Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With C – Part 4



Dreaming of Colorado when you’ve never been indicates that you should spend some time in more natural settings. 

There’s a lot to be said for the calming scenery of nature, and how well it works in ‘grounding’ you.

Coloring Book

Dreaming of a coloring book represents childhood, or the carefree nature and simple pleasures that childhood involves. It can indicate that you should spend some time on simple things.

Or, this dream can be a warning against putting all your attention into distractions when there are situations you shouldn’t be ignoring, clamoring for your attention.

The color you are using in this dream is also significant, as well as the form you are coloring in.

The subject in the coloring book can guide you to the facet of your life that needs your attention the most.


Experiencing a black and white dream or one which is devoid of color reflects feelings of depression, hopelessness, or isolation.

Something in waking life or an unresolved issue is dragging you down, and you need to free yourself from it.

You feel the future is bleak, or something will only end a certain way. Life can surprise you. 


In dreams, colors signify energy, feelings, auras or atmospheres. What a color means to you can mean something wildly different to someone else.

Think of what you feel about the color that appeared in your dream, and what you link that color with, such as specific memories or people. 

Generally, pastel colors imply a subtle emotion, or a weakness. Dark colors stand for desire and intense emotion. The brighter a color is, the better the awareness.

If you dream in color, and then it fades to black and white, this indicates that you’ve moved past your emotional reaction, and you’re seeing something from a logical point of view.


Dreaming of a colt represents your potential, which you are starting to make use of. It can also symbolize the beginning of a journey or project where you’re trying to find your feet.


Columns appearing in your dream represent resilience and perseverance. 

This dream can also be a sign that you feel exhausted, or you are a ‘pillar of support’ for others. People come to you with their problems.

A column in your dream points to your support network, and the wealth of support you can have if you ask for it from those who love you. 


Dreaming of being in a coma indicates you feel powerless or your abilities to cope have been impaired in a tough situation. 

You are struggling to adapt to something, or to come to terms with a situation you have no control over.

Or, the coma in your dream reflects the state of your body while you dream. 

When your brain enters REM sleep and you dream, it makes sure you won’t move, to stop you injuring yourself by reacting to your dream. This is known as REM paralysis.


Dreaming of combing your hair (see also Hair Dream Meaning) implies that you need to sift through your thoughts. 

You must organize them, and clear up any lingering confusion or indecision. 

Things will become clearer once you do. You may even gain some new inspiration, or a solution you’ve been looking for.

Combing your hair in a dream can suggest you spend too much time judging yourself or others on appearances, rather than the substance of their personalities.

Combination Lock

Dreaming of a combination lock indicates that you’re withdrawing into yourself to stop other people from getting close to you, or knowing you better. 

You either don’t trust these people, or you’re afraid of making yourself vulnerable. Try to remember the numbers of the combination for additional insight into your dream (see also Number Dream Meaning).

Dreaming of forgetting a combination points to hesitating in showing people who you really are, or you’ve forgotten about an important date you need to keep.


Dreaming of a combustion reflects pent-up aggression or a violent outburst. You’ve been ignoring your feelings for too long, and they are making themselves known. 


Dreaming of being a comedian implies that you’re taking yourself or your situation too seriously right now. 

You need to remember how to drop your problems for a moment to stop them overwhelming you, and stop carrying so much tension with you. Enjoy the little things.


Dreaming of watching a comedy indicates that you need to find the funny side of an intense or stressful situation. 

It will take some of the pressure off, and you’ll be able to unload some of the tension you’re holding onto.


Dreaming of a comet suggests that you’re getting caught up in the logistics or obstacles of something, and it’s getting in the way of achieving your goals. 

You’re thinking yourself into a corner which you don’t need to be in, and you certainly don’t need to add any more problems. 


Dreaming of a comforter represents protection, affection, and warmth. You are searching for a respite from the world and its problems.

Or, you feel the need to be comforted by someone. You’re looking for reassurance.


Dreaming of comics implies that you need to see the funny side of a stressful situation, or let yourself laugh at something.

Dreaming of being a comic collector indicates that you’re refusing to see a situation as it is. You believe that only acknowledging the good things will stop the bad things from happening.

Or, it can reflect your passion for your hobby, if you like collecting comics.


Dreaming of issuing commands points to how well you communicate what you want or your point of view. 

This dream can be a call to action, telling you to be more confident, and assume control of your situation or a problem which needs your input.

Dreaming of someone else commanding you can suggest that you need to be more humble in a situation. You don’t necessarily have the answers you think you do.


Dreaming of commandments can be a desire to have more order in your life, or how you hope to be rewarded by obeying rules. 

Try to remember what the commandment was in order to get a better understanding of what your dream is telling you.


* See Announcer


Dreaming of watching TV commercials indicates a short attention span or a lack of commitment. 

You go from one task to another without fully completing the first one, and this will start to overwhelm you if you’re not careful. 

If the commercials are jumping, this suggests that you can’t concentrate properly, or you’re afraid to commit to something or someone.


Dreaming of living in a commune implies that you are tired of society life, and you want a simpler lifestyle. 

You are tired of the ‘rat race’, and you want something more than this. It can also manifest as a desire to get back to nature, or to find a new purpose.


Dreaming of having problems communicating indicates you’re being held back by insecurity, or low self-worth.

It can also suggest that you’ll have a miscommunication in the near future, which will impair your productivity or your ability to be objective.


Dreaming of communion is a reference to your spiritual journey, and how well you relate to it in the face of your everyday life. 

This dream is highlighting an imbalance between your emotions and what you think is right. You are seeking validation for how you feel.

Or, the dream is drawing your attention to deception. Your subconscious has picked up on something that doesn’t quite feel right.


Dreaming of a community indicates that you need to look after the existing relationships in your life, and you may need to expand your social circle. 

It can also imply that you feel you don’t ‘click’ with many people, or that you haven’t found your group yet. You will. 


Dreaming of a compass is your subconscious trying to point you in the right direction. The dream could be pushing you to reconsider a recent decision, or to rethink a new chapter you’ve started on.

Dreaming of a drafting compass or using one in your dream suggests that you find safety and security in the familiar, or in a path you’ve set for yourself. 

A drafting compass also represents your desire for perfection in everything you take on, and this could be a source of stress.


Dreaming about compassion suggests that you feel a lack of it in waking life. You desire empathy, or you’re too quick to brush off a connection with someone. 

You need to be more empathetic, or you need to make a bigger effort to connect with others.


Dreaming of being in a competition indicates that you feel you haven’t grown enough lately or reached for what you want. You know you’re capable of more.

You need to practice your perseverance, or you need to find your voice and make sure people know what you want, as they could help you on your path. 

This can also manifest as an anxiety dream, reflecting a competition in waking life. 

Dreaming of winning a competition reflects the aptitude and experience you have, which will help you solve an ongoing issue in waking life.


Dreaming of you or someone else complaining indicates repressed or unresolved emotions, which are likely to make themselves known soon.

The nature of the complaint will also point to any unresolved issues you have. 


Dreaming of your complexion reflects the opinion other people have of you, it’s an embodiment of your image which other people judge you on.


Dreaming of giving someone a compliment indicates that you need to hold your ground. Don’t be persuaded by other people doubting your intentions or knowledge.

Dreaming of receiving a compliment signifies that you have a healthy sense of self-worth, and you need to keep it that way.


Dreaming of being a composer reflects how you’re shaping part of your life into something new, directing your spare energy to the task. 

It can indicate that you’re steering your life into an entirely new direction, opening up a wealth of new possibilities.


Compost appearing in your dream implies that you have some long-held ideas which are no longer serving you. You need to let go of them, and make them into something useful which you can use.


Dreaming of a computer represents a wealth of information or knowledge, the modern era, and technology. 

Depending on how you feel when you see the computer in your dream, it can suggest that entirely new opportunities are coming your way, or you feel numb, where your emotions are too quiet, and you rarely take control of a situation.

Dreaming of a computer gaining sentience reflects a loss of control or power over your own life, and a general state of worry. Someone else is calling the shots in your life.

If you dream of a computer not working properly, because of a virus or a mechanical failure, this reflects part of your life which has slipped out of your power to control.

Dreaming of a computer which creates artwork as a sentient being points to desires sitting in your subconscious, waiting for you to unearth them. 

Consider the nature of the artwork for further insight into your dream. It might reflect emotions that you are ignoring, or a situation you’ve been kicking down the road.

Computer Games

Dreaming of playing computer games reflects circumstances in waking life that will have one of two outcomes, you’ll either succeed, or you’ll fail.

Dreaming of a game over screen denotes a chapter of your life coming to a close. Consider what game you were playing to see where this might be.

Computer Mouse

A computer mouse appearing in your dreams represents the power you have over your mindset. If the mouse doesn’t work, this suggests that you don’t have a clear perspective of how things are.


Dreaming of wearing concealer indicates that you’re trying to deceive yourself or someone else about a facet of your life, your emotions, or your reasons for doing something.

Or, dreaming of concealer points to a low sense of self-worth.

Concentration Camp

Dreaming of a concentration camp suggests that you have trouble seeing past other people’s differences, and you need to learn to accept people for who they are. 

If you have lived in a concentration camp, waking life is stirring up these memories, provoking similar emotions.


Dreaming of being concerned suggests that waking life is causing you a lot of stress, uncertainty or worry at the moment. 

The concern you have in this dream relates to something you need to consider in your waking life.

Dreaming of someone being concerned for you indicates that you’ve been taking too many risks lately. 


Dreaming of being at a concert represents a great balance within an important relationship you have in waking life. You’re getting a lot of happiness out of it.

Dreaming of holding a concert indicates that you need to be more in tune with your creativity, and find more opportunities to explore it. You have a lot of potential you haven’t yet put to the test.

Conch shell

Dreaming of a conch shell can be a warning sign, or it can represent any reluctance you have about sex.

If you hold the shell to your ear to hear the sea, this implies that you feel there’s a lack of communication in a relationship somewhere. You want to feel more connected.


Dreaming of having a concussion implies that you need to take greater control over your life, instead of just letting things happen. You’re not realizing your potential.


Dreaming of concrete mirrors your firm grasp on a situation in waking life, where you’ve considered all the facts. This dream can also suggest that you don’t give enough leeway to others.

Dreaming of wet concrete implies that you’re still carrying around an old problem which should stay in the past. You haven’t yet confronted it.


Dreaming of being a concubine suggests that you’re going against your own needs or beliefs in order to help or impress someone else, and this is not sustainable.

Dreaming of having a concubine points to a sexual relationship which you have no emotional attachment to.


Dreaming of a condo symbolizes your financial state and how well you are faring emotionally. You want to be independent.

The state of the condo in this dream will also tell you how well this is going.


Dreaming of an unopened condom signifies your constricting beliefs. You’re unwilling to hear other people’s perspectives. This image also refers to sexual desires.

Dreaming of an unwrapped condom represents sexual tension. It can also point to worries about pregnancy or disease.

Dreaming of wearing a condom or your partner wearing a condom implies that you feel secure emotionally.


A condor appearing in your dream indicates you have a lot of intuition, and you’re in tune with your spirituality, which helps move you forward in life.


Dreaming of being a conductor refers to your ability to motivate yourself and reach a deeper level of understanding, without being influenced by outside forces.

A conductor in your dream refers to your ability in yourself. You know you have what it takes to achieve your goals.


A cone appearing in your dream signifies a torrent of emotions and fresh ideas.


Dreaming of going to a conference indicates that it’s vital that you listen to what others have to say before you make up your own mind. Your dream is warning you not to be stubborn.


Dreaming of confessing something or listening to someone’s confession either points to a stage of healing, where you’re moving past unresolved issues, or you feel responsible for someone else’s misfortune.


Dreaming of a confessional reflects feelings of guilt or shame, and you don’t want to be silent anymore. It can also indicate that you feel someone isn’t telling you the whole truth.


Dreaming of confetti points to prosperity and celebration. You’ve reached a new chapter in life and have gained a lot of valuable experience to draw on. 

Confetti also symbolizes freedom and happiness.


A confrontation in your dream mirrors an anxiety or a problem you’re dealing with in waking life.

This dream serves as a safe place to confront this. Your brain will often do this as a simulation, a “What If” scenario, to gauge how well you’ll do when you face it for real. 

In some cases, you’ll feel more prepared after a dream like this, ready to confront this problem or worry, than if you didn’t dream of it first.


Dreaming of Confucius is your subconscious telling you that you need to utilize your knowledge instead of relying on your reactions. 

Or, this dream is stressing the need to be true to who you are, and to look out for your family.


Dreaming of being confused reflects the disorder and chaos in your waking life and the state of your mind. 

Consider what confused you in the dream, and this may point to a solution you can apply in your waking life.

Or, feeling confusion in your dream points to being torn in waking life. You’re unsure on how to decide something, as everything you’ve considered hasn’t gotten you any closer to a concrete decision.

Conga Line

Dreaming of a conga line indicates that you need to learn to use your creativity more effectively, instead of following the crowd. Discover your own creative voice.

Or, the dream is your subconscious telling you that you need to have more fun, and drop your worries for a while.


Dreaming of congratulating someone is a testament to your willingness to help others along their path.

Dreaming of being congratulated suggests that you need to swallow your pride, shout down your ego and ask someone for their assistance. It’s not a weakness. 

This dream also embodies your own approval or satisfaction in making a difficult decision. 


A conker appearing in your dream points to insensitivity. You haven’t considered your words or actions, and as a result it’s hurt someone. 

Or, a conker is a sign that you need to harness your power to solve a problem or take control of a situation which is threatening to spiral. 


A conman appearing in your dream suggests that someone is exploiting you, or you have a fear of being tricked. Listen to your gut.

Dreaming of being a con artist speaks to your abilities to influence people. If your motivations have been less than good lately, this can be your subconscious calling you out on it.


Dreaming of missing a connecting train, bus, or plane represents opportunities you never took or couldn’t recognize. 

This dream can also symbolize your struggle to connect with someone, or to maintain a relationship. It seems as though no matter how hard you try, it isn’t working.


Dreaming of being consoled suggests that you aren’t coping with something, while you don’t feel that bad on the surface. 

Something has cut you to the core, and while you don’t want to admit it, you need to make sure you don’t bottle up your emotions. 

Or, a dream of being consoled reflects how you feel emotionally overlooked. Someone isn’t willing to consider how you feel.

Dreaming of consoling someone implies that you need to practice more empathy, as it will make your relationships stronger.


Dreaming of a conspiracy indicates that you are either influencing someone without them realizing, or the same is being done to you.

For further insight, consider the people involved in the deception, who may symbolize different parts of you. Maybe you don’t want to face something.


Dreaming of a constellation implies that something is slowly taking shape, although it’s not a simple process. Picture the constellation and what it means to you.


Dreaming of being constipated indicates that you’re fighting change, and you’re holding onto old habits or familiar ways of doing things too hard.

You may have become afraid of failure, or you are afraid of things turning out like they did in the past, but this is not guaranteed.


Dreaming of a building which is under construction signifies that you are also a work in progress. There are things to improve upon, which will help you in the future.

Dreaming of construction reflects a new vitality, motivation, or confidence boost which you’re enjoying right now. 

This dream also embodies a desire to rebuild your life into what you want, or reflecting your efforts to do so. 

Dreaming of walking barefoot around a construction site suggests that you don’t want to put in the effort to change your life, or to be better at something. 

You might not have recognized the need to improve on anything. 

Contact Lens

Dreaming of contact lenses implies that you need to work on your concentration. Something needs your full attention, and you need to look closer before you decide on something.

If you struggle with contact lenses in this dream, either to put them in or take them out, this suggests you’re having problems with your attention span lately. Something has splintered your resolve. 


Dreaming of a contest implies that you are motivated by a drive to prove yourself as deserving of success. You are very critical of yourself.

If you win in this dream, this symbolizes your level of confidence in your own ability, or your ego.

Losing this contest in your dream indicates that you have a self-worth problem, or you don’t believe that you deserve the success you can achieve.


Dreaming of a container points to your habit of concealing your emotions, ideas, or thoughts from others. You need to learn how to express yourself better.

Dreaming of many containers implies that you need to get into the habit of planning ahead.


Dreaming of a contortionist indicates that a problem in waking life is making you ‘twist yourself into knots’, regardless of how big or small the issue is. 

If you feel at peace during this dream, the contortionist represents your ability to adapt to changing circumstances, or how you can use the truth or facets of it for your own gain.


Dreaming of contraceptives indicates that as soon as your creativity sparks, you ignore it, or you feel you don’t have time to explore it. You are refusing to explore an idea or part of yourself.

Dreaming of a contraceptive can imply that you’re shielding yourself from the risk of being hurt emotionally. It can also represent any fear of pregnancy or disease.


Dreaming of signing a contract reflects how you’re ready to put all of your effort into a long-term goal, project, or relationship with someone.

Dreaming of being part of a bad contract indicates that you haven’t considered the consequences of what a specific relationship in waking life may cost you. Your subconscious is telling you something isn’t right.


A contrail appearing in your dream symbolizes prosperity, chances, and optimism for the future. 

It can also be a sign that your actions always have a ripple effect, and people will always remember how you make them feel.

Control Tower

Dreaming of a control tower implies that you need to regain control of something in waking life. You may need to plan strategically in order to get where you want.

A control tower in your dream also symbolizes the mastery you have over your feelings.


Dreaming of being at a convent suggests that you’re looking for guidance or spiritual fulfillment. 

There are too many distractions, and you can’t sort the noise from what’s important, so you need to take a step back. 

A convent in your dream can also point to feeling trapped, or unable to be honest.


Dreaming of attending a convention signifies that you long for meaningful interaction with people, which you feel a distinct lack of right now.

This dream is also drawing your attention to the importance of your decisions, which can directly affect others, and how helpful it can be to involve them.

A convention also symbolizes personal growth, and adding more spontaneity into your life. The type of convention is significant, as it can point to facets of your life which need your attention.


Dreaming of a conversion reflects your hope that a situation in waking life can be altered or the outcome changed completely, despite your better judgment or experience saying otherwise. 

Dreaming of a conversion also points to your ability to adapt to changing circumstances.


Dreaming of a convertible indicates that you’re showcasing your good luck and ability right now. You’re in a good place and you want everyone to know it.

Conveyor Belt

Dreaming of a conveyor belt reflects how everyday feels the same. You are stuck in the safety and humdrum of routine, and you need to shake things up. 


Dreaming of being a convict suggests that an aspect of waking life is smothering you in some way. You feel you can’t be your true self.

Or, dreaming of being a convict reflects a guilty conscience. Your subconscious is telling you to let it go.

Seeing a convict in your dream implies that a facet of your personality is limited by your current circumstances.

Cookie Cutter

Dreaming of a cookie cutter suggests that your routine has become too comfortable, rigid, or boring. You’re stagnating. Time to do something different. 

Start with something small, and you’ll see possibilities start to open up again. 

Cookie Monster

The Cookie Monster appearing in your dream signifies that you’re struggling with your impulses, and you need to cultivate a healthier lifestyle.


Dreaming of cookies implies that you’re turning small problems into much larger ones, and your temper is getting shorter as a result.

Dreaming of making cookies points to an uptick in your positivity. You’ve had a run of good luck. 

If you dream of freshly-made cookies being just out of your reach, this suggests that someone is downplaying your hard work, or they’re taking the credit for it.

If you manage to reach these cookies, this reflects how you’re getting a handle on the situation. You’re not blind to people’s motivations or what they might be tempted to do.

Dreaming of eating chocolate chip cookies points to an overindulgence which you are feeling guilty about. 

Dreaming of making chocolate chip cookies symbolizes your  level of connection with someone. You get a lot of enjoyment out of your relationship, and you’re only getting closer.

Dreaming of an oatmeal cookie is your subconscious telling you not to beat yourself up. You should enjoy yourself sometimes.

Dreaming of buying cookies indicates that you’re giving into your desires to reward yourself after reaching a goal.


Dreaming of cooking points to your caring nature, and how you want to look after others, and get the same in return.

It also reveals that you need to find a way of giving your creativity a new outlet in order to grow.

The act of cooking within a dream can suggest that you want your existing relationships to be more meaningful. You’re looking to deepen the connections you have.

If you dream of having trouble cooking, or a dish doesn’t turn out the way it should, you may be trying too hard in a relationship.

Cooking Oil

Dreaming of cooking oil suggests a big change on the horizon, one which you’ll have no trouble adapting to.

Your past experiences and knowledge will help you adjust pretty quickly, and you’ll find yourself moving toward a new stage of life. 


A cooler appearing in your dream symbolizes someone in your life who is not very sympathetic, or someone who withdraws from an emotional situation.

Or, your subconscious is encouraging you to keep calm, ‘cool off’ your temper, or continue something you’ve started.

Try to remember the contents of the cooler for a greater insight.


Dreaming of copyright infringement signifies that you’re worried about someone claiming your hard work as their own.

It can also manifest because of an insecurity, where you feel you’re not creative enough to take on a huge project.


Dreaming of a copier indicates you feel that you always go along with the popular opinion before you develop your own. 

You fear you aren’t creative enough, or you have a habit of seeking other people’s opinions as a form of a safety net.

Or, a dream involving a copier points to wanting to alert people to something.


Dreaming of copper symbolizes a stage of recovery, or moving on from something. It also denotes a renewed vitality, an uptick in your social life, or new information coming your way.


Coral appearing in your dream symbolizes the need to process your emotions in order to live life to the fullest, and to appreciate what life has to offer. 

Coral also embodies blood, and a period of cleansing.


Dreaming of cords represents dependence in a relationship in waking life, or a troubling situation which you cannot get through by yourself. You feel trapped. 

If you dream of cutting a cord, you are moving past one or both of these.


Coriander appearing in your dream signifies how you’ve achieved a great balance in your emotional wellbeing, and also embodies a long and fulfilled life.


Cork symbolizes your strength of character and how easily you adapt to new situations. You can read a room instantly and know what people want from you.

Dreaming of a cork popping refers to a sexual climax or male desire.


A corkscrew indicates that a facet of your life has gone awry, and you need to get it back on track.

A corkscrew can point to a new concept which will make itself known soon, and this will mark the start of a long-term project.


Dreaming of corn is a good sign for the future. It suggests a period of personal growth, success, and wealth.

A field full of corn signifies peace, and your domestic life being filled with love.


Cornbread reveals the satisfaction and warmth you get from your home life and the people you’re closest to. It can also point to a renewed faith in your ability.


Dreaming of corn dogs or hot dogs symbolizes instant gratification, and giving into indulgence. It can also represent the phallus, and sexual desire.


Dreaming of being in a corner suggests that your ability to make decisions is impaired by a situation in waking life or by your emotions. 

You feel you have no control, or, you’re limiting yourself as a form of punishment. You don’t feel you deserve something.


Dreaming of being in a cornfield points to wanting to run from your responsibilities or sources of stress in waking life. Your subconscious is giving you a break.

If you feel nervous in this dream, the cornfield signifies scrutiny. You feel watched, or you feel your every word is being examined.


Dreaming of a cornflower symbolizes hope in connecting with someone, or a strength in community. You may need to involve others more in your life.


If you don’t have cornrows and you dream of getting them, this suggests that you need to get a handle on your thoughts or regain control of your mindset. 

Cornrows in a dream point to feeling reluctant about making a decision or committing to something, and you need to push through this.


A cornucopia symbolizes good luck, wealth, prosperity, and wanting for nothing. 

This dream can also represent a cohesion of some kind between two opposing ideas, a perfect balance.


A corpse appearing in your dream signifies a part of your identity that you’ve outgrown, something which you need to shed if you haven’t already. Dwelling on the past won’t help.

This dream can also indicate that you’re reluctant to acknowledge how you are feeling, or not feeling. You may feel numb, or you’re exhausted.

Correction Tape

Dreaming of correction tape indicates that you want a new beginning and all the possibilities that come with it. 

It also points to how you want everything to be perfect, and you can’t resist making corrections here and there. 

If you feel nervous when you see correction tape in your dream, this implies that you’d rather bury your mistakes into your past rather than using them as experience.


Dreaming of a corridor suggests you’re in the middle of a spiritual journey or a path of personal growth or self-improvement.

This corridor points to fresh possibilities opening up in the future, a healthier state of mind or body, or a new point of view which will serve you well.

If you dream of a very long corridor with no end, this suggests you feel stuck in a situation in waking life or in a habit you feel you can’t free yourself from. 

You need to find a way to weather this feeling of stagnation until the situation is done, or you need to pull yourself free of it entirely. 

A long corridor in your dream can signify the many choices you have, and the possibilities could overwhelm you if you’re not careful. Take things one step at a time.


Dreaming of a corsage can signify feeling respected or proud for something you’ve achieved.

A corsage can be a sign that you’re ignoring part of yourself, and that part is crying out to be recognized.


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