Decoding The Secrets Of The Tranquil Water: Dreaming About Tsunamis And Interpretation

Dreams involving water are quite common and can be interpreted in several ways. The most important among these is dreaming about tsunamis or huge tidal waves. Different people see different versions of this dream where they are either trapped in a tsunami, escaping it, or sometimes even succumb to it. If you are here, then chances are that you have been troubled … Read More


Dreams have a lot of different types. They are so many that it will be impossible for you to organize them all by category. This is especially true since every dream tends to vary so much from one person to the next. Nonetheless, the more you learn how to interpret your dream and the more you share them with other … Read More

The Colored Pencil Method: Dream Interpretation Technique

You might find it hard to interpret your dreams. More often than not, what and who you see in your dreams are just symbols for something else. Usually, you will have to look up these symbols in a dream dictionary, but perhaps you would like to try out a new way of interpreting your dreams. It’s called ‘The Colored Pencil … Read More

Tests and Schoolwork Dream Meaning

Dreaming about taking tests and doing schoolwork is common. It ranks as one of the top five dreams that people have. It’s not surprising because around 60% of the population of the world receives formal education of some sort.  Many of us are lucky enough to spend 12 or more years studying especially if we go to college. It is … Read More

Tree Dream Meaning & Symbolism

Dreams about trees are generally positive, although there are, of course, exceptions to the rule. Trees represent personal growth, our dreams, and our desires. Seeing a tree in your dream can mean that you want new experiences and new people in your life.  In this article, we will give you some interpretations of your tree dreams and we hope that … Read More

Being Trapped Dream Meaning

It is common to dream of being trapped and unable to escape. These are usually frightening dreams and can make you wake up and jump out of bed in a cold sweat. Alternatively, you may have a panic attack where you struggle to breathe. However, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be trapped, but like many dreams, it … Read More

Train and Railroad Dream Meaning

If we think about trains, we usually imagine that we are going on a journey. It could just be to work, or it could be somewhere more exotic such as a foreign country. So, what does it mean to dream about trains and railroads? You will find that both the dreams and the meanings are diverse, and in this article, … Read More

Tiger Symbolism Dream Meaning and Spirit Animal

Tigers are thought of as spirit animals so if you dream of one, it can have a deep meaning. In this article, we will be looking at tigers in dreams and we hope that our comments will help you to interpret your dreams. What Does it Mean to Dream of a Tiger? Tigers are big and powerful cats that are … Read More

Tornado Storm Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Tornado dreams can be very frightening. After all, a tornado is destructive and can destroy everything in its path, be it homes, cars, or even people. Seeing a tornado in a dream can mean that you are overwhelmed and out of control. You may experience fear and strong emotions. In this article, we will be taking a look at tornado … Read More

Teeth Dream Meaning and Symbol

Dreaming about teeth is extremely common. Probably most of us have had dreams about our teeth falling out and these dreams can be both clear and detailed. They can often wake us up with the feeling that this has really happened. However, losing teeth is not the only type of dream about teeth that we can have, and in this … Read More

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