Mail and Messages Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Mail or messages appearing in your dream have a lot of symbolism, so if you do dream of receiving correspondence, you can be left feeling confused or concerned, depending on the nature of the message you received. A dream which features a message or some sort of mail isn’t inherently a good or a bad sign by itself, and it … Read More

Magic Dream Meaning and Interpretation

One of the most interesting things about dreams is that they’re usually extremely surreal, usually including any number of impossible things, but they still feel real while we are in them. This is a magic all of its own, but what does it mean to dream of magic itself? Magic in dreams carries a lot of symbolism, and while it … Read More

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Deceased Mother?

Dreaming of a deceased mother or matriarchal figure in your life is a horrible nightmare, and I’m sorry you experienced this dream. Dreams of grief or great loss can reflect negative emotions in waking life of feeling lost, vulnerable, or without purpose. You long for the comfort of your mother and the wise words she has for you, and the … Read More

Mirror In Dreams

From superstitions to folk tales, mirrors have always appeared as strong symbols. More than physical objects, mirrors were often the embodiment of truth. Psychologically, a mirror is a line, the border between our conscious and subconscious minds. It shows not only what’s visible on the outside, but also the depths of our deepest feelings and desires. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise … Read More

Dreams of Monsters

Monsters have appeared in our nightmares, dreams, stories and tales since we had the ability to create narratives. Monsters often embody the darker side of life and human nature, as well as the challenges that life throws at us. They are symbols which call us to overcome negative states of mind and climb the top of a metaphorical mountain in … Read More

Dreams of Miscarriage

Miscarriage and Dreams About 20% of pregnancies result in a miscarriage or stillbirth. That’s one in five which is a considerable amount. It is a thing that frightens most pregnant women so it isn’t surprising that many expectant women have dreams of miscarriage. However, it isn’t just expectant mothers that have dreams of miscarriage. Even men can have this dream, … Read More

Maggot Dream Meaning

Have you been dreaming about maggots lately? We know, these dreams can be disturbing, especially if they start getting repetitive. Even a single maggot is kind of unsettling, but when you see maggots crawling everywhere it can make one feel quite uneasy.  But what do these maggot dreams really mean? Is there a glimpse of hope that their interpretation could … Read More

Motorcycle Dream Meaning

In this article, we are going to take a look at what it means to dream about a motorcycle. It is usually a positive dream signifying that you are moving forward. Motorcycles are often connected to being wild and free so a dream about riding a motorcycle can suggest that you are searching for freedom. Perhaps you feel restricted in … Read More

Dreams About Murder

What it Means to Dream About Murder If you dream about murder, it can be frightening, whether it is you who is murdered or someone else. Perhaps you are the murderer. You will probably wake up wondering why you have murdered somebody, but it doesn’t mean that you actually want to kill that person. If you dream that you are … Read More

Mother Dream Meaning

Mother A dream about your mother may be a representation of your internal guidance or intuition. A mother is a reflection of your own ability to make decisions that will have an impact on your future. She reflects how well you are at making choices using your gut instincts. Likewise, your mother indicates how fortunate you feel regarding sound foresight … Read More

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