What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Deceased Mother?

Dreaming of a deceased mother or matriarchal figure in your life is a horrible nightmare, and I’m sorry you experienced this dream.

Dreams of grief or great loss can reflect negative emotions in waking life of feeling lost, vulnerable, or without purpose. You long for the comfort of your mother and the wise words she has for you, and the loyalty you share. Freud theorized that a deceased mother in a dream indicates a transformation into another life stage. Dreaming of the death of one or both parents signifies your subconscious preparing you for such an impactful event.

If your mother or a mother figure in your life has died, this could simply be your way of processing your emotions and how you feel safely. You miss her and long for her company or what she would say if she could see you now. You’ll always be able to find her voice and what she’d advise – part of her will always be with you. 

People have outlined the process of grief and how it isn’t a straight line, there’s no straight progress to deal with loss or death, no date you can mark on the calendar where the grief will be over. We all react differently, and find a new way to go on at different times. In the University of Zürich, Margarete Gerne carried out an analysis of 10,000 dreams which featured the death of someone the dreamer was close to. The first phase had the dreamer swept up in sadness and loss. The second involved the loved one appearing in a dream as a living person, known as the “new orientation”. The third and last phase involved more sorrow and a deeper feeling of grief but without the shock.

Losing a mother in your dream denotes a painful loss and a period of great sorrow. It’s natural to dream of someone who has died. If they are still living, or if they died a different way in your dream, this can inform the meaning. 

In Your Dream

  • You saw your mother die
  • You talked to your mother, who is no longer alive in waking life
  • Feelings reflect waking life, as your mother has recently died

The Detailed Interpretation Behind Your Deceased Mother Dream

Dreaming of your mother or mother figure coming back to life after death reflects the loss you feel, and the regret that you didn’t have more time together. Your subconscious can also bring the image or projection of your mother as a figure of security or comfort, and the reason for this is to bring you some relief from waking life’s problems, where you need support or comfort.

A mother figure appearing in your dream resembles guidance, wisdom, security, and a sense of protection. Dreaming of losing this pillar of security in your life points to a loss that will change everything and threaten your sense of normality and make you feel vulnerable. Something in waking life is making you feel exposed. A mother figure in your dream can be a reflection of yourself in your “wisest state”, and to dream of her dying can indicate a period of turmoil in your life where you’ll lose all perspective. If you see your mother die in a dream, you need to practice being at peace with yourself and adapt to change as it comes.

Dreaming of your deceased mother speaking to you is not something you should ignore. This suggests your subconscious has noticed something that hasn’t yet risen to the surface, and this is often pointing to a future revelation or a warning dream telling you to be careful of someone. Dreaming about someone who has died in waking life can be distressing, or it can be a relief to see them again – there is no in between. If you dream of someone who has been dead for a long time in waking life, something in the present has reminded you of them, or you’re wondering what they’d say about current situations or how you’re doing. It’s also a testament to your love for them and the connection you shared, it transcends death.

Dreaming of a dead loved one, mother figure, or your actual mother can embody a source of shelter from the problems you’re currently facing in waking life. Your subconscious is giving you a reprieve from the stress you’ve been carrying. It can also be a call to be more supportive of the people in your life – they may need your help, but avoid reaching out for some reason. Perhaps you’ve been dismissive of someone’s feelings when they needed you to empathize with them and their situation – they didn’t come for advice, but for someone to listen. They need to let go of their negative emotions or the problems weighing them down in a safe space, and you’re their safe space. This is a reflection of the strength of your connection, and if they reach out, and you’re unsure what they need from you – ask. Honesty can prevent many misunderstandings. 

Dreaming of a loved one who has died can suggest that the love they gave you, you are giving other people. You’re the source of their comfort and security, their safe space to vent without being judged or criticized. This is a good reflection of your nature as well as your loved one’s effect on you, and how it has left a positive, lasting impact on you that you can pass onto others, so, in a way, whatever you believe, they are still with you. 

Feelings You May Have Experienced During Your Dream of a Deceased Mother

Worrying what your life will be like without your mother figure to guide you. Lost. Anguish. Pain. Unsteady. A state of grief where everything else seems far away. Relief that they aren’t suffering. Horror at the unnatural state of them being in front of you – you know they’re dead. Overwhelmed, glad to see them again. 

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