Car Dream Symbols

The car in your dream mirrors what “drives” you through the course of your life, and the condition of the car in your dream and what happens to it reflects how well you are moving forward, or how much you’re looking back. It can also suggest you’re focusing too much on where other people are in their lives, and not … Read More

Missing Child Dream Meaning

Missing Child Dreams If you have children and you have a dream about a missing child it can be worrying and even frightening. Parents obviously love their children and don’t want anything bad to happen to them. If you wake up from this dream, you will probably panic and even wake up in a cold sweat. This is completely normal. … Read More

Celebrity Dream Meaning

Celebrities often, the celebrities in your dreams symbolize some aspect of your personality. Likewise, it may be something about you that is based on your thoughts, opinions, memories, or opinions about a particular celebrity.  Celebrities are personal symbols just like with all the people in your dreams. The meanings they carry also differ from one person to the next. To … Read More

Cheating Dreams

Cheating dreams are some of the most memorable. No matter if you were cheated on or you were the cheater in the dream, these dreams can really affect us emotionally. So what’s that all about? Today, we discuss what cheating in a dream could mean.  “My Boyfriend Cheated On Me!”   No matter if it’s actually your boyfriend, a girlfriend, a … Read More

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Stolen Car?

Cars can be very important to us. I bet you remember the first set of keys in your hand and the freedom that came with that weight in your palm. You can go anywhere and do anything, so long as you’ve got some gas in the tank.  If you’ve never had a car, I guarantee you’ve imagined human expressions in … Read More

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush?

Everyone who comes into our lives changes them. This may be a temporary perspective that their presence lends us, or something more profound which provokes a plethora of emotions. They may even change your life, even if you drift apart. Spiritually speaking, you may believe in soulmates or energy fields, or you may not. In terms of physics, every particle … Read More


Champagne is a bubbly type of wine. We normally save one for special occasions and are often associated with romance. It is also a symbol of wealth and celebration. Generally, champagne in a dream hints only of good things. Seeing champagne in your dream can be a representation of love and money. Nevertheless, it can be treated as both losses … Read More


Are you curious about what it means to dream of a castle? If you’ve had this type of dream and been wondering what its possible meaning is, then make sure to keep on reading to find out all bout it. Castles are a big part of history. Likewise, you may see them in a lot of works of fiction. Because … Read More

Characters as Parts of Ourselves in Dreams

Quite often we will dream about our friends and family and yes, the dreams can be about them and our relationship with them. Perhaps we want to get in touch with someone we haven’t seen for a long time or we are worried about their health. However, at times these people are symbolic and represent parts of ourselves. They can … Read More

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