What Does It Mean To Brush Your Teeth In A Dream?

Some of the mundane tasks in our everyday lives can make it into our dreams, and when they do, you may be tempted to dismiss them as just a reflection of your everyday life, but chances are these appear in your dreams for a reason.

As teeth in your dream represent balance, authority, instincts, and resilience, and also the way you communicate with others.

Let’s take a look.

At A Glance: What Brushing Your Teeth Can Mean In A Dream:

  • You are brushing off your problems 
  • You need to take control of your life
  • You feel you have to prove yourself to others
  • You’re afraid of losing someone you love
  • Pay attention to your intuition

Is Brushing Your Teeth In A Dream A Good Thing?

Like all dream scenarios, it depends on the context. The act of brushing your teeth in a dream is largely a good sign, as it points to taking care of yourself, owning responsibilities, and being honest with yourself and others.

If you brush someone else’s teeth, this implies that you’re about to go to an important social event. 

However, if brushing your teeth results in a nightmare, this dream comes as a warning. Although, it can still be viewed as a good sign, as it allows you to change your circumstances, and take a look at how you are doing, adjusting your course where necessary.

If you dream of having a toothbrush with no bristles, this implies that you don’t have what you need to get further in life. You may be in the middle of a tricky situation that you have no idea what to do with.

Borrowing someone else’s toothbrush implies that you are becoming dependent on someone, or you’ll face an argument with someone you love, and to use your own toothbrush represents your confidence.

What Does It Mean To Brush Your Teeth In A Dream?

The act of brushing your teeth in a dream refers to how you are ‘cleaning’ your state of mind. You’re ready to be honest with yourself and those around you, expressing your strength, any conflict you’re facing, and any emotions you feel you need to express.

As brushing your teeth is a part of taking care of your mouth, a dream of this type also refers to how well you get across your ideas and emotions to others, and if anything is lost in translation.

Brushing your teeth is a part of your regular routine, but if you dream that something goes wrong, such as your teeth falling out, or spitting blood, this can imply that you fear that being honest with someone will make things worse, but not saying anything at all is causing its own set of problems.

It may also suggest that you’re not considering your spiritual path in life, and how you can make some progress along it. Maybe you’re only focused on the here and now instead of what you can do now to save yourself some time or effort later.

If you dream of brushing your teeth and looking into a mirror, this suggests that you need to take control over your life, and make sure you are taking responsibility for your actions.

It may also denote that you long for a fresh beginning in life, where you won’t have the problems that you do now.

Brushing your teeth in a strange scenario, such as at a wedding or a party may suggest that you’re getting distracted from what’s important to you, or you’re about to change your priorities.

Going to brush your teeth and recoiling at a filthy toothbrush implies that you will suffer a misunderstanding soon, or someone won’t be entirely honest with you.

If you dream of brushing your teeth because there is food between your teeth, something is about to interrupt your progress in life.

Cleaning picture perfect teeth in your dream implies that you are making steady progress towards what you want in life. Dreaming of trying to clean teeth that are decaying implies that you are about to face a cluster of problems.

You’ve Just Visited The Dentist

Sometimes, a dream doesn’t have a special message for you, and reflects your worries or experiences in waking life. 

It may be that you’re dreaming of brushing your teeth because you have just visited the dentist, or you’re nearing a dentist appointment, and you’re hoping there is nothing wrong with your teeth!

It can also reflect any health concerns or issues you have with your teeth, in which case your subconscious is telling you what you already know: go get them checked.

Inner Strength

A dream of brushing your teeth can be connected to a need to listen to your intuition, and calling upon your inner strength if you are facing problems in waking life.

If you dream of attacking plaque with brushing your teeth, this suggests that you’re on the lookout for problems, and most likely, you will find them. However, spotting them early can go a long way in helping you solve them.

Just make sure you stay on the side of being watchful, rather than falling into the trap of paranoia or hyper vigilance. 

You will need all the determination you can muster, but if you do call upon your inner strength, you will find things much easier than you might assume at first.

If you allow yourself to be caught up in doubt, or spend more time questioning whether you are capable of sorting these problems rather than trying to find a way, you will struggle.

You Need To Pay Attention To Others

A dream of cleaning your teeth may denote that you pay attention to other people and what’s going on around you. You may also be worried about your appearance and what it means for other people’s first impression of you. 

It may be that you are starting a new job or moving to a new place, and it’s important to you that these people accept you for who you are, in which case this dream reflects your efforts in trying to slot in seamlessly with them. 

You Need To Be More Assertive

A dream where you brush a child’s teeth suggests that other people are looking to you for guidance, and you need to lead them along the right path. 

It may be that you need to lead by example. Make sure you take control of your life, and shape it into what you want.

Is Brushing Your Teeth A Common Dream?

You might be surprised to learn that brushing your teeth in a dream is very uncommon, despite the fact that we brush our teeth in waking life every day! 

Some dreams that are more common include finding money, flying, being kidnapped, or otherwise being a victim of a crime. 

Because a dream of brushing your teeth is fairly rare, it’s important to try and find the message your subconscious wants you to learn, as it’s less likely to be a reflection of what you do in waking life, and can come as a warning or a call to pay attention.

Dreaming Of Brushing Your Teeth And They Break

This is unsettling. A dream of brushing your teeth and feeling them break suggests that you are utterly sick of a situation, the way things are, or how you feel you cannot change something despite your best efforts.

This is a frustrating dream. If you spit teeth out into the sink in your dream, this implies that whatever you do, don’t lash out. Perhaps someone is making something more difficult than it needs to be, and you’re tempted to tell them exactly how annoying they are.

Or, a dream where your teeth break as you are brushing them suggests that you are finding a social situation or someone difficult. Maybe someone is gossiping about you, or spreading nasty rumors. 

It may imply that your words are going to get you into trouble, so try not to offend anyone and watch what you say. Be careful of being too honest.

The act of brushing your teeth in your dream and knowing that some teeth may break suggests you are taking a risk, or you’re trying to take control of a situation. 

A dream like this calls on you to be careful of your words and actions, and don’t do anything you will regret later.

Brushing Your Teeth And Watching Them Fall Out In A Dream

Oh, how horrible. A nightmare of brushing your teeth and then watching them fall out isn’t a pleasant experience, and neither is the meaning behind this one, unfortunately. 

It may suggest that you’re about to encounter some problems with someone you love or admire, or, in an attempt to solve a problem, you have unfortunately made things worse for yourself.

It could be that you’re worrying too much about what the future holds, and you’re trying to predict problems before they happen, but this is causing you a lot of stress, and diverting your attention from the things that do need your focus. 

A dream where you brush your teeth and experience pain, and a single tooth falls out implies that you are struggling in waking life. 

Something is causing you a lot of stress, perhaps a relationship breakdown or a problem that’s causing you to react emotionally rather than logically. A dream like this reflects how you are under pressure, and you may feel like you’re in danger of losing something important to you.

Brushing Rotten Teeth In A Dream

A dream where you try to fix rotten teeth by brushing them suggests that you are concerned you won’t be able to handle what’s in store for you in the future.

As a dream of rotten teeth focuses on the mouth, it may also imply that you have difficulty connecting with other people, or you’re worried about being honest with them or yourself. 

Brushing rotten teeth in your dream is your subconscious encouraging you to push past your fears, so that you may move a little more freely in life, and focus on what is important to you.

It’s also a call to find a way to improve your level of self-confidence, so that you will feel motivated enough to go after what you want, perhaps those things that scare you, and enjoy your life a little more.

Not Being Able To Brush Your Teeth In A Dream

A dream where you find your toothbrush is broken, or it is missing, or there is another reason why you can’t brush your teeth is an interesting one. 

It implies that while you are trying your best to reach a goal or move past a problem, something is stopping you from overcoming this particular hurdle.

This might be a fear of what comes after you have finished with this problem, or perhaps you don’t want to ask for help, but you won’t be able to get past this issue by yourself. 

Maybe you can’t see the right solution, or you don’t have the knowledge yet to complete this goal just now. It could be that you’ll be more able to solve this in the future rather than in the present.

Dreaming of being unable to brush your teeth may also denote that you’re neglecting an aspect of your health, whether that’s your physical, mental, or spiritual well being. This dream is a call to pay attention to your needs, and make sure you are meeting them.

Being unable to find your toothbrush implies that you are about to encounter some complications or issues. A broken toothbrush suggests that you don’t have the knowledge or tools you need in order to solve something. Maybe it’s not the right time or the right approach.

Brushing Your Teeth With Someone Else’s Toothbrush In Your Dream

Oh, yuck. Dreaming of cleaning your teeth with someone else’s toothbrush is not a nice thought, but it does have an interesting meaning. 

As it involves someone else, this dream implies that you should be more honest with others, and communicate better with them. 

Maybe you’ve been avoiding telling someone the truth because you don’t want them to judge you, but you will always wonder if you don’t tell them. It may even cause a rift between you.

Borrowing someone else’s toothbrush in your dream implies that someone will try to spread a nasty rumor about you, and you’d do well to stop them, or discredit them in some way. 

Just make sure you rise above their pettiness, and explore why they would want to do this to you in the first place.

Or, brushing your teeth with someone else’s toothbrush is a call to be more self-reliant. You may be looking to others to solve your problems when the most qualified person is you.

Brushing Your Teeth With Something Other Than Toothpaste

While dreams of brushing your teeth are rare, what’s even more uncommon is brushing your teeth with something other than toothpaste. Consider what you were using to brush your teeth in your dream, as this determines the meaning.

Teeth represent your strength, your power, and brushing them is a desire to solve your problems or working towards your goals, so link this with what you were using to clean your teeth.

If you dream of cleaning your teeth with something unconventional because that’s all you have – such as chewing a twig, for example – this refers to your ability to adapt to any situation or changing circumstances, and how you might need to do this soon.

Flossing Teeth In A Dream

A dream where you floss your teeth refers to a desire to solve any current issues in your waking hours. 

As flossing requires a little more effort than brushing your teeth, it implies that these problems won’t have a simple solution, but you will be able to solve them if you try hard enough.

If you dream of breaking plaque away by flossing, this reflects how you are actively tackling any problems, and finding a way to work towards your goals. It is a positive omen for the future.

Brushing Someone Else’s Teeth In Your Dream

Brushing someone else’s teeth in your dreams implies that someone requires your help, or you feel compelled to help someone because you can see a solution to their problem, where they are too close to a situation to do so.

It may also be a call that you need to be more committed to a decision you’ve made. You may be wondering if you have made the right choice, but only time might tell you this. 

Or, a dream where you brush someone else’s teeth can be a call to be more open and honest. Trust others with your problems, and you may find that your relationship becomes more meaningful in the long run.

Seeing Someone Else Brush Their Teeth In A Dream

This is a very positive dream. Seeing someone else brush their teeth implies that luck is on your side, and you’re about to come into some money, or see yourself make a lot of progress towards a goal.

If you dream of someone you know brushing their teeth, this implies that this success will come in the form of a business deal, or being recognized for your hard work in your career. 

A dream where you watch a stranger brush their teeth is less fortunate, and means that you will encounter some unexpected problems, or things won’t go the way you want them to for a while.

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Brushing Teeth In A Dream

Spiritually speaking, there are a few things to cover when it comes to a dream of brushing your teeth, depending on what happens in the dream.

If you dream your teeth fall out while brushing them, this is a call to reconnect to your sense of power and strength. Maybe something has led you to believe that you’re not capable of something, and your dream is telling you that your perception is wrong.

Brushing healthy teeth in your dream is a very good omen, suggesting that you have found a truth to guide you along your spiritual journey. You’re comfortable in yourself, and you know what you want and how to get it.

Dreaming of brushing someone else’s teeth is a call to share your knowledge with others, and use what you’ve learned to help other people. You will find that they will pay you back in unexpected ways.

The Dream Psychology Interpretation Of Brushing Teeth In A Dream

The dream psychology interpretation of brushing your teeth in a dream relates to hygiene or keeping on top of your daily tasks in waking life. 

If you have a nightmare of brushing your teeth and something goes wrong, this reflects how you feel you aren’t capable of something, or you’re struggling to keep your life in order. 

It could be that you’re trying to do too many things at once, and you need to drop one or two tasks in order to get a handle on the rest right now. 

It may be a call to sort out any lingering problems or process any leftover emotions from a difficult situation, so that you can concentrate on the future with a clear head and a happy heart.

Final Thoughts

A dream of cleaning your teeth can be a good sign for the future, or a complete nightmare, depending on the scenario. 

It may come as a warning, where you need to pay more attention to events in waking life, or as a positive omen to take with you going forward.

As this dream is fairly uncommon, especially when you consider it is part of your daily routine, it’s important to try and figure out what your subconscious is telling you.

Recall your feelings during the dream, and any other detail that you can think of, as these have the power to change the message behind your dream.


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