notice it. 

If not, the cockerel represents aggression, and those values traditionally associated with masculinity, pride, stoicism, a protective nature, among others.


Dreaming of a cockfight indicates that your pride or sense of self is being challenged, or someone is attacking you. You don’t feel vulnerable, but you do feel offended or insulted, and you’re tempted to retaliate.


Dreaming of being in a cockpit indicates that you need to step up and take the helm of a situation in waking life. It won’t get sorted otherwise. 

Demonstrate your control over your current circumstances.


A cockroach represents pollution of some kind, or negativity settling into your life. 

It can suggest that you need to overhaul your life, as things no longer suit you the way they are, or how you’re living is unsustainable.

* See Also Bug Dream Symbols


Dreaming of drinking cocktails is your subconscious telling you that your motivation, productivity, or mood is low, and you need a break. Don’t forget the value of taking some time for yourself.

* See Alcohol


Dreaming of enjoying cocoa reflects how you’re enjoying everything life has to offer right now. You’re making the most of now. 


Dreaming of a coconut signifies that you need a more creative solution than the one you’ve been trying to fix a problem with. 

It also represents strength of will, and how far determination can carry you.

Coconuts in your dream can embody taking life at a slower pace and giving yourself the chance to relax. You are in need of some respite.

If you dream of eating a coconut, this suggests that you’re being too headstrong in a situation in waking life, or you refuse to see another perspective, believing that you are in the right.


Dreaming of a cocoon is a good sign. It indicates a period of healing or total transformation.

It also symbolizes somewhere you retreat to in order to feel safe, secluded away from others.

Dreaming of being in a cocoon indicates that you feel you need a period of restoration. You want to ‘reset’, in order to feel well again, and this could be in terms of your body or your mind. 

A dream of being cocooned also symbolizes a period of rebirth. You’ve worked hard to change, and the rewards aren’t far off. 

Or, a cocoon signifies all of your latent potential that you haven’t had a chance to explore yet. It’s waiting for you. 


Dreaming of drinking coffee or craving a cup of coffee indicates that you should take a step back from a situation. 

If you don’t, you risk making the wrong decision, as you don’t have all the facts, and you may only be acting on your emotions.

A dream of drinking coffee can also suggest that you long for a change in your routine. It’s become too rigid.

Dreaming of drinking coffee with someone can indicate that you want or need to spend more time with them.

 It also points to needing a deep connection with someone, harboring feelings for them, or you just want someone to listen.

A coffee pot implies the need for comfort and companionship. It can also represent a pooling of resources or wisdom, and sharing your hopes or fears. 

Dreaming of dry coffee grounds signifies your need for change. You feel as though a part of your life is stagnating, or you’re stuck in the same place.

If you dream of having dry coffee grounds in your mouth, this symbolizes a situation or decision you’re finding it difficult to come to terms with. You’ll find it with time.

Dreaming of going through the motions of making coffee and encountering a problem, such as ruined or off coffee, the kettle, machine or stove is broken, this indicates that you’re trying to please everyone all the time.

This dream is highlighting how problematic a habit that can be, and how exhausted you’ll be at the end of it. 

Coffee Bean

Dreaming of a sack of coffee beans points to your reserves of energy or potential you haven’t yet used, or you’re not consciously aware of. You’re tougher than you think.

If you feel nervous seeing the coffee beans in your dream, this reflects how something in your life needs your input, and fast.

Coffee Maker

A coffee maker points to a discord in your sense of wellbeing, or in your ability to handle your emotions and your problems. Something feels off.

A coffee maker in a dream can also represent how aware you feel, or needing to feel more connected to the present instead of your worries.

Coffee Shop

Dreaming of a coffee shop suggests that you need to spend some time with your friends or someone close to you. You need to be more social.

Coffee Table

A coffee table refers to your social life.


A coffin in your dream represents your fears or beliefs regarding death. It can also symbolize the womb.

An empty coffin in your dream indicates you’ve outgrown an ideal, a relationship, or a habit, and you need to move past it. A white coffin denotes a loss of innocence or a naive outlook.

Dreaming of seeing a body in a coffin, or looking at yourself in a coffin, reflects depression. You feel powerless, unworthy, or trapped, unable to be yourself. 

It can also suggest something in your waking life is weighing you down or stopping you from moving on. It’s a ‘dead end’, and you need to free yourself from it.  


Coins symbolize opportunities which you couldn’t recognize or didn’t take.

Gold coins embody prosperity and success. Silver coins represent your self-worth, what you value, your instincts, and your spirituality. 

Copper coins embody a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Dreaming of stacked coins represents power and vitality, as well as reputation.

If you dream of flipping a coin, you’re treating a decision too casually, and you need to put more thought into it.


A colander suggests that you either need to move away from your feelings and try to think logically, or that you’re unable to keep a lid on your emotions.


Dreaming of being cold indicates that you’re finally over a huge hurdle in your life. Or, you feel alienated from others, where you are holding onto resentment in some form.

Dreaming of a cold world indicates that you need to distance yourself from your emotions in order to make a decision.

Dreaming of touching something cold indicates there’s something in waking life which you need to avoid.

Cold Sore 

Dreaming of having a cold sore suggests that you’re regretting something you said in the heat of the moment.


Dreaming of a coliseum points to making a show of yourself or your emotions. You are playing to a crowd. 

A ruined coliseum represents something in waking life which has left its mark on you. Or, you’re ignoring the part of you that thrives on other people’s attention.


Dreaming of collapsing reflects how you are pushing yourself beyond your limits. You may have forgotten why you started something, you have doubts, and your ability is suffering.


A collar represents feeling trapped or unable to be yourself.


Dreaming of trying to deal with collections indicates you feel bullied or victimized in some way, or you refuse to ask for assistance.


Dreaming of college symbolizes a social or culture shift, where you’ll expand your horizons.

If you’ve already been to college, this dream is taking you back to those days. If you’re at college now, this dream mirrors your current circumstances.

A dream of college can also be your subconscious trying to give you some encouragement. You’re feeling the pressure, but if you stick with it, you’ll succeed


Dreaming of a colonel indicates that you need to take other people’s emotions into consideration.

If you dream of a colonel being demoted, something will not turn out the way you hope.


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