Dreaming Of A Girl

Dreaming of a girl links to your acceptance of other people, and the love you have for them. This dream can also symbolize a woman or a girl who is important to you in waking life, or someone who is overly kind, reassuring, and has a calming presence. Dreaming of a girl is usually a positive dream, and denotes the healthy relationships you have with the people in your life. If you dream of a little girl, you’re hoping that the future will bring you good things, or, at least, better things than the present has given you. It’s an outlook of positivity despite your experience of your fair share of troubled times or regrets.

Dreaming of a girl can reflect a spiritual bond or connection you have with someone in your waking life. You instantly click with them, and when you met, it felt like you had known each other for years. If you don’t know anyone that you have this sort of connection with, this dream is suggesting you’ll soon meet a woman who will have this with you. It can also be your subconscious’s way of telling you that you are lonely and need the company of someone who cares for you and won’t judge you on your bad days. You may feel that people are too busy, so you avoid reaching out to them, and get lonelier and everything seems heavier as a result. You long for a connection that you’ll feel less judged in, where you can feel free to be yourself and confide your unedited, honest thoughts to someone. It may be a good idea to take a chance and trust someone you know with these feelings to take some weight off your shoulders. Dreaming of a little girl can reflect feelings of wanting to start a family, or expanding the one you already have.

Dreaming of a girl who is both healthy and beautiful is a good sign for the future. It suggests you’ll enjoy a lot of happiness, and you’ll have a lot of hope going forward. If you dream of a girl who is not conventionally attractive, you should be wary of your first impression of someone, as it will lead you wrong, and you will end up offending someone or distancing yourself from them without meaning to. In order to decode the meaning of your girl dream, it’s helpful to start with the girl as a dream symbol.

The Symbol of a Girl in Your Dream

A girl appearing in your dream is usually a very good sign for the future. She can symbolize that you’re focused on yourself and improving your life for the future, and trying to live your best possible life. There are some things to consider in your dream to denote the meaning:

  • Hugging a girl points to future comfort in your life.
  • Looking after a girl you don’t know signifies you lack a sense of comfort or security in your life, and you need someone to be there for you right now, or you will in the near future.
  • The age of the girl can change the meaning. A baby symbolizes innocence or vulnerability. A toddler indicates you’ll appreciate someone’s wisdom, or they’ll have advice for you soon. A girl who is not a teenager or a toddler represents a “female” part of your personality, and your caring nature. A teenage girl can represent the period of your life where you were a teenager, or are one.
  • Fighting a girl in your dream represents your strong self of self-esteem or courage which will take you far in life. Something in your future will require a lot of both, and you’ll need to keep focused in order to come out the other side. Alternatively, you’ll experience a problem in your love life, where an argument will last a long time, and there will be hurt on both sides.

A Dream of a Crying Girl

A crying girl appearing in your dream is a sign of misfortune is a run of bad luck. If you have any financial ventures, you should hang back on investing. This dream can also suggest you’ve offended someone or hurt their feelings and this will come back to haunt you. 

A Dream of a Girl Dancing

A girl dancing in a dream reflects a prosperous future and a time in your life where everything seems to be going well. You’ll enjoy a period where everything is easy, and you’ll be able to bat aside problems which would otherwise be massive hurdles. People will come to you for advice, and you’ll find the right answers already on your lips. What a great dream to have!

A Girl Waiting for You In Your Dream

Dreaming of a girl waiting for you indicates love. This may be affection that you’ve never expressed for someone, but you’ve held a torch for them at some point, or you still do. Maybe you promised someone something, and they never held you to it, or the opportunity to fulfill your word never arose.  Perhaps someone you once liked now likes you back, and they’re hoping for an opportunity to be with you in the future. This dream denotes that good opportunities are waiting for you to seize them, but you need to get there before someone else does!

What does a Beautiful Girl Mean In Your Dream?

Dreaming of a girl who is beautiful refers to your instincts and the way you see the world. You’ve got a good grasp on both, but you haven’t used either when you needed to. If you didn’t know the girl in your dream, this points to a fresh start and a new outlook which will help you along your path. The beauty of the girl in your dream refers to someone who has left a lasting impression on your waking life. You can’t stop thinking about them, or how they made you feel, or they made you look at things differently.

Some believe that a beautiful girl appearing in your dreams is a manifestation of your deepest desire to meet someone who is “The One”, someone who fits so perfectly in your life that it seems you were made for each other. This doesn’t mean you should just sit around and wait for them – they’re unlikely to just fall into your arms! Get out there and endeavor to meet them – of course, this will mean that they will come along when you least expect them to, but isn’t that part of the fun? It would be boring to know everything in advance. 

The dream about the beautiful girl can suggest that someone is deceiving you, or you need to be cautious of someone, as their actions look great, and they say all the right things, but your subconscious mind doesn’t think they’re fully telling the truth. Don’t always take things for how they look, as that never tells the full story. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Girl You Know?

Dreaming of a girl you know in waking life is a sign of positivity, and good luck in the future. She embodies a time when you will be grateful for what you have, and you’ll be fully present in the moment. In older dream interpretation, dreaming of a girl denotes romance in your future, and if she was ugly, this is supposed to suggest that you’ll suffer a difficult time. An alternative interpretation of dreaming of someone who is not conventionally attractive is that you should be wary of first impressions, as they won’t always lead you right. Sometimes they’re your internalized thoughts you’ve absorbed from the media, and don’t actually resemble your instincts or the personality of someone. 

What does a Girl in a Dress Symbolize in a Dream?

The color of the dress can help determine the meaning of the girl being in your dream. A white dream denotes you’ll act on temporary desires or transient goals instead of the long term. A pink dress suggests a prosperous future, full of fortune and happiness. A girl in a dress in your dream symbolizes progress in your life, both in your professional life and within your personal life. 

The Dream Psychologist Interpretation of Your Dream

Sigmund Freud suggested that a girl appearing in your dream indicates your repressed desires, and a need to explore more in life, instead of sticking to a routine and thinking the same things you always do.

Dreaming of your mother or a matriarchal figure as a little girl in your dream suggests you’ll soon feel free of a terrible situation, or you will heal from trauma. 

An unknown girl appearing in your dream can represent where you feel you are now, and your emotions. Feeling happy within this dream reflects joy within your relationships, and peace within yourself. If you felt awful in this dream, a female figure will be a source of trouble, or she’ll also be swept up in a troubling situation with you.

Dreaming of a girl who isn’t someone present in your waking life refers to the side of you that embodies “female” qualities – your empathy, your patience, and your vulnerability in relationships. You may be worried about change, and to compensate you’ve been overindulging in something which could harm your future if you are not careful. 

What does a Dream of a Baby Girl Denote?

A baby girl in your dream resembles the naivety of innocence, and not having the experience to be skeptical of something. This dream can be a call to become more independent, and to not make the people in your life the main source of your happiness, as they won’t always be able to be there for you all the time. That’s a nice thought, but it would take a superhuman for that to happen. 

Dreaming of a baby girl can resemble your kindness or trusting nature, which someone will take advantage of if you give them the room to do so. It’ll say more bad things about them than it will about you – don’t completely drop your desire to treat people kindly, as they might need it more than you think.   

A baby girl in your dream can suggest you need someone to take care of you emotionally. You’ve been going through something tough, and you would like some support.

A baby girl can also be a sign that you’ll be undertaking a commitment which will be lifelong, but it will bring a lot of joy and love into your life.

What does a Dream of a Teenage Girl Mean?

Dreaming of a teenage girl has quite a few meanings. If this teenager is someone you know, how they act in your dream represents your feelings toward them. 

Dreaming of a teenage girl and being one in waking life embodies your life as it is now, and how you felt about this teenager mirrors how you feel about yourself. Feeling suspicious of this person or even being angry at them points to your dissatisfaction with where you are in life and how you feel you are doing. You want to change things, or you hate the way things are now, but you don’t know the first thing about changing them.

Dreaming of a teenager while you’re a child in waking life suggests you are scared of the future and who you will grow up to be. You like things as they are now, and that’s a great place to be. 

If you’re an adult, and you dream of a teenager, waking life has made some insecurities resurface, those which you struggled with when you were growing up. This dream is a sign to reconnect with your instincts, your inner feelings, and ambitions you’ve left at the wayside which would fulfill you if you had time to devote to them.

What does a Toddler Signify in Your Dream?

Dreaming of a toddler indicates hope for the future, and how you’ve been planning for the best outcome to something. If you dream of looking after a toddler, you’re hopeful that something will lead to profit, and your hard work will pay off. If the toddler was crying, this won’t be the case. If she was smiling, everything you hope for will come to pass. If the toddler was having a tantrum, this is a bad sign for the future, and you’ll experience a problem or some emotional turmoil where you’ll want to lash out.

Is Your Girl Dream Good Or Bad?

Dreaming of a girl is usually a positive sign. It suggests that you’ll enjoy a situation where you’ll be well-grounded, and you’ll take life as it comes, for what it is. You won’t worry about what ifs or regrets, you’ll just appreciate what you’ve got while you have it. This dream symbolizes that any worries or troubles you have right now will soon work out, and you’ll feel better than you did to start with. Dreaming of a girl indicates that all your persistence will pay off in a visible way, and you’ll be able to enjoy the result of your hard work. 

If you dreamed of playing with a little girl, you’ll meet someone new who will bring you a lot of excitement, and this person will bring out your carefree side, and you’ll enjoy the heck out of your time with them. 

On a more negative note, the girl in your dream can symbolize someone who is playing with your emotions to see what your reaction will be. They don’t really care what you do, they’re curious to see you react. They’re testing your patience.

What does a Girl With Blonde Hair Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming of a little girl with blonde hair is quite a common dream. She embodies your present self, how you feel and how well you feel in your body. It’s a way of your subconscious symbolizing your vitality, and taking stock of whether you need to take a break or not. The healthier and the happier this girl looks in your dream, the better you feel. Blonde hair in a dream symbolizes youth, and health.

What does a Girl with Brown Hair Mean in a Dream?

If you dream of a little girl with brown hair, she symbolizes a hobby which has enriched your life, something which makes you feel complete or brings you a lot of happiness. Brown is the color of the earth and of respect, denoting that you hold a lot of respect for others out of principle, and people listen to what you have to say.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Girl with Ginger Hair?

A little girl with ginger hair suggests you lack energy, or you feel trapped in waking life. This isn’t a surprise by any means, but you’ve been ignoring how you feel, and you’ve been trying to push past it. Be careful of burning yourself out. Look back to a time when you felt satisfied and happy. What’s different now? Can you make things a little easier for yourself? Consider tiny changes that may lead to bigger ones being much easier. Smash your safe little routine into tiny pieces and do something that excites you. Red hair is typically a symbol of passion, and it indicates you need to follow your dreams, or be more passionate about the things you already love. 

What does a Girl in a Playground Mean in a Dream?

A girl in a playground in your dream symbolizes freedom, happiness, and the fun in enjoying the little things. Do you feel as though that’s not possible right now? Does life look bleaker than what you hoped? Time to change something, then. Don’t forget, you have control over your life. You can adjust things anytime you want to.

Playgrounds symbolize an active life, the simple joy in being playful, which can detract a lot of negativity from your life. Your subconscious may be telling you that it’s time to turn to your underused talents, and shape a new life accordingly. It may be time to go after something you’ve always wanted and never tried for in the first place. You’ll always wonder if you don’t go for it. 

What does a Nightmare About a Girl Mean?

A nightmare involving a girl suggests you’re at odds with someone, or she’s brought a lot of trouble and created some issues that you have to deal with. Perhaps you don’t know where you stand with someone, so it’s hard to gauge how you should act around them.

A nightmare about a girl can suggest you’re afraid of the softer parts of your personality, or you avoid showing them because you don’t want someone taking advantage of you. You may even be ignoring the more sensitive side of yourself or your empathetic instincts in order to focus on your goals. Don’t lead yourself blind. Try not to limit yourself, as you’ll only end up feeling trapped, miserable, or even misunderstood. Embrace all of you, and everything will get at least a little easier.


Dreams show us subconscious parts of ourselves and offer a unique perspective we may not have considered in waking life. You may have picked up on cues which were too tiny for you to realize in waking life, but they’re coming to the surface through your dreams. Sometimes it’s worth considering the scenarios your dream presents you with – an idea you wouldn’t consider in waking life, or trusting someone you’d previously held at arm’s length. It could lead to something great. Dreams about girls can also symbolize that you need to ask for insight from the wise people in your life, as you may have lost a sense of perspective and need an outside opinion. Girls in dreams can also represent the people in your life who are kind, thoughtful, or sensitive. Your dream may be suggesting you need to be more of one trait, or all three. Someone may need you soon. 


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