Dreaming About Your Own Funeral – Fascinating Truths Behind It

We hear you – dreaming about your own funeral is a bizarre experience. It is surely something that no one would like to dream of. After all, it can boggle your mind throughout your day. But does it really mean the literal thing when you see your own funeral in your dream? Or does it take on a different meaning? … Read More

Fuel & Gasoline Dream Meaning

Perhaps you have had dreams which focus on fuel as the main symbol of the dream. Maybe you are filling your car at a gas station or watching a car burn down. Dreams about gas and fuel can have different meanings and we’ll take a look at some of them here. What Does it Mean to Dream of Fuel or … Read More

Food Dream Meaning

Some people live to eat while others eat to live. Whichever one we are, we all need food to survive so it isn’t surprising that we might dream of food every so often. What Does it Mean to Dream About Food? Food is a symbol of prosperity, pleasure, and abundance. In a dream, it can be translated literally. Perhaps you … Read More

Falling Dream Meaning

It is very common to dream about falling. Maybe you have had a hypnic jerk. Just as you are going to sleep something triggers your mind to imagine that you’re falling through space. You jump up and wake yourself up. There are many reasons why you might dream about falling. It can mean that you are having difficulty letting go, … Read More

Frog Spirit Animal & Dream Symbol Meaning

When talking about favorite animals, frogs are typically not the ones that come to people’s minds. In fact, a lot of people are scared of these fascinating beings. But, if a frog visits you in your dream, don’t get alarmed – they’re usually a symbol of something good. If you want to know more about frogs dream meaning, then read … Read More

Fire Dream Symbol Meaning

Fire in a dream is a powerful symbol. In our waking life fire is important to us in many ways. When you go to church you will often see candles alight and fire is also an integral part of cremation. In winter many of us will light a fire to keep warm. However, fire can also destroy and in many … Read More

Fish Dream Meaning

When interpreting a dream about fish, we have to look at the context of the dream to fully understand it. Fish are often a symbol of personal development, fertility, and growth, but some fish dreams can be negative. In this article, we will be looking at different dream scenarios with fish and we hope to help you understand what these … Read More