Decoding The Mystery Of The Mystical White Snakes

The serpent or snake is one of the most layered creatures in terms of symbolism and interpretation. It has been an essential part of several cultural mythologies. Different psychologists have interpreted it in different ways.

The Christian mythology interprets snakes as a slithering evil, responsible for Eve’s transgression in the Garden of Eden and correlate it with desire, temptation, and sin. However, in Asian mythologies, snakes are treated either as Gods or as a semi-divine race in the form of Naga (part of Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism).

Dreams of snakes are among the most common of the dreams that bewilder most because of their double-edged nature. While many are terrified of snakes in real life (see killing a snake dreams) and therefore, such a dream might create panic for them, others feel that such dreams transmit certain energies.

Serpent dreams can be multi-layered but one of the most noteworthy dreams involves seeing the mystical white snake in your dream. Since white is a color that is closely associated with positivity and purity, there are several interpretations of seeing a white snake. If you have been having recurring dreams of white snakes (see also green snakes dream meaning and interpretation), find all the information you need in this White snake dream bible.

The Symbolism of Snakes Across Cultures

Snakes are bewildering creatures that invoke eccentric responses from people. Spiritually speaking, snakes symbolize energies, life changes, and significant transformation. The concept of transformation is important here because of the ability of snakes to shed their skin during the process of molting. Time and again, different mythologies prevalent across the world also give us a glimpse into the interpretation of snake dreams.

Chinese Mythology

In Chinese mythology, the serpent is a god, depicted in the form of a dragon (see also dragon dream meaning and interpretation). The serpent draws close similarities with the Hindu mythology serpent called Naga who also has wings.

The Chinese believe that humans by Fu Xi and Nu Wa had serpent bodies with the head of a human. These humans developed the Chinese writing system and were closely associated with the Chinese zodiacs.

Indian Mythology

The Nagas were one of the other creatures created by Gods who had magical powers and wisdom. They were half human and half serpent and were considered to be shapeshifters. Moreover, another Indian myth also hints at a serpent called ‘Sheshnaga’ who is balancing the world on its hood. Serpents have been closely associated with Hindu mythology.

Interpreting Dreams About White Snakes

White snakes have a plethora of connotations and can pertain to different aspects of your life. Moreover, each dream can be reflective of a specific life stage. While some dreams about white snakes can point to getting over something, others can pertain to new beginnings.

1. Trouble Coping With Emotions

A white snake can point out the fact that you are having a tough time dealing with your emotions. According to Greek and Roman mythology, serpents symbolize a guardian spirit and it can be one of the many ways of your mind asking you to take charge of your emotions. People who are suffering emotionally tend to see white snakes as a warning sign to find their emotional anchor.

2. To New Beginnings

Snakes go through the process of molting during which they shed their old skin and get a new skin. Connotatively speaking, the process of molting is something that our spiritual self must also act upon at regular intervals. By getting rid of our baggage and embracing new changes, can we be happy? A white snake can also be symbolic of new changes that await you in your professional, personal, or spiritual life.

3. Fear

Snakes are also symbolic of fear since they are also perceived as evil in some mythologies. The transgression of Eve in the Garden of Eden was the result of a serpent tempting her to take a bite of an apple (see also Apple Dream Meaning And Symbolism). As a result of it, humanity was stripped of heaven and cast down on earth to punish them for the original sin. Many also argue that the serpent was Satan himself, who influenced Eve. Thus, snakes are also symbolic of fear, and especially if your dream is about a situation where your victory or defeat is dependent on the serpent.

4. Sexual Desire

The famous neurologist Sigmund Freud interpreted snakes as symbolic of the male genitalia. When put in close relation to the psychosexual theories of Freud, dreams of white snakes can also hint at the repressed sexual desire of a person. The interpretation of the serpent as a symbol of desire, temptation, and sex is also pointed out in the Christian mythology where the serpent involved in Eve’s transgression can be a euphemism for sex and desire.

Interpreting Different Dreams Around White Snakes

1. White King Cobra Dream

Many times, the snake in the dream is quite enunciated in appearance and if you remember what kind of snake you saw in your dream, it could help you to narrow down the horizon of connotations.

Dreaming of a white king cobra could have two possible meanings. Since the cobra is the stronger and fiercer of the snake breeds, it could mean that your fear is taking the better of you and that you need to take charge of your thoughts and actions.

Also, since cobras are known for their silent yet quick attacks, these dreams could hint at the fact that you need to be on your toes to take advantage of an upcoming opportunity. This could give you a major edge over others.

2. Dreaming of A White Snake Attacking You

White snakes in dreams bring good luck and thus, even if you see a snake biting you or attacking you in any way, it means no harm. On the contrary, it has positive meaning since it hints at future wealth and prosperity. Now you must not take this for granted since not everyone is fortunate enough to get a hold of wealth and fortune in life.

It must be noted that if the snake is trying to frighten you in your dream and is not attacking you in any way, the interpretation is quite different. A snake trying to scare you could mean that there is a problem in your life and you are finding it difficult to deal with.

3. Killing A White Snake in A Dream

Killing a white snake (see also article titled ‘Killing Snakes In A Dream: Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism‘) is a positive sign as it could mean a possible victory over one of your demons. Snakes can represent your repressed fears or desires and killing it means you have found your emotional anchor and are in charge of your thoughts and emotions.

4. White Snake With Black Spots In Dream

A white snake with black spots is an indication of a dark lining in your otherwise silver cloud. The black spots mean that there are certain areas in your life where you require guidance and counsel from someone you can rely upon. It might also mean that you are in a position where you feel helpless and may need someone by your side. You need to let go of your emotional baggage or at least find someone who can help you carry it.


1. What does the White Snake Symbolize?

White is the color of purity and love (see also What Do Colors Mean In Dreams?) and a white snake can symbolize positive and negative feelings, depending on the type of dream you had. Recurring dreams about white snakes symbolize new beginnings and can be a nudge at the purest aspect of your soul.

2. Are White Snakes Good Luck?

Finding white snakes in real life is always considered to be a sign of good luck. According to some cultures, if a person dreams of white snakes it means that a big fortune awaits him or her. It is interesting to note that fortune does not only mean money but health and fertility too.

3. What Do Snakes In A Dream Represent?

Dreaming of a serpent could hint at multiple facets of your personality and life. Dreaming of snakes could mean progress, inclination towards spirituality, and sexual drive since Sigmund Freud considered snakes to be a phallic symbol.

4. What Does It Mean When You Dream of A White Snake Attacking You?

If you dream of being bitten or being attacked by a white snake, it means you are under some guilt of being morally wrong.

5. Is It Good or Bad To See A Snake In A Dream?

Seeing a snake or snakes in your dream could either mean good or bad, depending upon the kind of dream that you had. It could either mean fear or transformation and could also serve as a warning for an upcoming event.


The slithering serpent, in all its glory, calls out on multiple aspects of your life. While interpreting dreams concerning white snakes, there are nuances that must be remembered. The mystical secrets always lie in the details and therefore, the clearer memory you have of the dream, the more accurately it can be interpreted. Always remember, dreams are an extension of your conscious, and therefore, take good care of what you feed your soul.


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