Black Snake Dream Meaning

Black Snake

Black symbolizes danger and if you dream about a black snake, you should be careful in your waking life. Black snakes are usually a negative symbol and can indicate that you are going to have some unfortunate incidents in the near future. In ancient dream books, it says that if you dream about a black snake, it can mean that you are going to meet some unpleasant people in your waking life. Alternatively, this dream can just mean that you are going to become annoyed with something or somebody.

There are two different types of black snakes in the US that are common. The black racer snake has the addition of white markings on its chin. The black rat snake has a pale stomach, but the rest of it is black. Neither is venomous. You might see either of these in your dream.

Snakes live in wooded areas and spend a lot of their time in hiding. This could have some meaning to your dream of a black snake. Perhaps someone is hiding their feelings from you or maybe it is you who is being secretive. Maybe it’s time to open up to others.

In the Bible, the snake, or the serpent as it is called in this book, signifies toxicity and evil. Your dream could also mean that somebody in your circle is trying to tempt you to do something bad. You have been forewarned so act accordingly. Remember that temptation is all around you.

It is highly likely that the snake in your dream frightened you. In this case, the dream can be an anxiety dream or even a nightmare. Is there something worrying you in real life?

If you have a dream about many black snakes, it can mean that you have health problems so it is a good idea to get yourself checked out at your doctor’s.

However, if a black snake bites you in your dream, the news is not bad. It means that you will heal. Perhaps you have been ill recently. Maybe you have just broken up a romantic partnership. Perhaps people have turned against you. Don’t worry. You will get through the hurt and pain and come out smiling.

Scenarios Where You May Dream of a Black Snake

  • You came across a black snake in a forest
  • You saw a dead black snake that was biting you
  • You saw multiple black snakes
  • You saw a black snake slithering through the grass
  • You saw a poisonous black snake
  • You saw a black snake winding its way around your body

Positive Dreams About Black Snakes

  • You find out who has betrayed you and so you can face up to them
  • When you wake up from the dream, you feel happy
  • You realize what your problems are and you can now deal with them

Dreams About Black Snakes in Detail

To dream about a black snake suggests that you have an inner power that you need to tap into. Yes, your life may be full of difficult emotions, but you are strong enough to deal with them. Snakes in general usually reflect something that is going on in your waking life and they are telling you to face up to these problems. 

It doesn’t matter if you can’t identify the breed of snake in your dream. All black snakes have the same meaning. 

If you have a dream in which you see a black snake cut in half, this means that you aren’t acting well in social situations. Perhaps you are being standoffish or unkind to other people. Maybe you turn up late and don’t bother apologizing. The message is that you should change and be a nicer person otherwise you won’t have many friends left. The dream can also refer to your work situation. Maybe you are the boss, but you don’t treat your employees with any respect. It is time to change otherwise they will look for other jobs. 

To dream that you are threatened by a black snake is not a good sign. You might put on an outward appearance of being happy and satisfied with life, but deep down, you’re not. You could be unhappy in your job or a relationship. Perhaps you have moved home and feel unsettled. Maybe you have argued with someone and lost touch. It is probably time that you looked into your subconscious and sorted out the problems there.

Alternatively, to dream of a black snake that is frightening you, can mean that you have a serious problem or there is someone that is being troublesome. You need to face up to these problems before they escalate. 

To dream of a baby black snake is a symbol. It is telling you that you have been acting foolishly with money and it is time to change your ways otherwise you might end up penniless.

If you are suffering a loss of any sort, you shouldn’t be surprised to have a dream about a black snake. The dream is telling you to close the door to your current phase in life and welcome a new beginning, otherwise, you won’t get over the loss. This could be the end of a romantic relationship that you are finding hard to accept.

If you see a black snake in your dream that is either slithering through grass or is in the sand, there is someone in your waking life who wants to harm you. This could be either mentally or physically. If you know who this is, confront them before they have the chance to do anything.

The famous dream psychologist, Sigmund Freud, believed that dreaming about a snake was connected to emotional passion. He thought that if you dream about a black snake it means that you have to come to terms with your sexuality. It is very different from the Bible where the snake represents evil. Freud believed that instead the dream was connected to uncontrollable passion. Mind you, some people would connect passion with evil. Those who are religious believe that sex is just for having children and think sexuality is evil. 

Snakes are wild animals. Of course, some people keep them as pets, but they can never be truly domesticated. Because of this, they are considered dangerous. To dream about them can mean that you have had negative thoughts. Perhaps you don’t think that you do, but they could be buried in your subconscious, threatening your feelings of peace and tranquility. 

If the black snake in your dream speaks to you, it is a positive sign. The snake is telling you to hesitate before rushing into a situation. Perhaps you should stop and think before applying for a new job. It might not be as good as the one you have and you need to sit down and work out the pros and cons. Maybe you should postpone your wedding because you’re not sure about your partner. It may be difficult, but it is better to make sure before making a mistake. 

Snakes are cold-blooded so show no emotion and in a dream, they can represent a destructive situation. When you wake up from the dream you need to put all negative thoughts behind you and move on with your life.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Killing a Black Snake?

Snakes symbolize intelligence and eternity, but in a dream, they can indicate that there is someone you can’t trust. This could be someone truly evil.

There are a lot of people who are against killing snakes, believing that it will bring bad luck to them if they do. The people of India hate to kill snakes and most will not do so. They have a superstition that says that if somebody kills a cobra in front of you, you will gain revenge on people who have wronged you. 

If you dream that you kill a black snake, it can mean that you are aware that there is danger around you. Perhaps someone is bad-mouthing you in the office, hoping to get you fired. Maybe someone is trying to steal your partner. Worse still, perhaps there is someone who wants to do actual physical harm to you. If you dream that you can kill the snake, it means that you will be able to defeat your enemies.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Being Chased by a Black Snake?

If you dream that you are being chased by a black snake, it can mean that something is going on between you and another person. Perhaps a former partner is chasing you, wanting a reunion. Maybe an old employer is trying to lure you back with the promise of a raise. However, because you are being chased, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to be caught. Perhaps you have moved on and don’t want to go back. 

The more you are bothered about the snake chasing you in the dream, the deeper a meaning it has. If you didn’t care about a former partner hounding you, you would probably just brush it off. However, if you still care about the person, you might wake up and feel in conflict with yourself. Should you resume the relationship or are you better off without that person? If you can’t get the dream out of your mind when you wake up, perhaps you need to look into yourself and discover your true emotions. 

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Black Snake in Your House?

If you dream that there is a black snake in your home, it can mean that something unexpected and unpleasant is going to happen to you in the coming days. Alternatively, it suggests that someone who lives in the house with you is going to have problems, but in the end, it will all work out. If, however, the snake is friendly and the dream is positive, something unexpected will happen, but it will be a nice surprise. Perhaps an old friend who you lost touch with will turn up at your door unannounced and you will be happy to rekindle the friendship.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Dead Black Snake?

You could have a dream in which a black snake dies or you might come across a dead black snake on the road. This means that whatever you are working on will take some time to complete. This could be at work or it could be a DIY project you are working on at home. You may find that someone tries to stop you from completing the project. Perhaps they are jealous of you. Alternatively, it means that you have had some disturbing dreams and you are having a hard time deciding what they mean. Whatever interpretation is correct, you are going to experience life at its most challenging in the coming weeks. 

However, if you see a lot of dead black snakes, it means that you have an idea in your waking life and you will be able to put this idea into action. Just work hard and you will achieve success.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Black and White Snake?

In the Bible, God spoke to Moses and sent him a black and white snake. Moses was afraid of snakes, but God turned the snake into a stick. The meaning of this is that you will find people who slither like a snake and try to disrupt your life. However, you are completely capable of standing up to them with the rigidity of a stick. 

The black and white snake symbolizes both evil and good. The black is the evil side and the white, the good side. You can fight evil if you really want to. The serpent tries to destroy and pushes you towards conflict. You need to think if you are in conflict with anyone in your waking life. Is there some way that you can resolve the conflict? Don’t let evil win.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Black Snake Crossing Your Path?

If you dream that a black snake slithers in front of you, it means that you should try harder to be a survivor. You have been letting people walk all over you and this has to stop. If you literally lift the snake up to get it out of your way, things are going to get better. You have gone through a lot, but you can lift yourself up like you lifted the snake up.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Black Snake Biting You?

If you dream about a black snake biting you, it can mean that somebody in your circle is speaking badly of you. The dream is telling you to confront this person and find out why they are doing this. Perhaps they are jealous of your achievements and so try to put you down.

Remember that the snake is evil and if it bites you, there could be somebody in your waking life who is evil. They could do more than just talk about you behind your back. Perhaps they want to steal something from you. This could be either a thing or a person.

Alternatively, there could be someone trying to poison your mind. Maybe they are trying to turn you against someone who is a friend. They are trying to drive a wedge between you two. 

The dream is also warning you to beware of things that are going on behind closed doors. Perhaps you’re being left out of important meetings and you wonder if you are going to be given the sack. 

Feelings That Can Be Experienced During a Dream of a Black Snake

Fear, terror, overwhelmed, anxiety, insecurity, confusion


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