What Does It Mean To Dream Of Catching Fish?

Some people’s idea of heaven is being in nature, waiting for a fish to tug at the fishing rod in their hands.

But what does it mean when you dream of catching a fish?

Catching a fish in your dreams relates to how you want to achieve a goal, or how you are making a long-term dream happen in your waking life.

Let’s take a look.

Why Am I Dreaming Of Catching Fish?

You might dream of catching a fish when you’re thinking about how much freedom you have to chase after your biggest dreams. 

A dream of catching a fish can also mean that you’re about to embark on a new adventure or new beginning in life, and this change will propel you forward like nothing before it. Things that seem impossible to you right now will soon be a breeze, especially if you dream of fly fishing.

Dreaming of using a fishing reel suggests you have all the tools you need to make something work. If you keep moving towards a goal, you are sure to achieve it. 

A dream where you catch a different fish than you expected – maybe even one that doesn’t exist in the waking world – suggests a new spiritual path, purpose or meaning in your life.

You’re about to discover a path you never imagined, and this will lead you to a brand-new adventure and life goal.

It’s also an encouragement to pay attention to your surroundings, work out where your knowledge is sketchy at best, and what you can improve in terms of your own skill set to get further in life.

Some dreams of catching a fish refer to productivity, while others can mean that your family is about to get bigger. 

The Significance Of Fish In Dreams

To figure out what catching a fish means in your dreams in all the scenarios you might encounter, it’s worth looking at what fish mean in dream interpretation. 

Fish are connected to wisdom, spiritual awareness, a new purpose in life, creativity, productivity, realizing your greatest wishes, and also fertility.

If you are thinking about how you want your family to become bigger, a dream of fish is quite common, but it’s not the only interpretation by any means.

A dream of fish also depends on what species of fish you’re dreaming of. Salmon, for instance, represents resilience, perseverance, bravery, and determination. 

To some, the salmon also represents newfound knowledge that you can take with you going forward. 

It’s also important to consider that fish live in an environment that we cannot naturally survive in, so a dream that heavily focuses on fish can suggest that you are about to encounter an unpredictable situation, but your determination and perseverance will get you through it. 

It can also symbolize your adaptability, and how well you react to changing circumstances in life. However, if you dream of the fish struggling, or you see a fish on land, this reflects how you feel you are struggling to adapt to a situation in waking life.

If you dream of catching a fish, but it’s already dead, this refers to how your creativity will guide you soon.

Water Dream Symbolism

In dream psychology, water represents your emotions, and the state of your unconscious mind. If you see a calm body of water, perhaps a lake that looks like a mirror, this represents your inner peace, sense of belonging, and contentment in waking life.

A furious current or water that is boiling in your dreams refers to how frustrated, angry, or dissatisfied you are with life right now. You’re not where you want to be, but you may not know exactly what you do want.

Sigmund Freud suggested that water in dreams can denote sexual desire, acknowledging your impulses, and how negativity is about to leave you, especially if you dream of a waterfall or a body of water that flows away from you.

Rivers In Dreams And What They Mean

In dreams, rivers represent how everything is connected, the course of your life as a whole, how well you adapt to new situations, and freedom.

Naturally, rivers in your dreams also represent the changing state of your emotions as you go through life and confront new situations. Just as you move and navigate new situations, the river represents your life’s journey.

It’s also a call to adventure, encouraging you to move with change instead of trying to fight it. The river defines its own path through life, cutting a new one where necessary, and this dream’s message is to think about your potential, and how your only limits are the ones you keep to.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Water In Dreams

Water is incredibly important in spiritual terms. Water is the symbol of life, of adaptability, fluidity, and represents healing, renewal, energy, protection, and purification.

We use water in countless rituals across the world, and to see water in your dreams is a very positive sign. 

It means that you are protected from the worst life could do to you, and how you should consider your limitations to be things you can work on, rather than things that are impossible to move past.

It’s also an encouragement to acknowledge your emotions, and accept them so that you may move on from them where you need to.

Using A Fishing Rod In Your Dreams

If you dream of using a fishing rod to catch a fish, this refers to the value of solitude, and knowing what you want from life, and not being afraid to go after it.

A dream involving a fishing rod also serves as a connector between your unconscious and conscious parts of your mind in the dream. 

You’re exploring the deepest recesses of your psyche within the dream, and once you wake up, you may find yourself understanding yourself better.

Catching Fish With Your Bare Hands In A Dream

A dream where you catch a fish with nothing but your hands is a very good sign, representing your determination, skill, and trust in yourself to overcome anything in your way.

In older dream interpretation, catching a fish with your hands is considered a bad omen, in that you’ll be the subject of gossip or blame. 

It can mean that someone will be spreading rumors about you, but they won’t take because your reputation is enough to flatten them before they can catch on.

Or, an alternative older dream interpretation is that the fish represents a new spiritual awareness, guided by your emotions in life. 

It could be that helping someone else will lead you to a new path in life, or your emotions will see you through a time of uncertainty where your logical mind has nothing to offer.

Your own hands in a dream refer to the potential you have to change your life, so consider what you think might not be possible, and reconsider.

Catching A Huge Fish In Your Dream

Catching a very large fish in your dream is a positive omen for the future. It means that luck is about to be on your side, a renewal of energy, a fresh purpose, and a better drive for life in general.

Consider exactly what type of fish you dream of catching. For instance, a pike implies that you have an easy ride ahead of you somewhere in life. 

A carp represents a struggle that you will get through with time, and a roach fish implies that you will soon be known for helping someone when they need it.

If you dream of catching a very large trout, this suggests that you’re about to achieve a great happiness in life, and a bream implies that a negative opinion of someone will be wrong, and they may help you to move forward.

Dreaming of catching a small fish by contrast suggests there are a lot of minor obstacles ahead of you, or you’re not thinking big enough when it comes to what you want out of life. 

Maybe you’re settling for a smaller goal than what you’re capable of, or the circumstances and opportunities that life has already given you.

Dreaming Of Fishing In A Lake

Dreaming of fishing in a lake suggests that a situation is more complicated than you realize. You cannot currently see the deepest parts of something, and this is affecting how well you’re able to move forward. 

Dreaming of catching a fish in a lake means that despite some problems, likely to occur in your professional life, you will move forward soon. 

Not being able to predict something does not mean that you cannot move past it, and also points to the importance of using your creativity to push through obstacles.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Catching Cod In A Dream

The meaning behind cod in a dream depends on the context of where you catch it. If you dream of catching it in the sea, this represents good health, victory, and feeling content.

Dreaming of catching cod in a puddle is a warning to take better care of yourself. Catching cod in the ocean represents patience, resilience, and good luck.

If you catch more than one cod, this is a sign of good fortune, wealth, and productivity.

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Eating Your Catch In A Dream

Dreaming of eating a fish you catch in a dream represents a spiritual achievement, success, happiness, and contentment in life. 

It also comes as an encouragement to think about what influences are in your life right now, and whether they are helping you along your spiritual path in life, or slowing it down.

Final Thoughts

A dream of catching fish can be a call to think about what you want from life, to consider your emotions, take care of yourself better, or listen to your intuition.

Consider the details of your dream for further insight into your dream’s message, as they can determine the meaning. For instance, if the fishing rod you’re using breaks, this suggests that something won’t go to plan in the way you hope.

Catching a fish also denotes success, and to trust in your abilities, and you’ll soon see an improvement in an aspect of your life.


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