38 Types of Dreams About Tornadoes and Their Meanings

Tornadoes are a collection of violent winds which rotate rapidly, forming a vortex, and move beneath a massive storm system. They can travel across the sea and move across land, causing a huge amount of destruction which can take weeks, months, or years to clear. While we can get some warning about a tornado, there’s not much we can do … Read More

Tree Dream Meaning and Symbolism

While some dream symbols can be mostly negative, such as a car accident, a demon, or a ghost, a tree is largely a positive sign.  When they appear in dreams, trees symbolize our life goals, what we want life to look like, and a personal journey of discovery. What does a Tree Mean as a Dream Symbol? A tree in … Read More

Train Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Trains have appeared in dreams for as long as they’ve been around, creating some interesting symbolism and numerous interpretations.  In dreams, trains are an intriguing symbol. They are neither positive nor negative signs, it’s the context of the dream and your own feelings and associations with a train that determines the meaning.  When you think of a train, you would … Read More

Teacher Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Teachers in life can take many forms, not just those in classrooms, but those who help guide us through the more difficult times that life throws at us. They can help form the ideals which we shape our lives on, our beliefs, and what we want out of the future. A teacher figure appearing in your dream can be a … Read More

Dreams About Travelling

Dreams about travelling often reveal a need to change the pace of your life, you fancy a break from your routine, or you want to explore somewhere completely different, and get out of your comfort zone. Travelling dreams often point to an impending transformation, a big change in your life, or from within.  There’s nothing quite like packing for a … Read More

Dreaming of Having Twins

Dreaming about twins is usually positive and often happens when you are due to have or are experiencing a new start in some aspect of your life. It could be marriage or a new job or you could even be pregnant yourself.  Twins represent two paths in life and to dream about them can mean that you are trying to … Read More

Dreaming of Turtles

Dreaming about turtles is usually positive. In ancient dream books, to dream about a turtle meant good health, a balanced life, faith, loyalty, and protection. However, to dream about a turtle might also mean that you don’t want change and want to keep the status quo. Alternatively, because the turtle moves so slowly, the dream can mean that you are … Read More

The Meaning Of Overflowing Toilet Dream

What does it mean to dream of an overflowing toilet? Uncover The Hidden Meanings Of Your Dreams Overflowing toilet dream To see an overflowing toilet in a dream is quite common. So if you think you’re the only one who experienced this type of dream, think again. Toilet in itself is a symbol of our emotions and sentiments in life. … Read More

What Does The Toilet Mean In Your Dream?

Ah, the toilet dream. I bet you can remember having at least one of these. Toilets can appear in our dreams in many different situations, and these dreams are usually anxiety-based, reminiscent of that horrible feeling when you really need to go and you’re not one hundred percent sure you’ll make it! Mostly, though, dreams about toilets are considered to … Read More

What Does Time Travel Mean In A Dream?

Time travel has always been an infinitely interesting subject. As humans, we’ve wondered for hundreds of years if it’s possible, and what we’d do if we had the chance to go back. While it raises all kinds of ifs and buts and maybes, it’s more engaging when we talk about time travel in dreams. This usually has some nostalgia or … Read More

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