Motorcycle Dream Meaning

In this article, we are going to take a look at what it means to dream about a motorcycle. It is usually a positive dream signifying that you are moving forward. Motorcycles are often connected to being wild and free so a dream about riding a motorcycle can suggest that you are searching for freedom. Perhaps you feel restricted in … Read More

Dreams About Murder

What it Means to Dream About Murder If you dream about murder, it can be frightening, whether it is you who is murdered or someone else. Perhaps you are the murderer. You will probably wake up wondering why you have murdered somebody, but it doesn’t mean that you actually want to kill that person. If you dream that you are … Read More

Mother Dream Meaning

Mother A dream about your mother may be a representation of your internal guidance or intuition. A mother is a reflection of your own ability to make decisions that will have an impact on your future. She reflects how well you are at making choices using your gut instincts. Likewise, your mother indicates how fortunate you feel regarding sound foresight … Read More

Mouse/Mice Dream Meaning

A mouse is an animal that can carry a lot of different meanings. Mice are tiny and cute, especially when we see them in a cartoon or a nature documentary. In real life, however, they can often cause fear. Many people are afraid of mice and seeing a mouse in your own home can make you feel unsafe.  So, at … Read More

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Finding Money?

Think of the last time you had a bad dream. It affected the way you woke up, whether that was slowly and grudgingly, or feeling like you’ve run a marathon in your bed. The dream hang-over is real, it stems from good and bad dreams, and affects the rest of your day accordingly.   The reverse is also true. If you’ve … Read More

Maps Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Did you dream about a map or maps? These dreams can be really intriguing. Maps are all around us. When we imagine the world we live in, we usually imagine a map of planet Earth.  Maps are what we use to orient ourselves in the world – and this was the case since ancient times. While 500 years ago a … Read More

Magic Dream Meaning

While our dreams can be realistic, more often than not, we tend to dream about all kinds of unbelievable things. Flying, traveling through time, breathing underwater are just some of the things we see while asleep. We can’t do these supernatural activities in real life, but everything’s possible in the dreamland. And whether you actually believe in certain supernatural forces … Read More


Have you been experiencing a dream about mail or messages lately? Mail and messages hold a lot of potential meanings. They can carry positive, negative, or neutral things. A message may contain good news, money, valuable information, and answers to the questions lingering in your mind (see also mind mapping dream meaning) (see also mind mapping dream meaning). Nevertheless, you can receive … Read More

Metaphors and Symbols in Dreams

When we dream, what we see can be described as symbols or metaphors. While we may have a pre-cognetive dream where the meaning is literal, more often than not we will dream in metaphors and symbols. In this article, we will be taking a look at what these mean in dreams.  Metaphors and Symbolism in Dreams  So what is a … Read More

Mind Mapping to Interpret your Dreams

If you create a mind map of your dream, it will help you considerably to interpret your dream. Dreams are intricate and can have an assortment of meanings even if the subject matter is the same. You have to look at all the symbols in the dream and decide how you feel about them. What is a Mind Map? Perhaps … Read More