What Does It Mean To Eat Fish In Your Dream

Eating in a dream is fairly common, and perhaps the most common dream of eating involves fish. Maybe you dream of getting some takeout fish and chips, or you dream of catching fish, cooking it and eating it.

But what does it mean? Does a dream of eating fish have any spiritual associations?

Let’s find out. 

Why Am I Dreaming Of Eating Fish?

As fish are deeply associated with the sea, these creatures can also be associated with your emotions in dreams, similar to how water ‘reflects’ your feelings lying in your subconscious.

Typically, when you dream of fish, it represents the emotional connection you have with other people, as well as a higher sense of knowledge, and the act of eating it in a dream reflects how you are improving your life with an increase in both of these.

However, if you look at older dream interpretations of eating fish, they can be rather negative, so it’s worth considering those too. A dream of eating fish may suggest that you’re in for an event or situation that will bring up a lot of emotion, which may be good or bad.

A dream of eating fish may suggest that you’re about to develop your spirituality a little more. If you dream of catching and preparing the fish before you eat it, this refers to how you are laying the foundations for a better future for yourself or even your loved ones too.

A dream of catching a fish may suggest that someone will approach you for your opinion on what they should do, and you should follow your intuition when you try to answer them. 

You may be tempted to overthink it, but that won’t help you in some aspects, and it may mean that you end up giving them advice that makes sense to no one but you.

But there are many details to look for that can change your dream, and these are only surface interpretations. Let’s take a look at a few things we should consider when trying to find the meaning behind a dream like this.

Consider The Type Of Fish You’re Eating In Your Dream

One of the first things worth thinking about is what type of fish you are eating in a dream, as this can completely change the meaning, as different fish signal different things.

If you are dreaming of eating a specific fish, there are a few dedicated sections further down.

A dream where you catch and eat wild fish implies that you are about to run into a problem that you’ll need a lot of help with. The good news is that you have plenty of people in your support network that are willing to help you out and give you sound advice.

If you dream of the whole process, from catching the fish, preparing it and then cooking it, this implies that you need to be meticulous in some aspect of the future.

A dream where you eat a pet fish (ick!) or a goldfish suggests that while a situation is making you uncomfortable, it will turn out to be a good thing, where your life will improve. 

However, if you dream of someone else being horrified at this, it denotes inappropriate behavior in a situation that you will completely misread. 

It may take some time for your relationships to recover after this, and it may help if you apologize before someone confronts you, even if it’s not entirely your fault. 

Eating Salmon Or Trout In Your Dream

If you eat salmon in your dream, this denotes satisfaction in your love life, either with a current partner or someone new if you are single. You may even find yourself going to dinner with this person!

As a dream of eating also draws your attention to what is healthy for you or what ‘nurtures’ you, this relationship will be very important for you in the near future. 

It may even come to define a period of your life or a facet of your identity.

Or, a dream of eating salmon suggests that you’ve been deliberating for a while, but it’s time to commit to a decision. If you dream of grilling salmon, this denotes how you will overcome your problems.

If you think of how a salmon leaps up a river, eating salmon in your dream may be a call to take a leap of faith in life in order to gain a peaceful period in life. 

You may be completely unsure of trying out a new venture, but if you don’t dare to dream, you might always wonder what would have happened if you did.

A dream of eating trout denotes good luck, wealth, and new beginnings. However, if you don’t enjoy the trout in your dream, or you encounter a lot of bones, this suggests a tricky situation is in your future that you will struggle to overcome.

Eating Mackerel In Your Dream

Eating mackerel in your dream suggests your life is going to take an unexpected turn shortly. Usually, mackerel in a dream refers to other people, and how they will affect your spiritual path in life.

It may be that you’ll need to work with others to get past obstacles, and lean on your support network rather than trying to do everything yourself. 

If you start out determined to do it all yourself, you may burn yourself out, and it can take much longer to recover from this than if you just asked someone.

It could be that something in your work life will go wrong, and you’ll have to work with other departments to figure out a proper solution, and collaborate with people you’ve never met or someone you can’t quite figure out.

This problem may also crop up in your personal life. You may be presented with a worrying situation or set of circumstances that will mean the whole family will have to pull together to sort out.

Eating Haddock, Plaice, Or Cod In A Dream

Eating white fish in a dream is an interesting one. Eating haddock in your dreams implies that you need to work on some of your more defining traits that other people know you for. 

This might be staying self-disciplined, or making sure you don’t fly off the handle at every little hurdle life puts in your way, or making sure that you are there for people when they need you.

A dream where you eat battered cod implies that someone you love will ask for your advice soon, and you may find it difficult to find the right thing to say. 

Or, it may imply that someone is desperately trying to hide something from you, and you will uncover it anyway. 

This will probably be by accident, and you’ll be more annoyed that you found out by chance than why they might have hidden it in the first place.

A dream of eating plaice implies that though things seem awful now, they will soon look up, and you will forget most of the difficulty you have been through. It will leave you free to decide a new path for yourself in waking life.

Dreaming Of Eating Fish From A Plate

A dream where you are eating fish from a plate suggests that while things may be tricky right now, you will push through any problems and make it to the other side without too much trouble.

It also means you will practice more creativity in all aspects of your life, and trust your intuition going forward.

Consider also the color of the plate, as this can add to the meaning. A white plate denotes peace and satisfaction, while a green plate suggests grounding and spirituality, for example.

What kind of plate was it? A paper plate? A ceramic plate? A camping plate? All of these details can add to your dream. 

A fancy plate may suggest that you’re going after things you don’t need, or you’re attracted to material gain, while a camping plate suggests you’re well-prepared in life. 

A well-worn ceramic plate may suggest that you’re happy with the way things are, and there is nothing wrong with this. You just have to be prepared for life to change your circumstances with little warning, and find a new way to adapt when change comes calling.

Eating Fish In A Restaurant In Your Dream

A dream where you eat fish in a restaurant implies that your intuition has served you well, and will continue to guide you along the right path. 

You trust yourself to make the right decisions, and if things don’t feel right, you know it’s time to leave or approach a problem from a new angle.

A dream of someone serving you fish means that your emotions will guide you to the right decision in life, and it’s also considered a sign of good luck. If there’s anything in life you’ve been dreaming of, now is the time to pursue it.

Dreaming Of Eating Fish With Someone

A dream where you eat fish with someone implies that your performance at work is the best it has been, and it feels easier than ever to do your job, and people are starting to notice. You may be in for a promotion.

If you dream of watching other people eat fish, this suggests that there are many enjoyable events in your future, and these will be amazing memories to look back on.

Eating Raw Fish In Your Dream

A dream where you eat raw fish generally references a part of your life which is uncertain, where you may have a lot of doubt. 

This is especially true if you dream of eating fish right after you catch it, as there’s no guarantee that you won’t get food poisoning. 

Eating raw salmon in a dream suggests you’re being emotionally or physically distant towards someone. It may be time to consider why you might feel compelled to do so. 

Have they done something wrong, or does something about them seem a little off lately? Are you under a lot of stress, or could it be something else?

If you dream of eating raw prawns or mussels, this implies that your desire to control every aspect of your life is getting in the way of fortunate events finding you. Sometimes you need to let serendipity take charge.

It may also denote that this behavior is causing you a lot of stress, as it is impossible to control absolutely everything in your life, no matter how hard you try.

Eating raw sushi in your dream suggests that something you’re trying to accomplish is more difficult than you thought, or it might even be impossible for you to do so. 

It can be a call to develop your skills and experience so that something becomes more achievable.

A dream where you eat raw fish and then get a parasite (what a horrible thought) suggests that you feel insecure about something, and if you let this insecurity get bigger, it will get in the way of your progress in life. 

It could also damage your perception of your abilities, which is a difficult thing to claw back.

Cooking Fish In Your Dream

A dream of cooking fish is an interesting one. The meaning depends on how you cook the fish, too. If you steam the fish, this suggests that you need to take some time out and treat yourself.

Boiling fish in your dream suggests a new beginning in your life. A dream of frying fish denotes a perfect event with friends in the future.

If you dream of burning fish, this may suggest that you need to take some time out to consider your emotions before they become a problem, or you should help someone with a problem before things get worse.

Eating Bad Fish In Your Dream

Oh, no! Just as eating bad fish in life will land you in trouble, a dream of eating bad fish suggests that there is something ‘rotten’ in your life that will cause you a lot of problems.

It may be that someone isn’t being entirely truthful, even though you’ve asked them to be honest, you still suspect that you can’t trust what they say. It may even denote a ‘fishy’ situation that seems like it has been set up in some aspect.

As a dream of eating fish can denote how your emotions can guide you through life, eating bad fish in your dream suggests that your feelings are clouding your judgment, or you’re in the middle of emotional turmoil, and you have no idea what to do.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Eating Fish In Your Dream

If you’re familiar with the Bible, you might assume that there are some interesting things to consider a dream of eating fish, and you’d be right. 

The fish features quite heavily in the bible, and perhaps the most famous is the one where Jesus feeds five thousand people with a couple of loaves of bread and a few fish.

If you practice the Christian faith, a dream of fish may reference your own beliefs, and how God will provide for you, no matter how impossible a situation may seem at first glance.

It may also suggest that you need to look at what ‘nourishes’ you spiritually, and how you might practice this more often.

Final Thoughts

A dream of eating fish can mean many things, so it’s important to consider all the details you can remember. 

Dreams of eating fish usually reference your emotional health, your spiritual journey, or may signal a period of good luck or misfortune, depending on the scenario. 

It’s also worth keeping a dream journal so that you can note down any details and come back to your dream later if it really stumps you at first.


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