What Do Green Snakes In Dreams Mean?

Green Snakes In Your Dream

Snakes are interesting symbols when it comes to their presence in our dreams. They can be a warning, of either troubling times ahead, or someone in your life who will bring you trouble, where their intentions might not be what they seem. Snakes in a dream can also be a sign you need to use the energy you have in order to change your life, in one form or another. The color of the snake also specifically informs the meaning of your dream (see also Red Snake Dream Meaning). A white snake represents trouble coping with your emotions or a new beginning, a yellow snake signifies there’s someone in your life you cannot trust. 

We associate green with spring, growth, protection, and relaxation. So it may not be a surprise that a green snake in your dream has positive connotations of positivity, joy, and feeling safe. But like every interpretation, there are two sides to the coin. Green snakes in your dream can suggest good things are coming, but they may also signify envy, or feelings that will trip you up or get in the way of living your life. 

In life, green snakes are usually only active during the day, and aren’t that aggressive. Of course, we’re talking about different species of snakes – as green ones don’t belong to a single species – and their habits, behavior and size all vary. While all snakes should be treated with caution and respect, quite a few green snakes are relatively harmless and eat insects. That’s not to say you should pick a fight with one – why would you want to – but in the context of dreams, green snakes are not the worst ones your subconscious can manifest. It all depends on the context the snake appeared in when it was in your dream – they’re not always the villains popular stories would have you believe. Most snake dreams are helpful – they’re signifiers of something you need to recognize, such as a truth you’ve been ignoring, or how someone in your life is not the kind person they may appear to be. They can also indicate a great change is on its way, and your life will not be the same. 

What’s the Jungian Interpretation of a Green Snake Dream?

Carl Jung, who we’ve mentioned in previous articles, had a few interesting ideas when it came to snakes appearing in your dream. He was a dream psychologist in the 1930s, and alongside Freud, his ideas are still used today. Freud and Jung both shared the belief that snakes are a phallic symbol (that they resemble a penis and therefore the meaning is related to sex or sexual desire). He also theorized that green snakes in particular could be linked to our instincts, or our nervous system. He also connected snakes to wisdom, which is a common interpretation – you only have to look at an ambulance and see the staff entwined with the snakes for that one. It also helps that a snake is an animal that is constantly in contact with the earth, and so represents our ‘grounded’ instincts. 

What does a Green Snake in a Dream Mean?

In other articles, we’ve explored the meaning of a snake’s appearance in your dream. For the sake of this article, we’ll focus on the green snake’s meaning. With any dream, it’s important to try to remember how this snake’s appearance made you feel. Was it frightening? Was it only one detail in a very surreal dream? Did you feel glad it was there? Did it attack you? Did it protect you? If you felt threatened by the snake, you may feel content on the surface, but there is something bothering you, and you need to acknowledge it in order to move forward with your life. 

While the details of your dream influence the meaning, the main significance behind a green snake in a dream is of your own power. This is your inner power, usually connected to both your emotions and your power to make decisions. If the snake attacked you, or you felt afraid, this can mean an upset balance in your life, to do with relationships, what they may say about you, or how you feel about yourself. Snakes can represent current conflicts, perhaps ones you’re ignoring. Remember that no situation is forever, and the thing you’ll remember most is how you reacted to something, not how you felt and how it impaired you. 

If you see a green snake severed in two within your dream, this signifies that you’re having trouble in a social situation. It may be a specific person, or you may find yourself struggling at an event which doesn’t have a goal – like a party or a get-together which doesn’t have a concrete purpose besides ‘hanging out’, which can lead some people to feel anxious and unfocused. Or, someone might have misinterpreted your actions or something you said, and place their whole opinion on these small things. People can and will take things at face value, so be careful how you treat them, and perhaps more importantly, how you treat other people when you’re around them.

It may also suggest that you need to be kinder to others – no matter the intention, kindness is never a bad thing, and it can affect other people greatly. People will always remember how you make them feel when they think of you, and the green snake in your dream is telling you to treat them with respect and kindness. If we look at this interpretation with the color in mind, green signifies positivity and good things for the future, and treating people well will result in these good things happening.

Seeing a juvenile or a baby snake in your dream may suggest you’ll have some financial trouble in the future. So it might be a good idea to set some money aside, just in case. Call it your emergency fund, your breathing-room-money, and it’ll be there when you need it. 

What Does a Dream Mean Where a Green Snake Attacks You?

A green snake attacking you in a dream is a symbol of fear. This may be a worry that’s translated from your waking life into your dream, or you’re struggling to overcome a problem or someone else is causing you trouble. This dream often happens when you’re experiencing grief or a situation has left you vulnerable. There’s no cause to fear this snake in your dream – it’s a sign to move on. If, in your dream, you spot a green snake in grass or in sand, there’s someone in your life or a situation you cannot trust at first glance. 

What Does Dreaming of a Green Boa Constrictor Mean?

Dreaming of a green boa constrictor suggests that you’re in for some emotional turbulence in the near future. A situation will cause your emotions to get in the way of your ability to think clearly, and you might make the wrong decision if you act too quickly. However, if you kill this snake in your dream, this represents a difficult problem that you will overcome due to your strong will, and you won’t let your emotions cloud your judgement.

What did Freud Believe about Green Snake Dreams?

Freud suggested that a green snake in a dream was linked to intense emotions, often repressed parts of the personality which surface in dreams. There may be a part of yourself you’ve been rejecting, or something you didn’t realize is affecting you, long after it happened. 

The serpent or the snake has often been used as a symbol of evil or adversity – just look at the Garden of Eden and what happened there. Freud believed that the snake in that context represented uncontrolled desire, or a search for spiritual power. 

As snakes can be dangerous in any context, they can also signify danger. This may not be physical – but it could represent a danger to your current way of life or state of mind. In which case, this is an anxiety dream, where your subconscious is trying to act out coping with these things, in order for you to feel better-equipped in waking life. If the snake spoke to you, this is connected to inner wisdom, and it’s important that you remember what it said, if you can. Your instincts are trying to tell you something – perhaps it’s something your subconscious mind has realized, but not your conscious self. You may need to re-evaluate a situation, and don’t rush into anything without looking at it closely.

In dreams, several cold-blooded animals can represent destructive situations happening in your waking life. While it’s important to understand how they affect you and what you might decide in the meantime, you may be overthinking it. It may be time to move past them. 

At a glance, if you saw:

  • A green snake = there’s a good chance of great things happening shortly
  • A snake coiled round your body = connection to your leadership skills
  • A poisonous snake = repressed feelings will resurface and cause you problems
  • A snake in the grass = are you hiding from something? Is someone in your life untrustworthy?
  • More than one snake = be wary of others
  • A dead green snake (see also dead snake in dreams) biting you = someone you love will reach out 

What Does the Color Green Mean in a Dream?

While snake dreams can be frightening and can make your skin crawl, there are many positive connotations associated with snakes in a dream. Snakes as symbols have been worshiped as sources of protection, power, and wisdom throughout different cultures in history. A green snake dream suggests a similar meaning, and a source of good luck. You may not have felt powerful or protected when you woke up from this dream, but it does suggest you have a lot of power to change things – and yourself – for the better. You shape your life into what you want, no one else has that choice for you. Luck is on your side, and you should take advantage of this while it is. You should be proud of what you achieved, and look forward to what you’ll accomplish in the future.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning behind the Color Green?

Have you heard of the term ‘forest bathing’? If you haven’t, it’s a practice focused on reconnecting with yourself and nature, by walking through a forest and really seeing, hearing, connecting with everything around you, instead of rushing to the next goal and wondering what might be ahead. Spiritually, green represents wisdom, energy, life, and harmony. Green can be a call to reconnect to those, to not get too caught up in the little things. In a more modern surface-meaning context, green stands for money, ambition, greed, or jealousy. 

It’s worth noting how people react to the color green – it relaxes the eyes, makes the nervous system a little calmer, and makes you feel a little more connected. It’s a soothing color – not like red, which can emphasize our stronger feelings, like love or hate. Green helps bring out a sense of hope, renewal, and harmony, which is one of the reasons why it has been used in hospitals and medical centers all over the world. It’s also been put to good use in advertising for this reason, a youthful color which can help us with the effects of anxiety, depression, and nervousness. The next time you see an advert – look at the colors they’ve chosen – all have been picked for a reason.

In different cultures, green has represented a variety of things. Ireland adopted green as their national color, and it’s reminiscent of good luck, St. Patrick’s Day, and four-leaf-clovers. Islam considers green to be the color of paradise, which suggests the value they place on the color. 

Different hues of green can symbolize different things, and the amount of green can contribute or detract from your mood. Too much green can make you lethargic, low, or placid, and too little can make you anxious, apathetic, or fearful of rejection. Green with a strong yellow tone suggests jealousy, sickness (see also sickness dream meaning), or cowardice. Dark green links to greed, wealth, and ambition or a sense of cocooning. Olive green traditionally represents peace and tranquility. 

Snakes themselves can have a highly spiritual significance, as they’ve been a symbol of belief in a higher power since before we started to record history. They’ve been symbols of gods, symbols of protection, of fear, of things we should stand against or stand for. They can be signs of significant change, for better or worse. Snakes can represent betrayal, or deceit, and so your dream may be a warning. We are programmed to be wary of snakes, of the danger of being bitten, of fearing death or anything that may cause us harm, and your subconscious is programmed to look for threats, even ones that may not turn out to be anything. So while your dream may not be warning you of a danger that will happen, it would be wise to listen, just in case. After all, you don’t have to take any action, nor do you need to go looking for trouble. Enjoy what you have while you have it, and you’ll find that the bad things matter a little less.

What does Dreaming of a Green Cobra Mean?

Is someone in your life acting shifty lately? Have their words been ringing true lately, or have they been falling flat, sounding insincere? Dreaming of a green cobra suggests you feel someone isn’t telling you the truth, or the whole truth. You may feel unable to trust them because they’re not sharing with you, and that can lead to a whole host of questions. Maybe you’re doubting their intentions – maybe they are lying, or you’re projecting an insecurity onto their actions in order to explain them. If the cobra changes color in your dream, it suggests you’re on a path of change, which will lead to better things – or, at least, better than they are right now.

What does Dreaming of Killing a Green Snake Mean?

Dreaming of killing a green snake (see also article titled ‘Killing Snakes In A Dream: Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism‘) is a positive sign – it suggests you’re in for a run of good luck, and can particularly mean positive outcomes in creative endeavors and love. If you’ve been feeling off lately, mentally or physically, this will soon pass – either on its own, or by your decision to get treated. Some older dream interpretation texts suggest that a green snake can suggest a chronic illness, and because you defeated it in your dream, you will heal, and enjoy life as you once did, or better. It can also signify a change in your environment, one that you will get a lot out of. You’ll feel grateful it changed, and you’ll be able to use this new burst of energy in your creative endeavors. 

What does Dreaming of Snakes in a Bathroom Mean?

Dreaming of snakes in a bathroom suggests you’ll shortly have to rely on your instincts, and your intuition will sharpen as a result. You’ll be able to use this to your advantage, and it may help in creative pursuits. You may find your state of mind will completely change, and whether that’s for the better or worse, only you will be able to tell.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Woman Giving a Man a Snake?

This is an interesting one! As snakes can represent wisdom and protection, this dream may indicate the gravity of the trust you’ve given someone, or someone has given you. This dream may be a warning to be careful what you do with it, or if you’re the one trusting someone else, be careful of whom you place your trust in. It may suggest that the other person is completely trustworthy, or they may betray you – depending on how you felt during the dream. 

In older dream lore, this may suggest a relationship that is having issues, especially if we take into account what Freud might say. It can even signify that the woman in your dream was planning a party or an event, and may not be as nice or as thoughtful as she seems.

What does Dreaming of a Light Green Snake Mean?

This is a nice snake to dream of! You should expect positive changes soon, and there will be several opportunities that will make their way to you – the challenge is recognizing them for the good they may do. If you manage to act on them correctly, you’ll experience a huge growth in your life, and enjoy some success. 

What does a Lime Green Snake Mean in a Dream?

If you have an odd experience in your dream of turning into the snake, this suggests you’re trying to overcome a negative attitude you’ve learned from a bad experience. If you remained half-human, this suggests that a troublesome person will soon stop negatively affecting your life – and this could even be yourself. You may rid yourself of a bad habit that’s damaging your way of life. If the snake in your dream turns to gold, it suggests you’ll discover a skill you didn’t know you had, or you’ll come into some money soon. If you witness a lime green snake eating someone in your dream, while a worrying thought, this can suggest you’re in a powerful place in waking life.

If you dream of a lime green snake attacking you, this suggests that your hard work will win you the admiration of those higher up.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Green Snake Chasing Me?

Dreaming about a green snake chasing you suggests there’s something you haven’t confronted or acknowledged, and it won’t serve you to ignore it any longer. It may also suggest there’s a hidden knowledge or skill you possess that has previously been underused or not used at all, and it’s time to change that. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Green Snake Attacking Me?

Dreaming of a green snake attacking you isn’t a bad sign, no matter how horrible it felt at the time. It suggests great wisdom, healing, vitality, and good luck. It suggests you have a power at the moment, and your health will improve, or you will feel better within yourself. If you felt off, or disconnected from other people or yourself, this feeling will soon be resolved, and you’ll soon be able to move forward in life. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Green Snake Biting You?

Having a dream where a green snake bites you is a common and unpleasant dream. Like the dream itself, the meaning is likewise unpleasant. It suggests you need to take care with your words and actions, and refers to your relationships with other people. Be careful who you trust – don’t make the mistake of being too suspicious of others and completely closing yourself off, as that won’t serve you – but be mindful of how other people affect you, and how much you let them. Trust in your own wisdom, and you’ll find who you should trust in, and who you should keep at an arm’s length. 

Dreaming of a green snake biting you also suggests you’re feeling attacked by someone or something, or your fears are getting the better of you! Trust that things will work out, and concentrate on the now. Do what you can in the present moment, and then the one after that, and the one after that. Everything else will fall into place.

What does it Mean to See a Huge Green Snake in a Dream?

A very large snake appearing in your dream suggests that you’ll soon take away the power of your enemies. Your enemies here don’t have to represent a person you can’t stand or slightly dislike – it may be someone who you’re usually close with, and you’ve had an argument, or it may even stand for yourself. In any case, it suggests that the trouble will soon be over.

The large green snake can also suggest someone who is wealthy, and the money is the source of conflict here. If you dream of this large snake being killed, this dream points to an impending conflict, and you won’t get out unscathed.

What does Seeing a Green Snake Wrap Around You in A Dream Mean?

To find out the meaning of this dream, you need to look at the context in which it occurred, as a dream where a snake wraps itself around you doesn’t mean anything until you have the details which inform the significance. It may suggest that there’s a lot of temptation around you right now, or you’re in some difficulty. If the snake was large, you could be about to experience some money problems, probably from an unexpected source.

The meaning is also influenced by where the snake curled around your body. If the green snake in your dream wound round your neck, you’ll worry about work. If you felt the snake was deadly, or poisonous, or was about to bite you, this dream may be a warning. Don’t create any problems for yourself later – you’ll have enough to deal with. If you dream of the snake wrapping around your feet, other people will be the source of your problems. Seeing a snake wrap around your right hand, is another indicator of money problems. However, if the snake wraps around your left hand, you’ll receive money which you weren’t expecting.

If you see several snakes crawling over your body in a dream, this suggests you’re in a place where temptations are high. If you’re taken, this may suggest that an opportunity to be unfaithful will present itself. If you’re single, you’ll shortly find a relationship that will prosper.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Green Snake Chasing You?

It’s time to take stock of your life, and perhaps even time to take some chances. Are you where you want to be? Do you know how to get what you want? It’s time to recognize an opportunity, and it may have already presented itself to you, even if it’s challenging. This dream is a signal to gather your courage – there’s generally less regret when you take action, rather than worrying about the What Ifs.

Snake Dream Meanings At A Glance

A Green Snake Talked to You

This could be your subconscious’s wisdom, something you haven’t recognized or refused to acknowledge in your daily life, don’t ignore it. This dream can also suggest a compromise is in your future, maybe you’ll find a new balance with someone where before there was conflict. You may have thought someone was your enemy, and learning why they act the way they do will smash this misconception.

A Green Snake Bit You and You Died

Regardless of how you felt about this one in your dream, this dream represents a transformation, where things will be hugely different from what they are now. You’ll enter a new chapter in your life, and your present one will close. New friends, new opportunities, maybe even in a new place.

You Had A Pet Green Snake

Maybe you want a real pet snake. That would be the surface meaning, of course, but the more in-depth meaning suggests your life has been in a bit of a stasis lately, and it’s time to change things. Maybe life has been difficult for too long, and you need to de-stress, and focus on what matters to you in the moment, rather than in the future, or what someone else wants for you. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Your Mother Opening a Door and Seeing Snakes Behind it?

Someone knocking on your door in waking life or a dream usually suggests there’s news, or that your latest internet purchase is here. If we assume it’s the former, that’s what these snakes represent: news. If you’re unable to come between these snakes and your mother, it suggests that this news is negative, and will affect both of you. If, in your dream, you run to find help, this suggests this news will make you or your mother feel helpless. When you have a dream like this, it’s important to check in on the person it concerned – in this case your mom. It can’t hurt. Sometimes we have no explanation why unrelated things occur in tandem, but they do, and it’s important to recognize them. Best case scenario, it comes to nothing. If it wasn’t your mother in your dream, the same applies. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Green Snake On a Fake Tree Lashing Out?

Dreaming of a green snake attacking you while perched on a fake tree suggests a problem of sorts. The fake tree represents going down a false path – perhaps you thought it was the true one – but you need to reorient yourself to get back on track. Something about your actions either currently or in the future will disrupt your life, and you’ll need to work to find balance once more. This in itself is not a bad thing – how else will you grow? This snake may be suggesting that something you’ve said or a decision you’ve made will cause some upset with someone else, but perhaps you’ll take the opportunity to redefine your relationship with this person – it may become stronger than ever, or you might find yourselves drifting apart, which may be for the better.

Positive Changes Are Coming If

You didn’t feel scared in this dream. When you woke up, you felt content or relaxed. You realized someone isn’t being truthful. You recognize your insight which you’ve been ignoring. The snake wasn’t the focus of the dream. The outcome of the dream was good.

Feelings You May Have Experienced During Your Green Snake Dream

Powerless. Scared. Anxious. Odd. Disorientated. Protected. Powerful. Repulsed. Betrayed. Trusting. Naive. 


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