Dreaming Of Fighting

Fighting Did you dream of fighting? This type of dream often symbolizes confrontation, disagreement, and conflict. It could represent your inner struggle regarding a life situation, with other people, or painful emotions. Likewise, it may imply either holding back or trying to prove yourself to others.  Do you experience intense jealousy or bitterness in your waking life? A dream about …

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Common Dreams: Flying

“I’m Flying!” Unless you’re afraid of flying, dreaming about it can be exhilarating. You feel as if you’ve always known how to do it. While flying, you’re enjoying the view from above, a light breeze in your hair, without a worry in your mind.  A lucid dream happens when you’re aware that you’re dreaming. Dreams of flying are such type …

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Dreaming About Your Own Funeral – Fascinating Truths Behind It

We hear you – dreaming about your own funeral is a bizarre experience. It is surely something that no one would like to dream of. After all, it can boggle your mind throughout your day. But does it really mean the literal thing when you see your own funeral in your dream? Or does it take on a different meaning? …

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