Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With C

C Dreaming of the letter ‘C’ can suggest you need to notice something specific which you so far have been blind to.  It can also point to a fear of being average instead of striving for perfection, or it can refer to someone whose name begins with that letter. Cab Dreaming of hailing a cab indicates that in order to … Read More

Dreaming About Cockroaches and What it Means

Cockroaches are not the best insects to come across. They are ugly and they carry diseases and to dream about them can be very scary. However, a dream about them can be positive in certain cases. The cockroach is surprisingly spiritual. It is connected to rebirth and to dream about one can mean that you are going to make a … Read More

Cancer in Dreams

Cancer is one illness that is generally feared. You can feel fine one day, but the next, you start to feel sick. However, it isn’t a death sentence these days. Yes, of course, people will die of cancer, but many others are cured.  If you dream about having cancer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get it. … Read More

Candle Dream Meaning

As symbols, candles have deep roots in every religion and sacred practice around the world. There’s something so symbolic in the way candles create a flickering flame and the warm aura around it. They are a burning representation of romance, safety, hope, mystery and spirituality, to name just a few. The flame it creates is inspiring, enlightening and comforting.  In … Read More

Children In Dreams

What does it mean to see a child in your dream? It would be nice if we could give you a quick answer to this question. However, we can tell you right away – that is impossible. Children in dreams cannot be reduced to any singular meaning. After all, children are the younger version of ourselves.  To ask what it … Read More

Coin Dream Meaning

A coin is indeed a very interesting symbol. If coins have been featured prominently in your dreams, you are right to ask what it all means.  So how can we understand coins in dreams? Well, first of all we might remember that coins are the object of exchange. This is why a con can often represent our relationships to others … Read More

What Does It Mean To Cry In A Dream?

At first glance, dreams involving crying can seem wholly negative. A bad omen for the future, or reflecting the awful state of things as they are.  Crying dreams can reveal repressed or hidden emotion, which can be positive or negative. Coming to terms with these will help you in the future.  In an ideal world, we could express our emotions … Read More

What Is The Dream Interpretation Of A Crocodile?

Like the dream symbol of a snake, a crocodile appearing in your dream indicates someone will deceive or betray you.  It represents enemies you didn’t know you had, and impending changes in your life you couldn’t predict. Crocodiles also embody power, wisdom, the ability to adapt, and strength.  These animals are long-lived, and when they’ve appeared in our myths and … Read More

Clothing Dream Symbols

How you dress in daily life reflects your personality, and how you want to be seen by other people. Dreams about clothing or noticing what you have on in a dream reflect the choices you make in wanting to create a certain perception of yourself, and can reflect your current state in waking life. Apron Dreaming of an apron indicates … Read More

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Coworker?

Dreaming of a coworker can be a reflection of where you feel you are currently in your work life, or where you hope to be in the future. If you dream of a coworker that you work with in your present life, it reflects how you feel about your working environment right now.  Are you stressed, or do you get … Read More

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