Champagne is a bubbly type of wine. We normally save one for special occasions and are often associated with romance. It is also a symbol of wealth and celebration. Generally, champagne in a dream hints only of good things. Seeing champagne in your dream can be a representation of love and money. Nevertheless, it can be treated as both losses … Read More


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Characters as Parts of Ourselves in Dreams

Quite often we will dream about our friends and family and yes, the dreams can be about them and our relationship with them. Perhaps we want to get in touch with someone we haven’t seen for a long time or we are worried about their health. However, at times these people are symbolic and represent parts of ourselves. They can … Read More

Chameleon Dream Meaning

Chameleons are indigenous to rain forests and deserts, but they can often be found in our homes, as pets. These strange creatures are known for their camouflaging ability, and sometimes, they are starring in our dreams. To find out the meaning behind chameleon dreams, keep on reading. Common Chameleon Dream Meaning There are many things a dream about chameleon can … Read More

City Dream Symbol Meaning

Did you recently dream of a city? The truth is, city dreams are actually quite common. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, considering cities are part of the everyday reality for most of us. For the same reason, dreaming about a city can carry a lot of symbolism. This guide is here to help you find your way to … Read More

Cows and Cattle: Spirit Animals and Dream Meaning

Cows are associated with farming so why should we dream about them? However, they are also symbols relating to aspects of our lives, so a dream about them shouldn’t be dismissed. They are considered to be spirit animals by some religions and represent a desire to progress in life. Generally, we only dream about them when there is an important … Read More

Clouds Dream Meaning

Clouds can often appear in dreams, but have you ever tried to interpret their meaning? In this article, we are going to take a look at how dreaming about clouds relates to our waking lives. Clouds Dream Meaning Clouds in your dreams can focus on your mood and the state of your mind in your waking life. Do you feel … Read More

Cats and Kittens Dream Symbol Meaning

Cats are ambiguous creatures. On the one hand, kittens are adorable and definitely among the cutest things in the world. On the other hand, cats are also incredibly smart, mysterious creatures that often appear quite self-centered. For this reason, when cats appear in your dreams, the right interpretation could go either way. It really depends on your own (conscious or … Read More

Dream of Being Chased Dream Meaning

It is quite common to dream of being chased and these dreams can often be classed as nightmares. A person, animal, shadow, or strange object might be doing the chasing, or you could be the one chasing someone. In this article, we will look at what these dreams mean. What Does it Mean to be Chased in a Dream? It … Read More