What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Snake Bite?

If you already don’t like snakes, I bet the part you don’t like the most is the thought of them biting you. When we think of snakes in stories, probably the most famous of which is the one from Adam and Eve. The snake persuades Eve into eating the fruit she’s been specifically told not to eat from the tree she definitely shouldn’t touch. The sin enraged God. He banished them from Paradise, casting them into the wilderness to fend for themselves.

The bite of the apple of knowledge is not dissimilar to the snake bite that got you in your dream. We’re not mind readers, and we can’t always tell if people are good for us or not. It may be that in the beginning, someone acts nice, kind, friendly. They might seem loving and genuine and caring. One day they hurt you, and their true colors shock you. People take advantage of our desire to connect and relate to others, and while they may not mean direct harm, bad things can still come of it. Friends may not be telling us what they really think, or your partner is not being honest with you. They don’t have your best interests at heart, and can actively try to stop you from living your best life. Dreaming of a snake bite has several spiritual meanings, so read on to find out more!

Snakes have always had a bad reputation, and your unconscious mind will tend to revert to ‘classical’ motifs in dreams, that is to say, what it immediately associates with the concept of evil, sin, or fear. Dreams can use some of the earliest symbols that we’re taught, and in terms of a snake, a biblical appearance might be it. Throughout the bible, snakes (see dream of a snake attacking you or someone you know) have been symbolized as the ultimate villain, standing for everything we work hard to avoid.

In Exodus 4:2-3, God turned Moses’ staff into a snake when he doubted people would believe him. While Moses did what anyone would do when their staff turns into a living, breathing, potentially violent nightmare, God ordered him to go back and pick up the staff, which had re-solidified. The image of the snake was used to terrify Moses, and the way it turned suddenly back into a staff was used to motivate him to trust God. In effect, the symbol of the snake here is fear and doubt. For a snake bite to occur in your dream, there’s probably an undercurrent of a similar negative feeling, and this is usually caused by someone’s underhanded actions. There are several questions you should ask yourself after a snake bite dream. Is there anything you need to take a closer look at? Are the intentions of the people in your life what they seem? Is there something you need to know?

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Dreaming of a Non-Venomous Snake Bite

Only roughly one in five of the world’s snake species are venomous. Generally, there are around 3,500 snakes that aren’t, but that doesn’t mean you want to get bitten by them either. Snakes in dreams can symbolize people who harm you or someone you hold dear, and these aren’t usually people you’d think capable of it. A four-lined snake is one of the largest non-venomous species, and you can recognize them from the number of stripes on the body. 

If the snake in your dream wasn’t venomous, while not a bad sign, this harbors more of spiritual meaning that you need to take stock of. It is a sign to look at your current state, your surroundings, the people you surround yourself with. While a bite like this both in waking life and a dream is unpleasant, it’s unlikely to be deadly. 

If many snakes are ambushing you at once in your dream, this can signal a problem with someone close to you – it may not be a huge issue in the grand scheme of things, but it’s important enough to appear in your dreams. A non-venomous snake in a dream warns you that you need to take care. You may be able to minimize future issues this way. That’s not to say this dream’s telling you to be suspicious of everyone you’ve ever met, or to grill everyone about their intentions. It’s more of a heads up that’s there’s some funny business going on and you should be a little wary. In some dream interpretation books, the presence of a snake that symbolizes treachery isn’t something to hate, it’s a sign designed to help you see. It could prevent future mishaps if you recognize the source early enough. 

Dreaming of a Venomous or Poisonous Snake

Poison, or venom that snakes possess in a dream, links spiritually to how we recover from an emotionally charged situation. Think about the snake in your dream. Did it cling onto you? Refused to let go? Take this as a sign you’re healing. Hear me out. Mithridates VI, king of Pontus in ancient Greece, was always worried he’d be poisoned. His father was assassinated at a banquet with poison. His mother, who became regent, favored his brother for the throne. Mithridates went into hiding and took a small amount of poison each day. When he became king, he was all but immune to the stuff and invented a complex antidote that would negate most types of poison, which after his death became known as Mithridatium. He’d taken what would have been his downfall and made it into one of his greatest strengths. No matter what comes your way or what other people may intend, you can overcome it, and make sure that your experience can’t be used against you. Of course, there’s something to be said about being too guarded. In several versions of history, Mithridates VI attempted to escape his defeat and capture by using poison. He’d already used it on his family to prevent their capture, but it didn’t work on him because his body was immune.  According to Appian’s Roman History, he had to order his bodyguard, Bituitus, to kill him.  So our past can misguide our present or even our future if we’re not careful to stay in the present, and deal with things as they come.

It’s rare to die from a snake bite. The most poisonous of snakes can be found in Australia, the Inland Taipan. While they only inject 0.025mg of poison, this is more than enough to kill someone. Black mambas are widely considered to be the most dangerous snake in general, due to their highly nervous, aggressive temperament. Sometimes snake bites in a dream can represent those who criticize you deeply, and you should be wary of their intentions. They may be criticizing you as an attack, to lash out for something, rather than to help you improve. Alternatively, they mean well, but this can just be a case of tough love and misreading the situation. Only you will know the answer to this one!

Is Dreaming of a Snake Bite Good or Bad?

It’s not the best sign to come from a dream. A snake bite in your dream is a warning, which gives it a negative association in most dream interpretations. While snakes can be considered as evil in the oldest tales we know, they also represent healing, and in the case of an ouroboros, the continuous state of life, death, and rebirth. 

A snake bite in a dream can stand for a period of growth, suggesting a new journey is near. Like the Death card in a Tarot deck rarely suggests death itself but a drastic change like the one death brings in life. You should prepare yourself for this – it may be a career change, or a new person entering your life who could change you forever. Focus on what you want out of life, and how you might attain it. This dream can often occur when there’s something toxic in your life. This may just reflect a horrible situation you’re in, or worse, someone in your life who is toxic, and isn’t what they appear. If you felt afraid in this dream, this can mean you’ve concentrated too much on the negative things in your life, and you now need to focus on the positive. 

The Snake as a Symbol

From a very young age, we know to avoid snakes. They represent danger, can result in pain, injury, or even death. But that’s not all they stand for. The ouroboros, the serpent that eats its own tail, in its oldest incarnation represents the beginning and end of time. Its first known appearance is in the Enigmatic Book of the Netherworld, found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. It also appears as the ‘formless disorder’ or chaos that surrounds the world’s structure and general nature of things. It moved into Western culture via Greek magical tradition. The ancient Egyptians also used snake venom in medicine, which also transferred into Greek medical texts. 

The snake as a symbol is – as I’m sure you’ve noticed – tied to medicine in general. It usually appears in two ways, either on the Rod of Asclepius, in which case there’s a single snake, or the Caduceus, where two snakes are wrapped around a winged staff. The Rod of Asclepius belonged to the Greek god of the same name, the son of Apollo. He was widely known for his healing powers, and some ancient Greek stories suggested he could resurrect the dead. 

The Caduceus symbol pays tribute to Hermes in the wings of the staff, attributed to his winged shoes. The staff itself represents the one Moses carried in the Old Testament, where he led the Jewish people to safety, and the venom of the snake helped heal people. 

This suggests that there is always something to learn from the iconography of snakes, especially when they appear in dreams. A warning sign can often lead to a period of healing from a troublesome situation or toxic relationship, once you can separate the bad from your life. 

A snake appearing in your dream suggests that it’s important to concentrate your energies on positive things, and mitigate the negative. While a snake in your dream can symbolize temptation, it can point to a person in your life who may temporarily be a source of negativity or conflict. This person could also be a more permanent source of negativity, in which case you should consider your ties with them.

When deciding whether this snake in your dream is good or bad, there are a few things to consider. Yes, we often fear snakes. Snake dreams can be a force of terror for some people. In a spiritual sense, dreaming of being bitten by a snake can symbolize a revelation and an impending difficulty that will be quick to strike, like the snake. You might feel bitter about the way it presents itself, or how it comes so suddenly. Don’t discount the warning it’s presenting you with. It’s an opportunity to tend to your life for the better, to limit any negative energy that’s either present in your life or is impending.

Like with any dream you’re trying to discover the meaning of, the circumstances of which you saw the symbol is relevant. What were you feeling when you saw the snake? It can indicate patterns that are present in your daily life.

  • Snake bites in dreams link with the people in our lives, the rare kind that will mean us harm. They’ll be people that we know and care for, which always makes it worse. Perhaps they know the harm they’ll do, and the temptation was too great. Perhaps they have no idea that you’ll be hurt as a result. In any case, this sort of dream is a warning.
  • A snake in water connects to emotional turmoil, and the image of a snake biting you while it’s in water suggests you might be struggling with your emotions right now. Are you in a difficult situation where the answer isn’t clear? Is there an answer at all? Sometimes you just have to keep your head down and carry on regardless.
  • Dreaming a snake surrounding you and lashing out suggests you’re feeling constricted (ha), or trapped in some way. Is there someone in your life that you don’t trust? Perhaps this stems from a past situation where they let you down, and it might be happening again. Forgiveness is a great thing to bestow on someone else, and a wonderful tool to help you move on, but it’s not appropriate in every situation, and only you can decide what’s best for you. 
  • Being chased by a snake in your dream and then being bitten reflects a difficult relationship or someone you struggle to get on with. Who is this person, and what’s the cause of conflict? Is this a small argument in the grand scheme of things, or something more serious? Will this fracture the relationship you have with this person? Is it worth having one at all, if they have such a negative effect on your life?
  • Dreams of many snakes biting you suggest that someone in your life doesn’t trust you. This may only be in one aspect, or the lack of trust may be an undercurrent in your entire relationship. Relationships that have no trust are much harder to maintain, and you might have to ask yourself if the effort is worth it. 
  • A dream where a snake kills you means there’s someone who directly means you harm in your life, right now. Who is it? Can you prevent this from happening? Are you positive it’s who you think it is? Sometimes, even though we know something bad is coming, it’s best not to do anything about it. Many people tense when they brace for impact – say in a car accident for example. This causes worse problems. Have you ever heard of someone who got themselves into an accident while drunk? Quite often, while the drink can be the cause, the alcohol saves their life, as they don’t tense up, and the resulting injury is far less than it could have been.
  • Dreaming of a snake biting your body suggests relationship problems. This may not be in romantic relationships, but any kind of relationship or connection you share with someone else. Perhaps you don’t view things the same way, and it’s causing a rift. You may have to agree to disagree. 
  • A snake biting your head off isn’t as negative or violent as it may seem. It’s a sign of a new beginning. This may manifest as a new job, moving to a new place, or even a new resolve you’ve adopted.
  • A poisonous snake biting you is a sign you’re healing from something, or the process will start very soon. You may not have realized how something has affected you, sometimes it’s only when a situation ends and the stress drains away that you realize the impact it’s had on you. 
  • Dreams where a snake bites your children indicate a relationship with a few troubles involved. 
  • Dreaming of a snake biting your love is a negative sign of how your relationship is faring. It might be an idea to reach out and see if you can repair this connection between you before it’s too late.
  • A snake biting dead bodies in your dream can mean there’s someone in your life that’s taking advantage of your positive nature and best traits. Perhaps you’re giving more of yourself to them than you should. Every relationship in our lives has a give and take dynamic, and any imbalance or misunderstanding can wreak havoc!

What does a Snake Bite Mean in a Dream?

A snake bite occurring in a dream can represent a myriad of things; curiosity, temptation, fear, betrayal, cowardice, or something else that will have a big impact on you. Probably the biggest thing to take from this dream is that a snake bite is as swift as a knee-jerk reaction, instinctual, provoking emotions that are quick to flare. In ancient Egypt, one of the most common dangers was a snake bite, and treatments would consist of rituals, spells, and symbols of snakes to use as protective wards. Many cultures believed that a snake bite was not only an injury to the body but also a poison to the spirit, and treatments would attempt to help both. In the Middle Ages, it was a common belief that toxins from a snake bite would arrest our inner spirit. The Italian physician Franscisco Red discovered snake venom in 1698 and connected the weight and dose of the venom to its toxicity. The snake bite represented bitterness and how it could fester the spirit as a result of life’s problems if it lingered. It’s important to note that while this spiritual snake bite indicates a difficult journey or troubling situation, overcoming these trials is how we get stronger, like Mithridates. We can apply the gained knowledge to new situations, and they’ll affect us less in the long run. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Snake Bite?

A snake bite in a dream also has links to the respect we have for ourselves and the capacity for forgiveness. When a snake bites you, it’s an instant thing, and your instinct is to remove the snake pretty quickly. It’s the venom that lingers, and a lack of forgiveness here can endanger or even kill dream-you. This resonates with some cultures that hold the belief that a snake bite injures your spirit or soul, and the venom in this instance is the presence of a refusal or an unwillingness to forgive others. These dreams often appear when we’re going through a difficult period in life.

The most prevalent thing to take from a dream like this is to forgive. Most importantly, to forgive yourself. A great sense of content and inner power comes from being at peace with yourself. Guilt and shame are natural parts of life, but holding onto them for too long instead of processing them in a healthy way can result in what’s known as a ‘low vibration’, a disruption in our life force. It creates anxiety, low self-esteem, and even depression. The snake bite dream is one of those where your subconscious is calling you to act, restoring your own balance, forcing your life force back into its rhythm. A nice side-effect of forgiving other people is letting go of a situation and restoring your inner peace. Look to the future, and all the good it can hold. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Snake’s Teeth?

If you saw the snake’s rear fangs, known as the ‘posterior maxillary teeth’, someone will prove important to you in the future. It may indicate that you need to make a big decision shortly. While first impressions of someone can be wrong, they’re often the opinion that we remember quite a lot. When you’re trying to make up your mind about someone, it’s important to remember that we’re often wildly different people depending on current circumstances and the people we’re with. You’ll be a different person to your boss than who you are with your parents or children. 

What’s very telling about a person is how they treat others when they’re stressed or emotionally vulnerable, especially if it’s a stranger they’re interacting with. Unfortunately, some people find it easier to take out their frustrations on people who may not be in an environment where retaliation would do them any good. Dreaming of snake teeth can suggest you’ll meet someone who’s not showing their true self for one reason or another. It may be that you’re in a work environment, and aspects of their personality may not be ‘professionally appropriate’, or they might fear your judgment if they were to show you who they really are. This person may also be someone prominent in the local community, so you may base your opinion of them on this knowledge rather than how they actually act, which can impact your judgment. You may not be able to see through to their true character. A snake bite dream can also indicate an attack or slight coming from an unexpected direction, or a complete stranger.

Why do we Dream of a Snakebite?

Snake symbolism has a myriad of meanings. Biblically, snakes are traditionally associated with trickery and temptation, someone appearing as a friend when they only want you to get into deep trouble. Sigmund Freud believed that a snake in a dream was a phallic symbol and that we are enslaved to our most inner desires. Other dream analysts suggest that snakes represent our innermost hidden selves and thoughts. A conflict such as a snake bite, something quite violent and abrupt, can help you make sense of negative emotions or problems you’re currently in the middle of. Snakes can also represent wisdom, as creatures who are in constant contact with the ground, and this snake bite may be an impending realization that will strike soon.

What is the Detailed Interpretation of the Snake Bite?

As always when determining the meaning behind your dream, the details are important. Did you find the snake threatening? It may be a sign that you’re having difficulty accepting something. On the surface, you’re happy and content, but deep down you may have some real concerns you’re trying not to listen to. Essentially, snakes represent our own power. This may be in terms of belief, strength, and wisdom. This dream normally equates to emotional turmoil, usually centered around relationships and the energy that comes from them. If you dream of a snake among the grass, one that jumps out and attacks you, there will be some upsetting news in the future, or someone you trust will turn on you. 

Dreaming of being swallowed by a snake suggests you’re thinking too negatively about something. You could do with remembering all the good things currently present in your life, returning to the present, and getting out of your own head. A snake surrounding you reveals that you’re feeling trapped. This may be in terms of a relationship gone awry, a job you’re getting no satisfaction out of, or a situation that has no easy answer. 

If a snake suddenly bites you, have you been upsetting too many people lately? It might be a good idea to take some time for yourself and get back on track. If the snake bite was minor, this dream is drawing your attention to patterns you’ve formed within your life. If the bite killed you, there’s an enemy in your life currently. If you feed a snake and it bites you, you’ve been working hard lately and it’s time to take a break before you burn out. If the snake turns into a person, this can signify the importance of giving up a bad habit. 

Dreams of Being Bitten by a Green Snake

Green snakes (see also green snakes dream meaning) commonly belong to the Colubridae, the largest family of snakes. Generally docile in nature, they won’t harm you unless they feel threatened, though they have a mean bite. 

Green as a color is associated with your energy. Naturally, it has links to wealth. If you dream of being bitten by a green snake, this may indicate money issues. It can also represent growth, joy, and happiness. It’s also an indicator to move on from a difficult situation. If you killed the snake, this can suggest you’ll overcome some financial hardship soon, or that this snake is telling you that you’re too suspicious of other people. Dreaming of a green snake attacking you can suggest that you’re in for some financial trouble, or you’re about to be. It can also be a general symbol of fear. 

Dreams of a Brown Snake Bite

Dreams of a brown snake biting you aren’t the best snake dreams to have. Brown is a color typically symbolic of the Earth (see also What Do Certain Colors Mean In Dreams?), and this may be a sign you’ve lost touch with your inner self, or you no longer feel grounded. Brown as a shade is directly created from a darkened yellow, which has a spiritual connotation of darkness. This may be a period of darkness in your life where you’re unsure of the future or someone you know and love. Brown snakes have killed more people than any other color. 

Dreams of a White Snake Bite

White snakes have a significance to magic, fear, love, and new beginnings. In a Swedish love story, a woman used a white snake in a spell to rekindle love. Creatures used in myths such as snakes can have a big role in the manipulation of others. It was thought at one stage that eating a white snake could ward off harm, and there were several uses for them in charms. Around 1764, a white snake was reportedly used in witchcraft, and this is relevant as a white snake bite might mean someone may be showing you affection, but they have an ulterior motive!

Dreams of a Yellow Snake Bite

In our other articles, we’ve talked about the importance of yellow snakes in dreams. Yellow represents positivity, wisdom, creativity, and a struggle in confidence. If you’re bitten by a yellow snake in your dream, this may suggest you’re struggling with a lack of confidence, you don’t feel fulfilled in some way, or your courage has deserted you. There are many types of yellow snakes, and they aren’t exclusive to a particular species. You may have been feeling creative lately but this period won’t last forever, in which case you’ll need to take a break and focus on something else to get those creative juices flowing again.

What does it Mean to Have a Snake on Your Body or a Dead Body and It Bites You?

Dreaming that a snake is on your body or entwined around you, and then bites you, suggests you’re trapped in some way. It’s usually related to relationship problems, perhaps an argument or even a divorce. It may mean your professional life has stagnated and you need to look for a new start somewhere you hadn’t considered before. Though this isn’t a positive sign, no negativity lasts forever. Once the difficulty is over, you may find things are better than ever.

If you see a snake biting a dead body, this has sexual connotations, specifically denoting control over your libido. If the snake is inside the body, Freud has suggested that this is directly associated with a passion you’re refusing to recognize.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Viper Biting You?

If the snake that lashes out at you is poisonous, this directly relates to fear. A viper bite reveals a problem in your professional life. Perhaps your workload is too much or a colleague is causing you some problems. A viper attacking you in your dream suggests that someone will try to find your weak points, or blame their lack of productivity on you so watch out for this one! It may indicate that you have problems with responsibility – perhaps there’s too much on your plate at the moment and you need to take a step back. Dreaming of many snakes biting you suggests the intention of someone else to do you harm. 

What does it Mean to Dream of an Asp Biting You?

An Asp is a shortened term for Aspis, which originally referred to a type of snake found near the Nile. If you’re a woman and you dream of an Asp, this signifies you have several enemies who will want to do you harm. If you’re a man and an Asp features in your dream, you’ll have a difficult problem but you’ll overcome it. 

Legends and a certain infamous painting suggested that Cleopatra tested deadly poisons on condemned prisoners and animals. Whether this was for research or twisted entertainment remains unclear. She concluded among other things that the bite of an Asp was not the worst way to go. So in dream terms, we can take it that an Asp bite, and the misfortune it represents, is not the worst thing that could happen.

Multiple Snake Bites in a Dream

Many snakes biting you in a single dream can tell you a lot about the people in your life. More than one snake present can suggest there are a few people in your life you could do without. A group of people may cause you stress, or you may find health problems in your future. Have you been criticized lately? This is another common meaning for many snakes appearing in your dream. You may feel attacked, or cornered, or the criticism was unfair. 

A Snake Biting Someone Else in a Dream

Have you said something you regret lately? Or perhaps you should have regretted something you said? If the snake bites someone you’re not particularly fond of, this suggests that your words are having a negative impact on others. Is this what you intend, or perhaps something came across the wrong way? If the snake bites someone you care about, this suggests that a blow to your own emotions will land shortly. 

What does it Mean to Dream of the Snake’s Fangs?

Contrary to what you might assume, there are only a few types of snakes that have fangs. These include cottonmouth, adders, rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cobras. A sack between the eyes stores their venom, and when released by a cobra, it can catapult six meters! To see a snake’s fangs in a dream suggests an imminent betrayal in your life who will need your forgiveness. You may not exactly be in the forgiving mood when you find out whatever it is that they’ve done. Regardless, it’s more harmful to hold onto a betrayal, as things may turn bitter and affect your outlook for a long time to come. You may not recognize great opportunities when they present themselves or see a good deed for what it is, which may deeply hinder you. It could even damage an important relationship in your life, or your self-esteem when hindsight comes calling.

Cobra Snake Bite Dream Meaning

Cobra bites are particularly deadly. Most people die within thirty minutes without the antivenom. Dreaming of this snake represents a toxin entering your life. Cobras are used in snake charming, and an appearance of a charmed snake in your dream may represent a mistaken opinion you hold of something or someone. Perhaps the person you think will betray you is innocent, and the person to blame is someone you’d least suspect. If you dream of a bitten snake charmer this suggests you need to protect yourself against something in your waking life, an attack will come from somewhere you least expect.  

Rattlesnake Bite Dream Meaning

A rattlesnake biting you in a dream is a warning. It reveals a need to heal your body and follow your passion. It’s only when you listen to your body can you overcome problems, and trusting your gut can protect you greatly, like not trusting someone for a reason you don’t understand but still feel. That gut instinct is an amazing thing, as while our brains can be bogged down with reasons to doubt, your gut will tell you the truth.

Where is the Snake Bite in Your Dream?

It’s wise to listen to dreams that come with warnings. That’s why you’re here. Even someone completely focused on their path can be led astray easily. Where the snake bit you directly links to the spiritual meaning of the dream.

Dreaming of a Snake Bite on the Head or Face

While someone may try to hide how they feel, micro-expressions in their face twinned with their body language and their tone of voice will always give them away. To dream of a snake bite near the head or face reveals someone is worried or feels guilty for treating you badly. Being bitten on the face can suggest there are underlying thoughts about others that are affecting your spirit. The snake bite is an attack, and one aimed at your face can indicate emotional problems. Someone may have lied to you recently, and an answer that they gave you was one you took at face value. This dream is your subconscious telling you they were lying, perhaps you just didn’t want to believe it. A mistake someone makes will cut you to the core, or hurt someone you’re so deeply connected with you feel the pain yourself. We can’t always guard against these things, but knowing that they may happen can lessen the negative effect.

Dreaming of a Snake Bite on the Mouth

Our mouth is what we consider to be the primary source of our communication and our ability to connect with others. A snake bite on a mouth suggests that truth will emerge shortly. It may also indicate that things are not always what they appear, perhaps you’ve mistaken someone’s intentions or blamed someone for something they didn’t do. People can pick up on our emotions through visual cues as well as an ‘atmosphere’ surrounding them. Sometimes what you might want to project to someone else translates back into the truth. For example, you may want to appear confident and easy-going, but try too hard and you’ll end up showing how much you want them to see you as confident, rather than being the real thing. Relax. You’ll enjoy life far more if you stop caring so much about what others think of you.

Dreaming of a Snake Bite on the Stomach

The stomach is a very important part of the body. It’s where we hold a lot of strength, where our instincts live, and where we convert energy. It’s also the solar plexus chakra. Chakras symbolize spiritual energy and how it flows through the body. It’s also considered a doorway to spiritual powers. This particular part connects us to our power, and a snake biting your stomach alludes to an event or a person removing your inner strength. Only time will allow you to heal from this.

Dreaming of a Snake Bite on the Neck

The neck has spiritual associations with communication. If you’re bitten on the neck within a dream, you may be stopped from speaking your truth in the future, or you may go unheard. Maybe you give someone some advice and they do nothing with it. Perhaps someone talks over you, or they steal an idea that you suggested, presenting it as their own.

Dreaming of a Snake Bite on the Eye

Ouch! A snake biting you in the eye signifies that your gut instincts are compromised in some way. Perhaps your judgment will be wrong, and you distrust someone. It can also indicate low self-esteem, which can lead to poor decision-making.

Dreaming of a Snake Bite on the Legs

A snake bite on a leg suggests an upset equilibrium of sorts. It’s an event that throws your life out of balance. Spiritually, your left leg connects to creative energy. Your right leg indicates a hard time expressing your thoughts, or trouble removing yourself from a charged situation. If you see someone else in your dream bitten by a snake, this suggests you’ve pushed down your emotions, and need to confront them.

Dreaming of a Snake Bite in the Left or Right Eye

A snake biting your right eye in a dream suggests someone trying to deceive you. In dreams, your right eye connects to hidden things, the left links to independence. Dreaming of a snake attacking your eyes suggests you are tired, and you’ve been looking at a single situation for too long. You may be spiritually drained from helping someone. Time to turn to something else. 

Dreaming of a Snake Bite on Your Feet

In spiritual terms, your feet are connected to your soul. They are the part of the body that keeps you grounded and connects you to the earth.  A snake bite on the feet denotes a disruption to this. Someone’s actions cut you deeply, even to your soul. If you’re dreaming of a snake attacking your feet, it’s time to look at the people in your life carefully.

Dreaming of a Snake Bite on the Left Hand

A snake biting your left hand in a dream can suggest your words or a conversation you’ve had is being used somewhere else out of context. Perhaps this snake in your life is using them to their advantage, so guard your words accordingly. It can also indicate you need to focus your attention on moving toward a goal. 

Dreaming of a Snake Bite on the Right Hand

A dream where a snake bites you on the right hand reveals a need to take a break for a healing process to kickstart. It may also indicate that someone in a position of power will offer you help, but that may not come in the way you want or need. 

Dreaming of a Snake Bite on the Knee

We kneel to propose, show respect, pray, and in some cases, to ask for forgiveness. The action of kneeling is a symbol of our own strength, and to dream of a snake biting your knees, you may be accepting someone’s heartfelt apology, or forgiving a mistake that’s hurt you directly. It can also signify that you’ve bought your own press a bit too much, and you’re not as strong as you think you are. 

Dreaming of a Snake Bite on the Chest

You might have already guessed the meaning of this dream. Dreaming of a snake bite to the chest represents the people closest to you or what you hold dear, and the violence in this dream is directly connected to them. You’re worried about something or someone harming them, or this has already happened and you’re trying to process it. 

How Many People are Bitten by Snakes in a Year?

After all this talk about snakes biting people, it’s a good idea to look at how many real snakes bite people across the world in a year. It’s estimated that 2.7 million people around the world are unlucky enough to be bitten by a snake. Of these, around 100,000 people die. It’s important to remember that when snakes act aggressively, it’s often in self-defense, protecting their young, or you just startled them! 

In the US, there are 120 types of snakes, and only 21 of them are venomous. Except for Hawaii and Alaska, at least one kind of venomous snake is found in every state.

Statistically, it’s estimated that 7,000-8,000 people per year are bitten by venomous snakes. Roughly five of those bites result in death. Most of these come from the diamondback rattlesnakes. Copperhead snakes are reported to be the biggest cause of venomous bites, but they rarely kill people. 

In Europe, nearly all snake bites are attributed to the viper family. These include the nose-horned viper, the asp, and the European viper. Venomous snake bites are estimated to be around 4,000- 10,000 a year. This roughly results in 50-150 deaths.

Prevention of course is better than the anti-venom. Keep an eye out for snakes, especially if this is a warm and sunny place. Tread carefully on any ground where they may be hiding, especially if you can’t see the floor. Use a stick to gently disturb the area before you step there, just in case.  

In your dream, you may have

  • Seen a snake, and it bit you
  • Saw a snake wind itself around your body before it bit you
  • Died from a poisonous snake bite
  • A snake jumping from grass and biting you
  • Many snakes biting you
  • A dead snake biting you

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Feel relieved as you wake up
  • The dream doesn’t affect the rest of your day
  • Recognize the ‘snake in the grass’ in your life
  • After this dream, you cut negative ties
  • You take a break after a dream like this

Feelings you may have encountered during a snake bite dream

You may have felt terrified as the snake attacked. Anxious, waiting for it to attack, knowing the bite was coming. Confused, wondering why the snake attacked you. Insecure, that your dream attacked you. Strange, that a snake was in your dream to begin with. 


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