True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Fire

Fire can be many things: a source of heat, of life, destruction, and death, depending on the situation and how it is treated. Similarly, fire in dreams can mean wildly conflicting things, including anger, passion, desire, a period of change, cleansing, or disaster. Fire in dreams is a symbol of emotion, and therefore can have a very positive or equally … Read More

Fish Dream Meaning – 50+ Types and its Interpretation

When you see an animal within your dream, it is rarely a coincidence. Your subconscious may choose different types of animals in order to send you specific messages, or to provide you with some relief as an outlet for stress caused by waking life. They may also represent hidden issues, desires, or parts of yourself that you’re not consciously aware … Read More

7 Meaning & Interpretations When You Dream Of Flies

Dreaming of flies isn’t a nice experience to say the least, and you may wake up feeling like you’ll never be clean again!  After a dream of something so horrible, you might be wondering why flies manifested in your dream in the first place. It should be a relief to know that dreaming of flies isn’t as bad a sign … Read More

What Do Dreams Of Frogs Really Mean?

Frogs are interesting dream symbols, and can mean a range of different things, depending on the context of the dream, your own associations with frogs, and how you feel during the dream itself. Dreaming of frogs can be an odd experience, especially if you don’t see frogs very often during your day-to-day life. But what do frogs generally mean in … Read More

Fuel Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of fuel is fairly uncommon, but there is some interesting information in your dream that you could do with noticing.  Unclear to start with, fuel featuring in your dreams can have different symbolism, and you may wake up feeling disoriented and wondering what on earth your dream has to tell you. Here’s everything you need to know. What does … Read More

Missing Flight Dream Meaning and Interpretation

A dream where you miss a flight can be as uncomfortable as actually missing your flight in waking life. It leaves a horrible tangle of nerves in your stomach, and this feeling can linger for the rest of your day. But what does it actually mean? If you think about the feeling it leaves behind, like you know you should … Read More

What Does Flooding In Dreams Mean?

Water in your dreams relates to how you feel, and any past emotions which still affect your present state of being and behavior. Floods appearing in your dreams denote a “torrent” of emotion, which can be either positive or negative.  They can represent past emotions which are resurfacing, or your success of pushing past old and new issues, “washing” clean … Read More

Fishing Dream Meaning

Dreaming of fishing links to your sense of achievement, your goals for the future, and the pride that accompanies both. If your catch is small, you may even feel embarrassed. Catching fish in dreams also links to the love you have in your life, and the passion you have, as well as how far or how little you’ve come to … Read More

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Flowers?

Dreaming of flowers links to happiness which you will soon enjoy. The more flowers that appear in your dream, the happier the future will make you. If you dream of a bouquet of flowers, this signifies spirituality, or the idea of perfection. Things are going perfect for you right now! Flowers in dreams denote that you’re in a great place … Read More

Old Friend Dream Meaning

What does an old friend mean in your dream? Uncover The Hidden Meaning Of Your Dreams Old Friend If you see an old friend in a dream, particularly if this person is someone from your childhood, it reveals that you are bewildered or exhausted in your waking life. Usually, these dreams are a representation of your desire to be more … Read More

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