Rabbit or Hare Dream Meaning

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Dreams About Rabbits or Hares

Dreaming about rabbits or hares is positive. They both represent success, energy, and luck. In this article, we will be taking a look at the different scenarios you might see rabbits or hares in your dreams and what they mean.

The Meaning of Dreams About Rabbits

Rabbits can breed profusely as you probably know. Because of this, they are thought to be connected to fertility, sexuality, and birth. Spiritually, to dream about rabbits is a good omen. It can mean that you are about to become pregnant and bring new life into this world. 

Carl Jung, the famous dream psychologist, believed that rabbits could symbolize threatened freedom. You need to look at the dream as a whole to decide if this is the truth. Perhaps if you have too many children, you might feel that you have lost your freedom. You might have to give up your job or be confined to the house. 

You could be frightened of the rabbit in your dream. This can mean that you are feeling uncertain about your path in life.

The color of the rabbit you see in your dream can be significant. To see a black rabbit indicates that you are going to have some anxiety in your life, but don’t worry, it won’t last long. A brown rabbit is usually a guide sent to direct you on the right course. This could be in your career path or even in a personal relationship. White rabbits are a popular color to have as a pet. They are cute and cuddly, and if you see one in a dream, it foretells a lucky time ahead. 

Surprisingly, to see a rabbit being killed or you killing it yourself, indicates that things will change for the better. However, if you see blood on a rabbit in your dream, it means that somebody is going to talk about you. You will have to look at the dream as a whole to see if they are going to be positive or negative about you. 

If you see a starving rabbit in your dream, it is surprisingly a positive omen. People will look to you for help. It will make you feel pleased that you can do something to help others. However, if you see yourself feeding a rabbit, another person or people may try to take something from you. It could mean that they are going to speak badly about you to others and take away your self-confidence. 

Lots of people, especially children, have tame rabbits. If you dream about one, the chances are high that you or someone close to you is going to become pregnant. If you are the person caring for the rabbit, it is possible that your career is going to progress well. When you see baby rabbits in your dream, it indicates that you are an understanding person. 

One of the best rabbit or hare dream to have is of hundreds of rabbits that are multiplying. To dream about this indicates that you are going to do well financially in the near future.

Does Seeing a Rabbit or Hare in Your Dream Indicate a Positive Love Life?

The news is good if you are single and dream about rabbits or hares. Your future lover, partner, husband, or wife, is going to appear in the near future in your waking life. What’s even better is that you are going to be happy together for a long time.

Rabbits are considered to be spiritual lovers. The reason for this is that once they find a mate, they bond for life. In addition, they are very social and love the companionship of other rabbits. If you get pet rabbits, you will find that they will also bond with you. A lot of people think that you will only get this sort of affection from a dog, but they are wrong. Rabbits also love their human parents, but they are still better off with other rabbits as well, particularly if you keep them in a hutch. The good thing to know is that they can be litter trained as can cats, so having them roaming around the house is an option. It is better for them as they do like company. Because of this, if you dream about rabbits, it is positive and refers to companionship, love, and even sex. 

If your partner has been acting in a weird way and you dream about a rabbit, it can mean that you need to find out the cause so that your relationship can move forward. It isn’t necessarily a bad dream and you’re not going to break up with your partner. The dream is just telling you that you need to communicate. 

To see a group of rabbits in a dream can mean that your love life is going to move forward. It is a positive dream and you can feel assured that your loved one feels the same as you.

A Dream About a Rabbit Has a Spiritual Meaning

We have already said that rabbits are spiritual. They have a bond with each other and their human companions like no other. If you read dream dictionaries from the 1930s, you will see that dreaming about rabbits not only promises luck but spiritual messages as well. Rabbits are also connected to fertility and a better future. 

If you dream of literally hundreds of rabbits living in a warren, you can be assured that teamwork is going to succeed, you are going to meet like-minded people, and are going to be at ease when talking with other people. In the wild, you can often find many rabbits living together in their own community so to dream about them can mean that your community is going to expand and that generally, everybody will get on well. To see rabbits in a warren in your dream can also mean that spiritually you are looking for something meaningful in life. Perhaps you want to take on charity work, helping people less fortunate than yourself.

What Does it Mean if you Dream About a Hare?

There are many interpretations of dreams about hares. Hares, like rabbits, are spiritual and they can indicate that you are going to have some luck in the near future. They can foretell new beginnings such as getting a new job or starting a new relationship. They can also suggest fertility and if you dream about a hare you could conceive a child or someone close to you will have a baby. 

The difference between dreaming about hares rather than rabbits is that they indicate speed. Perhaps you have been rushing into things without thinking about the consequences. They also suggest that life is going to speed up so be prepared to go along with the flow. 

It is interesting to note that hares appear frequently in folklore and mythology. Sometimes they are represented as goddesses or companions of goddesses, meaning that if you dream about one you are headed for great heights. They can also appear as messengers so maybe you are going to receive an important message. They can even be tricksters so beware.

Perhaps you are wondering how you will distinguish a hare from a rabbit in your dream. The trick is to look at the ears. Hares have much longer ears than rabbits.

The Meaning of Pet Rabbits in Dreams

Rabbits have been kept as pets for over 2,000 years so it isn’t surprising to see a pet rabbit in your dream, either in the home or in a hutch. It can mean that you are currently thinking about your childhood and wishing that you were back in that simpler time. It could also mean that you are thinking of having a child. You want to have someone to look after.

There are alternative meanings to this dream including the ability to move forward in life despite any setbacks. To dream about a pet rabbit can also mean that you are thinking about putting more effort into a friendship. Perhaps you haven’t been loyal to this person and you are regretting it.

Dreaming About Rabbits Biting and Scratching

If you see a rabbit biting or scratching in a dream it is surprisingly a good omen. You are going to get an excess of something, perhaps love or sex (see also penis dream symbols). It is a symbol of male fertility and perhaps there will soon be a new addition to your family. 

Dreaming About Rabbits Hopping

Dreaming about rabbits hopping in a field is connected to virility and sex. It can indicate that you are going to have a lot of children. It is a happy dream, although it does have a slightly negative side in that it indicates that you aren’t committed to your career. You would rather be at home looking after your children than slaving away at a desk all day. 

Another meaning about rabbits hopping is that you hop between one thing and another and as a result, you don’t get anything done properly. You need to examine your waking life and try to find out where you can put in more effort.  

If the rabbits are friendly, it can mean that you are going to be able to discuss any problems you have with someone you love or care about. However, if you see a rabbit hopping and then it drops down dead, you are not communicating well with someone of the opposite sex. Perhaps you can’t explain your feelings properly to this person. It is time to take stock and decide how to improve the relationship.

Dreaming About Seeing a Rabbit or Hare Talking

To dream about either a rabbit or hare talking can mean that you need help, but have been nervous to ask anybody for this. The dream indicates that you need to accept this help as it will be beneficial. 

If you dream about a group of rabbits talking between themselves, you might be about to face a hard time in your life. When you wake up, consider what could go wrong and try to alter this path to unhappiness. The rabbits are giving you advance warning.

Dreaming About a Hare or Rabbit Helping You

If you dream that a rabbit or hare helps you to get out of a difficult situation, it means that other people are going to ask you for help. Be prepared to give assistance when needed as this will turn you into a better person. You will also be appreciated.

If a hare or rabbit helps you down the stairs, it can mean that something is going to change in the near future. This is usually for the good.

Dreaming About Baby Rabbits or Baby Hares

To dream of either baby rabbits or baby hares can mean that you are having difficulties in life and you can’t seem to overcome them. The dream is telling you to find a solution so that you can again be happy. 

However, ancient dream dictionaries give a different interpretation to a dream about baby rabbits or hares. They say that you are able to change and adapt, but sometimes your approach to problems can be childlike.

Dreaming About Eating a Rabbit

Yes, some people eat rabbits despite them being cute and fluffy. If in the dream you are skinning the rabbit or cooking it, then you will need to pay more attention to your relationships with other people. You might not have many friends and this could make you lonely. If you are eating the rabbit, it can mean that you don’t have many close friends because you have been acting in a superior manner. Try to be nicer to others. If you actually killed the rabbit your feelings of superiority are accentuated.

Alternatively, preparing a rabbit to eat means that you have been successful in controlling your instincts. Perhaps you have wanted to put someone down because you don’t like what they have done, but it is not up to you. It can also mean that you have built a wall around yourself and you have lost friends. Try to knock this wall down and show others how nice you really are.

Dreaming About a Pink Rabbit

No, of course, there aren’t really pink rabbits, but you may still dream about one. Pink rabbits can be spiritual and they can represent action. You are going to change something in your waking life and it will be for the better. Perhaps you will change careers or go back to college. Pink rabbits can mean that you are going to re-educate yourself. Think about what you would really like to learn about. 

On the other hand, a pink rabbit could mean that you are being tricked in your financial affairs. Keep an eye on your bank accounts. Don’t invest in any projects without looking into them properly. Hold on to your credit and debit cards.

Dreaming About a Dead Rabbit

Initially, we are drawn to thinking that seeing a dead rabbit in a dream is a bad omen. Indeed, seeing a dead rabbit can mean that something or someone we care for is heading towards a bad time, but it can also mean that you yourself are going to have problems either in your personal or work life. However, you may be worrying unnecessarily and everything is going to turn out alright in the end. You will reach any goals that you have set for yourself. Perhaps you have always wanted to be a writer, but have never thought you were good enough. Now is the time to try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

The color of the dead rabbit also has significance. It isn’t good news if you dream about a dead black rabbit. You are surrounded by problems and it will take some time to sort them out.  If you dream about a dead brown rabbit, it means that you have been putting too much energy into one aspect of your life, while neglecting others. Perhaps you have been working too hard and keeping long hours for some time while spending little time at home. It is time to divide your time fairly between all the aspects of your life. If you don’t, you could lose friends and family. Seeing a dead white rabbit is more positive. It resembles innocence and purity. You are an honest, reliable person, who doesn’t do anything bad. You will be rewarded for this. It could also mean that you are going to have a baby. Babies are innocent and pure and we can learn a lot from them.

Dreaming About Seeing Rabbits From a Psychological Point of View

To see lots of rabbits in a dream is a good sign. If you read ancient spiritual dream dictionaries, you will see that it is thought that multiple rabbits represent honesty, fertility, warmth, and care of others.

If we take a look at psychology, however, Sigmund Freud believed that rabbits could mean that you are sexually frustrated. Other psychologists also believed that rabbits were connected with sex, but not necessarily frustration. Dreams of rabbits can indicate virility and a satisfying sex life. 

It is common to dream about rabbits around Easter as they are associated with this holiday. You can buy chocolate rabbits and Easter cards often have drawings of rabbits on them. Psychologically, it is believed that we dream about things connected with our waking life so it is not surprising if we dream about rabbits around Easter Time.

Dreaming About White Rabbits

White rabbits in dreams are good news. They relate to relationships and if you see one in your dream, you may have had bad times in the past, but now everything is going to go well in the future. White rabbits are associated with purity, so if you dream of one, your partner is going to be faithful. Ancient dream dictionaries agree with the modern interpretation. They suggest that contentment and love will soon be yours.

White rabbits are spiritual and are connected with innocence and purity. They also mean that you have good friends, a loving partner, and a happy home life.

White rabbits in dreams can also be magical. This is because they are often used in magic shows in waking life. You have probably seen a magician take one out of a hat. The rabbits are always white as they stand out on stage and are cute and fluffy. To see one in a dream can mean that something magical (see also Magic Dream Meaning) is going to happen. Perhaps you are going to meet the person of your dreams.

Maybe you are going to go on a magical cruise in the Caribbean. 

To dream of a grey rabbit, however, is not so magical. Somebody might be out to trick you so be on your guard. You don’t want to lose out financially. Alternatively, perhaps your partner is seeing someone behind your back. The next six months are important. Keep your eyes open.

Dreaming About a Rabbit Attacking You

It is rare for a rabbit to attack a person. Wild rabbits are too shy of people to go near them, while pet rabbits are usually affectionate. To actually dream about a rabbit attacking you is more of a symbol than a reality. It can be a frightening dream especially if it looks like a monster. The dream can turn into a nightmare. Perhaps someone is attacking you in your waking life, maybe not literally, but emotionally.

If you dream that many rabbits are attacking you, it could mean that you have problems with different friends. You need to sit down and think about how you could repair these friendships. Perhaps some of these friendships are irreparable, but you will feel good about yourself if you at least try. 

Surprisingly if you kill a rabbit after it attacks you, it’s not bad news. The dream suggests that there will soon be new opportunities either in your love life or your career. It could even be as simple as taking that vacation you’ve always wanted. You could be approaching a new chapter in your life. After all, rabbits in dreams are usually positive. They suggest that you keep learning new things. It doesn’t have to be in a college situation. You don’t need a college education to learn about life. Meet new people, watch interesting educational TV programs, read more, talk to new people. The opportunities are limitless. 

To sum up, seeing a rabbit attacking you in a dream means that there are going to be new opportunities coming up very soon. Embrace them and go with the flow.

Dreaming About a Dying Rabbit

Seeing a rabbit dying or becoming ill in your dream may make you feel sad, but the meaning of the dream is positive. Changes are in the air and for the most part, they will be positive. There may be some difficulties, but if you are aware of them, you should be able to conquer the problems.

If you see a rabbit being killed, it means a new beginning or a complete transformation. Death in dreams or the death card in a tarot deck rarely means that you or somebody you love is going to die. You are just going to move on to the next phase of your life. Death is simply a symbol.

Dreaming About Pet Rabbits

Pet rabbits are loving creatures and to see one in your dream suggests a new start. In addition, it can mean that you are going to be presented with opportunities that can transform your life.

Dreaming About a Rabbit Hole or Warren

If you have read the book, ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, you may remember the metaphor, ‘down the rabbit hole’ being used. It means that you are going into an unknown situation. 

It is interesting to note that wild rabbits dig deep burrows and construct extravagant warrens. When female rabbits are pregnant, they dig especially deep holes to keep their babies safe. 

If you see a rabbit hole in a dream, it is giving you a spiritual message. You need to better yourself. Perhaps you haven’t been paying as much attention to your job as you should have. Because of this, you are being passed over for promotion. Maybe you’re not paying enough attention to your appearance and hygiene which is alienating friends and family. 

Dreaming about a rabbit hole can also mean that it is time to look at your life. You need to question yourself and decide if you are on the right path. Alternatively, it could indicate that you need a specific question answered.  From a spiritual point of view, perhaps you need to go deeper into what life offers you. Don’t just skim the surface. 

Perhaps you have had a dream where you are actually walking through a rabbit warren. This can mean that you want to focus on a solid path. You want to have your life mapped out, particularly when it comes to your career. 

Maybe you see yourself falling down a rabbit hole in your dream. If so, this means that you need to move forward without feeling afraid. All will turn out well.

Dreaming About Turning into a Rabbit

Sigmund Freud believed that there were no coincidences in life. He stated that all things in our lives have a subconscious meaning. So to dream that you turn into a rabbit can be baffling. Freud believed that this dream means that you are sexually frustrated. However, from ancient dream dictionaries, other interpretations can be found. It can mean that you are going to have more emotional insight. Perhaps you will learn to see what is behind your partner’s outward existence. Alternatively, the dream is telling you to use your imagination.

Dreaming About a Fairy Tale with a Rabbit

There are many fairy tales and other stories that have rabbits in them. Fairy tale dreams mean that we are escaping problems in our lives or that we want to.  

If you dream that you are in a fairy tale, it can mean that you have lost sight of reality. You are living in the clouds and you need to come back down to earth. Maybe you haven’t made the important decisions that you should have. Perhaps you can’t decide whether or not to move house. Maybe you think that you should change your job, but you can’t make that decision even if you are unhappy with the job you are in. Perhaps you can’t muster up the courage to ask that girl out (see also dreaming of a girl). You have been living in the clouds and you need to get your feet planted firmly on the ground. The dream can also mean that you haven’t been considering other peoples’ feelings. In addition, you may have only been concerned with material things. It is time to be more spiritual and not so materialistic. 

If you dream that you are in a fairy tale and are actually talking to a rabbit, it could be that you have problems in close relationships. It is time that you sat down and talked with the person concerned. 

If the rabbit in the dream is wearing a waistcoat, it can mean that there are going to be relationship problems, but they are going to be minor and they should be easy to solve.

It is also common to have dreams about rabbits in fairy tales when we are supporting and helping other people in our lives.

Dreaming of rabbits in fairy tales can have a simpler meaning. Perhaps you have read your children a bedtime story with rabbits. Sigmund Freud would have said that what we do in our waking life can creep into our dreams. 

Dreaming About Rabbit Ears

Rabbits have large ears which can twist around. Because of this, it is easier for them to hear a predator coming. 

Maybe you have had a dream about wearing rabbit ears for a fancy dress party. This can indicate that you are becoming stressed out. You feel that nobody is listening to you, neither at home nor at work. In addition, you are insecure. However, all is not lost. Having this dream can encourage you to stand up for yourself more and clear up any misunderstandings.

Dreaming About a Rabbit Vibrator

We have already said that dreaming about rabbits can have sexual connotations so perhaps it isn’t surprising if you dream about the rabbit vibrator. This dual-action vibrator is the most popular vibrator that has ever existed. If you ever watched ‘Sex and the City’ on TV, you would have heard about it.

So, what does it mean to dream about the rabbit vibrator? Not surprisingly, it refers to self-love. If you can’t love yourself, how can you love anyone else? It also refers to being stuck in a bad relationship. You are not loving yourself if you allow your partner to take you for granted or even abuse you. 

To see other people using the vibrator can have one of two meanings. It can mean that you are independent or that you are drawn to people who need help. Other people may also ask you for advice. Perhaps you are spending too much energy on others and neglecting yourself. 

Dreaming of self-satisfying yourself sexually actually means that you feel that you are needed by other people. You feel loyal to friends and family. 

Experiencing Positive Changes

  • The dream about rabbits makes you feel happy
  • You shot and ate the rabbit
  • You have a rabbit as a pet
  • You enjoyed the dream

Dreaming About the Easter Bunny

The theory put forward by Sigmund Freud is that you dreamed of images of the Easter bunny because you saw pictures of them in your waking life.. During the Easter period, you are able to buy chocolate Easter bunnies and cards with the Easter bunny drawn on them. Although Easter is now associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ (see also jesus dream meaning), it is pagan in origin. The Easter bunny was first used in Germany and this was the time when children got candy to celebrate the start of spring. The Easter bunny traditionally hides the eggs for the children to find. Other dream dictionaries disagree with Freud and say that if you dream about the Easter bunny you will receive a spiritual gift and will learn something new.

Dreaming of Petting a Rabbit

To dream about petting a rabbit can have a number of meanings. You will need to look at the dream as a whole to understand the dream better. It can mean that you need to take care of yourself more. Perhaps you are burning the candle at both ends. You could also be taking care of others to the detriment of your health.

If you dream that you are cleaning out a rabbit hutch, it indicates that you will realize something important. Perhaps you are in the wrong job.

Dreaming About a Friendly Rabbit

This dream suggests contentment and peace. If you are in a conflict with somebody, this will soon be resolved. You are going to have better relationships with other people. 

Dreaming About Seeing a Rabbit Scratching

If you are scratched by a rabbit in your waking life, it can be painful. To dream that this is happening can mean that you have a lack of expertise in some aspect of your life. Perhaps it is time to learn. Alternatively, the dream can mean that you will be supported by other people in your endeavors, but they might not be 100% behind you. 

Dreaming About Killing a Rabbit

Rabbits can be killed to be eaten or they can be killed in a greyhound race. However, if you dream that it is you who is killing the rabbit, it can be positive. You are about to embark on a new chapter of your life. To do this, it is important that you look at things from a different perspective. If you shoot the rabbit in your dream, there is a goal that you are trying to reach. 

If you see other people hunting rabbits, this can also suggest a new start for you and that you are going to be happy and content. 

Dreaming About Fighting Rabbits

To dream of rabbits fighting can mean that you are going to experience some conflict or anxiety soon. However, don’t worry too much. Sometimes we need to clear the air with friends and family.

If you dream that you are the one fighting with a rabbit, it can mean that you need to look within yourself to understand where you are going in life. Perhaps you have just been drifting through the days.

General Information About Rabbits in Dreams

Rabbits are cute and cuddly, but they are also symbols in dreams. They represent luck and success in most cases, as well as fertility. They can even be thought to be magical.

If you see a rabbit in your dreams, it is highly likely that you are going to experience success. Perhaps you are going to get that promotion you have longed for. You deserve it because you have been working towards this goal. People who dream about rabbits are usually lucky in life. It is generally a good omen to dream about a rabbit. 

Why Does Dreaming About Rabbits Have Sexual Connotations?

Because rabbits breed profusely, dreams about them are often related to sex. Small rabbits start breeding as young as six months while bigger rabbits breed when they are a little older. Pet rabbits don’t do anything in particular to attract mates, but wild rabbits are a different story. They will hold their ears erect, do a breeding dance, and even change the color of their fur. The breeding dance can be quite funny to watch. The male rabbit chases the female until she stops and then she punches him in the face with her paws. In a way, they have courting rituals as people do. Don’t we get dressed up to go out courting and try different ways to attract a mate? 

If you see rabbits breeding in a dream, it can mean that there is going to be a birth in your family.

Dreaming About Hares Chasing You

Dreaming about hares chasing you can be either positive or negative. You will have to look at the rest of the dream and your present waking life. It can mean that you are going to have success, probably in your work life. You may have a goal that you wish to attain. If so this dream is telling you that if you take small steps, you will achieve what you are looking for. However, dreaming about a hare chasing you can also be a warning sign. You need to watch out for enemies and protect your family against them. Even people you consider to be friends could be doing things behind your back. Be vigilant.

The dream also suggests that you are a positive person and you will be rewarded for this. Perhaps you have been trying to encourage your co-workers and it has been noticed by your boss. 

There can also be a sexual slant to seeing a hare chasing you in your dream. It can foretell that you are going to meet someone you are attracted to. 

If, however, the hare was jumping around, it means that you are volatile. It is time to try and reign this in otherwise other people won’t like you. 

Does a White Harre Have a Spiritual Meaning?

To dream about a white hare symbolizes sexual activity which you enjoy more than you used to. However, this is just with one partner. You are faithful but could still have some issues with your partner which need to be resolved. The dream can also mean that you are going in the right direction. This is probably in both your home life and your career.

On the other hand, if you see a black hare it means that you are a little wary about intimacy. If you have a partner, you need to discuss the problem with him or her. If you don’t, your partner might leave you. This is the time to be completely honest. A relationship won’t succeed if you hide things from your partner.

You might dream about the hare scratching or biting you. This is a warning. Your relationship is on the rocks, but there is still something you can do to stop it from ending. 

Does a Brown Rabbit Have a Spiritual Meaning?

Yes, a brown rabbit does have a spiritual meaning. If you dream of one, you are heading in the right direction. Both your home and work life are moving forward positively. The dream can also mean that you are going to meet a new partner and have a long and successful relationship. You are going to be happy at last.

Another spiritual meaning of dreaming about a brown rabbit is that you have hidden intuition. However, you don’t often use it. Now is the time to take advantage of this gift. You should go with your intuition when making decisions. They are more than likely to be right.

Brown rabbits, not surprisingly, represent fertility as do all rabbits. Perhaps you are going to become pregnant or someone close to you is. 

If you see lots of brown rabbits, the news is good. You have worked hard and you are going to become rich and perhaps even famous. 

Does a Black Rabbit Have a Spiritual Meaning?

The spiritual meaning of seeing a black rabbit in a dream is that you have a fear of intimacy. Perhaps you are scared that you are going to get hurt if you get too close to someone. This doesn’t only have to be about sex, but about friendship as well. You can have a close relationship with a friend in which you share your deepest secrets. The dream is telling you to face your fears. Your life will be richer if you do. If the black rabbit is chasing you in your dream, you are being warned that if you don’t open up to people you might lose them. They might think that you don’t trust them and what is a relationship without trust?

Black rabbits are also symbols of luck, especially if they are female. This is accentuated if you have recently given birth. Your baby is going to have a long and happy life. If it is the black rabbit giving birth in the dream you are encouraged to make an investment aa it will turn out to be profitable.

Dreaming about a black rabbit can also mean that you are going to encounter some difficulties which could have been caused by other peoples’ dishonesty. Alternatively, the black rabbit could mean that you disagree with a close friend or relative which will result in difficulties between the two of you.

Perhaps you have had a dream in which you and the black rabbit were having a conversation. This means that you should listen to other people as they may give you good advice. You don’t always need to do things on your own.

Different Breeds of Rabbits

There are so many different breeds of rabbits that it would be impossible to list them all here. Popular breeds include the American Sable, the English Angora, and the American Fuzzy Top. They generally weigh around 3 – 4 pounds. However, the American Rabbit weighs a hefty 9 – 12 pounds. 

Feelings Associated with Rabbit and Hare Dreams

Happiness. Love. Silliness. Weirdness. Confusion. Power. Shock. Anger. Concern.

Waking Life Scenarios When You May Dream About Rabbits or Hares

  • You are about to get married
  • You are pregnant
  • You are considering a new career

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